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  1. Man if they come out of the gate with a new Mario kart and 3d Mario (they will) this thing is gonna do gangbusters.
  2. They’re consolidating the subreddits into r/xbox lol. You’re a dummy aza
  3. Wasn’t the main criticism at launch was there wasn’t enough content for MP? I saw some trailer the other day that says it has 70+ maps now which seems a bit excessive lol.
  4. I don’t think so. It just reviewed well, for whatever reason if MS was paying for reviews, starfield would have been 10s.
  5. I dunno lol I cant think of any other fps (outside of deathloop) that outscored shitty halo
  6. what happened to the “bu bu only gona go down???”
  7. Well, I don’t argue that. But I’m glad you recognize Forza (both Horizon and Motorsport) as the superior racing games over the lowly, overhyped trash that is GT7.
  8. 82 on MC want to use GS? We can go there. Just say that’s official now.
  9. Spooked gouk @Goukosan will you ever mention hell blade or fifa again?
  10. when the trollers get trolled, and try to troll back not up in here TCHBR
  11. And the biggest thing of all: zero pop in
  12. While I agree my girl said “clearly looks like a game and kept walking” lmfao
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