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  1. Oh he’s playing it cool lmao no LARGE LETTERS, BOLDED FONT, or changing font colors. he actually thinks we buy he’s not pounding air over there
  2. He’s actually losing his shit that I own my own phone line and phone, and he’s still on prepaid using his brothers hand me down phones
  3. He’s getting so angry he actually changes the color of his font when he gets upset, you can actually tell
  4. I’m at 95. I’ve done a lot do general exploring though, could be where I’m at much quicker I’m sure.
  5. Like PS5 we know, all you play is Xbox games… via streaming… to your phone… with a phone clip on your Xbox elite controller
  6. Apples headset is for developers, Samsungs will be priced similarly because it’s for devs as well 0/3 and THATS A STRIKE!
  7. stop being a fakeboy we know, it’s your only source of entertainment
  8. According to the report, the device is primarily intended for developers and will be accompanied by an SDK. which is exactly what apples is for. That might seem like a vast amount of money to spend on a mixed reality headset, but it's not likely to be aimed at consumers. Rather, the headset seems set for developers, with Apple likely to use them as a means to build up an augmented and virtual reality ecosystem before it launches a consumer-grade headset. 0/2
  9. It’s too late to apologize we already know you’re a fakeboy
  10. He can’t help but own himself all Samsung does is copy Apple, just shittier and half baked versions https://mixed-news.com/en/samsung-to-launch-mixed-reality-headset-in-2023-report/?amp=1
  11. I’ll take that as a yes. which means you’re a fakeboy. he set him self up for it, just as I knew he would.
  12. Hopefully will beat this by the weekend. Have off the next two days from work, which I originally took off for Diablo, but gonna hold off on buying that for a month or so
  13. Even though GOW looked like a PS4 game, TCHBR. Lots of people starting to leave Sonys studios after being forced to work on rehash after rehash. TLOU MP being all but canned, Sonys weak ass Showcase.. yikes, not a good time to be a Cow. No wonder @FIREPOWER left, I’d leave too LMAO!
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