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  1. You gotta take off those halo tinted glasses one day. It looks under developed and unappealing by todays standards. We’ll see, I’d love to be wrong.
  2. Has anyone actually watched this? 🤔 Robbie Bach shilling his book, talking about how he didn't give a shit about Xbox but rather charging gamers to play online, etc. Pretending to be the firsts to incorporate online gaming into a closed system. Peter Moore still butt hurt about PlayStation absolutely killing Sega's Dreamcast, blaming it on a "FUD" campaign and pretending Xbox took over the reigns because he fled to Microsoft. Bonnie basically being non-existent throughout the whole ordeal until about half way through in which she provided a non-answer. Then th
  3. Good to see Reggie milking Microsoft for this bullshit campaign they're on. It's a waste of money because is anyone really nostalgic or excited about this half assed company shitting out the Xbox?
  4. Halo is one of the most modern tenured franchises in the industry while also being a has-been and everyone but Microsoft sees it. 343i has never been good at Halo and to this day never will. The game has lost many directors, producers, etc. whatever you want to call them. The game has been in development hell and it shows. This open world approach has been devastating thus far and it's obvious the team behind the game at this time is also devastating to the franchise. When the game comes out we'll see, but at the end of the day I think most outlets will give this game a pass just because it's
  5. Just about every first party game from PlayStation Studios. From third parties is mostly compression which is why you'll find downloaded games to be gigs smaller than the other competitive platforms. With that said it's starting to make sense why Sony went with the 825GB SSD instead of a 1TB. Save where you can. It's been a slow start to the generation and we won't see what difference it'll make for some time, at least from a first party perspective. 3rd parties have to work from the bottom up.
  6. https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-campaign-co-op-forge-mode-delay Co-op pushed backed to May 2022 and Forge even later than that.
  7. Admittedly, I bought this trilogy and Grand Theft Auto III has been mostly fine. I haven't tried Vice City or San Andreas, but out of all of them San Andreas appears to be the shittiest version of the game. No wonder PlayStation Now picked up GTA III and ShamePass got San Andreas. Hopefully they do the right thing and patch this thing.
  8. Yikes. I’m tempted still though.
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