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  1. I'll check it out because haircut time is coming up quick.
  2. No, but I wish I could. When I go and get a haircut I want to get in and get out ASAP. Don't feel like having small talk with the hair dresser or none of that mess. I got better things to do.
  3. I like my Switch, but it's definitely not the best place for new games. The Switch is only as good as Nintendo's first party, which so far, has not disappointed.
  4. She most definitely is. Especially in Edge of Tomorrow.
  5. Not much of a loss here. Sony always has PlayStation Network sales directly on the store.
  6. I forgot all about Qore. Good memory. I used to try to get all of their releases.
  7. Would be dope. I mean, PSP was pretty much their hybrid already.
  8. Before Nintendo Direct, there was PlayStation Underground.
  9. You're in for a treat. The game is also very good.