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  1. It was healthier before the Switch came along because of the Wii U. Nintendo nailed the Japan market with their tablet console.
  2. Sony fucked up a bit with the Vita, but it was a good handheld just poorly supported. Plus Monster Hunter was on 3DS so that didn't help. Sony is heavily invested into 5G technology and they talk about it often. I assume if they made a handheld it would be focused around that and game streaming.
  3. I'm not surprised in the least. Even 3DS is dead... everyone is jumping ship to the newest handheld. I'd be surprised if Sony didn't release another handheld system considering they want to increase their presence in Japan. Consoles just aren't going to do that for them.
  4. Was honestly looking at doing the same. My old Yamaha doesn't even have an ARC port. In order to get audio to pass through from my TV (so I can have HDR) to the AVR I have to use a 3.5mm audio cable.
  5. How embarrassing. Lemmings used to be all about exclusives, but ever since Microsoft shoved console exclusives down their already beat up throats they've completely dismissed the entire idea. Hell, they ever tried to redefine what an exclusive is. Unfortunately for them, none of that shit ever stuck.
  6. I'm thinking about replacing my current PS VR headset with the newer one that can pass HDR. Starting to get sick of swapping HDMI cables.
  7. This isn't a console that is mass produced in the same sense as Xbox One S or PlayStation 4.
  8. Microsoft will benefit on losing more money on hardware than they already are. Yeah, I'm dumb.
  9. You're delusional, per usual.