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  1. bhytears is polish.
  2. pweeze bwing teh xbawx version to paiwity wit ps4 pwo ive submitted mah weports to micwosoff The fuck outta here.
  3. I guess that just means there are less Android users who are complete fuckin' douchebags.
  4. Looks like this has basically been confirmed for that Toio product and nothing to do with PS5.
  5. https://tech.nikkeibp.co.jp/dm/atclen/news_en/15mk/092703022/ I thought they shelved this when Micron bounced to help Intel with 3D XPoint.
  6. Fooled twice? That's a reach. PSP was amazing for its time. Just needed a second analog stick.
  7. I said "true successor". The Vita is like a Wii U level fuck up except not nearly as colossal.
  8. Eh, it just doesn't make sense to support two products like that anymore in the light of hybrid solutions. Like Vita and then Vita TV. It has to be hybrid moving forward and doing that would split resources which doesn't make sense today. I could see a hybrid PS4 or something, but who knows.