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  1. Who would have thought Russia would have been the biggest provider of arms to Ukraine?
  2. Delusion appears to be a normalcy in Russia, but actually to understand the delusion this guy seems to sum it up pretty well why Russians are as retarded as they are.
  3. Look at the crowd and excitement from the people of the Luhansk Oblast in Ukraine just 24 minutes before Putin's illegal announcement of the region's annexation.
  4. Putin and Russia have gone off the deep end after several missteps in their failed efforts to take over Ukraine. Putin is literally Hitler 2.0... It's like when Germany got embarrassed after World War I they came back with a butthurt vengeance; except with Failssia, they got embarrassed when the Soviet Union crumbled. How desperate do you have to be to attempt to annex partially controlled regions from a neighboring country after failing to take it over... all the while losing ground around Lyman and other nearby cities/villages? I mean holy shit.
  5. Just a couple times. Once for my 6800 Ultra taking a shit and when my Super Slim PS3 died in 2012 playing AssCreed.
  6. Looks like the 6nm PS5's will be releasing soon with the new bundle.
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