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  1. Thank God you're not one of those. Exhaust on a 4 banger truly is terrible, but at least you can hear to turbo spooling. 200hp at the wheels? Nice, so there's minimal loss. That's always nice. Yeah I checked out the skidpad results and it is impressive... couldn't find anything for the 03 for comparison sake, but its probably worse by like a whole point. Not much you can do about power unless you're one that likes to tune and do some simple mods, but it looks like the car is too new to fuck with without potential warranty issues.
  2. Yeah, it's quite possible. Your car is much lighter, no argument from me. I personally like the Civic Si, so I think you did good. But, for me personally, there's nothing like romping on a V8 with instant power from a 2.3L Whipple under the hood though. When your supercharger is half the size of your motor you know you're about to have some fun.
  3. I'm not playing dumb. Your car has IRS and my car has IRS. What say you now?
  4. Damn, no shit? Honda must be putting in some sick ass torque management. I'd personally be turning it off. I'm honestly not sure how it would handle against the car, but its no slouch and it's an old chassis. The 03 Cobras were around 3600lbs I believe (same weight as a mid size sedan these days) and they all have IRS suspension (first Mustang to have IRS), so it's not a typical solid rear axle like older Mustangs were. The biggest problem with these cars is getting traction and the terrible factory brakes. The brake fade is real and its scary, especially on twisty roads. Coming to a hard brake and not feeling like you're stopping equals time to invest in a big brake kit. I imagine with a sub frame connector and lowering springs this thing would be as good as it'll get. These things sit real high from the factory.
  5. What? It turns just fine, lol. My car's suspension ain't much different than that Civic.
  6. I'm seeing 205 @ 5700 and 192 @ 2100. Seems alright to me and that torque comes super early which is nice. Makes it feel like it has some power I'd imagine. Never drove one myself, but a good friend of mine has an older version of your car... Civic Si turbo coupe. Is it stick or auto?
  7. Really? No torque steer at all? That's surprising. Even my 2012 Fusion Sport had some good torque steer when I floored that piece, but it was 265/250. Yeah, that car wouldn't be able to keep up at all. My suspension is light years better and I have more than double the power those cars produce. The 03 Cobra would handily win on any track or straight road, lul.
  8. Well 192 ft-lbs at the crank, course you'll get some driveline loss naturally... so remove about 5-10% of that. The biggest problem is that you'll be be dumping boost so your torque curve is going to take a crap... at least I imagine it would with a small motor like that. I don't know efficient FWD is these days. I daily an F-150, but weekend warrior a 03 Cobra. I like the Civic Si, though. One of the nicer looking small size sedans.
  9. The first thing you're going to want to do is not baby that car right off the bat. You're going to want to punch that bitch around and get them rings seated properly. Break that motor in real nice... Flooring that car won't be anything special. Just grab the wheel and get ready for the torque steer from the monsterous 192 ft-lbs of torque.
  10. So what card did you go with?
  11. The funny thing is that he buys 2 of them as if SLI and Crossfire are even relevant these days. That shit was a bigger gimmick than Kinect and PS3 EyeToy shit.
  12. It literally is and has been the dumping ground of consoles since 2012. There's nothing unique about PC gaming anymore its just Xbox and PlayStation scraps with minuscule graphics enhancements and higher FPS.