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  1. What are you talking about? What PlayStation event? It's in the press release and they discussed it further in the Investor Relations meeting. It is more than just about PlayStation.
  2. There's no multiplayer? That's a bummer. That seems like an automatic to be honest.
  3. Raptors finally making this a series.
  4. I agree, I wish cows had bangers like Ryse: Son of Rome (4), Crimson Dragon (5), LocoCycle (6), Zumba Fitness: World Party (NR) and Project Spark (Canned) at launch. Not to mention the flops that followed like Sunset Overdrive, ReCore, etc.
  5. Yes, the end of your nonsense. How embarrassing. You act like you don't need to login to Xbox Live (Silver or Gold) to use apps. No one believes the shit you're trying to peddle and I hope you don't either. I mean, just look at how people look at you with your fucked up thought process, reaching and generally terrible conclusions you come to: https://www.neogaf.com/threads/is-sony-trying-to-turn-ps4-into-a-botnet-for-streaming.1482211/
  6. Please don't tell me you're still trying to peddle the nonsense from the other thread? Lets take a look at some highlights. Here's what you think Microsoft does to calculate MAUs: Here's what Microsoft says how they calculate MAUs: Doesn't look game related to me. So you're already wrong there. Just stop. It's embarrassing that you actually think people buy a console to exclusively listen to music, watch TV, and stream movies. Not to mention that you actually think you login to Spotify with a PlayStation Network account just goes to show how upset you are. There's no such thing as logging into Spotify with a PlayStation Network account, even on the PlayStation 4 app.
  7. I think the context is that he's talking about Sony Corporation and not just PlayStation.
  8. Some notes from the GN&S segment of Sony's IR day.
  9. We must be reading different slides, or you're reading too much into it.
  10. You come up with the weirdest most illogical conclusions.
  11. Additionally, Jim referred to Microsoft as being in "catch-up mode" and Google as "start-up mode".