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  1. That title needs to be updated. ”Russia has officially invaded Ukraine and Russia”
  2. I mean... not quite, but nice try so to speak. It's close though.
  3. Final Fantasy XVI Amnesia: The Bunker Layers of Fear
  4. I’d rather have a mini PC with the Z1 Extreme. Don’t think I’d buy a handheld PC device.
  5. Professional talk for, "fuck 🤦‍♂️, at least I'm getting paid more ". The dude was the lead writer for Re6ore and Crackdown 3: Power of the Cloud Good Enough for ShamePass Edition. He then left Bungie after working on Halo for years and putting a hand in Destiny to "pursue new creative challenges"... just to work on more Halo with Halo Finite at 343i; a massive ShamePass fodder FLOP .
  6. Doubtful. Could be more pay from Netflix more than anything... also he's going to work with Joseph Staten who worked on Halo Infinite. No one wants to work with this dude.
  7. The Big Con... how fitting for Shamepass.
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