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  1. So that I can bump this thread when reality settles in.
  2. So tell me, will the DynamiteCop version of this service run on Xbox One S or a newer piece of hardware?
  3. It launches in October this year... but they haven't started testing phases yet? Project xCloud is Xbox One S.
  4. But you said the Xbox One S was just being used for testing and Project xCloud wouldn't launch with it...
  5. It means it doesn't matter. Project xCloud flopped before it even hits the market.
  6. "We took the core innards of an Xbox One S and we figured out how can we transform that into soemthing that's more suitable for the data center?" @DynamiteCop!
  7. Ford doesn't care about competing with a fuckin' Corvette. It's not even in the same class. What don't you understand about that? It's cute that you actually think a ZR1 would be able to keep up with a GT in a real time trial, though. Those VIR times are from diagnostic testing and C&D's Lightning Lap series, dipshit. These aren't about trying to set records, it just so happens that they did. On the other hand, GM was becoming desperate to make Corvette relevant again since the C7 sales were way down (Just like Xbox One). Ford basically laughed it off as a joke.