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  1. I almost wish Xbox One did beat out the Switch (it was closer than anyone imagined) just to see all the damage control.
  2. Do sheep even own Smash or Pokemon? I feel like I'm the only one who bought Pokemon.
  3. It was pretty close to the Switch which is surprising.
  4. PlayStation Australia is launching a PS VR Show. @Ramza
  5. Gran Turismo Sport hits the sweet spot for console racing simulators. It's challenging, the competitiveness online is unmatched and the recent FIA World Championship was one of the most exciting motor eSports racing series I've ever seen... if you're into that kind of thing. Gran Turismo Sport is literally a completely different game than when it launched over a year ago.
  6. Well shit, I guess I'll just have to use my PayPal account. Pretty ridiculous since the card works on every other store except this one.