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  1. I almost wish Xbox One did beat out the Switch (it was closer than anyone imagined) just to see all the damage control.
  2. Do sheep even own Smash or Pokemon? I feel like I'm the only one who bought Pokemon.
  3. It was pretty close to the Switch which is surprising.
  4. First off I totally get the appeal of having something like this on the go. It feels good that I can bring something I enjoy along with me anywhere I go... in my house. I'm not going to bring this shit outside and play games like a neck beard sheep would. Here's what I currently don't like about the system. The screen really sucks, has huge bezels and the "protective" cover is prone to scratches almost immediately. The on-board storage is a joke and Nintendo should include a high capacity SD card or increase the storage capacity. Nintendo Switch Online is a complete joke, but at least it offers some NES classics and only costs $20 a year. The joy-cons are fuckin' horrible. The accessories are way too expensive for what they are. Nintendo is raping consumers and should be called out for it. Nintendo eShop is pretty bad. It's not very well thought out. The Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store are significantly better in this regard. Hopefully they overhaul this shit soon. There's almost zero app support. Here's what I like about the system. The exclusive games are great. I have BOTW, MK8D, SMO, and Pokemon LGP. I can bring this thing to bed and kick back on it. The graphics aren't as bad as I thought, but they aren't anything to ride home about either. It is perfect for what it is. It's easy to use. Suspending games and waking up the system to continue playing is instant, I love it. The operating system is the snappiest of all systems *stock*. Putting an SSD in a PS4 does wonders. The future support for games seems pretty clear. Now that that is out of the way, what are some exclusive downloadable games that you would recommend? I've been looking around on the Nintendo eShop and there's a lot of games, but a lot of them are shovelware garbage.
  5. PlayStation Australia is launching a PS VR Show. @Ramza
  6. Gran Turismo Sport hits the sweet spot for console racing simulators. It's challenging, the competitiveness online is unmatched and the recent FIA World Championship was one of the most exciting motor eSports racing series I've ever seen... if you're into that kind of thing. Gran Turismo Sport is literally a completely different game than when it launched over a year ago.
  7. Well shit, I guess I'll just have to use my PayPal account. Pretty ridiculous since the card works on every other store except this one.
  8. Shit, lol. My limit is way too high to be maxed out. Funny thing is Nintendo accepted payment for NSO using the same card, but won't accept it for digital games.
  9. Anyone ever seen this shit? Nintendo's terrible help site doesn't even have this error code listed. Error Code 9001-1470 This credit card cannot be used. Please check whether the card is valid, or use another card.
  10. I don't think the SoC will be upgraded. I think there will be enhancements to existing components like screen, Bluetooth, joy-con internals, etc. Nintendo will wait until 2020/2021 for a SoC upgrade.
  11. You're in for a treat when it hits the Epic Games Store. GRIS was inspired by Journey and a couple other games.
  12. Easily the best Nintendo console I've owned in the last decade. Wii sucked, Wii U sucked. All the Switch really needs is SNES, N64 and maybe GameCube/Wii virtual console or something similar.