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  1. Sony's FY2019 Plans: Increase in development expenses for the next generation console PS4 hardware cost reduction FY18 Results: Gaming Revenue: $20.9B (+18.9% YoY from $17.53B FY17) Gaming Operating Profit: $2.80B (+75.3% YoY from $1.60B FY17) PS4 Shipped: 17.8M PS4 LTD: 96.8M PS+ Subscriptions: 36.4M PSNow Subscriptions: 700K Sony Operating Profit: $7.84B Forecast: Gaming Revenue: $20.9B Gaming Operating Profit: $2.55B PS4 Shipments: 16M PS4 LTD: 112.8M Other: PS4's profit alone in FY18 generated more money than PS2's first 6 years. First time PlayStation has generated more than $20B in revenue. Digital software attach ratio highest in FY18 than any previous year. PS4 tracking ahead of Wii and will be the fastest selling console to 100m in history. https://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/18q4_sonypre.pdf https://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/IR/library/presen/er/pdf/18q4_supplement.pdf
  2. Mortal Kombat 11, seriously? I'd get both Hellblade and Dragon's Dogma.
  3. Next thing you know they're going to say a white coach coaching an all black team is some form of slavery.
  4. The OP is just a straight up pussy. If that picture was full of black or hispanic people only he wouldn't even bat an eye.
  5. https://www.resetera.com/threads/sony-san-diego-mlb-the-show-have-forgotten-what-diversity-is.113691/ "it's a bit alarming in 2019 that they didn't think about putting a non white guy as a partner"
  6. Yeah the ending paragraph is just as silly. What a goddamn joke.
  7. Don't get Infail. Wait until Ryzen 3000 series comes out. It's only a couple months out.
  8. PlayStation 4 continues to rape the competition.
  9. Dark Mirror and Logan's Shadow were the best Syphon Filters. Fuck that colorful platformer shit, the fuck is wrong with you? I wonder if reviewers are expecting master story telling like with Sony's previous games in the last few years and it just fell short. Most complains seem to just point out how uninspired the story is and that it's just a bunch of mechanics thrown in from successful games. Obviously the scoring of the story appears to be heavier on the review scale with this game. Oh well, nice try Bend.
  10. Hopefully this means the return of Gabe Logan.