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  1. Good stealth troll thread. You exposed the lemmings.
  2. Funny how lemmings are suddenly okay with reconstruction techniques now that Microsoft seems to be adopting Sony's strategy. Makes PS4 Pro appear to be ahead of its time.
  3. Be honest, what are you going to do if Big Navi poops in your Nvidia laced cereal?
  4. We aren't going to be seeing a final design until Sony's ready to show it. It's a closely guarded secret, no way it's going to leak.
  5. It's not that either. It's fake.
  6. Sony isn't sending a final design as a devkit.
  7. Xbox players... potato aiming.
  8. Yeah, it's perfect for Xbox Game Studios.
  9. What a crazy demo. I hadn't seen all it before just the teaser from a while back.
  10. You know what's confirmed? Zero exclusives for Xbox until it's discontinued soon.