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  1. That's unfortunate. Over promised and under delivered.
  2. That's how you found us a year ago.
  3. Time to go XenForo like everyone else. lul
  4. Honestly, this shit is 100% garbage.
  5. lynux3

    Gtx 1660 ti

    This is what NVIDIA should have released from the beginning. New GTX series of cards and left the ray tracing in the oven for another year.
  6. This sounds exactly like the PS5 "leaks". Only difference is that the PS5 "leak" was for a devkit. Doesn't matter who the manufacturer is, NVMe seems too expensive... it's not only that capacity is expensive, but NVMe requires 4 lanes. I don't see Sony going a two tiered route, it doesn't make sense, especially when the power difference is significant like that.
  7. This should be pretty exciting. The only thing that doesn't sound like it's happening is the NVMe storage.
  8. Yes, dominant. Doesn't matter what it is, Sony has Microsoft so bent over right now they're practically begging to put your beloved Xbox Game Pass on PlayStation. Sony has all the bases covered and Microsoft hasn't even got off the ground yet. Sony has exclusives, the user base, game streaming, game download service ala Game Pass, biggest and best network/services, first party studios/collabs, and the best 3rd party deals.
  9. Microsoft dropping the ball and really fucking up this generation has really demoralized all lemmings. I'm not surprised you feel this way, and the reality is if Microsoft was in Sony's dominant position you'd be singing a different tune.
  10. You already tucked tail and ran to PosC so none of this really concerns you anyways.
  11. Shut the fuck up. It's quite obvious there's a difference. No one is arguing whether or not the difference is more or less noticeable in motion or on a big ass UHD TV. DLSS looks blurrier and obscures some of the details in the native 4K image. The only way to properly do comparisons is by zooming in or comparing the image at native resolution on a monitor that can support it. This is exactly what Digital Foundry does, it's no different. If Digital Foundry came out with a video tomorrow detailing the differences between DLSS and whatever that native 4K image is using or not using and confirmed DLSS looks worse what kind of damage control would you be spewing?
  12. Exactly. The performance gains do not justify the pricing. This card should be $799.99 at the most (reference) and then maybe $899.99 for AIB shit.
  13. I've said from the very beginning that the RTX 20XX series GPUs were going to be one of NVIDIA's worst GPUs in a long time, and so far I've been right.
  14. So what? It's not about being able to afford a video card, it's about whether or not it's worthy of it's ROI. It's not. RTX flopped. I could buy 10 of these cards and it wouldn't hurt me at all, but I'm most certainly not stupid enough to actually do it. lol
  15. It doesn't matter. PussC gamers are always all about the best graphical fidelity, framerates and technology. Hermslobs are the first ones to point out minuscule differences in zoomed in screenshots before anyone else and this goes against everything Remij has been about for the last year. Despite DLSS looking worse, and it does look worse, it's okay because NVIDIA developed it.