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  1. I'm very deep into Subnautica now; there's more to the story than I thought - that's for sure. holy shit this game is great!
  2. Khalil Mack so good he can still pull off a sack with just his back
  3. Its goes from: "This is such a wondrous environment with neon fishes, and bright coral!" Then you begin to explore a bit, and you go to : "Oh shit! Get away, get away!!!!"
  4. Is Manafort's Ostrich jacket up for sale too? When I heard about that I immediately thought of:
  5. Subnautica is so vibrant & gorgeous Its certainly a different style of survival simulator; just got my first submersible, and now can stay under without the need to surface every 90 seconds - oh and already died once, as I didn't surface in time Oh for sure, I've seen some things man!
  6. The guy that rode in a horse his first day in office? The guy who had a flag raised (and a person assigned to the particular role) whenever he was in his office? The guy who gave a small power company from his hometown the contract to restore power in Puerto Rico?
  7. Well you can't really bring up Sea of Thieves, without bringing up State of Decay; and you can't really bring that up without mentioning... well you know where I'm going with this