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  1. I'm about 5 missions deep into Project Wingman; and picked up a flight stick as well.
  2. I know, it looks amazing in VR. Well my flight stick is coming next week as well; perhaps after that we'll pick up a headset.
  3. Still lots of Squadrons, now flying with others in a coordinated team; also about to get a flight stick delivered next week.
  4. Dude's out in fucking Tanzania to try and find evidence.
  5. Unlike Trump, Europe's far-right leaders haven't been damaged by the pandemic https://www.theguardian.com/world/commentisfree/2020/dec/17/trump-europe-far-right-pandemic-covid-19-us-president Because even right-wing governments around the World, have not been as retarded, as your retard-in-chief when it came to the Covid-19 response.
  6. I can now use Epic Quickhacks to get dudes to kill themselves; or pull out a grenade in a group!
  7. AC7 regularly goes on sale on STEAM - next sale is most likely the Christmas sale in a few weeks; and you can typically pick up the Deluxe Edition (I recommend it, since you get the 3 massive DLC missions [30+ mins each]) for around $30.
  8. 78 at PC gamer. Feels like a 2/5 from Giantbomb. Gerstmann talking about it today... and well yeah... underwhelming is the key word here.
  9. Cyberpunk 2077 has standout side quests and strong main characters, though its buggy, superficial world and lack of purpose bring it down. The Good There's plenty of flexibility in the RPG mechanics to build a character to suit your desired playstyle Quickhacking combat is satisfying to execute and turns combat scenarios into elaborate puzzles Side quests and characters provide the most interesting and human moments in the game Keanu Reeves' Johnny Silverhand adds dimension to nearly every quest, forcing you to rethink your decision-making i
  10. God Damn AC7 owns. This song had me reply this mission 3 times in a row.
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