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  1. Dude, let's be honest, is anyone even attempting this level at this stage of our lives? I mean hell, I applaud the people that still show up; let alone troll what little remains of the gaming community on a forum.
  2. Jimbo, the only person to ever show up at the beach in a vest, sweatpants, and sandals w/ socks.
  3. Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick. The super-imposed water you see on the left, is what it looks like at high tide. At low tide you can walk along the ocean floor; then at high tide, rent a kayak and paddle around the coast. In some sections of the bay the tide rises as much as 40 feet.
  4. Inside Xbox was cringeworthy on a regular basis. I second Jonb's sentiment.
  5. gone off? He lives there, next to the trolls under the bridge.
  6. If I'm Gaf, then you're ResetEra.
  7. Just be like, that's enough dear, that's where and how it ends...
  8. Yeah you looking up this stuff is a massive gaffe
  9. Hey Gaiz, on a totally unrelated note I found a bunch of gay shit on STEAM?! Who'da thunkit? Oh, why was I searching for this, no particular reason...
  10. For a guy who bitches about the left constantly, you sure do get easily triggered.