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  1. Some more facts on Mahomes contract: Length of Contract: 10 yr extension, 12 yr total. Length of Contract: It's 117 pages in total. Guarantee mechanisms are in place: $25 Million (total) in incentives in becoming the MVP, also for reaching the Superbowl - starting in the 2022 season. $503 Million maximum contract value. Rolling guarantees are also in place: If he's on the roster by a certain date then his base salary is guaranteed. If he's on the roster by another specific date (example below), then a roster bonus is guaranteed. E.g: There's a $49.4 Million dollar roster bonus in April of 2026.
  2. 450 Million, 10 year extension (so 12 yr contract) 140 Million Injury Guarantee 476.6 Million Contract (had 27.6 left on the final 2 years)
  3. Since there's not really an end in sight, and I've been working from home since Mid-March; I decided to get a bird feeder and move straight in boomer territory.
  4. It's a more than a tad bit disingenuous calling Bubba Wallace, 'Bubba Smollet'. It's not as if he tied the noose in his garage, and returned back later with a Subway footlong in hand, and then dialed the FBI... He was only provided that Garage the week beforehand He wasn't present when it was spotted. The FBI were called in, but the investigation determined it was there since 2019. But it did exist (NASCAR supplied this photo) Mind you nuance in 2020 is a tough ask when the majority of discussions (save for gender) on politics, culture, & society are binary based.
  5. Robin Diangelo This lady is the rube for the woke left, makes 12K for a 2 hour session where she tells you're racist by default. Plus the irony of a white lady running this workshop is hilarious.
  6. The best part about Xbox isn't the games, it's watching those games releasing on PC, day 1.
  7. Just for moment, imagine a debate stage where Ye is flanked on either side by Trump and Biden.