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  1. Just wrapped up Succession (two seasons worth) and what a fantastic show!
  2. Six years ago today https://streamable.com/ksrn6
  3. Dude, keep your lover's quarrel out of our thread.
  4. Yes, Madmaltese and DC are constantly in agreement, and I'm a washer machine...
  5. Garoppolo: "Hey! Look over here!" Mostert:
  6. Doc: "She's got a partial acl tear; she's good to go."
  7. Nine times out of ten it always ends up on PC.
  8. Not sure how I feel. On the one hand kind of a letdown to have to wait until Mid-September - however; they get more time to iron out issues, and I have more time (and more importantly the manufacturers of GPU's) to get the proper comp for this game.