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  1. Just finished the opener to Season 3 of Succession; now rewatching Dune (2021).
  2. lmfao, holding out hope for this trash series
  3. It looks worse than indie projects that are coming out, or have launched; and this is a staple IP from Microsoft; what utter trash, and they should be ashamed this is what they have on offer
  4. Oh, also playing Deep Rock Galactic, Ender Lilies, and Death's Door as well
  5. 40K Battlesector for my turn-based strategy fix: Lovely detail, rewarding gameplay, and upgrading your Heroes and units makes for unique gameplay styles: Fast, and close, heavy bombardment from range; or slow, punishing mechs; or a mixture of the above. Hell Let Loose: Wonderful team based shooter that gives off Battlefield 1942 vibes, with the Realism mod. Hardly a HUD, no crosshairs, any body shot within 200m is a kill (can be revived) headshots are fatal, and extremely satisfying to hear that ping! The fluid gameplay stems from the randomized co
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