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  1. UK will have Europe's worst coronavirus death toll, says study https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/07/uk-will-be-europes-worst-hit-by-coronavirus-study-predicts Stay safe (and indoors) Brits.
  2. On principle alone, fuck that game.
  3. Classic Sega Games on sale?
  4. 3457 achievements, 6 perfect games, and a round 22% completion - however Steam calculates that; sooo...
  5. You should go ahead and make some more predictions now.
  6. But yeah, Pat's library is the fucking Smithsonian.
  7. Nah, Jesus has approx. 1150 games; detests DLC too.
  8. Teh_Diplomat


    I'm slowly working my way through Black Mesa (third time) but first time with Xen now completed, and playing Halo CE on Heroic; but yeah, Warhammer 2 is just too fantastic to put down. I was always a Total War fan, and honestly I didn't touch the warhammer games until 2016; but now? It my favourite TW game.
  9. So many godly new characters, and the mods add a lot fixes you'll appreciate after 700+ hours.