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  1. Mod powers, you're both most likely seeing the deleted posts count to the page total.
  2. lmao JonB's play card is as follows: Owned for screenshot'ing. Owned for replying. Owned for remembering. Owned for playing games. Owned for not playing games. I mean at that point what is there left to say; JonB seems to have this SW thing down to a mousewheel, or a merry-go-round....
  3. I concur with @Casual on this. There's no need to release a shitty game, or one that you can't get right; especially considering it was Blizzard's during Peak Blizzard, and most likely would have been their Daikatana. If they could pull off a third person Dark Zero/Splinter Cell type game, then cool; but now? Under Activision's thumb, and Diablo mobile's CyberTruck-esque launch, I can't see it ever being done, nor do I have any expectation for it.