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  1. Yeah that stunt even hurt their credibility for what SW was, since afterwards since was always an argument or matter of defense when your game flopped.
  2. Somewhere here there's a joke about Sony and movies But lemmings, stay back, you need games before you attempt to bring the lulz.
  3. And now all these years later, and their games are playable on windows; on day one.
  4. Look the Souls games were never going to be my thing. I really wanted to get into Dishonored; and got pretty far into the campaign; but for whatever reason I could never get back into it when I tried it. As for that Wolfenstein, it felt very small and short, I mean the maps were more like heavily scripted sequences, than a Wolfenstein vibe.
  5. DarkSouls games, Dishonored, Wolfenstein: New Order.
  6. Nah not crazy, just stupid like a fox. BF: V is going to be an improvement of Battlefield 1 - which itself was a great game; but the improvements will be in the form of subtle adjustments on the entire BF formula. This isn't CoD where they need to add 50 HP to make the game feel competitive, nor is it filled with linear (see: 3 possible routes) maps like Call of Duty. All that being said, I can't be bothered to take on another Battlefield game, when there is plenty of life left in BF:1 (That's always been the issue in BF, unless your dead set on: "The Latest and Greatest") until BF; V gets a discount, or a premium pack is offered for the standard retail price.
  7. Well that would be the interesting part, since so many different civilizations have controlled it over thousands of years.
  8. lol, who the fuck isn't in that Administration? Trump's former campaign manager is on trial for among other things, securing a $16.4 million dollar loan on the promise that the bank manager would become Secretary of the Army. Tom Price his former Health Secretary stepped down after it was found out he was taking first class flights with taxpayer's money. Scott Pruitt gave his staff massive pay raises, had vice-presidential levels of secret service protection, and installed some James Bond spy type shit to ensure his phone calls were secure in his office. Ben Carson, wasted tens of thousands of dollars on a desk, and cutlery... And your argument is that Omarosa is selling books to profit?