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  1. Alliance of American Football, it's a league that consists of 8 teams...
  2. That's what you reply with when you have no interest; some figure that is most likely a sum that exceeds multiple team's payroll. He'd gladly take a backup roll just to get back into the league.
  3. I saw some gig. of him on dancing with the stars doing that exact dance, so he had that; previously I've never known what he been up to until those early-2000's photos of him jacked up.
  4. Arguing about textures in a game that's only worth it due to the Gamepass promotion currently on offer
  5. The Crackdown 3 thread is stickied, no amount of forum spam is gonna knock it down into page 2
  6. Lemmings finally get a stickied thread for an exclusive title, but as is typical with how this generation has panned out for them it's at their expense.