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  1. Also, I enjoy it whenever the Cowboys lose, so Skip Bayless isn't as insufferable on his show; I enjoy Sharpe, but Skip is just awful in his assessment of Dallas.
  2. Tied game, pick in the endzone, + 15 yards for the facemask? Go Rams, Go!
  3. Please Note: This post is not a representation of Hermits, please disregard OP's future comments on PC gaming, components, future technologies, and anything else that may fall under the purview of the Hermit faction. Sincerely, Teh_Diplomat Director-General of the Greater SW Hermit Association.
  4. It's crazy how we saw him go from a mercurial public figure for his early days as Mayor of NY, and his Broken Windows Policy, increased patrols, and Stop & Frisk. To America's Mayor after 9/11; beloved by everyone, and really a face for American resolve in its aftermath. To... This guy who goes on Meet the Press arguing about how the "Truth isn't truth.", then working alongside some potential criminals to funnel foreign money into your country and ultimately into your politics...