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  1. Argues for 5 pages, and 40% of their overall post count with Jehurey; then forfeits and goes back to the original point.
  2. That's not how this works, you made an unsubstantiated claim regarding me having TDS, because I posted a meme; it's your job to provide proof of that, otherwise it's like accusing me of anything else, the onus is on you to provide an argument as to why that is. In fact I brought forward several points in critiquing your other point that I 'bit the bait' during the Obama years with actual issues where I beleive Obama fell short of his stated claims and goals. So what points did I put forward? The ones that went right over your head.
  3. Actually I would argue that Obama was rather a disappointment, and here's why: He would campaign on specific policy, but once in office did things very differently. For guy who touted "Change", he increased the drone strikes, and then won the Nobel Peace Prize. He campaigned on whistleblowers being allowed to disclose improper/illegal actions and yet clamped down on whistleblowers. He campaigned on a single payer healthcare plan, and instead caved into the insurance industry which lead to people losing their coverage, their doctors, and in some cases forced people to pay fines. That's a whole lotta bullshit by my count, and that's just three items off the top of my head. As far as I'm concerned there are two types of Trump Derangement Syndrome: 1 - The crying SJW yelling on the pavement in disbelief outside Trump Tower and; 2 - The Never Trumpers who now have amnesia that they ever said the things they did back in 2016. Guys like Ben Shapiro, or Michael Knowles who starred in a cringeworthy Ted Cruz election video. But see this is where you and I differ, where as I can see, and debate the issues surrounding the US economy, and politics in general; you're left resorting to smileys and incorrectly using talking points with no stated goal in what you're saying.
  4. Talk about a POWERHOUSE of a division.
  5. JImbo coming correct for his court appearance.
  6. Arguing that the Xbox brand doesn't suck because MS is an immensely profitable company is like arguing on a sports talk forum that "Well my team owner is richer than your team's owner!" Like, oh ok, that's how they decide who wins the Superbowl... This is SystemWars, not InvestorWars.
  7. All this talking about DQXI has got me interested in playing this; perhaps I'll even finish it before sheep have access to the full game.
  8. Cam Newton injured his foot and didn't return after this play; same foot he had surgery on in Jan. and twice had ankle issues. Here's him leaving with a boot on his foot and, in a modified Handmaid's Tale hat; and here I was thinking Pharrell had the most whack hat in Pop culture. But seriously now...