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  1. Yeah, those that never played it are gonna be downright spoiled, but I can't even hate; it's peak gaming in full display.
  2. This had been the best turn around on an IP since I can hardly remember. This franchise went from dumpster bin, to top tier quality in one game - with some growing pains (episodic content) to a Premier franchise. If you haven't played the 2016 version, I would get on it. Also, the updates to the graphics and crowds are being implemented into the original.
  3. Jon spending on all his days looking up Star Citizen on ResetERA, and finding bizarre games for the Playstation; proof positive when you have no games.
  4. JonB is to words and arguments what Gob Bluth was to Magic.
  5. Back in the day you could expect a GearsHaloForza package, or any of the two in a package; now it's ForzaForza like Jimmy two-times from Goodfellas.
  6. No full video yet, just a preview/hype for his latest album: Dime Trap.
  7. Playing the single player portion of a Battlefield game is akin to the the Drake meme.