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  1. Obviously a ploy by Scar-Jo to make us forget about her live action film.
  2. While video games are something I've played since I can remember, and seriously enjoyed, I've never really cared for the other aspects of it: the conferences, the rumours of potential games, or specs on consoles; hell even reviews I never really relied on other than avoid a massive letdown. I think part of what drew me into SW was that it made those aspects - that I cared little for; hilarious, funny, and enjoyable. So yeah.. When the specs get released I'll read about them, but I'm indifferent.
  3. Remember when you had to defend that console all those years?
  4. Someone put this man on jimstricted status, pointless threads, political threads in the main forum, the list goes on.
  5. http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=Joxoi8Z0s6k
  6. Just wrapped up Succession (two seasons worth) and what a fantastic show!
  7. Six years ago today https://streamable.com/ksrn6
  8. Dude, keep your lover's quarrel out of our thread.
  9. Yes, Madmaltese and DC are constantly in agreement, and I'm a washer machine...
  10. Garoppolo: "Hey! Look over here!" Mostert:
  11. Doc: "She's got a partial acl tear; she's good to go."