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  1. JonB has reverse motion sickness; if he doesn't spend enough time on the jerry-go-round he starts to get a bit frazzled; as evident by his claim that GD is somehow Jehurey.
  2. Let's start with 6.0's and then move our way up from there, ok?
  3. You've got that right; millions won't be touching an Xbox yet again.
  4. I've put it off several times, due to its length. Meanwhile, I'm simultaneously playing Ace combat 7 and Metro Exodus.
  5. Oh well good, if you're ordering two, and Spicoli orders 5, then we don't need to get one; right?
  6. You're looking for the following: 16 GB ram. Minimum. Dual SSD slots (typically you get an NVME drive, and then a 2.5 SATA) a sold Intel CP. Note: The 10K Intel series CPU's have the potential to get really hot - so keep an eye on that during your reviews; not a guarantee, just something to look out for. As many USB Thunderbolt 3 ports as possible. For your needs you're gonna want them, and a lot of entry-level mid-tier laptops can get shorted here. Strong battery life: when set to battery+wifi it, should be 4.5 h
  7. wow, Butker coming up 3 times in a row. 1st time is called for a false start; 53 becomes 58 yrds. 2nd time a timeout is called, goes left but stays within. 3rd time, essentially down the middle.
  8. Holy fuck the list in this thread is unreal! Also:
  9. lmao, wow. What a colossal fuck up from Atlanta.
  10. Oh what's this, the on-side kick worked?
  11. By week 14 it's just gonna be furloughed CFL players.
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