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  1. Wow, really?! The audacity of these devs (but mostly publishers) coming up with Day 1 DLC - or worse, pre-order DLC; and now they remove a bunch of stuff? Most likely they couldn't meet a deadline to include it... The state of AAA in certain cases is fucking horrendous.
  2. Go as a white guy, and tell people that you're doing Kirk Lazarus, as Staff Sergeant Lincoln Osiris, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr - who now suffers from Vitiligo, as a result of his surgery to alter the pigmentation of his skin for the aforementioned role of Lincoln Osiris.
  3. Yeah but no one ever spelled your full name (apart from yourself) and then added in a letter.
  4. There's no T in his last name.
  5. When a series of nonsensical comic strips make more sense than a Jimbo thread.
  6. WASP's? I don't follow other than you used that term in the chat box a few weeks back... But you are to borrow the US Army slogan; "An Army of One".
  7. once you hit REM it activates.
  8. Yeah, for a Microsoft fanboy that sounds torturous.