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  1. Alan Dershowitz with a hot take. The Ghislaine Maxwell I know Like every other arrested person, she must be presumed innocent https://spectator.us/ghislaine-maxwell-know-jeffrey-epstein-alan-dershowitz/
  2. Clinton photos with Epstein would have made a better case than former Presidents meeting with former dictators and corrupt leaders. there's just too many of those photos around.
  3. How come in our reality, it's that both guys are pieces of shit; and in your froopyland version it's just Clinton, or (from the other side) just Trump? This is a current republican president, who - up until he ran; donated to the Democrats, had Bill/Hillary at his wedding; but now we have to take sides as to which one of them is a bigger piece of shit?
  4. Bills Mafia lack of tailgating going to show a noticeable decline in foldable table sales this upcoming Fall.
  5. amazing idea! Also, for the news of the day: https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2020/07/no-fans-will-be-allowed-to-attend-buffalo-bills-games-during-covid.html
  6. You'll have to forgive him; he's currently only in the draft stage of his next race baiting thread.
  7. It all really started when Sony started cancelling their expos...
  8. That interview he did thinking it would help his case...
  9. Pizzagate is a conspiracy; it will be mocked when a guy shows up with an AR-15 demanding to free the children from a restaurant. Epstein's details are related to the Lolita express, his private island; the sweet heart deal he received from and those that travelled on the airplane, and those did travel on his plane and/or went to the island. However, the guy that gave Epstein that sweetheart deal where he only had to go to jail overnight was.... Trump's former Secretary of Labour; Alex Acosta. Link: https://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/editorials/article232432722.html But yeah, keep being Legenda..