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  1. lol there is no steam deck killer, just a bigger audience for handheld PC gaming.
  2. Dall-e doesn't work as well as I expected from early social media. But it's still wild tech.
  3. I like the idea of Witcher coop, and CDPR is probably wanting a piece of the GTA Online audience with Cyberpunk. But these guys need to get their tech sorted before they start adding online to it.
  4. I bet this tightens up as more games are developed with PC in mind. If on day 1 Sucker Punch has a working PC build of Ghost 2, why would you sit on it for a year?
  5. It's already better on PC than PS4, so if you got a PS5 you should have an option to get the best version. We'll see if the MP is a cash-in. KZ2 and 3 online were great. Shadowfall was a good package, but a mediocre game. I really doubt this remake is taking away from whatever will be Guerilla's next AAA project. I don't think there's any reason to believe Last of Us had on PS4 took away from 1.5 Uncharted games and tlou2.
  6. This is not the effort required for a new game, let alone a new original concept. I mean flip your own point around: we got Shadowfall as a launch title (more than a KZ3 remaster) AND Horizon on PS4. Sony making PC ports and Sony making remasters are very connected productions.
  7. Peole whining that Sony is remaking the wrong games... Like I want MAG and Warhawk to come back online, but I don't expect it to actually happen. Do you really think decisions are made this way?
  8. I don't understand the hostile reaction to this. First I really want MP Horizon. Killzone 2 and 3 had an amazing MP package, and I've been waiting for Guerilla to get back to those strengths. As for the remake, again who fucking cares? Why isn't it better to have a better version of the game? If they can easily port the PC enhancements to PS5, why not do it? If you already played it and you think it's "too early" for an enhanced version, dont play it. Wtf.
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