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  1. I wouldn't want to drop 550 on PSVR2 and have Valve announce this a few months later: https://uploadvr.com/valve-job-vr-headset-deckard/
  2. I don't know if id buy PSVR2 knowing in advance it would get the same level of support as PSVR1. I need to see a bigger build up because standalone headsets offer a lot of advantages. I'm definitely not buying PSVR2 before Valve shows what they've been working on.
  3. Low 50s Rotten Tomatoes. The trailer looks so fucking bad. The story will be barely functional, caught between fan service that makes no sense as a movie, and phoned-in soy bullshit "we're adorable!". There's no way to make a good Mario movie. Imagine watching this if you never played the games lol.
  4. At best the movie will be just OK minions bullshit for toddlers, but less funny. They're literally doing Mario Kart in the movie ffs. Worse than Sonic by far. Worse than Detective Pikachu. Worse than the 1993 movie.
  5. This thing can only be a success if developers support it. Launching with a Horizon spinoff from a C-tier dev is exactly what I expect them to do. Even if the game is good, it's Uncharted Golden Abyss at best. It doesn't guarantee you bought into a thriving platform.
  6. Avowed from Obsidian has a better chance of being that game.
  7. I have it on PC but didn't finish yet. But I more see it as a mismanagement problem. Alyx is *the* AAA VR game, you gotta have it. Valve generally puts their games on console, so I doubt they're the problem.
  8. Not having Alyx has me worried they're gonna fuck the whole thing up. Ill get it in a year or 2 if 1st party teams support it.
  9. It makes no sense to make this game. The appeal of Fable was the crazy ambition of Peter Molyneux. Most of it turned out to be false promises, but that's what we came for. Just making a reboot Hobbit adventure with mid combat and Good/Evil choices misses the point. If this new Fable was gonna be good, they'd already have told like 50 lies about it. All we have is a title card.
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