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  1. Steam Deck is gonna be a viable way to play current (next) gen games basically the whole way. The hardware is a feature match with PS5/XBX with proportional downscaling to the 720p res. Some day we will be playing the next God of War on Deck. MS establishing the low priced Series S also means developers will have to scale their tech more than in previous generations. Even plugged into a TV/monitor, the FidelityFX upscaling should be decent. This is a great way for new people to start building a PC library.
  2. Linux good. Fedora 34 is a very good Linux Desktop with some brand new tech inside. Since SteamOS 3 is switching from Debian to Arch, I thought I'd give that a shot on my gaming PC.
  3. I will definitely play this on Steam Deck. When you think about this vs a remake of Advanced Wars, it just makes you proud not to be a Sheep.
  4. It's funny during the whole PSP and Vita period of competition Sheep insisted that handheld games and console games are different. Now they're thrilled to be able to play terrible versions of Witcher 3 and Doom. Jerry's still trying to figure out how online gaming works. 🤡
  5. I agree with you there is no guarantee devs would support it, but they can't support it if Valve doesn't provide for it. I disagree that the Deck wont be successful. I think these handheld PCs will be a new norm. Alienware already announced one and other less known OEMs have them as well. Valve's hardware might not even be the best, but the form factor running SteamOS will be viable.
  6. When software is built, there is a "pipeline" of steps that go from error checking, compiling, testing, etc through to the final image. Packing up all the assets is part of that pipeline. Adding a step to compress and downscale media files is a lot less work than any kind of platform-specific code changes.
  7. One major thing Valve needs to add is a low-storage download option for Steam. There's no reason why a 720p device needs the full 80GB+ install of Death Stranding with 4k-ready assets. Devs can build a version with downscaled assets pretty easily for a smaller install.
  8. I think it could easily have a 10 year life cycle. If you think how long it will take for indie developers to make games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Deck should be a viable platform at least that long. Vita would still be a viable platform today if it still got indie ports within its hardware spec. But Deck wont rely on specifically targeted ports.
  9. It'll run BOTW2 better than the Switch Amateur.
  10. This is bullshit clickbait from pcgamer. They're looking at games that are failing on Linux due to anticheat/drm issues, which Valve already said are being resolved for Deck. Elden Ring will run on this while the Sheep have to cloud stream Control lol.
  11. same shame on the slobs with commitment issues.
  12. There aren't a bunch of PC games that look better than Returnal. It's in the ballpark of like Jedi Fallen Order with a lot more particle effects and dynamic lighting.
  13. I was interested to see if Stadia could become a 3rd major AAA platform. Their whole system works really well but it looks like yet another generation of dominance for Playstation.
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