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  1. What do you mean? Switch can't play it at all.
  2. Nah just playing a lot of games that would make the switch melt.
  3. Not my fault remij lowered their standards.
  4. Switch *didn't* achieve this. Switch requires bespoke ports. If Switch failed in the market like the WiiU, or just gets replaced by Switch 2 it's a dead system. Steam Deck can never die, because PC development will never die. The worst that can happen to Deck is Valve stops improving it. But even if that happens, it'll still be a useful gaming system.
  5. I cancelled my subscription several months ago after joining when the PC version was announced. Most of the time, I just didn't use the service. And the times I did, it was for a game I would prefer to just own.
  6. Currently playing No On Lives Forever (2000)
  7. The success of Spiderman led to Sony's aquisition of Insomniac, who had recently made Sunset Overdrive, an Xbox exclusive. So MS possibly missed out having one of the most successful dev teams as 1st party.
  8. The things you're saying are my qualms with Epic. The splintering of portals like Origin, Uplay, BattleNet, etc is one of the worst aspects of PC gaming. It's bad enough that even console games often want a publisher-bs user login, on PC you don't even have one library of games. But Epic is really fucking the dog with a cross-publisher portal that isn't close to Steam's functionality, and aggressively seeks exclusivity deals. They're actively dragging the PC gaming experience back to a PS2-caliber online experience, no amount of free games will make up for that. You're totally righ
  9. If a game I want is EGS exclusive, I will pirate. The problem with free games is that Epic can claim millions of active users which is crucial when advertising AAA exclusivity to publishers.
  10. I hope it does work out that way. Might take a few years. If I could game exclusively on Steam/SteamOS, that would be ideal. Yo one thing that has to happen is full support for Dualsense haptics on PC. PlayStation is far ahead of the competition on this.
  11. I'm trying to figure out if it's more damaging to Epic to redeem their free games and never spend a dime on that shit vs ignoring it completely. I hope EGS fucking dies.
  12. I don't know if Sony is actually going to get to day-and-date PC releases. It seems like the approach they're taking is to have dedicated PC porting teams rather than having the primary teams do it. Bungie being the noted exception here. But clearly Sony is moving in that direction, and I like it. Returnal can't come to the Steak Deck soon enough.
  13. Outer Worlds playing at > 50fps on low settings, then ~ 25fps at very high: https://www.veed.io/view/e134b38d-284d-4186-9909-234ff79bedc3
  14. I'm over here playing Oblivion on a handheld PC folks.
  15. The *content* in the Switch port is shittier than the real versions of the game. The Deck is not an evolution of the Switch, it's an evolution of the PC. Cyberpunk is an unplayable mess on prior-gen consoles. It began as a cross-gen game and became decisively-next gen in development. And *like I said* its the best test we actually have access to without compiling UE5.
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