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  1. Genesis was the only good era for Sega. Yeah Dreamcast is a cool cult system, and Game Gear beat Nintendo to color by like 5 years, but neither was widely popular. I was a total Nintendo kid at the time, but Genesis was a solid system.
  2. Also leaning on VRR as the lynchpin for Xbox is pathetic. It's only been available in mainstream TVs for like 18 months. Xbox was supposed to be the more powerful box you dweebs.
  3. (Starts a "high cinema" thread): "yeah I really like movies such as The Departed and Saving Private Ryan..."
  4. If you think the conversation is boring, you're gonna be fucked for major directors like Bresson or Dreyer.
  5. Who is the creative head honcho behind Gears of War in 2023? For The Last of Us, Neil Druckmann was heavily involved. I don't think it's gonna be Cliff Blezinsky working on this.
  6. Looks great. I hope they're thinking about gamepad/Deck support. CSGO felt bad with a controller last I tried.
  7. It is. But you're missing more important shit not having a PC than not having a Switch. Most game design trends start there.
  8. Bragging about remasters, lol. Like PS5 doesn't have those.
  9. I don't give a shit about Star Wars, but these games are great. Some of Respawns best work.
  10. Inflated generation count is Sheep cope for being 2 generations behind current since 2006. An ideology of generations that puts PS3 and Wii in the same tier could only be invented by a Sheep. The rest of us aren't fooled.
  11. There's no "9th generation". We're currently in the 5th generation because PlayStation 5 is the active console.
  12. I saw banshee of inisherin last night and it restored my hope in humanity. Absolutely great.
  13. Ill be pissed if it actually happens in 2024. I don't think a PS5 Pro is needed tbh. I'd rather have a PS6 a little earlier than split this generation when it's barely warming up.
  14. I haven't seen 8 of these. Some of them are outright garbage (Crash, Chicago), some mediocre quirk (Everywhere, Shape), some are among my all time favorites (No Country, Parasite). The Academy is a useless institution with no consistency. Cannes is much better and international.
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