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  1. And the president of the country who fought against those treasonous fuckers won't denounce the flag of people who wanted to destroy the USA.
  2. Where I'm living in Washington, all the counties that are normally blue are wearing masks. Meanwhile, in red neck counties you have sheriff's literally crying at the mic about the injustice of it all.
  3. Took a trip out to the Pacific Coast.
  4. Wearing a fucking mask should not be political. But, since it's about helping out other people, most everyone just doesn't care. America is all about ME first. It's fucking sickening that we can't even come together for this one small thing.
  5. DynoCrap is a shithead racist who condones murder of innocent people ITT.
  6. Imagine defending a LOSER flag. Fuck the confederate flag and all the LOSERS who proudly display their failed traitorous uprising.
  7. Another day, another record set for most daily cases Texas also just issued a mask mandate for counties with 20 or more cases.
  8. 3 INTs against the Niners in Week 1.