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  1. LMAO, why would we want statues for the LOSERS? Also, you just keep playing identity politics with virtually everything and just throwing out "the left" to describe everyone you don't like that. Those people just taking down statues randomly are dumb. But there's literally NO REASON to have confederate statues up. They lost and were treasonous assholes who wanted to own people.
  2. Canadian trying to argue US Politics. Does he even know about the three, separate but equal branches of government or how much power the president actually has?
  3. Imagine if Germany had statues up for Nazi generals "Because it's our history!!! " That's literally the same thing with confederate statues except the confederacy was much shorter.
  4. My favorite part is how they go all off in a huff if they're refused service saying they'll never come back there. Like that's the point fucking dumbass.
  5. EA after Mass Effect 2 has been utter shit.
  6. Not denying his role on cheating on his wife, which is completely shitty, but it was "on and off" for a year with all those things and you slept with the dude multiple times I assume.
  7. He was pretty much a giant red flag with all the shit she posted about him. She still opened her legs for him, but this somehow his fault.
  8. Damn, the ads this campaign season pretty much are just gonna be footage of Trump saying his own words.
  9. Twinblade already trying by saying it's "getting weaker"
  10. Honestly, looks like if Spike Chunsoft made a movie. Looks interesting for sure.
  11. Ike BLM

    Pokemon MOBA?

    Tencent is sponsoring it though
  12. It's like they're Pokemon and each one is evolution. Tomi -> Kayliegh -> Kellyanne -> Ann Coulter
  13. Seriously, this is the logic of a toddler. My 8 year old daughter has better problem solving and logic than the president for Christ's sake.
  14. The answer must be to decrease testing, since testing is the only thing that's causing the number to go up right?
  15. They should've made this one in Super Castlevania IV 16-bit graphics.
  16. Yesterday was the 2nd highest day of confirmed cases across the US since it peaked April 24.
  17. I saw someone refer to her as a re-hydrated form of Kellyanne Conway.
  18. Twitter doing more to keep the President in check than the entire Republican party save Romney.
  19. 9 minutes spent explaining I can walk down a ramp is a good speech.