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  1. I’m good on anything else. I’m day one and the Maiden demo was good enough for me. Only a month away.
  2. Oh no, I can’t play games on base PS4 anymore when everything is playable on PS5. What an absolute travesty.
  3. We got Disco Elysium and best believe I’m getting it on Switch because books are meant to be portable.
  4. Oh look another isometric, boring ass western RPG. Except this one looks shiny!!! Genre hasn’t changed since Bauldur’s Gate Hermits and their shitty genres
  5. RE Online games have been bad and no one wants them since Outbreak on PS2.
  6. Ike

    New NMH3 footage

    This game is gonna own.
  7. Ike

    Tobias Israel

    Look at this Sony dick sucking headline
  8. Game just looks like the definition of a generic, by the numbers action RPG. PASS.
  9. Butthurt lems still upset that MS has given Jack shit to play on XSX. But we get old, awful Bethesda games that were trash when they came out.
  10. Sheep get New Pokémon Snap and Cows get Returnal for April. What’s the new big release for Xbox this month? Season2 of 6 of Thieves?
  11. Yeah I think the upgrade will be in the chip located in the actual Switch Pro upgrade itself versus the dock. The dock will just be able to output at the higher resolution but won’t give a performance boost because that’s still all tied to the new chip. Hoping nvidia can deliver.
  12. Meh, it’s $20 and Tetris 99 is my most played Switch game in my library. PAC-man 99 is also cool. But yeah, I wish they’d do more with their legacy libraries. But it’s Nintendo and they’ll just charge us again. I’ll probably hack my OG Switch once the new mode comes out and just fill it with home brew emulators. That was the best thing with PSP back in the day was the homebrew.
  13. It’s hard finding time for me and the girl to play lately due to work and I’m going out of town this weekend. However, the game itself is so good. I’d probably do another play through with someone later if they want to play it here.
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