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  1. My most anticipated upcoming game.
  2. Banjo coming to the N64 Classic this fall. It’ll be something anti-climatic like that.
  3. Game deserves all the accolades and sales it’s received. It’s been my favorite game this year.
  4. One of the most popular characters on the most popular system sells a lot of copies.
  5. Live in Seattle and can’t wait to make fun of the 0-2’s
  6. Ted Cruz's campaign is being slimy as hell.
  7. They have 67 points for and only 13 points against. A +54 point differential is insane.
  8. Niners escape. Way too fucking close. They need to fix their damn red zone offense. Go get Dez and bring in him as your endzone target.
  9. Their defense was really impressive. 138 total yards of offense by the Cards is crazy.
  10. It's against the Cardinals. Calm down.
  11. That pass by Cousins was insane. Also the Browns kicker
  12. All close games in the morning block.