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  1. Yeah I’m going to be checking it out. I’m behind on some stuff still lol.
  2. Yeah, I think he’ll be fine. Some of those throws were in tight windows and were pretty impressive. He needs to work on his vision though. He missed a couple of open receivers. However, I don’t think any backup qb had a better situation than this roster, defense, and a coach who can scheme for you. He’s also been practicing against the best defense in the league all year so that has to count for something. I’m still all in on a Super Bowl. That defense can win one.
  3. That Jimmy injury was brutal. Purdy played well and even made some great throws under pressure. Defense definitely can carry teams to championships to make up for mediocre QB play (see: Eli Manning’s Giants and 2001 Ravens). Still feel bad for the guy. He’s done nothing but win for the 49ers and to see his season and more than likely chance as a starting QB go down like that isn’t fair to him. Hope we still keep him next year again.
  4. They need a new manager. Berhalter is fucking ass.
  5. USA had no identity at all that match. Their chances sucked, they had no real control when in the attacking third. Their defense looked inept. Fuck this team. At least Mexico, didn’t get out of group.
  6. I should have just stayed in bed.
  7. Pathetic effort from USA defensively. That second goal should never have happened. They can’t get any attack going. They are being supremely outclassed by the Dutch. Feels like this can be 4-0 when it goes final.
  8. Here’s hoping. Senegal taking down England and France would be fun to watch too.
  9. USA (FIFA rank: 16) to even make the final would have to beat in order Netherlands (8), Argentina (3), and then Brazil (1).
  10. https://www.target.com/p/xbox-series-x-replica-mini-fridge/
  11. Mexico and Germany out.
  12. Yes it’s an anthology type show. There’s one recurring character from both seasons but you don’t necessarily have to watch both. I recommend it though because both seasons are really good and the eye candy with the ladies and the locations are incredible.
  13. 2 more remaining. 7 eps total. It’s also been renewed for a 3rd season.
  14. The White Lotus S2 continues to excel. Mike White has improved what made S1 so good. Aubrey Plaza was amazing in the most recent episode. The Italian girls are gorgeous and the locale in Italy is absolutely breathtaking.
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