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  1. GS Review posted and gave it an 8. Both games take close to 80 hours he said and the final case is pushing 10 hours.
  2. I’m interested to check out surfing.
  3. Wtf is this thread even? DP has always loved PW games.
  4. Oh no one of the worst genres in gaming is going to get worse.
  5. A female employee noted that random male employees would approach her on Defendants’ work site and comment on her breasts. Female employees working for the World of Warcraft team noted that male employees and supervisors would hit on them, make derogatory comments about rape, and otherwise engage in demeaning behavior. This behavior was known to supervisors and indeed encouraged by them, including a male supervisor openly encouraging a male subordinate to “buy” a prostitute to cure his bad mood. Definitely just trying to hit on these women.
  6. Also the best news is that this is ONLY on next-gen. No crossgen bs to bog this down.
  7. TBH though look at what EA has been doing with their franchises with every new sequel. ME:A was hot garbage. I wouldn’t trust them to make a new one and have it be good.
  8. From the same program that brought us It Takes Two. Looks good.
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