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  1. That shot by Rondo behind the backboard.
  2. I gotta give it up for Dwight tonight. He’s had a huge impact on the game and a reason Jokic is having foul trouble. He’s looked good on both ends.
  3. Showtime Lakers are back.
  4. Lakers playing bully ball right now.
  5. Xbox/Gamepass is just beta testing and early access anymore.
  6. Main female character in Nintendo games: Main female character in Xbox games:
  7. I'm more disappointed in the OST for SM64 and SMS than anything. Those two should've gotten updates.
  8. Yes, the Y button substitutes the waggle and you can still use the motion controls for the pointing and collecting star bits. Motion control stages though still require the titling though.
  9. The Lite can be found with some legwork if you try. The regular model though has been impossible to find all year.
  10. Watched Wolves 6&7. It’s turning into a great show now. The kid parts are still not good but the other storylines are really awesome.
  11. The Devil All The Time was pretty great. Great performances all around and a story that reminded me a lot of Fargo in many ways. It’s a pretty big downer and depressing movie though and an interesting look at rural West Virginia.
  12. What happened to Pokémon Snap for Switch? That was announced a few months ago. I thought it’d be out by now.
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