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  1. “We didn’t play perfect today, but our record’s perfect.” -Richard Sherman I despised this guy on the Seahawks but damn am I not loving him as a Niner now.
  2. 5 turnovers and the Steelers couldn’t win. Jesus, I’ll take it but that was ugly. Nice to have the Seahawks lose. Now let’s go Browns!
  3. Gay as fuck. They'd have more of a challenge playing Alabama than anyone on their schedule so far.
  4. Maybe if it’s like $30 it might be worth it. But anything more ROFL
  5. I’m happily paying $20 for this. The demo was gorgeous and the OST was phenomenal. Can’t wait to explore more.
  6. I fell asleep early after my kids went home last night. I’ll watch it tonight for sure. Looks great.
  7. Patriots have now released AB.
  8. Ike


    Which is now owned by Disney
  9. https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/untitled-goose-game-review/1900-6417308/ Switch console exclusive outscores every Xbone game. TLHBO