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  1. RE4, Zelda, FF16, and this. Been a fire year from Japanese developers.
  2. I will next week. Still doing Zelda but I’ll be doing couch coop with my lady.
  3. From the writer/creator of Danganronpa Switch exclusive for now too
  4. Fact of the matter is just that people don’t want live service games. Gaming is such a copycat industry and usually the copycats happen way to late to actually capitalize on what made it popular anyways. Look at the top rated games this year and they are all single player, self contained adventures for the most part. (Zelda, RE4, Prime Remastered, Hi-Fi Rush)
  5. Diablo IV FFXVI Master Detective Archives: Rain Code (Spike Chunsoft’s new IP)
  6. Imagine if Microsoft starts managing them. 7.0 or lower. Yikes, what a filthy flop.
  7. Sounds like you’re having quite a miserable experience so far.
  8. Only one who cares is you and we’re laughing at you for that. Like I said, we’re all talking about FF16 while slob hermits get old ports.
  9. Yeah butthurt I’ll be enjoying Diablo IV and FF16 back to back on the number one place for gaming.
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