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  1. Didn’t MS get marketing exclusivity for this dumpster fire?
  2. Anyone play Seiken Densetsu 3? I had to play the fan translation on my emulator but that is probably the 3rd best RPG on SNES. Only behind CT and FFVI.
  3. Anyone watching the Raps-Celtics game?
  4. Also, the SNES games hold up WAY better when compared to the ps1 games. The blocky 3D looks awful.
  5. It’s called a Nintendo Switch, PC and any cell phone
  6. That seems to be the trend and then sale it come around March when the stock peaks. Been like that the past couple of years.
  7. Lmao not even their best games were PS1. They’re best PS1 game was Bushido Blade 2. Aza wrong as usual.
  8. Switch has Smash PS4 has a $200 Spider-Man bundle Xbone has a PUBG bundle for $500
  9. Bethesda is a shit developer and always has been. Lmao Oblivion with guns now even shittier
  10. That’s lame. The press conferences are the best part of e3.
  11. Ike

    Avenatti lmfao

    This whole story is dumb as fuck.
  12. Already backtracking from earlier when you said a Spring 2019 release