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  1. That's when you drop the line, "Now let me pay for your next meal when I take you out to dinner." Come on, bro.
  2. The GOP are treasonous scum and anti-American.
  3. If it could be Stephen Miller, that’d be great. Unfortunately, I think he’s just a racists asshole and not linked with Russia. It’s definitely Kushner I think.
  4. Gylenhall looks sick as Mysterio and the brief glance we got of him with the fishbowl helmet was awesome and that theme at the end. Spider-Man
  5. I swear there’s one for literally everything.
  6. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/425414-mcconnell-blocks-house-bill-to-reopen-government-for-second-time Turtle is now also responsible for this shutdown. He can end it at anytime.
  7. It's not an OST in the least, but Vice City had a banging soundtrack. I really wish R* would make a new Vice City game.
  8. That water drink after his argument was essentially, "No, you."
  9. I COULD make an argument that SSBU probably had the greatest OST in gaming history, but that would be cheating.
  10. I know we like to joke but this is hurting my brother really badly.
  11. He's sure owning this shutdown like he said he would.
  12. Astro Bot is my favorite VR game. I still really need to buy and play Beat Sabers. I just may now that I beat GoW.