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  1. The right and the GOP are literally playing willingly ignorant at this point. The facts are clear based off numerous testimonies: Trump attempted to extort an ally by withholding Congressionally appointed tax payer money until Ukraine announced publicly that it was investigating the Biden’s. This has been confirmed numerous times including by Trump himself as recently as today on a nearly hour long rant on Fox & Friends this morning. There’s nothing left except to pound fists and scream like Gym Jordan.
  2. The Good Place’s final season has been killing it. Last night’s episode was one of my favorite pieces of television from this year. I’m happy that they’re allowing the show runner to end the story he wanted to tell.
  3. Jill Valentine is the best RE protagonist and I can't wait to see that blue tube top in the beautiful engine.
  4. He honestly should've been cast as Nathan Drake over Tom Holland. I know he's brown but I think he'd kill at that role.
  5. Pdero Pascal as the Viper in S4 GoT is probably the best one season character arc ever.
  6. That's still 3 months. Oct 8, 2018 was when the last new episode aired.
  7. No only weekly releases every Friday of one episode. Disney+ original programming will be releasing that way.
  8. $1200 just to buy the headset. You'll also need a $1500+ PC to run it well.
  9. It's great. Production value through the roof and the soundtrack is fantastic. It reminds me a lot of Cowboy Bebop and Firefly.