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  1. I only watched halfway to avoid spoilers. Getting the limited edition on this one.
  2. This would probably be my choice of game to have with me on a deserted island. Music, control, courses, everything in that game is perfect. Except Tubular. Fuck that bitch ass stage to hell for eternity.
  3. Suns-Mavs really could go either way. Don’t care who wins now as long as Celts get bounced tonight.
  4. Let me know when you do. I can do co-op. I hit a damn wall and think co-op could help. It’s a damn fine game. Headphones, preferably if you have the 3D audio, is mandatory. Best sound design ever dude.
  5. Spider-Man 2 Infinity War Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  6. My gf has been using that and loves it. I’ve tried it a few times and it’s great for gaming. Wouldn’t use it for work though lol as I rely on that number pad a lot.
  7. They hire contractors. That’s who is complaining. Most people will understand that when they start a job. Full-time employees of the actual company is probably a great gig.
  8. My gf has been playing it and she said it’s pretty fun. I downloaded it on PS5 to play but haven’t had time for a match yet.
  9. What because of Kirby? Switch doesn’t even have Elden Ring dude.
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