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  1. What a shitty damage control thread.
  2. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/next-gen-versions-of-cyberpunk-2077-wont-release-a/1100-6475884/
  3. Lemmings really getting some quality content for $180/year.
  4. Meh there’s really only me and my gf here most of the time and the tv has great viewing angles. I’ve no trouble seeing it anywhere.
  5. Texans get Brandin cooks and future pick for a 2nd round pick. Honestly not a bad deal considering the ridiculously deep WR draft class and salary cap. What do you think @Hot Sauce?
  6. Just checked, you guys have two away games at both TB and Miami. It might be cool to get a ticket to see Tom Brady one last time against your team.
  7. That new stadium looks nice though.
  8. Yeah, it was cancelled after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan after 2010 that killed a ton of people.
  9. Well, the stay-at-home order is still in effect through May 4th here so I guess we'll see what the governor does. He's been really solid through all of this.
  10. Washington/Seattle will probably be a test run for the rest on the country on opening up everything. We were the first to be hit by this and our hospitalizations are dropping.
  11. I placed my order June of 2019 when they still offered 10% off to prime member on new games.