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  1. FH5 looked pretty. Halo looks the same. Starfield was a non-trailer will drop 11/11/22 and confirmed as Xbox exclusive. Best game of the conference was Replaced.
  2. It’ll probably first be shown at a Sony event if I had to guess honestly.
  3. So seems like all they got is Guardians for 2021. Lmao
  4. Nomura and Team Ninja. This is going to be trash.
  5. Not to mention DS already got a full 3D remake of FFIII
  6. I’m sure the 50 people who played the original Avengers will love this.
  7. Jesus been 20 minutes and nothing but this game so far.
  8. Also that frame rate dropping hard during battle.
  9. They are spending way too much time in this….
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