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  1. Dune was such a visual treat. One of the most gorgeously filmed movies since 2049 and with some excellent world building and immersion. Loved every second of it.
  2. AoE4, FH5, and Halo all out in the next few months.
  3. Last of Us getting an HBO show with actual talent behind it. I’m much more excited for that project.
  4. Or Mr. Survivalist died of exposure to the elements and was dragged off by a gator. Pretty sure his parents probably didn’t hear from him for an extended period of time and kind of nudged the police in the right direction. Shame this is will probably end without any closure whatsoever.
  5. ND already made the superior story. This is completely unneeded and unwanted. 0 interest in ever spending time watching it.
  6. Ike

    How are you?

    Just getting over covid actually. Had cold/flu like symptoms for 3 days and lost my sense of smell and taste for like half a week. That was probably the most bizarre sensation of eating with experiencing no flavor whatsoever. But, I’m fine and am going back to work officially on Friday. Got a promotion and getting a 20% raise in less than a year in my current position. So good news there. Other than that holiday season is soon upon us again and already starting to shop for the kids since I hear supply chain issues may cause huge shortages and lack of inventory for Christmas
  7. Ok bought the PS5 copy of Judgement for $35.
  8. Yikes, Sony has always been pretty bad at movies. Spider-Man had to go back to Disney to become good again. I had 0 hope this would be good. We already got the perfect Uncharted movie with the Nathan Fillion short film from few years back.
  9. Great game but wasn’t even my favorite PS4 title of 2018 (Spider-Man). Have fun hermits who haven’t played it. I’m sure it’ll look gorgeous on an ampere card.
  10. Nope, never have played a Yakuza game. So sounds like a good place to start and then Yakuza 0 is free to PS5 players too. So sounds like I have some stuff to catch up on.
  11. The cinematography and direction are already going to be a 10/10 with the greatest modern sci-fi director behind the camera. I’d love to go see it on imax and I still might, but I’ll be watching it tomorrow on hbo max. Thankfully they’ve been doing 4K for all their big releases too which is nice. Can’t wait.
  12. Needing something new to play and both these looks pretty good. Anyone here played them?
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