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  1. Tillerson also said he is actively ignoring any intervention to stop Russian election interference.
  2. Plus there's Super Mario 3D World which is COMPLETELY new.
  3. New themes, night mode, new physics stages, kart, etc. This is WAY more content that the original.
  4. I think they've mentioned in dialogue that they have 6 parks I believe? We know 3 of them atm. (Samurai, India, and Westworld)
  5. I'm thinking Aaron Paul's character is a host in Futureworld park.
  6. MS won't have any Nintendo news at their conference. But I'm still betting on Ori being announced during the Nintendo event.
  7. Aaron Paul added to an already incredible cast has me really excited. I need to rewatch season 2. I feel like it will get better upon multiple viewings.
  8. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/republican-congressman-breaks-ranks-declares-trump-committed-impeachable-conduct-837215/ First GOP congressman calls for impeachment.