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  1. They’re stock just tanked today and their original programming is becoming more misses than hits lately. I’m glad I password share the Netflix account. I’m cancelling Prime after this year. I only sub to HBO Max and Disney+. The whole nice thing about streaming was convenience. Pirating is becoming the obvious choice.
  2. BTW Nintendo and Sony tied for most dollars earned. This tells us that MS can’t even combine two consoles and make more money than Sony.
  3. Ghostz dumb af. Coming in here trying to brag about the Madden of shooters in the worst genre in gaming.
  4. Typical Cardinals. Might be meeting you guys again in a 3rd home game at Levi’s South.
  5. Ike


    Another way to launder money. Imagine trying to say you own a picture on the internet.
  6. Should be a good game. I am very worried about the passing game from Dallas. 49ers do have the run game against a weak run defense to control time of possession and limit Dak’s time on the field. Excited for a game between these two rivals. No team I hate more than the Cowboys. First game could turn into a snoozer soon if Philly doesn’t start doing something offensively.
  7. Astro Bot was better than every single Mario game since SM64. Beat Saber is the best rhythm game ever made. Blood & Truth is an awesome game that puts you inside an action movie. Rush of Blood is a great horror shooter. Tetris Effect in VR is the true experience for the game and the best way to experience the best puzzle game of all time. RE7 is best played in VR and it’s exclusive to PSVR. There have been awesome unique experiences that can only be done with the PSVR hardware. I’m super excited for the next iteration of the headset. The controllers already look awesome. The specs sou
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