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  1. I asked this before too in the main forum.
  2. How to use the Wii Remote Believe it or not, but you can use four controller types with this game! But everyone seems to wonder the most about how the Wii Remote works when held sideways. Please allow me to explain. +Control Pad : Move Press left or right to walk and press up to jump. If you’re in a real hurry, press twice. Press left or right twice to run and press down for a short time to fall through some floors. Press sideways twice to dash! 2 Button : Basic Moves Just press the button for a standard attack. Press it while pressing a direction on the +Control Pad for a strong attack. You can perform smash attacks in one of the following ways: 1: Press the 1 Button and the 2 Button at the same time. 2: Press any direction on the +Control Pad and the 2 Button at the same time. Just pick whichever one is easiest for you!! Press the 2 Button at the same time you press up, sideways, or down! 1 Button : Special Moves The direction you press will determine what kind of special move you do. You have four special moves depending on the direction you pick: neutral, up, sideways, and down. B Button : Shield This is in a kind of hard-to-press area, but the button for your shield is near your left index finger. To dodge, hold down the B Button and press in a direction. To grab, hold down the B Button and press the 2 Button. To throw an item, hold down the B Button and press the 2 Button. Using the – Button is the same as pressing B Button and 2 Button. Grab away! A Button : Taunt That’s all! Right now, to grab a Smash Ball, you have to beat on it—not just touch it. Don’t forget! Be the first to pummel it! When you get a Smash Ball, try a standard special move. In other words, just press the button for your special move without a direction. You will then perform your Final Smash. This is the same for all control schemes, so keep that in mind. On October 18 at the E for All (Entertainment For All Expo) in Los Angeles, people will be able to play Brawl. And (perhaps boldly), it will be available for play with the Wii Remote. Is that really going to be OK? No need for concern—I bet you can play it quite smoothly and simply...maybe. How about a little mental training before the time comes when you actually control it? Meowth Meowth. It’s considered a major Pokémon, but it did not show up in Melee. It now makes its first appearance since the original Smash Bros. Meowth appears! It unleashes a slow coin barrage! They call this Pay Day, but it’s not like it’s getting any coins out of it. It doesn’t appear to be throwing the coin on its forehead. Huh? That definitely appears to be a coin on its forehead, but what do you suppose they call it in Japan? Maybe if you check the Japanese version of Smash Bros. Dojo you can find out...
  3. http://wii.ign.com/articles/827/827902p1.html
  4. I'd join one but I have barely any idea of who to talk to or where to go to do so.same, and neither of us are good enough I wunna join won. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Meh, I just like playing for fun.
  5. Ike


    The series sucks.
  6. Knowing gs is a bunch of halo fanatics, I doubt it. :shakes:
  7. STADIUM: Home-Run Contest What is the Home-Run Contest? It’s a competition to see who can hit Sandbag the farthest in just ten seconds! You see Sandbag and a character on the platform. At the start, it’s just you and Sandbag. Then you just beat Sandbag silly, filling up his damage meter. There’s only a 10-second time limit! Before time runs out, grab the Home-Run Bat on the ground and do a smash attack with it! PWANG! You launch him! Fly! Flyyy! Compete for longest distance. Flight distances are recorded for each character. Go! Break the record! Set your own!! But this time... there are four differences! 1: The stadium platform is protected by a shield. Whoa! This nice feature keeps you from falling. If you don’t put some force into it, you won’t break through the shield, so you can pummel Sandbag to your heart’s content. Surely this will allow you to string together new combos. 2: Two players can play together. Incredible! Two can enjoy it! As a tag team, you can challenge yourselves to set even greater records. You’ll have to work perfectly together, though. 3: Two-player alternating play. Compete for distance in two matches! Ah, competition—that’s what the Stadium is all about. Players compete to see who can hit the farthest. 4: Online competitions. You can’t tell from this shot, but this is an online match. This option can be found under With Friends. And it supports both the two-player cooperative and two-player alternating modes. This is some rather rich functionality. You’ll be able to play just this mode quite a bit. Amazing, isn’t it?
  8. owns at sucking, which is why it's banned from competition play.
  9. New Pork City The scale of this stage is one of the grandest in the Smash Bros series. The scale is, say, about as same as that Temple stage—you know the one I’m talking about? It’s New Pork City. It is a city of chaos. It’s too detailed to fully understand... The buildings are like...billboards? At any rate, it’s big, so if all someone does is run away, there will be no end to it. But with so much freedom, it becomes a giant playground. There’s quite a lot of freedom. Also, a monster known as the "Ultimate Chimera" appears on this stage. The-there it is! If this guy sinks his teeth into you, it will launch you off in one blow. It’s pretty much certain that if you get hit, you’ll lose a life. But there’s nothing you can do. I mean, it IS the Ultimate Chimera. I’m no maaaaaaaatch...
  10. Yes. time? 7:30 PST like usual probably. Get on the SW group steam chat around 7 how do i get on that SW steam group chat? What is your Steam ID?
  11. Yes. time? 7:30 PST like usual probably. Get on the SW group steam chat around 7