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  1. It was David Fincher who wants to move on and felt it wouldn’t be fair to keep them under contract.
  2. Call of Duty is the Madden of shooters.
  3. https://apnews.com/9127109f325778490fd40c5f98be1817 Trump is a criminal.
  4. And this agency strives to be the most impartial it can be. So this is big. I'm sure the Trumptards will cry deep state, Soros, etc. though.
  5. I'm a completionist so this will probably take me a while playing all 3 houses.
  6. I need to start it. I have it but I don't want to commit 100 hours of my life right now.
  7. They did announce a 4th house for the Three Houses DLC today though.
  8. Sony will probably time exclusive these though by a year or more like Detroit.
  9. TCHBO Nintendo the only company left making exclusives.
  10. He's throwing everyone under the bus now. He's also said he'll release a photo every time Trump denies he knows him.
  11. We had at least a AAe, not a port, every month starting in May through December of last year. Meanwhile, Xbone still has yet to have one.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it's a launch title for PS5/XSX.
  13. April was looking crazy anyways with FFVII Remake and REmake3. Still a bummer.
  14. I honestly hate most fish apart from halibut since it's least fishy fish. lol
  15. The only genre that Genesis wins at is schmups. Treasure is amazing and Gunstar Heroes is one of the best of all time. Dynamite Heddy is also quite underrated.
  16. Chrono Trigger FFIV FFVI Super Metroid Earthbound Super Mario World Yoshi’s Island Secret of Mana Super Mario RPG SNES wins and it’s not close. I love Genesis but the quality of games on SNES is heads and shoulders above anything on Genesis.
  17. I finished up Kill La Kill and it was such a great show. It’s hard to recommend to anyone who’s new to anime since it is quite fan service-y and sexual but the action is top notch. I also watched the movie I Lost My Body on Netflix. Animation was amazing and it was a great story although a little cliche at times but also still unique and weird in great ways. I’m happy it got a Best Animated Feature nom. On my watch list next is the anime Fate/Zero and HBO’s The Outsider.
  18. The Limo The Contest The Marine Biologist The Bizzaro Jerry The Comeback So many good episodes and such a great show.
  19. Ike


    Parnas had an interview tonight where he said Trump knew everything going on in Ukraine. No wonder the Republicans are being little bitches and won’t allow witnesses. It’s fucking shameful.