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  1. Beat Sabers and anything VR is also fantastic to watch while drunk.
  2. I have some company coming over Friday. Might have to bust this out for some shenanigans.
  3. I like how you can personalize the exercises in adventure mode as well so if you want to focus on arms, abs, core, or whatever you want to work on.
  4. Have any of these games come west? Edit: I'm dumb. This is the trailer for the western release.
  5. I was completely baseless in my prediction and now people are calling me out.
  6. If you thought he was fit to serve as president before he was even elected, you’re a fucking dumbass who hasn’t paid attention.
  7. I beat up to the first boss level and played some mini games in Ring Fit Adventure. I was able to get my heart rate up to 120 and broke a little sweat. I can definitely see this being a good workout if I upped the level high. It’s really fun and has a nice variety of exercises. I may start doing this daily. It’s a really cool piece of software for exercise.
  8. @Remij_ said MS was acquiring them
  9. Your troll bait today is bad and you should feel bad.
  10. I've never bought anything but Nintendo hardware at launch ever.
  11. MSRP is probably going to be well over $600.
  12. I'm probably not even getting a PS5 at launch and didn't get a PS4 until Uncharted 4 came out. You spent over $1k on useless ass hardware.
  13. Xbox was the butt-end of a joke in that article. You "changed" factions in color but you still love Phil Spencer's cock in your ass.
  14. Except ARod has been having one of his worst years ever.
  15. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2019/12/28/the-best-video-game-console-of-the-decade/#eed355275bdd Hint: It isn't Xbone
  16. Yeah, this is thing that will make you see he's nuts. Not the literally thousands of batshit stuff he's done before. But glad, you're finally seeing it.
  17. Ike


    Bolton now says he's ready to testify.
  18. And those games on Switch run better than Xflop version.