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  1. Even during a pandemic, NFL players still getting arrested. SMDH
  2. Squandering a 3 goal lead I can't wait until Seattle gets a team next year. Gonna be a fun rivalry with you guys up there.
  3. Do you got a boat some where that you fill with black plastic bags occasionally? I mean, you do live in Miami.
  4. Setting up a precedent too. Fuck Trump and his immunity.
  5. BTW, here's a pic of her before plastic surgery.
  6. I'm probably gonna try this soon. This is a legit spiritual sequel to PM1&2. I'm kinda of wanting more after Paper Mario as well.
  7. Definitely, could have sold more Switch hardware too but the supply just wasn't there. The fact that 22 million copies of Animal Crossing sold in 3 months is just outrageous.
  8. It's also apparently a GaaS multiplayer game.
  9. Check out prices of GameCube games. Those things are ridiculously valuable. Nintendo physical copies always at the very least keep their value.
  10. Also, did she get more even more plastic surgery?
  11. What the fuck does she expect being around Fox News and the MAGA crowd? Fuck her and this bullshit “rant”.
  12. By the way, these number are only through June 30. So Animal Crossing outsold every single PS4 exclusive in 3 months.
  13. Lakers just need to stop taking 3s
  14. No Lebron or Westbrook tonight. Also, Charles just said Portland is beating Lakers in round 1.
  15. Yes, you love MS and defend them. Xbox has been worthless forever now. They are a terrible software publisher and make terrible games that you defend tooth and nail.
  16. Did I say Xbox? I said you defend MS like your first born which you do, when they are the lowest tier 1st part dev in the business.
  17. Lemji in this thread: defending MS like his first born. Also Lemji: I'm not a lemming at all guys.
  18. Well let's see how the Lakers/Rockets game goes tonight. I hate watching Harden play though. Fucking boring ass basketball when the dude shoots 25+ FTs every game.
  19. It's week one after a 4 month hiatus. I'd cut them a little slack man. Plus, it's not the playoffs yet.
  20. RTX, coming post-launch at some point, maybe? Who cares? 120fps and FTP multiplayer!