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  1. Koji Kondo collaboration for the score
  2. Pretty animation for sure and I like Jack Black as Bowser. Still Pratt just sounds “off”. Good to see Martinet in the actors though.
  3. Give me CP77 multiplayer actually. The world is the best part of the whole experience.
  4. Blizzard have been hacks for over a decade now and MS pushing a F2P microtransaction shitfest to make up losses on their acquisitions.
  5. I’ll be playing both so I’ll compare.
  6. They’re separate games though? This looks more impressive than Callisto Protocol though in its environments and particle effects. Lighting also looks much better in this than Protocol. Probably because this is PS5/Xbox Series only and no last gen hardware.
  7. Deebo with the best play of the nfl season so far
  8. I hate Cupp so fucking much. Fred Warner
  9. Jimmy will equalize this for you. Those last 3 plays should have been big gainers.
  10. Decima engine was used for Forbidden West. There’s a show coming soon. Sounds like a minimal use of resources for a little extra cash. Seems like a sound business decision.
  11. It’s a Microshit owned property. Are we really that surprised?
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