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  1. The new model will still play AAAe bangers.
  2. Good, survival horror needs a new AAA IP.
  3. Eh, just wasn't for me. I'm more looking forward to what Amazon is doing with Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings. I also never played the games so there wasn't much of a connection to the source material.
  4. jon no longer gets to use rumors for anything since that's how he's spinning Xbox being the reason it was delayed.
  5. And Horizon Zero Dawn to PC is still a rumor but doesn't stop jonB from mentioning everywhere. Xbox holding us back from getting this game on time.
  6. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/22/politics/cnn-poll-sanders-biden-january-national/index.html Sander 27%, Biden 24%, Warren 14%, Pete 11%, Yang & Klobuchar 4%
  7. Imagine the kind of person who thinks people dying or sick or injured just want to be lazy bums who don't work. The fact that healthcare is tied to employment is stupid. It's just another means of economic repression. Also, Deeno fails to mention he works for the government and has government healthcare.
  8. This will be a 3 hours Game Pass trash.
  9. I thought the show was C-rate fantasy with some bad performances. I fell asleep.
  10. I wouldn't trust Konami to make a solitaire game.
  11. Terry Jones, one of the creators of Monty Python, director of Life of Brian, and Sir Bedeveare in Holy Grail died.
  12. He should present the American people his case of innocence, right?
  13. Ike


    Romney and Collins forced a rule change as well. Collins is especially worried about losing her seat she has to play moderate. Hope she still gets voted out.
  14. We're now in preseason gents. Only a month until real football. Also anyone following what's going on with Antonio Brown?
  15. This just makes me wish Nintendo would release a new Mario Strikers game.
  16. Brought the economy out of the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression.
  17. I have a bunch of shit on a photobucket account I can’t access anymore.