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  1. Ownage for what, PC waiting 7+ years now for it? That’s like sheep celebrating all the WiiU ports for Switch.
  2. Begji still waiting nearly a decade now for Bloodborne
  3. Another port of a nearly 2 year old game. Hermits.
  4. Niners went 3-5 to start before making the NFC Championship last year.
  5. Win next week and we’re back on top of the division though.
  6. Fucking pathetic effort on offense tonight. Obvious why Jimmy is a backup.
  7. They’re just shouting how much of a closet homosexual they are now.
  8. This is like watching Napoleon/Hitler’s marches on St. Petersburg in reverse.
  9. Surprise they’re just calling themselves fascists now.
  10. I have SOP installed but haven’t found the time to play it. Lol
  11. Xeno3, Bayo3, Ragnarok, and The Callisto Protocol. I want TLOU Remake but will wait until the discount before the show’s premier. Oh, and I’ll be getting Harvestella but that’s a game my gf will play and I’ll watch.
  12. Yeah Hori makes good gamepads. They’re not for kid sized hands.
  13. The Hori Split pads make for a great joycon replacement for portable mode.
  14. Im guessing an Orlando/Jacksonville city to represent central Florida. It would be awesome to have the Keys included as well.
  15. Survival horror in VR is the only way to experience the genre at its best anymore.
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