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  1. The boat was one of the best settings since the original Spencer Mansion.
  2. I really enjoyed Rev1 on 3DS. Never played 2. I hope it turns out well.
  3. That PS4 legacy titles on PS5 is a pretty awesome deal and hopefully they keep updating it. I want to play Tsushima.
  4. I paid $35 for my year of PS Plus.
  5. The atmosphere, lighting, art design, character models, and sound were all amazing. The RE Engine running fantastic on PS5. Can’t wait for this game.
  6. Some of the best Batman stuff ever made is now on HBO Max since they added Batman TAS.
  7. Third episode of WandaVision making things interesting with that ending.
  8. I was wrong The demo looked great though in terms of art style and lighting. The frame though needed work.
  9. That MP game looks awful. Just stop Capcom, please. No one wants that shit.
  10. It was an ownage day because it lived up to the years of hype. I remember playing the demo disc so much too. What a godly game.
  11. Can you believe that game is 16 years old now? It would be my 4th time buying it. I've had it for GCN, Wii, and Switch.
  12. This is definitely targeting the Gen Z gamers. Hard pass
  13. There's also a small chance we see RE4 remake. It's also the series's 25th anniversary this year.
  14. It's almost like the whole point was not to muzzle conservatives but to stop the spread of misinformation that was prevalent among conservative outlets and accounts.
  15. It's been assumed, but never confirmed officially. We'll know more today after the showcase at 2 pm PST.
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