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  1. Anyone watching/listening? I'm currently at work and can only follow in text form.
  2. Most popular names for boys 1) Liam 2) Jackson 3) Noah 4) Aiden 5) Grayson 6) Caden 7) Lucas 8) Elijah 9) Oliver 10) Muhammad Most popular names for girls 1) Sophia 2) Olivia 3) Emma 4) Ava 5) Aria 6) Isabella 7) Amelia 8) Mia 9) Riley 10) Aaliyah
  3. I’m watching it now. It feels like a literal side mission in a video game.
  4. Been background watching old episodes The Simpsons on Disney+ and love it.
  5. That'd be tight and perfect for HD Gyro controls.
  6. Grand Finale Galaxy in SMG2 is the finest and most challenging platformer level ever.
  7. It’ll have been 3 years in February since Horizon Zero Dawn launched. Guerrilla will have a launch game as well.
  8. We're now in preseason gents. Only a month until real football. Also anyone following what's going on with Antonio Brown?
  9. Just read the stats. The team is such garbage they let Trubisky look good and throw 4 TDs. I mean come on...
  10. Philly about to swoop in and steal the East. They have 2 games against the Giants, one against the Redskins, and one against the Cowboys.
  11. Technically speaking the original Halo was being made for Macs not PCs when it was first developed.
  12. With the sun going down at 4pm here, I've been gaming hard lately. Beat Link's Awakening in a weekend.
  13. Starting AI: The Somnium Files next. Still want to play/beat: REmake 2 Fire Emblem Three Houses Astral Chain A Plague Tale Death Stranding Untitled Goose Game The Outer Worlds Control Man of Medan Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Ori
  14. That orchestrated version of Reflection really hits the nostalgia nerves hard. Disney has a way with their trailers of perfectly putting the music just right. Same happened with the last Rise of Skywalker trailer.
  15. Sounds like the Dreamcast VMU all over again.
  16. Articles of Impeachment will be drafted against 45.
  17. and yet the only things that matter will remain constant: Xbox has no worthwhile exclusives worth buying the console for and TLHBO.