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  1. Just beat FFVII Remake. Skipped the all of the ch14 side missions and played for 7 hours through to the end. I didn’t really mind the ending tbh. I’m excited to play the future installments too.
  2. https://www.ign.com/articles/final-fantasy-7-remake-is-best-selling-game-of-april-2020-sets-franchise-record April 2020's Best-Selling Games Final Fantasy VII Remake Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Animal Crossing: New Horizons NBA 2K20 Grand Theft Auto V Resident Evil 3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Remastered MLB: The Show 20 Madden NFL 20 Red Dead Redemption II Just Dance 2020 FIFA 20 Mortal Kombat 11 Borderlands 3 Predator: Hunting Grounds Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Persona 5: Royal Need for Speed: Heat Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
  3. Oh I started this new show called Bloodride on Netflix. It’s a Norwegian anthology horror series with 30 minute episodes. The first two were pretty interesting. It’s nothing groundbreaking or anything but it’s a good watch if you like horror stuff.
  4. Imagine paying $500 twice for two of those like some people here.
  5. ad for a show but this dude is an “energy vampire” and feeds by sucking the energy out of people by being dull and boring. This just too funny combined with what you just said.
  6. He's a YouTube comment section personified.
  7. https://policylab.chop.edu/press-releases/new-projections-reveal-risk-covid-19-resurgence-areas-reopen-too-quickly Welp
  8. There was some game on the Macs in elementary where you got to be a fish and learn stuff but all I ever did was pick the great white and just fuck shit up. Game reminds me of that.
  9. Honestly, good. Fuck the college board. It's a racket.
  10. This coming from a guy who lives in a state with the best voting system in the country.
  11. Being scared of letting more people vote and then pushing a non-substantiated voter fraud lie. Republicans can't win if more people are allowed to vote. Dan Rather https://twitter.com/DanRather/status/1263102211577442304?s=20
  12. A lot news about race. Almost like you're the one with an agenda. Also, the 3rd guy recording the video in the Arbury case got charged with trying to illegally detain an individual.
  13. Seeing this on the true imax screen at the science center
  14. You talking about the girl who played Fleur in Harry Potter?
  15. LMAO can't even defend the point. Voting by mail is completely fine. You act like you've reached some sort of "enlightenment" it comes off as pompous. Probably idolize Ben Sharpio too.
  16. Yup, your anti-democratic and don't like open, fair elections with everyone getting the right to vote. Wonder why? Just move to Russia, you'll love their elections there.
  17. So you're definitely against letting more people right? Got it, you're anti-democracy as well.
  18. Didn't see your daily amphetamine rant from your supreme leader trying to attack people's right to vote?
  19. So you're against people voting too? The only voter fraud that's been caught is republicans trying to vote twice.
  20. Goddammit there’s one more season of 13 Reasons Why coming June 5. I’ll hate watch it like I have every season. Like everyone on this show sucks and it’s way overacted and overwritten but I’m seeing it through for this last season. I honestly can’t imagine where to go after that trash season 3.