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  1. Tillerson also said he is actively ignoring any intervention to stop Russian election interference.
  2. Plus there's Super Mario 3D World which is COMPLETELY new.
  3. New themes, night mode, new physics stages, kart, etc. This is WAY more content that the original.
  4. I think they've mentioned in dialogue that they have 6 parks I believe? We know 3 of them atm. (Samurai, India, and Westworld)
  5. I'm thinking Aaron Paul's character is a host in Futureworld park.
  6. MS won't have any Nintendo news at their conference. But I'm still betting on Ori being announced during the Nintendo event.
  7. Aaron Paul added to an already incredible cast has me really excited. I need to rewatch season 2. I feel like it will get better upon multiple viewings.
  8. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/republican-congressman-breaks-ranks-declares-trump-committed-impeachable-conduct-837215/ First GOP congressman calls for impeachment.
  9. This is probably more church moms and religious types offended more than anything since Xbox is mostly being played by white teenagers.
  10. Is Spic really trying to say a Mario game won’t sell well for Christ’s sake?
  11. I watched the Pet Semetary remake. I thought it was pretty good but like most Stephen King stories, he can’t end for shit. Still love the atmosphere and visuals. They also made some good changes that played with what you knew about the original to create more tension. 7.7/10
  12. https://entertainment.theonion.com/game-of-thrones-showrunners-disappointed-with-how-qua-1834843021?utm_source=TheOnion_Daily_RSS&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=&utm_term= ‘Game Of Thrones’ Showrunners Disappointed With How Quality Of Fans Has Dropped Off Over Past Couple Seasons Today 10:08am LOS ANGELES—Saying their once-beloved viewers have lost much of their luster in recent years, Game Of Thrones showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff acknowledged Friday they have been frustrated with the way fans of the HBO series have declined in quality over the past few seasons. “During the show’s first couple of years, our viewers showed a lot of promise and challenged our assumptions about what a fan base could be,” Benioff told reporters, lamenting the fact that when Game Of Thrones moved past George R.R. Martin’s original source material, the show’s supporters began to lose coherence and now barely resemble the industry-defining audience they once were. “At this point, however, they’ve become a tired cliché. It’s hard to watch them lose everything that made us love them in the first place. Nothing they do makes any sense anymore, and it just seems like they want the show to be over with as quickly as possible. It’s pretty sad, to be honest.” At press time, Benioff and Weiss expressed regret that they failed to do more to prevent the fans from becoming so unbelievably shitty.
  13. Ike

    Super Mario 64

    Nah, I've played this game so much it's pretty much ingrained in my memory. I know where every star location is on every level.
  14. Ike

    Super Mario 64

    I could probably 120 star this game in a few hours TBH
  15. Ike

    Super Mario 64

    One of the best world themes in any game too
  16. Ike

    Super Mario 64

    The best parts of Sunshine were the secret levels where you lost the waterpack.