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  1. It’s raining and 46f here in the PNW. Love living here.
  2. I’ve stopped watching media on this. Im day one. Looks awesome.
  3. Didn’t even get to play a game, just got eliminated. Sad and depressing ending to the season. It just feels cheap and so unsatisfying in the worst way possible.
  4. Yeah I’ve held off on RE8 to play in VR. Giant lady in VR is going to be
  5. VR is a great experience. Pretty much the best way to play survival horror games. RE7 was one of my favorite gaming experiences ever in VR.
  6. For the specs and included controllers that’s not bad. The Valve Index with controllers goes for $750. The new HTC Vive headset will be $1100.
  7. I’ll still wait for a discount. $600 is a bit much for me. That or Astro Bot 2 is released. Whichever comes first.
  8. Geoff still having Summer Game Fest same time.
  9. Defense keeping the 9ers in the game. Should be 0-0 if they challenged that catch. Need points.
  10. Philly fans quite confident that’s going to be the case even though Dallas hung 40 on them.
  11. Not quite the same as Philly, but he was down 10 to the Raiders in Vegas, where 60-70% of the crowd was Niners fans. It’s definitely got a 20-17 score line either way type of feel.
  12. Championship Weekend Picks: Bengals over Chiefs 49ers over Eagles Both games should be really good. Can’t wait.
  13. The Super Slim with the sliding disc drive top is one of my favorite designed consoles ever.
  14. Great game is still great. Not worth $70 though for me. I’ll pick it up later in thought if I see it for around $30.
  15. Proximity mines was GOAT mode in multiplayer. So much fun.
  16. The AI is also a little bad Kazi. It’s one the best realized worlds and the immersion is top notch but there’s still a few technical aspects that keep it from being top tier.
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