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  1. I wish news networks just ignored them or fact checked them in real time. These briefings are just his therapy sessions.
  2. I'm not saying that there aren't several factors but the financial aspect is probably the biggest. I don't like what they did to her either FWIW.
  3. She's actually retiring due to the pay cut and her retirement is based off her wage when she leaves. The decision is more financial than anything.
  4. A mascot on syrup is more important.
  5. Trump called her the most liberal senator in congress.
  6. Just imagine what a different world/USA we'd have if Jeb and the Supreme Court hadn't stolen the 2000 election.
  7. https://www.salon.com/2020/08/12/mail-sorting-equipment-being-removed-from-post-offices-leaving-mail-to-pile-up-union-leader/ Mail sorting equipment being “removed” from post offices, leaving mail to “pile up”: union leader
  8. That's grasping a lot lmao Nintendo needs a new direct though and soon. It's been over a year since the last full one and we know nothing of the Switch's Q3/Q4 release schedule.
  9. I fucking LOVE that show @Teh_Diplomat It's Danny McBride's best work by far. I watched it while it was airing. Can't wait for season 2.
  10. Someone being stupid and incompetent is not a valid reason for a permaban.
  11. Writing a 500+ word essay for a video game console.
  12. They should abandon hardware at this point and focus on gamepass. I assume that's their biggest stream of revenue in their gaming department. I can't imagine they're making much off hardware sales.
  13. Clickbait title. Ban!
  14. 4 teams still alive for that 8th spot too.
  15. Might get my girl a 3080 for Xmas. She already has 32GB DDR and an i7. Not sure of the SSD though.
  16. I hope they have a banging tech demo.
  17. So why is Trump losing in every poll including Fox News polls?