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  1. Why dont you cook it and eat it?
  2. Considering it meself..
  3. Everything is better on XSX. lmao PS5 lmao lmalmalmalamlamlamalmalamlmalamo
  4. Javier


    testing if orvtech will be summoned!... maybe not..
  5. If there were an option lower than easy to make the game play itself - i would select that option this is true
  6. first 3 years I converted XBL to GP for $1 a year.. so it was $3 for the first 3 years (without counting the money i had already spent on XBL ) - after the first 3 years i got GP ultimate for about $70 per year - i bought 5 years worth but you can only apply the codes for up to 3 years.. I also bought like 20 - 7 day passes for $1 each.. with that after the 5 years i can simply use it when needed ..for 7 days at a time - if 3 months pass without playing - i will have saved all of that GP money after initial investment - i dont have to worry about paying for game
  7. Series X of course Game pass prepaid for 3 years. Its the ONLY option right now, paying $70 for a game is laughable.. i do own them all .. i just havent turned on my PS5 in months.. (did play last of us recently but that was on PS4 pro)
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