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  1. Fuck you hard in your lyin'-ass mouth, shit heel. Banned me for "racism" and "inappropriate language" when you pop off the same trash-gargbled mouth you speak from. No wonder you were only a temp mod. I never did shit. Crusted pimple, infected herpe cold sore havin'-ass bitch. Can't even run with the tail between your legs because your unwashed shit-ridden ass clampin' your cheeks together. Dirty corona toilet seat licker. Bitch.
  2. That is a rep of good taste and franchise awareness. Soon.
  3. Switch is #1 selling console right now at the least 24 months straight. Xbox is selling hardware that requires AA batteries. This technology dates back before the technical specs of Wii U. Let that sink in for you non-sheep where Microshit's thinking is at. I mean Halo Infinite barely looks like a Wii U game.
  4. "Is this a spectacle to you. Is this funny". Bitch you were screaming at glass for 2 minutes. Not even mimes put that much energy in 180 minutes.
  5. I haven't played it, tbh. I'm kinda waiting until it's... a little more fixed. Will play on PC, naturally.
  6. There you go, baby.
  7. "ya eight" ya stupid fuck. Learn to spell so I can agree with you.
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