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  1. Hot Sauce


    Definitely worth waiting 3 years, paying $20 more than the launch price it was on other consoles, and $40 more than what you can currently pick it up for on other consoles because now I can play this tense game surrounded by people on my morning commute.
  2. LMAO I thought the game looked rough, but like 7/10 rough. Shame there's no Game Pass to just play it for free and see where it goes wrong.
  3. You should check out the polls about the DNC candidates, they ask questions like that and you'd be surprised how few people actually care. There was a Monmouth University poll that came out the other day that had 5% of Democratic voters say the they'd prefer a person of color to be nominated and 7% said they'd prefer a woman. Respondents actually had a higher preference for white and male candidates, but the vast majority said it doesn't matter.
  4. Year old port of a remaster for $30 when you can get it on PC right now for $6.59. #sheeplife
  5. Mark Cerny said it's not coming in 2019. I agree that the announcement of the release date will finalize it, but it not being 2019 is confirmed.
  6. God I fucking hate the Bruins.
  7. I subscribe to the Bennet hypothesis that pegs tuition costs to access to government backed loans, so this has always seemed like a terrible idea to me. Bernie's plan of controlling costs was grossly insufficient and Yang's proposal of tackling administrative bloat doesn't really address the underlying issue, but I'm not aware of what Warren's plan is and the article didn't really mention anything about it. Has she said anything?
  8. Why? The game bundles are currently $450. The gameless, discontinued model for $65 less is nothing to write home about.