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  1. Fuck the Pats. Rams looking pretty ass lately, so we can both cheer on the Titans since I really want to see Julio/Henry/Tannehill win a chip if the Rams can't.
  2. Yeah, I'm from Toronto so I didn't have any allegiance to the city of St Louis.
  3. From Software going to get back-to-back ultimate game of all-time awards from Golden Joystick.
  4. Probably should have marketed it and put it on Steam if sales mattered.
  5. I'm not saying you ignored anything, I'm saying Cooke ignored a pretty obvious flaw in his comparison and that the 'data is hard to read' isn't a good excuse for him since this really isn't a case where that applies. There's new studies, conflicting studies, studies that haven't been peer reviewed and get propped up by one side or the other but end up getting torn apart during peer review, CDC/WHO giving conflicting information, etc., so I don't disagree that the data is hard to read, but not using pre-vaccine deaths to compare states as evidence of vaccine efficacy isn't one of those situatio
  6. It's not a matter of data being hard to read, it's a matter of ignoring an obvious flaw in the logic.
  7. The list you're referring to is deaths from COVID since the start of the pandemic. Why do you think it's a good list to reference against the efficacy of vaccines?
  8. I feel for western Canadians. Supply chain issues were bad before this, but this flooding has cut off the port of Vancouver by rail and road. Not gonna be fun over there.
  9. Damn, and that's with failed Series X silicone being able to be snapped in half and put into two Series S units. Rough.
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