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  1. You guys out it to yourselves to use that $10 coupon on Hades.
  2. Not most of the time, all the time. Nobody is running MacOS or Linux on a gaming PC here. A gaming PC is a Microsoft product. I don't know why that's so confusing. I think the factions should be updated to avoid the confusion and unfairness. It's pretty stupid that handhelds always fell under the same faction because consoles and handhelds were made by the same companies, but Microsoft has to compete against itself. The bias is ridiculously obvious here.
  3. I don't know why people continue to act like PC is a completely separate platform. Anytime you think "PC" just think "Series PC" instead and you'll get it.
  4. PC is the top tier version of the Microsoft gaming family. This is like asking why you would get a PS4 if you already have a PS4 Pro.
  5. I think we all just kind of want to pretend this game doesn't exist.
  6. lmao yeah There's a lot of structure around the introduction of power systems that really boost your capabilities, so I really wouldn't sweat the early deaths.
  7. 2-15-1 against non-divisional opponents. There's dumpster fire bad and then there's the NFCE this season.
  8. DS3 does wipe the floor with it, but as somebody that held that opinion even before seeing the glowing green light of gaming godhood it absolutely was never the popular opinion. Stop with the victim complex just because people can see what a cash grab this remake is.
  9. Damn, that explains why people hate Bloodborne. Oh wait, that was the game that half the forum bought a PS4 for and is in GOTG contention. This is a soulless remake, get over it. Just call it "Demon's" from now on because there's no Soul.
  10. Xbox One S|X is this gen. Xbox Series S|X is next gen. S is the cheaper, less powerful model and X is the more expensive, more powerful model. I can't imagine finding that confusing and being a hermit. Do you just collapse on the floor and convulse from the confusion of walking into Germany's Best Buy equivalent and seeing the ridiculous naming schemes for PC parts? Oh shit, is that why you haven't your computer in like a decade? Kazual can't upgrade his computer because he can't figure out what anything is. "I already have a Q6600, is the i7 9700k an upgrade? Q comes after i in th
  11. It deserves it. I know a good half dozen people that never would have worked out for a couple weeks before letting the exercise device collect dust without it. Normally that kind of excitement around exercising is saved for new year's day through January 21st, but Ring Fit Adventure let people enjoy that feeling of self-improvement for a couple weeks before giving up because food tastes too good to exist throughout the year.
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