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  1. I watched this and laughed because I thought it was making fun of a flop, then I see the thread over on r/nba about him being able to move his legs.
  2. Black Ops 3 is 5 years old and isn't even the most recent Black Ops game ffs.
  3. The Terms of Service that disallows what Epic is trying to do. You're just saying the same thing in a different way that I've already pointed out is wrong. Epic Games is allowed to process credit card transactions outside of the Apple payment processing system provided that payment is initiated outside of the iOS app. Epic is allowed to cease all in-app purchases and refer people to their website to make purchases. Epic is not allowed to circumvent the Apple payment processing system from within the iOS app. Almost assuredly the opposite, but if they did you'd be able to see competing storefronts on consoles, too. It would be an absolutely huge shakeup.
  4. These aren't the same scenarios. You can't sign up for Netflix through the iOS app as there's zero in-app transactions, you're just being granted access to your subscription through the app. The Fortnite equivalent would be buying skins on PC to avoid giving Apple a cut and then using those skins on the iOS version of the game, which you could do from the start.
  5. Man, Grizzles getting to the play-in because of the Bucks throwing this game is some bullshit.
  6. I'm really going to miss day games when things get back to normal.
  7. Lakers getting torched by the Kings.
  8. The issue that has pushed people away from the site is almost uniformly the overly political bullshit infecting the main board. The height of this was a few months ago when the front page was more political posts than gaming posts despite having boards dedicated to separating the two. You can rant and rave about SJW mods, but Twinblade was the mod that got fed up with the state of the forum and started cleaning things up. I have no ill will towards Cooke, but what do you think he would change about the current state of SW when he was an admin during that period? Re: Sidscrollers, I'm not sure how HTP not wanting to pay the server costs anymore is indicative of anything. The initial SW failure was due to a complete lack of moderation as the shitter spam got out of control. That's in direct contrast to what you feel is currently killing SW, so I don't think it's all that relevant either. I don't want to leave nor do I want anybody else to. I think the site is diminished with every person (except Jimbo) that goes somewhere else. We're too small of a community to lose users like we have and I genuinely enjoy even the more ridiculous parts of the site. I spend more time on r/games than I do here and I spend probably just as much in the Discord, but neither of those places gives me the warped sense of entertainment that a Jehurey and Remij 10 pager or your photoshops do.
  9. https://thefederalist.com/2020/08/12/no-kamala-harris-isnt-a-moderate-shes-a-radical-threat-to-america/ Aw fuck guys, they're onto us and the fact that Sanders was just a cover for our real leftist candidate of choice.
  10. So is this the first console to launch without any new first party games? Gears Tactics is the only first party game I know of, but the game will have been out on PC for 6 months at Series X launch.