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  1. Nazi Sauce was what I wanted the people to believe, but deep down I bled red...I guess most people bleed red but you know what I mean.
  2. This forum has never been a free-for-all. You just wouldn't get banned here for a lot of the stuff you would get banned for elsewhere, but that's somehow been warped into this belief that outright hate should be allowed. A few of us have gone elsewhere because it's just been such an absolute degenerate shithole recently, so seeing this thread get made because there's actually some moderation going on is pretty funny.
  3. Had no intention to after that trailer, but if word of mouth is good I'll give it a shot.
  4. Now compare those two figures to other countries and tell me what you think that says about how Canada handled the pandemic.
  5. A tech channel would work pretty well. I enjoy reading it sometimes, but it does get tiresome other times and I agree with you that it's a downside of realtime chat.
  6. I fucking hate you.
  7. There would need to be an exception for Lemmings to still be able to post Xbox news on the main forum.
  8. Are you basing this off a more virulent strain in the second wave?
  9. Would the distinction between 'sex' and 'sex at birth' not be sufficient?
  10. History generally shows the opposite, though. Spanish Flu is the go to example, but it's been 100 years since then and we have had a half a dozen pandemics since then with mild subsequent phases.
  11. The direct translation of the word on official documents is 'gender', but from what I've gathered they don't have the gender vs. sex distinction so it would be equivalent to 'sex' here based on the context and this change is creating that distinction.