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  1. When you're as good as Valve at making games you don't actually need to make games.
  2. Sony wishes they could make games half as good as Valve.
  3. Looks amazing. Cows will probably hate on it, though.
  4. I've been a Bloodborne/Elden Ring hater since those games came out. And most of the hate is just placement among the Soulsborne franchise. I think Bloodborne and Elden Ring are still great games even if they're casual trash that don't belong in the same convo as Sekiro, DS3, and DS1.
  5. Oh god I'm so torn because Bloodborne is so fucking overrated but so is Elden Ring and I just don't have the inner will to try to use Elden Ring to diss Bloodborne.
  6. Video of Diddy beating up Cassie. Dude's such a piece of shit.
  7. I don't think it'll be quite as clear cut as you're making it out to be. I imagine Microsoft will tie in cosmetics, XP bonuses, early access, and other perks to muddy the pricing waters a bit. Bundle it with some perks for Warzone and I think a Call of Duty subscription would be pretty successful.
  8. The beef is over, but the Riddler entered the battle? Man what the fuck is even going on at this point.
  9. What's the context of this? How difficult is it to nuke something and what happens to his base now?
  10. Shame Hisense stopped making phones because they were doing great work with eink.
  11. Ohhhhh, it's a Lemij moment. I should have figured it out sooner, my bad.
  12. Who cares? The whole point of my post is that including the 6800XT and 3080 with the A770 is fucking stupid. If the A770 can run the game at high/1440p then there are plenty of cheaper, newer cards from AMD and Nvidia that would get the job done and should have been in the chart instead. Especially if the 8GB of VRAM that the chart suggests is enough is actually enough.
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