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  1. Yeah, because there's a reason to give a shit about his movie outside of the 3D.
  2. This is on your radar but you won't watch The Departed? I fucking hate you.
  3. Cayenne is the only one that isn't butt ugly.
  4. Is the AI as bad as a rally expansion seems like it would be?
  5. Modern Warfare 2 didn't have any game data on the disc and Warzone is digital only. It's also basically a sports game where most fans just pick up the new version and never go back, so the franchise just feeds into my point lol. Also, source on CoD + Warzone taking up 300+ GB? At launch it was like 194GB and I'd assume has grown a little bit with patches, but not the 140+ GB it would need to get to 50% of the PS5's storage.
  6. Yes, most PS5 owners not only hit the limits of their storage but also play so many games at the same time that they plan their purchases around making it easier to juggle games. You got it, man.
  7. "PS5 users have no choice" "PS5 users have a pretty solid choice with expandable, non-proprietary internal storage thanks to the M.2 slot" "PS5 users have no choice!!!!"
  8. 17% smaller SSD and an M.2 drive is way better. You're stuck with that 802GB on Series X unless pay out the ass for the proprietary bullshit or go external.
  9. Maybe I should give Shenmue 3 a shot.
  10. Thought this was going to be a cancellation of Gold to Gamepass conversion, but at no point is that even mentioned. How is getting rid of the $1 trial even newsworthy?
  11. Spending time with the wife tonight so I can ignore her all weekend to play the GOAT.
  12. Let me tell you the story of 7-year old Aiyana Stanley-Jones. A high school boy was shot and killed. The suspect's girlfriend lived in a duplex in the second floor apartment and the suspect's girlfriend's sister, niece (Aiyana), and grandmother lived in the bottom floor apartment. A SWAT team raided the first floor apartment beginning with a flashbang being thrown through the living room window where Aiyana was sleeping. The police claimed they were blinded by their own flashbang upon entry, the grandmother then grabbed an officer's submachine gun upon the SWAT team's e
  13. Basically. It's just the FIFA name and the World Cup branding. But I think you not knowing that shows the climb EA has ahead of them.
  14. $250-million for just the FIFA license is pretty ridiculous. You don't get any teams or players with that money and have to license it all out in addition to the FIFA license. If every person that played FIFA 2023 completely understood that nothing was changing except the FIFA name and the game would be the same with the same modes/players/teams, do you think it would hurt EA to the tune of $250-million? Probably not, they just have that marketing hill to climb to get people to understand that. It's also not just 'why doesn't EA pay $250-million' but also 'who else would pay $250-m
  15. FIFA reportedly wants $250 million a year for the use of 'FIFA' and 'World Cup.'
  16. Saving the experience for day 1. Don't understand the hype for betas that don't carry over progress.
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