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  1. Looks like a cruise ship in one of those cross section books.
  2. Played Sunset Overdrive over the Christmas break just downloading random shit through Game Pass and ended up really enjoying it. I have no actual contributions to this thread.
  3. I thought this was about a member of Gearbox's team and "FL4K" was just his (don't ban me @Cookester15) handle, but this shit is about a video game character? People are getting banned for referring to a fictional robot character with a masculine voice and body as 'him/his'?
  4. It'll be a good 4 days before he's suspended again.
  5. The world is a better place when Microsoft is making really fucking good flight simulators.
  6. Boogie is cursed or some shit. Tore his ACL.
  7. Two officers have three prisoners or two officers are among three prisoners?
  8. If it's in your state you'd be better positioned to hear about it first, dingus.
  9. Keep unfolding your carton and/or unscrewing your bottle like a pleb, then. Pleb.
  10. Because you made a thread about an ongoing shooting in your state before anybody else?
  11. It's on the front page of every major news site with article timestamps before this thread was even made.
  12. Amen. Shame about his jizzing on NYC scene getting cut.
  13. It's the superior milk delivery vessel.
  14. The settling of the case would be for SNC-Lavelin to pay a fine rather than go on trial for criminal charges. Pressuring the attorney general to not pursue criminal charges against a company for winning contracts through bribes because it would hurt jobs isn't a particularly scandalous headline in the US, sure, but she was demoted from her position as a result and has had her name dragged through the mud over the last couple months by Trudeau's camp.
  15. The NFS games are already open world. I was talking more about the driving model since Horizon is so fucking fun to just drive around in, but it's basically an MMO that just throws cars at you every 30 seconds. It's fun to collect them for awhile, but at a point you realize it's not like you're ever going to drive that sweet Ferrari you unlocked so what's the point? There's no sense of accomplishment in that game.
  16. Forza Horizon with an actual progression system.