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  1. Anything that moves them beyond Prophets of Rage is fine with me.
  2. I've beaten the game at least a dozen times and every scenario multiple times, but I'm sitting at 55/58 files. I just can't be bothered re-running through the game another 4 times looking at a checklist of every file for an achievement is all.
  3. 0 on my PS4 account. Probably a couple on my PS3 account, but I don't remember the account name to check (or to login, hence the new PS4 account). Just missing reading all the files in RE2, but I can't be bothered to track that shit down. If an achievement sounds fun I'll give it a shot, but won't go out of my way to try and get ones that don't.
  4. Dude's story sounded sketchy as hell from the start. Who goes out and commits a hate crime in the middle of a polar vortex? And why would you keep the noose around your neck for 42 minutes until the police showed up?
  5. Not just that, but an anime fighter cash-in from a developer most known for visual novels. Like who is expecting these guys to be the torch bearer for Japanese developer tech aptitude?
  6. lmao this shit is so fucking far away who knows what the situation will be.
  7. They introduced loot boxes shortly after launch, then took them out after a tonne of backlash. Guess they just don't care anymore. Operation Grand Heist indeed.
  8. It's not even really $500 when the thing almost always has a $100 off promotion going.
  9. Damn, you let a dog bite you to get out of having to defend Xbox's January NPD numbers.
  10. Late to the party, but binged 'You' over the weekend. First half of the season was incredible, but just kind of got a bit too ridiculous from the central park incident onward.
  11. A glorified tech demo that can't even top a game from a decade ago.
  12. Yeah, 30% of the revenue with none of the risk seems pretty good to me. Sony clearly doesn't care about MMOs considering they sold off their MMO division a couple years ago anyway.
  13. Some quotes I stole from reddit on the vg247 review of the game: https://www.vg247.com/2019/02/18/anthem-review/
  14. Best game to ever bear the Resident Evil name.
  15. Because when nobody is looking Furukawa draws the curtains, presses a button on his desk, and his office transforms into a shrine to the Virtual Boy where he prays to the ghost of Yokoi. Except this time Yokoi answered back and told him the people were finally ready. Seriously, though. I can't see Nintendo doing VR. The handheld side of Nintendo just does so well in Japan and a VR device just completely undercuts that. If they were going to do anything it would probably be AR since they've had success with Pokemon Go and it better compliments handheld devices.
  16. Don't need a second Kaepernick thread on the front page, but he settled with the NFL on his lawsuit and the rumor is that it is in the $60-$80 million range. So much for the integrity.
  17. It transitioned really well. It's menu heavy so there's a lot of button toggles/holds for menus and radial wheel selections, but it never feels like too much. The inventory is the one exception, especially moving items around/between characters as you gotta press right trigger to open the select menu, select the inventory from the radial menu, navigate to the item, hold the button down to keep it selected, drag it over to where you want it, then release it. It's not some arduous process by any means, just a bit clunky and not at all economical in terms of actions required. PC version is $30 pretty frequently and is going to be the best place to play it, though.