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  1. I assume the item you get from it is required, but you don't actually need the glyphs to get it. If you didn't need the item it would pretty hilarious considering the story that gets revealed by the glyphs.
  2. I know I'm super late on season 6 of Better Call Saul, but holy shit
  3. Not even top 3 if we're talking 2D and 3D, but it's my favourite 3D Zelda since OoT.
  4. I'm not advocating for buying a 4070 for your usage, but if you're serious about an upgrade and won't consider AMD cards it's at least worth noting that the 4070 comes with a free copy of Diablo 4 while the 4060 Ti doesn't. That knocks $90 off the $250 difference if you haven't pre-ordered it.
  5. Lemmings were right, Playstation wasn't going to outsell Xbox 2:1 this gen.
  6. Forgive me ESPN, I had little faith.
  7. It's not worth buying the 4060 Ti period. That thing is disastrously bad.
  8. I tried Blue Apron and it turned me off the food kits idea. Just a bunch of shit thrown into a poorly packaged box. Don't see the appeal at all.
  9. There's a pit stop along the way but you'll get sent there pretty early in the questline for the temple.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nba/bpi/_/view/playoffs/sort/playoffs.probwintitle/dir/desc lmao fucking ESPN has the Celtics with a higher chance of winning the finals than the Heat
  11. From a Celtics vs. Lakers final to both teams getting swept. Adam Silver in shambles.
  12. Got all the geoglyphs and did the follow up "quest." I was not ready for the feels. 😢
  13. Yeah, there's so much puzzle cheese with rewinding ultrahand movements. They could have just disabled it in shrines that don't require it but I'm glad they didn't as the game is better for it.
  14. Lakers were playing 8 on 5 and still lost.
  15. I never blamed Xbox dying on PC sales. Most consoles are being sold to people who don't own a PC, so the state of the PC market is not their biggest issue. Xbox is dying because they can't convince PS5 owners or people without a next gen console to buy an Xbox. What I said was that the Xbox is a clear example of sales being hurt and you don't even need to look past this forum for that evidence. We've been laughing at that console for two generations because it doesn't have any exclusives. Ask anybody on this forum with a decent PC about why they don't own an Xbox and you'll get the
  16. I mean I think Xbox is a pretty good indication sales would definitely be hurt, but it's not just about console sales. Sony gets 100% of every dollar spent on every PS5 game they put out and 100% of every dollar spent on microtransactions in those games. They don't have that benefit on PC, at least currently. Sony also gets a cut of every third party game sold on PS5 and a cut of every microtransaction sold for those games so it's in their interest to push people towards that ecosystem. Get people to regularly interact with their PS5 to build that habit, get people to buy PS Plus for Sony game
  17. Refs made LeBron brick all those 3s.
  18. Well, yeah, obviously. As long as Gold still exists I wouldn't expect Gamepass to ever compete with the pay-for-online subs.
  19. Yo fuck the Spurs this shit is rigged.
  20. You really should. I'm not like "wow omg I'm having so much fun, gotg", but I think what they're doing with the powers in this game even in the first few hours adds so much to the BotW formula that it's worth playing.
  21. You're only a generation and a half late, but grats on the revelation I suppose.
  22. Got the Fuse power this morning and that helps a lot with weapon durability, so I'm out of complaints....FOR NOW
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