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  1. Split this into its own thread because somebody is just going to post it at some point anyway. Devs don't care about PC. 😢
  2. Can't ban anybody without sources for figures. Ghostz, please provide a source for the Q1 - 2.4 million figure you used and then the Q2, Q3, and Q4 results from the same source.
  3. It's not like Redfall looks good, so that seems appropriate. A game looking good doesn't really correlate to it being a disaster on PC. Hogwarts and Forspoken looked pretty bad and both were god awful PC ports. They also listed quality targets with their system requirements, so again there's really no pattern there.
  4. It's pretty common. Deathloop giving FPS, settings, and resolution is the more noteworthy comparison. It's one thing for a developer to just not state quality targets, it's another to have done it previously and suddenly stop when the trend amongst other developers is the opposite.
  5. The bundle is just a regular PS5 + a digital code for the game. The controller and console cover are sold separately in Japan only. That controller is also fucking hideous.
  6. Feels like I watched a different video than everybody else because that looked super boring.
  7. Can't even get stable 60 with a 4090 on 1440p ultra. Pretty disastrous version of the game.
  8. Yeah, if the EU blocks it the deal is the dead. The US hasn't made a ruling yet either, but the appeals system in the US is a lot more favorable to ramming the deal through. Like I said, the interesting scenario is everybody else approving it and Microsoft having the decision to exit gaming operations in the UK or giving up on the deal.
  9. It's basically dead in the UK. The CMA wins 70% of it's merger appeals. Even if MS won the appeal in this case that doesn't reverse the decision or give somebody else the chance to approve it, it just kicks the decision back to the CMA for further review. The more interesting scenario is the deal going through everywhere else and Microsoft having the choice of completing the deal and exiting the UK with Xbox or giving up the merger. Edit: They'd have to pull out all of Microsoft's products from the UK, which is never going to happen. CMA has never changed their decision
  10. I don't think I've played a baseball game since the early PS2 era, but I've been watching a lot of Jomboy Media stuff over the last year and figured I'd fuck around in The Show 23 a bit. Their version of Ultimate Team is so fucking good. Showdowns are awesome, the conquest stuff is awesome, mini-leagues are great to just mess with for a quick game or two, and all the different progression systems you're contributing to make opening packs a really common occurrence. In like two weeks of pretty casual play I have a team full of 90+ big name players. My fucking outfield is Bryce Harpe
  11. Maybe it'll be a blessing and you'll see a small price cut on the 4070 considering it doesn't seem to be selling all that well. Or maybe the rumors are wrong and Nvidia won't just release a glorified 3070 Ti 3 years later and call it a 4060 Ti....
  12. Then sell it and get a 6800 lol. The 6800 is going for less than the 3070 Ti on Ebay and r/hardwareswap.
  13. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/railway-passengers-urged-to-stop-watching-porn-while-commuting-123530221.html?
  14. I'd hope the Zelda game is at least something from Grezzo rather than just a Tears port. I need more 2D Zelda.
  15. Games go digital, fanboyism goes digital.
  16. You should, it's great. I got it on PS5, though
  17. The 6800 was faster than the 3070 even without the perceived limit of 8GB of VRAM in 2023, so the comparison is already pretty silly. There are two pretty gross outliers in Hogwarts and Last of Us, while the rest are largely within that 10-15% difference we saw between the two at launch. You're being dramatic refusing to buy PC ports using this video as evidence because there's nothing about it to warrant that kind of reaction. The possibility that any game can just be outright broken due to VRAM limitations is shitty, but it's not like you can't mess with settings to see performan
  18. Came free with my video card. I wouldn't spend money on this and I certainly don't actually care I can't play it the night of release (I only knew it was coming out because of your Burning Shores thread which made me check the Metacritic score and Dead Island 2 was on the front page). I just like clowning on EGS.
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