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  1. I don't really care about the AI wars, but this was just too funny. Klay had a terrible game last night and Grok misunderstood it as this:
  2. You should be able to keep it for as long as you want within reason. Companies should sell you on the upgrade, not force it via ending security updates or a non-removable battery. Fuck that. Should you upgrade? Yeah, probably. I wouldn't do anything important on a phone without security updates even if it's absurdly unlikely you'd ever be targetted for something. The Pixel 8 has 7 years of support, so I'm not saying stop buying Pixels because that's industry leading. Just fuck that 3 year shit they use to do.
  3. 3 years of support for a flagship phone is lame as fuck.
  4. Ghostrunner was pretty good. Boss fights were pretty eh and there's some checkpoints that probably could have had the first 10-15 seconds of traversal cut out before a tough combat section, but was a lot of fun getting my ass kicked for a bit. I really wanted to try hardcore mode but I didn't realize you have to start it via level select and starting a new game would remove your ability to play hardcore mode. In the game's defense, the game has a prompt telling you but I was just mashing through the prompts to start a new game with zero expectation that I'd cut myself off from some
  5. Just those two? How come you didn't include the chairman, Kaz, leaving?
  6. So quick he's had two jobs between his Playstation gig and this one.
  7. First time a game has swept all 5 major GOTY awards. TSHBO.
  8. I couldn't stand the KBM controls so I just used a controller. Up to level 10.
  9. I just skimmed through but that game looks awesome and really unique.
  10. I don't need it, but my 3080 can't max out the 240hz refresh rate on my monitor at 4k so I guess I'm just going to have to buy one.
  11. I'll definitely grab Ghostrunner. Been meaning to give that game a shot.
  12. Gotta update that logo with lemmings not existing, though.
  13. lmao Miami putting up basketball numbers. Should've gone for the FG at the end to have Payton's bitch ass on the receiving end of a new points scored record.
  14. The very first time it was a couple of hours reading over the pretty poorly written text guides, but the actual process was maybe 30 minutes.
  15. I never did the boost, but can confirm the launch Switch is a pretty easy hack.
  16. Platinum'd it. Got all the Steam achievements for the PC version. Been waiting for this to re-platinum it on a different PSN account.
  17. Both at launch is the best consumer move, but my prediction would be just the LCD at launch and the OLED model down the line to get people to double dip/have easier logistics at launch with only 1 SKU.
  18. Well the new Animal Crossing one is a Lite, but that's mostly correct. Those are limited editions designed to generate revenue, though. Their bundles have always been (and will continue to be later this year with the newest annual Mario Kart bundle and the Sports bundle in Europe) the regular Switch. The OLED Switch let's them charge a premium on the internals. Why in the world would they give up that kind of price anchoring?
  19. You don't believe Nintendo is going to launch with an LCD screen? Why?
  20. Agreed, what's the point of being able to play a game day 1 of release on any device capable of handling a video stream when I can just buy Apple's $1000 phone and wait for developers to release a native port?
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