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  1. I like it. Straight fantasy is always peak FF. Rainbow cyber sex stuff is gross.
  2. $70 and they sucked all the soul out of the game. Fuck that and fuck remakes.
  3. This shit would run well on Xbox 360 LMAO
  4. Will just wait for a price drop. Most new releases aren't even worth $60.
  5. Fucking redditlords making herms look bad. I only play CS1.6 and WoW Classic.
  6. Holy fuck black looks even worse. What a joke.
  7. The mainstream next gen is basically $800 PC-Lite at this point. M$ has a huge head start in that respect.
  8. It's too swoopy and swishy. And those awful white plastic fins. It doesn't say "Playstation" to me. It really does look like an expensive wireless router.
  9. Here's your $800 console bro.
  10. Apple is one of the worst american corporations right up there with Verizon and Comcast.
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