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  1. yeah I returned that shit And ordered a 1TB OLED model.
  2. Just picked up the 512GB LCD. Under $400 seems like a steal for all you get.
  3. https://www.gog.com/en/game/resident_evil_bundle?cjdata=MXxOfDB8WXww&utm_campaign=cj&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=cj&r=true $25 for the trilogy. RE1 is out today, 2 and 3 releasing in 2024.
  4. Apple hasn’t had good products since the iPhone 4s and the death of Steve Jobs. I want to go back to Android, but don’t want to carry around a 6.5” scaring the hoes tablet all day long. Why can’t they just make a decent <5” Android with an SD card slot, headphone jack, huge battery, and no holepunch in the screen. I looked at the Zenphone 10 but they only do 2 years of software updates. Smart phones are such dead tech. They release new models every year but they never get any better. The fact that Apple did a press conference for correct Icon snapping. What a joke.
  5. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/furiosa-box-office-garfield-worst-memorial-day-1235909084/#! Worst Summer Movie Opening Weekend in 29 years. And looking at what they have slated, the bloodbath will continue. Inside Out 2 (June 14) A Quiet Place: Day One (June 27) Despicable Me 4 (July 3) Twisters (July 19) Deadpool & Wolverine (July 26) What is Hollywood even for if they can't make movies that people want to see in theater? Inside Out 2 is the only thing that interests me, and I'll just wait for that on s
  6. I think Shitfield will be the game people look back on as the beginning of the 2024-2030 games industry crash. What a piece of crap.
  7. Nintendo will always have my utmost respect because they have stuck with the 1. Pay $70 for game 2. Get game 3. Play game, have fun model While every other publisher has some insane scheme to extract as much capital out of gamers as possible with: Early Access, Premium Edition, Ultra Premium Edition, Season Pass, Battle Pass, Games as a Service, GamePass rental, 4 tiers of PSN, etc. etc.
  8. https://www.thegamer.com/assassins-creed-shadows-reportedly-has-mini-battle-passes/ How many layers of AAAA Ubislop gaming would you like?
  9. Why is he black? Don’t all the black/white weeb-cows want to play as a Japanese samurai?
  10. Today is the first day I heard of Foamstars
  11. No games Also everything is 30% more expensive than it was 3 years ago. Non-essential crap like video games are getting shelved. $500 console? $70 games? Just buy a Chinese emulator and play thousands of roms for free and probably have more fun than whatever AAAA slop they’re putting out these days.
  12. You can get it this month on Humble Choice this month for $13. Activate Players to the moon this weekend.
  13. The backlash is much more significant than M$ expected. Their reputation is now that they hate gamers and passionate game developers.
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