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  1. Tasteless western games journos can't handle something that's actually good.
  2. Just secured a PS5 bundle this morning with spiderman ultimate an extra controller and a month of ps now. Today's news confirms I made the right decision for this gen. TLHBO!
  3. It has good mobile support. Why doesn’t blu-ray.com
  4. LMAO THEY JUST DOUBLED THAT SHIT. Most people haven’t even bought next gen consoles yet and they’re already screwing people.
  5. Transferring PS5 games to an external will be patched in within 1 month. M.2 SSD's in 3 months. M.2 drive is totally superior to M$ and their locked 1st party memory cards.
  6. Love the liquid metal cooling (LIQUID METAL BRO T1000) and the massive heatsink and the insulated drive. Love the M.2 expansion slot. No proprietary nonsense!
  7. Why do the tabs clip to the plastic fins that seems the horizontal stand was an afterthought.
  8. I like it. Straight fantasy is always peak FF. Rainbow cyber sex stuff is gross.
  9. $70 and they sucked all the soul out of the game. Fuck that and fuck remakes.
  10. Will just wait for a price drop. Most new releases aren't even worth $60.
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