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  1. I didn't know Biden was president? How about we talk about the last two democrats?
  2. Fair point, but good thing we know the two people I mentioned are idiots on record. Everything else I said was factual.
  3. Remipee has become the most raped poster on this forum ever since TLOU2 has been haunting him since he lost the ban bet
  4. Why am I wasting my breath talking about this 6/10 trash that is DEAD.
  5. Let's Talk About Kevin is a really really disturbing movie. God damn.
  6. You haven't made a Sea of Trash thread in a while. Let's take a look at the numbers for it. 15k at peak this week Dead shitty game where it belongs.
  7. George Bush barely passed college with a 2.3GPA and made a fool of himself in a consistent manner. He surprisingly did two terms as president (Thanks Florida). Donald Trump has an even lower IQ than Bush and can barely formulate sentences and is a well-documented failed businessman/reality tv star. He threatens to sue when the the topic of revealing his college transcripts comes up. Why is it that the right tend to relate to or vote for low IQ individuals? Is it because these red dominant states are recorded to have poor or even lack of education? Here is a
  8. Maybe he won't want to play in Lebron's shadow anymore Let me dream dammit
  9. Isn't he a free agent in 2021? Hopefully LA wins a title and he leaves to win a title with his home city
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