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  1. I’ve been away from Twitter all morning and open it up just now and this is the first thing that was trending
  2. I don’t drink so I don’t understand. But what’s the urgency and obsession with bars opening up first and everyone flocking to them like sheep during a pandemic? Can’t people drink at home?
  3. Can we get back on track instead of bickering like high school bitches
  4. AOC dominating Donald Trump's alternate reality girlfriend
  5. You upset he got himself banned for a month for being a racist idiot?
  6. I have 10 on my pc so this shouldn’t be an issue for me
  7. Type in “Florida Man” followed by your birthday and post the headline
  8. Walmart just made wearing masks mandatory across the country. I wonder where the anti-mask right wingers will shop next?
  9. Confederacy should be in textbooks. Not displayed proudly in the streets. Fuck outta here with that traitor shit