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  1. All you do is bitch about the dumbest shit. Imagine reading about this and getting triggered? Lmfao. Glad you didn’t delete this post either. Apparently in the one always triggered
  2. Oh you deleted my post cuz I think you fucking suck for even posting a shitty thread like this and then thinking some asshole bullshitting is oozing confidence? You’ll always stay a beta cuck. Single for life
  3. At least MS is acquiring more studios For design directors to leave
  4. I have "5G" with AT&T and it's pretty trash. Some areas I will get 100+ some areas I will get 5-10. It's still a few years away.
  5. I was about to revoke your hermit card if that PC was in contact with the carpet but I see the wooden board. That case is hideous god damn.
  6. I have the iPhone mini and it’s still the biggest thing in my pocket
  7. Exclusive means its not on any other platform. This is available on PC, day one. Lmao.
  8. I've played 10 minutes of this, the tank controls are fucking gross. Feels like I'm back in 1997
  9. Getting 90-100FPS on Ultra. TLHBO.
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