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  1. So you hyped up a card and didn't even buy it?
  2. Do you even have a RTX 3 series card yet?
  3. Lmao Lemipee getting dominated ITT.
  4. Don't you just keep buying computer parts to increase your firefighter benchmark scores? Stupid fgt.
  5. That's some heavyweight trolling
  6. What are you playing on your Xbox?
  7. Nah that's literally lemming with their X though
  8. I don't blame him though, PS5 launch is stacked
  9. I'm just saying you can end this thread with a pic of your built PC.
  10. Bruh just post a pic of your PC with your specs. What's so hard about that?
  11. I normally exit the thread when I see the Remij/Jerry merry go round.
  12. As long as my gf accepts me
  13. What would happened if you ate a carolina reaper rn
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