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  1. So the Suns go 8-0 and still miss the playoffs
  2. Did you do your research or just saying that without having done any?
  3. The fact is that Trump has admitted to slowing down the post office before the election and this is literal proof. That is the truth.
  4. The agency says mailboxes will only be removed from clusters where multiple boxes are stationed together. https://www.wweek.com/news/2020/08/13/united-states-postal-service-confirmed-it-has-removed-mailboxes-in-portland-and-eugene/ There is no harm in having clusters of mailboxes. This actually helps during a mail in ballot election. Removing these clusters just causes further delay, exactly what the dictator wants.
  5. You're literally being raped just by associating with Halo for a month now. I can see your mental well-being deteriorating in real time
  6. Imagine writing novels on a gaming forum knowing neither of you will stop until you get the last post in
  7. What does sales have to do with anything unless you have Nintendo stock? Nintendo released a few good games over the gen whereas Sony continues to release high quality AAA exclusives. That isn't subjective, idiot.
  8. Oh we're talking sales, I was talking about quality.
  9. It probably has something to do with the political climate this country is facing right now. I don't recall politics being this insane on forums in the Obama-era. Trump did a great just dividing the two side even more.
  10. You jerry go around every time with him, you ain't any better