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  1. Oh we're talking sales, I was talking about quality.
  2. It probably has something to do with the political climate this country is facing right now. I don't recall politics being this insane on forums in the Obama-era. Trump did a great just dividing the two side even more.
  3. You jerry go around every time with him, you ain't any better
  4. Sony > Nintendo in terms of first party
  5. Looks like the right is back at it again with Birthergate for Kamala. People questioning her citizenship because her parents werent born here
  6. How does Epic get away with giving away these games for free
  7. If you ever want a good laugh, check out r/Conservative from time to time. They always yell at Trump to stop thinking out loud, but don't realize that he is THINKING about these corrupt ideas.
  8. I'm back because of the pandemic and was furloughed I am a Trump hater for obvious reasons. Also a lemming killer
  9. I have the same exact case and it's incredible. I have no issues with intake/outtake. Temps are great, though I have 8 fans in the case
  10. nitric


    The libtards got owned.
  11. I would like one of the forum right wingers to defend this.
  12. Are you still pretending you aren't a conservative
  13. Welcome to Fascism. Vote in November.
  14. It's always entertaining to see the right-wingers avoid these type of threads like the plague.
  15. How can you use COVID as an excuse when this trash has been in dev. for 5+ years?
  16. https://www.ign.com/articles/halo-infinite-delayed-to-2021-for-xbox-series-x-pc-xbox-one?fbclid=IwAR3eZWfKRdEmplMVPyFaqk-0Xz22PpX6Ma9BKB8wLSaqh0w56lRCl6MT9Bc The biggest flop of next gen
  17. I just clicked on new posts on that site and the first post is a gif of the N word. Wow