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  1. Oh right, you're just begging for ports instead of playing games Port begging lemshits
  2. Where are you planning on playing Miles Morales and Demon Souls Remake? Wait 6 years for a possible port?
  3. I enjoy slow burner shows. This just isn't hitting me like Hill House did. I'll forgive the fact that it's not horror despite the fact that it has the word "Haunting" in its title. I just don't care about any character and I'm half way through the season already.
  4. No. PS5+PC will be the best combo just like PS4+PC was the best combo this gen.
  5. I just can't get into Bly Manor, I found EP5 to be a drag And I absolutely adored Hill House
  6. Who deleted my post? And malacunt better be banned.
  7. He lives in Peru, where the PS5 is set to launch in 2023. That's why he's not getting a PS5.
  8. How's online dating when it comes to being obese?
  9. How challenging is it to troll as a lemming in 2020? On a scale of 1-10. @Hot Sauce
  10. But in those months, how many studios did MS acquire?
  11. It's going to be worse next gen. Xbox is DOA.
  12. Don't get too angsty or upset when everyone is enjoying Demon Souls in its true next gen glory whilst you're sitting here playing Gears of War 5 and Forza on the Series X
  13. I didn't like the finale that much. And the actor who plays Tic is pretty bad as well.
  14. So a bet on something that's subjective? Lmao you're an idiot.
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