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  1. Still doesn't ring a bell, sorry. Anyway, Lakers got fucked by the Warriors/Cousins today so nothing matters.
  2. I still don't even know who you are. Why are we talking about the Nets anyway? My team is in rebuild mode, Lakers are in win now mode. "The most famous reject in Lakers history"? Whatever that means
  3. GSW didn't have KD in 2016... Other teams' management might be content, the fans never are. Every team's fan ultimately wants their team to win a championship. Stop acting like y'all are some special case with a divine right to the championship. Your post comes across as such a stereotypical example of a spoiled, self entitled Lakers fan, its disgusting to read
  4. You have one Lakers fan in this thread who was dreading at the prospect of having Lebron play for the Lakers, simply because he's a Lebron hater. And there's no reason for Lakers fans to hate Lebron, unless they are Kobe stans. That's what I was referring to. There's a lot of Kobe stans out there who will have a hard time coming to terms with Lebron being a Laker. Lakers fans wants rings? Oh really? What do the rest of the NBA teams' fans want? Free T-shirts at games? If you're acknowledging that GSW is still the better team, why the fuck would you expect Lebron to produce rings?
  5. Lakers fans are a spoiled bunch with a false sense of entitlement, who deserve nothing. They should be grateful that Lebron has chosen to sign for them, instead of looking forward to building a mediocre young core of Ball, Ingram, Kuzma over the next few years. Be happy that you'll be competitive again with the best player in the league on your team. Unless Warriors get bored or injured, they're gonna repeat again. That Warriors team is too perfectly built to beat. I know its a real conflict for Kobe stans right now to root for Lebron, who they've spent years hating (people like you and others in this thread included). But he's a better player at 33/34 than Kobe ever was, and its not even close.
  6. I didn't say it won't happen, just said it would be hilarious if it did. Anyway, congrats to Lakers fans on getting their greatest player to ever play for their franchise. It'll be interesting to see what moves are next for Lakers.
  7. It will be hilarious if Lakers end up getting no stars in this FA
  8. Coming up with what? Russell ain't even our 3rd best player but he still better than fucking Lonzo Ball
  9. It looked fucking amazing, yall are high or on some haterade shit if you think it didnt look good. Or just mad because it didn't fit your expectation of stealing Blade Runner aesthetic. Besides, they didn't even really show the city during night time, or different weather, which would bring it closer to that feel. Unless you don't think that it'll have day/night cycle or different weather
  10. You can't. The better, more achievable thing to do would be to try to convince people who have left SW/SS over the years to come back or try to add a few regulars through people you might know or others here know. Resetera already exists, and neogaf still exists too for the people who had differences in mindset. Then there are so many subreddits out there for gaming, and there's the twitch/youtube streamer generation. And of course, there's Discord which has become massive over the last couple years. I mean this forum itself is directly affected by Discord as our Discord server helped killed Sidescrollers and is the reason why many people don't want to post here. Whether you guys hate the idea of it or whatever bizarre reason there is for being against it, it's still the truth. Unless you're a massive community, its hard for forum communities to survive anyway. Too many better replacements. Realistically, if you could add even 10 more regulars here, it would be huge for this forum. But lets be real here, no one really gives a fuck about "system wars", the idea of arguing over game systems and having factions based on it. It's better to drop all that shit, change the name, and build something new. Something that isn't racist, sexist, homophobic or involves religion/political arguments. Offering something (in terms of content) that other forums/sites don't would help too.
  11. And the Lakers too, whats your point? Just cause my team is bad, doesn't mean I start irrationally hating other star players in the league.
  12. I see some things never change. Y'all skip bayless wannabes still hating on Lebron
  13. I have no idea who you are or what you're talking about.
  14. lol wtf are you talking about? We moved to sidescrollers from here. I owned the NBA thread here back when this forum was active, I made kidtric hate me irl off those threads. And no, I didn't "rage quit" SS, the place was supposed to be shut down by htp...
  15. Can't even tell who these people with different names are.