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  1. It wouldn't render dildos, so I typed 'hot-dogs':
  2. I'm using stable diffusion. On this particular AI, it won't allow me to generate NSFW scenarios. So some descriptions won't work. But think of a random place, or person like a celebrity, and what they're doing, or how they're dressed, where they're at. Or just think of something crazy like a dream you had and describe it. This is what I'm using: DreamStudio
  3. Tucker Carlson clearly has Putin' dick hin his mouth. On one segment when he spoke on the pipeline being bombed he says "Now Putin is evil, they tell us he's evil". "They tell us he's evil". "They tell us" He has to say that, for his pro Russian audience and for whomever is sending him the rubles.
  4. I do better as a gunner. I find it easier with the littlebird because it's much more meneuveroble. I've seen players who solo the apaches. Literally switching seats. There's one server where there's always some sweaty ass dude that solos a chopper a shangai. Fucker gets direct hits with the tow. Nobody can shoot them down. lol
  5. I've actually just discovered the heatseaker trick once it was used on me. I started playing kind of late lol. But ya, there's two missiles that are annoying. Can't remember which is which. But I know there's one that you can shoot and it automatically tracks the target. Initially it caught me by surprise, and it's often used by mobile AAs. But it got me to keep my finger on the countermeasures. Because you don't hear the lock, but you hear the beeping as the missile approaches. The other one is the one where you can shoot then lock on. That's the most
  6. Thanks. I found it easier than BF4. I think mainly because 2042 has a different flight model, and BF3 and 4 have been out for so long that you now have some pretty sweaty motherfuckers playing on them. I've been on servers where dudes just down you the second they see on the radar.
  7. Honestly yes. It took me a while to gether the footage as I got killed more times than I can get kills. lol
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