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  1. Fuck she's so ugly. It fits her personality. She looks like a neanderthal.
  2. Not just in graphics, but UI, sound and even messing with physics.
  3. I look back on it, it is such weird era. I was moostly a hiphop head at the time. The only band who's album I had was Offspring's Americana. I didn't really get to build my music library until after I graduated high school and got a job. Reason I ask, because I just came across this video:
  4. Definitely a huge step up from the first one. It's story and characters weren't as flat as the original, and it makes you care about the characters this time around. The visuals are fucking amazing, and I wanna see it again in 3D. I didn't really care for Avatar2 over the past decade, and if it wasn't for my siblings convincing me to go, I would've probably passed on it. Glad I didn't.
  5. It depends on how immersive you want your games to be. Just look at sims like DCS. I tried it out, and you literally have to follow a checklist to correctly start up the engine. Like starting the APU, fuel pumps, ignition, etc. Or same reason people play MilSims, or same reason people want sim racers. But is that not the entire point of VR? To place you into a completely different reality? We often see videogames in general, as a way of escapism, but VR has taken that a step further. Ya, reloading a gun manually seems stupid, but the feeling of actually dropping a
  6. Sims are perfect for VR, though there are hardware limitations for games like Microsoft Flight Sim. It's hard to get that game to run stable and look decent. Or playing games like Pavlov where you need to actually reload the gun instead of pressing a button to initiate an animation.
  7. Angel City Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles, Golden Road Brewery in Atwater Villiage, Smog City brewery in torrance. Many more I'm trying to rememver. Angel City is pretty cool, it's like a warehouse in the arts district. And they have Taco Trucks.
  8. Killzone 2 was actually pretty unique. It's a product of the cover shooter era with games like Gears of War. It deserves a remaster/remake.
  9. In 2044, Tom stars in Mission Impossible 14 at the age of 82 where he performs the first space jump from one spacecraft to another. And the first "Tom Cruis Run", on the moon.
  10. Like here's some stuff that I "did". Or the AI did based on what I described to it: As you can see, there is a description of the scene, or character. Followed by the technical specifications of how the scene is portrayed. The computer did the heavy lifting, I just directed it. Is my end of the art based on the direction? Does the AI get credit? For me personally, these are amazing images. But I'm more amazed withe the technology, than I am with myself when it comes to this type of medium. I feel like I should t
  11. It was on a Metro bus station platform in the center of the freeway. https://goo.gl/maps/Giiux9AoxMujtYhbA
  12. Thanks man! Ya, it's at a metro station in the center of a freeway with a lot of traffic. It's the 110. Probably the only angle where downtown L.A. doesn't feel "small" (it's actually big, it's the amount of skyscrapers that is small), most of it is old 1930s-1950s buildings).
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