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  1. If you Retry, you can replay your life but you get to keep all the knowledge you've obtained throughout life. Except that you don't remember who you were, but whenever a situation comes up, you'd know what to do in said situation, almost like an intuition. So you'll have better judgement throughout life. New Game, you start a new game in a new body. A completely different life. What do you choose?
  2. lol, I actually got alot into Dr.Dre etc. only Rock I knew at the time was Offspring. I got into more later. But I looked the complete opposite. I honestly didn't know what a rocker was, just got spikey hair because I thought it was cool, then later saw a chain wallet and sported it because I liked it. Most of the kids I hung out with were white scater kids, and i had a crush on this red haired girl with black lipstick... Good times... Hope there's a option to restart your life with all the knowledge you've obtained after you die...
  3. I guess I was more punk in middle-early high school. Spikey hair, ripped pants and a chain wallet. The whole 2000s rocker look.
  4. Black timbs, black Docs. other than those, for shoes I wear vans or converse.
  5. Shit creeped me out as a kid, especially that scene with the furries...
  6. That motherfucker is none other than THAT motherfucker!
  7. Dude, dreams about death have always been weird. I think it's because I think about it alot. Something weirdly comforting about them...
  8. That is pretty intense. Intense in how your dream just plays out like a story. My dreams are sort of just random. One minute I'm having an issue with a particular life vent, next thing I know i'm just chilling in the living room with shrek and my uncle...