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  1. It was the first Jet Fighter game I've ever owned. But also the only one I beat lol.
  2. Damn we're already at 5? Fuck, where does the time go?
  3. I guess this is as close as we'd get to an Akira adaption...
  4. I wasn't much of a fan of it, but damn that era came and went just like that...
  5. Ya, sort of like how Eraserhead is basically a look into Anxiety through the eyes of insanity or paranoia.
  6. Atari was just the first time graphics were seen on your TV, then NES introduced side scrolling(I guess), then SNES was Mode7, Genesis was just fast graphics, Playstation/Saturn/64 were the first true 3D consoles, PS2 was fully modeled characters, XBox had bump mapping(Game Cube was a mix of both?). Meanwhile PC had Doom3 which displayed graphics that were ahead of their time. So it seems like Raytracing is the newest benchmark. But not sure if I missed anything. What about the future? IMO, physics is probably the the next big leap. I remember Half Life 2 being big
  7. It would be perfect if they adopted Ace Combat’s flight controls.
  8. I remember the jets being tougher to play in that game...
  9. I have a better idea, give them only access to games that are intentionally broken. Wanna play Gran Turismo with a Scalper version? Enjoy racing with hexagon tires. Play Apex? You always have fall damage? Battlefield? 1 out of 5 times you spawn on C4. The last of us? You get The Laugh of Us version featuring Kevin Heart who plays as everyone...
  10. Didn't actually get to properly play them until I got a laptop capable of playing them years later. After the graphics were considered outdated... Got a gaming PC now, and those games are like those old ass 90s discount PC games you'd find at the PC section at Best Buy... I think so far the only game to cause some slow down was Doom Eternal but it was only for one moment in the first level. Either way, shout out to all my fellow late hermits...
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