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  1. The sad thing is the game is not broken in the sense that there's no glitches or game-breaking bugs. The foundation is there, but they actively chose these mechanics in the name of $$$$...
  2. Damn, got some time to play it. Only to find out about the update. Gotta love modern gaming... Bullshit...
  3. It simulates physics... Thus... Sim...
  4. Haven't followed sims in a minute. I need a new wheel.
  5. SpiderCraft SpiderCraft, does whatever a spidercrafts...
  6. "You have 10 seconds to return to the parking lot" "Airstrike commencing in 10, 9, 8, 7" *franticallt returns kart* "6, 5, 4, 3..."
  7. Huh, for a second I thought you guys were talking aboutt a new Matrix game. Just sounded really random.
  8. Don't alot off supermarkets have those magnetic traps?
  9. Doom Eternal was the last time I had a blast playing an FPS campaign.
  10. I never understood the appeal of cheating. There's no sense of accomplishment with it.
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