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  1. we can never catch a break, and now our siblings will feel it.. welcome to our world GenZ..
  2. I was thinking about that while watching him speak lol
  3. https://www.courier-journal.com/videos/news/2020/04/01/suspicious-covid-19-testing-site-louisville-abruptly-closes/5107810002/ Suspicious pop-up COVID-19 test site in Louisville abruptly closes after being questioned
  4. Society was changed. Became more paranoid and it pretty much lead up to today. since 2001 the world lost it...
  5. When people complain, saying "we;re tanking the economy for an 80 year old to see 83":
  6. Are you sure it's nothing to do with digging up a coin that had an ancient curse? Just asking... For a friend...
  7. This situation is so fucked.. smh...