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  1. I consider it assymetrical warfare. I don't support Hamas. But I think the Palestinians are just stuck in between Hamas and Israel. Shitty situation for them overall as they have no power.
  2. Now just waiting on kendrick.
  3. Had a rough couple of months, losing my grandmother, and my uncle a month before that. Yesterday, my nephew was born. I litereally felt emotion seeing his photo. I look forward to being the coolest uncle ever, for that kid.
  4. If you don't mind fuckbook, QUest 2. I got one because I already got a facebook that I haven't touched. So this is probably the best use I had for a facebook profile in a long time. But if you can, I'd look into the valve index. But if you don't want wires, quest 2. You can get virtual desktop and play pcvr wirelessly. But you need a really good router. Like 5g.
  5. There's a lot of ignorant idiots who feel empowered by the narrative of an ignorant idiot that ran the country up until' the 6th...
  6. I'd like to go back to 2018, seemed like a good year. So far 2021 seems worse than 2020 in a personal way. 2020 affected everyone, but 2021 was so far is like a personal punch in the gut.
  7. Thanks man. Ya, my mom was explaining what she went through. My mom is scared for her. It's rough, because there's a chance it can prolong her life, but a chance it can shorten it, but overall, she's gonna suffer. I saw my mom go through it, and she was only in her 40s, and thankfully she beat it. She's pretty strong. My grandmother is strong as well, but her body is frail. Overall, we respect her choice and will be there for her. Can't deny how unfair it is. We were so worried about her catching covid, my uncle that died from covid was in his 40s. And we managed to pro
  8. She wants to fight it, but she's 80. Doctors warned that it could take her faster if she goes through chemo. My mom knows what it's like since she had cancer back when I was in high school, so she is worried about her. Also never seen my dad close to breaking. When he told us about it, I could hear his voice trembling. He's usually hardened never really shows emotion. So far, 2021 has sucked more personally.
  9. I remember hearing about this a long time ago...
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