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  1. He’s just a random encounter in that map. https://youtu.be/f3NTWDx00W4
  2. Except the protest I posted is ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING INFECTION. One person even literally states that...
  3. Well we’ve had practice these past 3 years...
  4. They literally Had “shed the mask don the flag” gatherings. This country has gone full retard. It’s like watching someone named “America” deteriorate from Alzheimers.
  5. Maybe tumpers shouldn't be standing with tiki torch weilding Nazis... Did any of these people stop to think "Wait, why is the crowd I'm standing in starting to look very Nazi-esque, maybe I should not be here with these types, this isn't what I wanna represent"... Nope, they stood there, and got what was coming to them...
  6. Except black on white crime would be more of robberies. There's no secret meetings about going after whites. And it's good keeping KKK and Nazis in the fringe. Keep them there... In fact, label them terrorist groups. Since they literally are groups...