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  1. This is pretty cool... More animated gifs please. Also, I'd I'd like to see getagrip and whipit and obviously myself
  2. I have been trying to figure that out. It looks like B_H riding a bullet bill from Mario.
  3. Funny how the cows are trying to ignore this preview
  4. I am pretty sure ZombiU and NSMBU will be better than KZ and Knack The bottom line is cows hype the shit out of POS4 but won't be buying it
  5. i know right! its like....its like....the wiiu launch all over again! Except, except, but for the fact that many sheep actually bought The U at launch whereas many COWS won't be buying POS4 anytime soon. Heck, some cows will be getting The U before POS4
  6. Cows are absurd. POS4 launch is trash and none of the rabid cows are even buying POS4 at launch.
  7. Did shoulders, biceps and triceps yesterday. Will do legs today. Nothing wrong with isolating biceps in conjunction with doing the exercises you mentioned.
  8. The Sonic game has pretty much gotten bad reviews everywhere. It's not a good game.
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