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  1. You know, you sound like a 3rd wave feminist bitch with every reply of yours.
  2. Yeah, he saw your ex-wife's titties. Everyone has.
  3. Don't you have any PS3 remasters to buy again?
  4. Jerry must have been so mega raped that he hasn't even shown up yet.
  5. Now I am tired of all the wires on my bedroom and I want to basically get rid of them and invest on a good pair of gaming headsets indeed.
  6. It means GT7 is not fully utilizing PS5's power. PS5 is looking more and more like PS4 Pro2 than a fully next gen console. We won't see another GT game fully utilizing modern hardware for another 10 years, around the time PS6 will come out.
  7. The issue was no competition. Once Steam presents their new handheld with bluetooth support, Nintendo felt pressured to include that as well.
  8. They are used to half ass everything and their toxic fanbase to get it all in without criticism. That is why GTPlanet is a cesspool of fanboys that will eat up anything that PD shits without questioning and the occasional user who questions their decisions, gets banned.
  9. Only during replays though. https://wccftech.com/gran-turismo-7-ray-tracing-replays-physics/ It is not what you meant of course, but you'll bs your way in anyways.
  10. What was the reason? Lack of content? If that is, it should be delayed till 2024.
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