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  1. Special Stage X is a drag track. Hopefully they'll make an online race on that. Easy points.
  2. What's wrong with a racing set up? Remij got like a $2000 videocard and jonb is on his way there. Best to focus on one thing like me with my racing games, Remji with his videocards, jonb with his dell pc and jerry with his retardation.
  3. Metro 2033 is one of the best single player games I've ever played. This is truly a well done game with a good narrative, unlike that Uncharted shit. About to play Last Light later.
  4. Tell me what I was doing September 11, 2001. At 10 am. In New York City.
  5. Wasn't there a company selling cheaper razors? I think that company is doing better than Gillette.
  6. There are some games that can kick your ass without you even knowing. GTSport has license tests and track tests that you can do so you get accustomed to them. Each one is timed and if you achieve the shortest time, you get award a Gold. Most people don't even try doing them because they are very challenging.
  7. Then I would the Xbox One just like I did at the beginning of this gen.
  8. PS2. I would pick nothing from that list. Each console is lacking something that the other one has that it makes picking only one impossible.
  9. lol calm your tits down. It's not the same girl I liked. It's another one. That's why she caught me off guard.
  10. I am still waiting for Jerry to name that PS4 exclusive.
  11. This thread is glorious. Not only were the stupid sheep raped but jerry is so fucking dumb that he basically set himself for another butt blasting.
  12. I tried it with a controller and I couldn't handle it. I guess I should try it with the wheel.