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  1. LMFAO Are we talking about the same Sidescrollers? Oh boy, you really did dig deep into that place. For me, it was just a place to go after systemwars.com got shut down. I remember Bio, and another dude was there as mods, till they left and opened systemwars2
  2. My girl plays videogames. She has never had an issue with male role leads in videogames. It's the incels and libtards in the gaming industry that let women take control in crucial development decisions that are the problem. They probably feel so unwanted that by letting some ugly whale have a voice in videogames, she will let him in her panties, no matter how crusty, stinky and full of pubic hair might be.
  3. What hardware do you use for your comics.
  4. Are you like an artist bro? I am thinking of setting up a small studio with a drawing tablet.
  5. LMFAO, why did I take this long to find this
  6. Never worked from home but I imagine it's ok if you have friends. However, I am very lazy at home so that wouldn't work for me.
  7. MalaXmaS

    sw cringe

    It was probably NOC. They used to talk like they knew each other. Also Xelle knew this other poster, lived close to her. Can't remember his name though. Dude was chill. Aside from that, I don't remember of any other forumites knowing each other, except from GD and Javier.
  8. Everyone I know has a PS4 including my gf, so I've put more time into it. But I feel really dumb buying the worst versions of multiplats while I have the One X next to it hooked to the same 4k HDR tv.
  9. Problem with MS was milking the crap out of Forza and not paying enough attention to their other exclusives.
  10. Garbage flimsy controller with a battery draining light that was tacked on for something that came out years later. The console itself is poorly built. A small box constructed out of the cheapest plastic possible with tiny fans that turn the console into a jet engine. Even the slim is abnormally loud. Compared to even the base Xbox One, it flat out screams garbage QA. Now the One X is a piece of art, with an even better controller and amazing cooling. It's a shame MS being flat out stupid wasted its tremendous potential.
  11. MalaXmaS

    sw cringe

    Holy shit, I just remembered about Smoothhands and NORC or something like that. I think they knew each other. Yeah and some other guy who was a cow brought a girl to post on Sidescrollers. Systemwars2 was a closed site and I was never able to get in there.
  12. lmfao I remember those years. And before that in 05-06. Back when GD used to post pics of him playing Ghost Recon AW on his 34" CRT HDTV