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  1. It's from the same animators that are making the Saint Seiya netflix animation, I think.
  2. MS fucked with the Xbox 1. Had it been like the One X it would have been a completely different story.
  3. Don't worry. You'll still have money for your tampons.
  4. So last night I was playing the part in which Yuzuke had to draw Takamaki naked. I was like cock in hand mode but then it never happened.
  5. I disagree. Ryuji and Takamaki are pretty good characters. Just unlocked Yuzuke and he seems a pretty idealistic character. 33 hours in and about to change Madarame's heart.
  6. You can't grind because of the sp issue. It's like mana part of your character and you can't regain it unless your character goes to sleep and in order to do that, you have to leave the dungeon and a days passes. You have a limited number of days to fullfill a "palace" and you also have activities and other stuff to level up.
  7. So that means it must be good then.
  8. I bought it last year for $40. Fucking amazing game but you make progress at a snail's pace. You could be playing that game for hours and do jack shit in-game progress.
  9. This game is fucking amazing. I just spent my entire Sunday playing that game. And I haven't done that in quite a while. I just beat Kamoshida's palace. The battles at 3F and the top of the tower were challenging and there are some issues that could have been improved, like the lack of sp potions and the dungeon planning. However, I was expecting this sheer amount of excellence from this game.