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  1. Looks like some woke ass shit complete with period walls.
  2. MalaXmaS


    Sexbox Series Sex
  3. Lmfao but when MS does it, cows are like but the antitrustz ;(
  4. I absolutely have no need for one, now that GT7 came out and it is a pos.
  5. The problem is that they rely way too much on them instead of promoting fulltime work culture. NoA reminds me of ESPN, a truly awful company to work for. A college friend told me great stories about how he got hired to work for ESPN and after 6 months, they didn't renew his contract despite doing a good job. He was also doing part-time and no benefits.
  6. Gotta hide my cold bodies. Not good for sponsors.
  7. Follow me bitches. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdqKeaTb/ Holy shit, no TikTok embedding? TSHBFR
  8. It's called planned obsolescence. It makes them money
  9. Hey dude, I am thinking about opening a Tiktok account just to put my racing vids. Or is Instagram good enough?
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