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  1. MalaXmaS


    That looks like Robin and Alfred together in that picture.
  2. I was about to lose the battle many times, but somehow I saved it with some nicely timed combos and I got health. Yeah this game is pretty good, and I am not good with rhythm based games.
  3. Just yesterday while I was getting ready to work with a "welcoming" 24F, I asked my Echo "Alexa, whats the weather in Miami". "It's 79F in Miami Florida" ooooooh
  4. This game is pretty good. The soundtrack is good, and the game has charm. It can easily become a GOTY. Though I have been trouble with the combo system. I don't know If I am supposed to listen to the music or just follow the on screen notes.
  5. @Twinblade Agreed? Tomorrow it will be even worse, with -15F degree wind chills.
  6. For $15 a month, you get about 100 games, so divide 15 by 100, you get .000001 per game.
  7. Its 20 bucks on Switch, free on Xbox.
  8. If I multiply you by 0, thats the amount of sense you make.
  9. I thought I heard the video said the game had criticism by Xbox owners on Gamepass.
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