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  1. Nah. This looks like Heat but celshaded and with shitty decal effects. NFS peaked with 2015. That game was boss, tried something with the brand new frostbite engine, with real cinematics and the game was good. After that, they didn't know wtf they were doing with Payback. Heat was decent in the beginning but quickly wore off with the repetitiveness.
  2. Pretty good, much better than the first one regarding length, challenges and story although the first one had a bit more charm.
  3. How long does it take to get that shit rebuilt?
  4. I had this shit back by the end of 19. I was the hipster covid, and I got everything listed too, loss of smell, taste AND voice, coughing, fever for a day and body tiredness but because it was not well known, I basically brushed it off with ibuprofen and cough syrups. Though I had only one sick day and the rest I went to work. I didn't use a mask though.
  5. Don't even know where I got it from. It started monday after work so I've been off since tuesday. This is fucking depressing. It looks like I lost my sense of smell today, but I no longer have fever. Last night I was coughing though. Abusing those fucking tylenols though.
  6. WRC Generations Deluxe edition and that's it.
  7. For one important reason, better sticks. The Xbox controller sticks are concave so your finger can actually have better grip, unlike the shitty dualsense which has convexe sticks. This makes precise movement harder because your thumbs slips off the tip. MS always having the better choice.
  8. I know. I tried it last week. Couldn't stand the shitty dialogue and the gameplay was something that it has been done before.
  9. Because I have one for Horizon Forbidden West that I have no plans to use.
  10. Some games desperately need for a modern toggle mode like RE4. Looking at those vids, you´d wonder how come MGS2 was not playable like that, but holy shit at that OG camera.
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