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  1. A sheep arguing with a cow, and this poor traumatized dude jumps into the lemming's dick.
  2. Could have found a better picture to illustrate your point though.
  3. If sheep didn't get why the Steam Deck was a challenger for Nintendo's portable market, judging by this post, they still don't get it. Poor sheep, haven't experienced with power gaming in more than a decade.
  4. EDIT: With that screen cap that Twinkie posted, the shitty textures, and the lack of shadows were more apparent. That is not Xbox 1 graphics. Xbox games had shadows, anti-aliasing and shiny textures. This game has none of that.
  5. LMFAO, the jaggies, the framerate, the lack of NPCs, the horrendous pop-in. But then they will say "it's all about the gameplay". That would fine and all, except you see them talking toe to toe with the lems and hermits in threads about graphics.
  6. BF1 is free on Gamepass as well, and I bet it was given for free on PS Plus, or was it V.
  7. I like the fact that whenever someone disagrees with people like him, he immediately jumps to conclusions and ridicules. This guy fits the criteria of a LGBT liberal.
  8. Yep, true. Just like a couple of weeks ago, two co-workers just got married and they met at my job. If it works, it works. Which is why I said that lawsuit seems very frivolous. If a woman finds you attractive, she will be more than pleased at anything you do to her. However, if she finds you unattractive, she can feel harassed at any little detail. This situation is often found in supervisor to subordinate relations at work in which there is a lot of stress to meet deadlines.
  9. Seems to be heavily reusing assets from the Division 2. Explains why it is free.
  10. Seems frivolous. This is what happens when you try to push your gender empowerment garbage. Then you have to basically walk on egg shells around women.
  11. Meh. Looks like a modified Frostbite 3 engine. It will also run on last gen consoles too.
  12. Not my type of game but who knows. After I give Hades an opportunity, I might end up liking this later.
  13. Maybe it is a first experience kind of thingy. I remember trying the Dirt 2 demo but back then I was a broke college student. I managed to cop Dirt 3 because of a trade and I absolutely loved it, even thought i didn't complete all events (thanks to dlc). Still I thought Dirt 3 was better structured, and had more soul than Dirt 5. Forget about Dirt 4. Dirt Rally 1 is the spiritual successor in terms of wholesomeness.
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