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  1. Did they fix the original game already?
  2. Trump is scared shitless because his re-election depends from the this, and if the recession happens, he is getting the boot.
  3. My gf has been telling me all day along about this. Just wished it was a proper remake.
  4. Didn't renew Xbox Live and renewed PS+ for a year instead. TLHBFR
  5. So many feminism and cancer shit took over the Xbox division that killed it.
  6. Looked good but I dont know what is MS doing right now.
  7. For me it was gamepass . That was the last nail in the coffin.
  8. Judging by the POS4 and the POS4 Protato, PS5 will be annoyingly loud too.
  9. lmfao this is mine. https://systemwars.net/bb/topic/3-first-post/ lmfao andrewandthegang and holy crap, Cloning