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  1. Already have it. It's a great game too. I am just playing NMS casually. My main game is Persona 5.
  2. Don't need shitpost to know that remake is a pos.
  3. The One X is truly an amazing console but MS sucked at supporting it. Which makes me doubtful about getting the Series X.
  4. Looks like those sheep death threats finally paid off.
  5. I've seen videos of the game being improved dramatically. We'll see.
  6. Now that more people are talking about it, maybe you can tell how to wonder the bank puzzle. The school chapter was relatively easy. The mansion got a bit harder with Madarame. But holy crap, the bank. Every enemy there is inmune to anything and I need to revamp my whole Persona, to something more psy and nuclear based.
  7. Now that I've had this thing for about two months, I can say I love it, although I mainly use to sketch, make comics and browsing. But still, I've seen on youtube that the surface pro is capable of gaming. I don't need to install big games on this, seeing as I got the 128gig ssd and I put a 256 microsd card. But what old games are playable on this?
  8. You seem to be under the wrong impression that you can control corporations. If you havent noticed, greed is the reason why we let the virus reached this point. The only way we have to enforce corporations to do what you want is with the president and he is not siding with you.
  9. Also, Covid-19 is not an airborne virus. Your breath is. There is a reason why they recommended the use of mouth masks.
  10. Are you going to tell corporations to do that? How fo you pretend to do that?
  11. I'll tell you why. Bitching about China for being a capitalistic nation with strong plans for expansion. Sounds like another similar country? If anything, China is giving the US a sip of their own medicine. Looking for good and trust worthy allies for the US? The world doesn't even trust you. Remember what happened in Iran earlier this year? Remember last week what happened when British Prime Minister asked for help? Who is currently upbidding foreign shipments of mouth protectors? Trust, the US? Dude, the world has been controlled by the American empire for the last half a century. This is just a power play. A empire transition from the US to China. We have relied on China because the top 1% wanted so. Wait, do you want manufacturing jobs to come back to the US? The US is not even an industrialized nation anymore. But wait, you still want those jobs back to the US. Get ready to pay more, because American workers won't like to get exploited for menial pay. They'll want a livable salary and insurance, dental, benefits and paid vacation too! You want to unite the country? Nope, not happening. Because the owners of this country won't like that.