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  1. I am on chapter 3, Fragile and I've been finding new ways to play the game. The Bula Gun is so freaking useful to use against the MULES. Didn't know I could hijack their trucks too, even though I couldn't use the BRIDGE ones. Definitely one of the best games of this gen, right behind Forza Horizon 3.
  2. All if them? You mean a remake like TLoU remastered?
  3. Everyone hyped TCL for being best budget 4k tv. The HDR on those tvs are garbo.
  4. What insane costs. Lets not forget that for some fucking reason, online games cost the same as a physical copy when disc production, cases, and retailing costs are out of the equation. Fuckers are just greedy. Could you imagine paying $70 for another shitty sjw, 3 hour long Uncharted game?
  5. However that excuse might be, it just shows that it was not only one developer but many are jumping into that trend.
  6. https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/next-gen-game-prices-climb-to-70-dollars-ps5-xbox-series-x/ Games will cost $70 now. Well this was nice guys, I am definitely going PC now.
  7. And Nintendo will be following suit, charging you the same just to play games in 720p.
  8. Is this vengeance for not putting Smash on Evo online? Those soy boys can be troublesome.
  9. HDR movies are amazing. Gaming is meh though.
  10. I bet you never got out of Whiterun. Winterhold, Solitude, Dawnstar, yeah I bet still brown and gray.
  11. There were lots of towns, quests and abilities to master. I bet you almost fast travelled all the time in Skyrim and call it boring.