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  1. Is UHD even worth it? Just trying to hook up an external monitor to my surface.
  2. I thought Sony was opting out of E3 this year. Whatever it is, they won't have anything new to show. Just trailers to some games that aren't even in development and will come 4 years from now, and a slew of shitty remasters. MS will show Halo, some Forza 8 content, and other things. Nintendo really has nothing to show, except maybe from Super Switch.
  3. Fuck Sony and the PS5. Series X INTENSIFIES
  4. I have the One X. I am all set.
  5. That baseball game created huge ripples inside very Sony fanboy's tiny balls. Sunset Overdrive is really nothing. It was a huge flop back then, it still is now.
  6. I never visited that place. That fat fuck Gerstman was an attention whore that loved every bit of attention he got, whether it was positive or negative.
  7. Holy crap. There was just a restock at Costco, and it's gone!
  8. My dumbass went to the store thinking that they might actually be carrying them instore and then buy them. I even went 5 minutes before the store could open at Best Buy but they told me everything is done online.
  9. My village? Wtf are you on, you racist piece of shit. @AlphonseDo your thing. Dispose of him.
  10. Looks like she used you for her free meal and then went back to chad to get fucked that night. Most women are flakes anyways. My advice? Don't contact her ever again. Move on and date another girl. Maybe you were desperate for a relationship and she could smell that from you.
  11. TBH, I never touched BFV's campaign.
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