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  1. Es dificil ser un full bodied hombre lemming con big cojones y un big dick mientras que estas rodeado de estas vacas maricas. Es broma putita. Maldita sea, parece que voy a tener que comprarme un puto ps4 en black friday. Nadie tiene el Xbox
  2. I guess it's good if you like American sports games and outdated versions. I'd rather play it when it's new but even then, I don't play that many EA games. That and I would be jumping from game to game, not even finishing them.
  3. Same shit, different name. Hell, even Valve tried to sell you that pos steam boxes with that weird ass controller and all hermits were happy getting buttfucked.
  4. Kinda like the ps4 controller. You put in your ass while you jack off to your sjw porn walking simulators.
  5. Really dude? Do you rehearse your own jokes a day before you tell them and laugh for days?
  6. lol you know cows have reached a new low when they adore Jerry
  7. Anyone still plays Rosscharted? Detroit. buh buh mah awards
  8. I am not into shitty walking simulators so I am not missing much.
  9. Doesn't take much to realize that considering the userbase, idiot.
  10. Nah dude. You know me. I used to be a huge PS supporter till the ps4. I bailed when Sony was trying to convince us that indies were amazing and that's all we needed. Even now, I don't like the exclusives they pumped out. I could care less about Uncharted 4, Detroit, God of War and GTSport. I'd rather have the Forza Motorsport and Horizon games. Heck, I enjoyed the crap out of State of Decay 1 too.