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  1. There is a lot of money at stake and the CMA hold-out is cockblocking it like Playstation Tablet cockblocks himself everytime she brings a girl home and his PS collection is staring at her.
  2. Uhmm..was I the only one that noticed the guy is wearing a fucking dynamite vest? What in the fuck?
  3. Sony has always been a garbage company, ever since the early PS3 days when they thought brand alone would carry them through the gen, after the PS2 golden era. When they saw how the Xbox 360 was literally shitting on the PS3, they decided to change tactics quickly.
  4. It's true that Microsoft is not doing anything this gen so far, aside from some shitty exclusives on Gamepass. Too bad though, Series X is an amazing piece of hardware, much better than that ugly ass monster pos5. MS seems to be taking developers but not doing anything with them. Almost three years into Series X and no new Elder Scrolls nor Fallout, not even a hint. Rockstar, an independent studio is holding on GTA6 for so long that we might see another GTA5 remaster again. Sucks though, because the only thing we can turn into is what? more walking
  5. Aside from the boring theme, Spiderman wow, who gives a fuck, the game has a Infamous Second Son look.
  6. The old MS would have bitch slapped Bungie and told them to stfd. Sony is doing live service games with a $500 console? lmfao fuck outta here
  7. If it weren't for GT7, I would have never gotten the pos5
  8. That's a shitty start. Two remakes, Japanese trash and unproven garbage.
  9. This looks like a PS3 HD remake.
  10. It sucked. The only remotely interesting games were the senior alike clone and MGS3 remake. Everything else was shit, especially the VR segment
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