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  1. Is that part of your stand-up , Amy Schummer?
  2. It has plenty of superior multiplatforms and exclusives.
  3. Everything is so conveniently placed with prices and discounts. Also, every game displays a trailer on the upright corner of the screen.
  4. lmfao moving goal posts. TCHBFR About time I stopped being one of those disgusting fanboys.
  5. Hence the lack of new visual content. Now you can go back to the woods.
  6. Holy shit. This is huge. Next Elder Scrolls/Fallout exclusive to series X.
  7. It will get patched. Its the Xbox One X. If it were the Switch, I could really make fun of the system though. Besides, its not even a brand new game. It's a remake, so there is no point.
  8. Cows should get a name change to Clowns. Making such a big fuss about a bug, especially when none of the other versions have that option.
  9. Was surprised that I was able to find it online. Should be worth some money later on.
  10. Where have you been the past 10 years? They did the same with PSP and PSP games.
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