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  1. It was good but severely flawed in the last chapters. If the second is the same as the first one, I can see why it got its 6.0
  2. Honestly people didn't expect to be such shortage, and scalpers really killed its availability. I remember back when PS4 released, you could still get it in the store. Same thing with PS3. I remember people here making fun of available PS3s and X360s, although the 360s had a higher demand.
  3. Of course it won't come out or it will be something else. Hell look at Anthem. It went through so many managerial changes that the final game was a disaster. Now imagine getting your entire developing team replaced. Goodbye game.
  4. Doing 4k gaming is not taking a leap into tech. Nintendo stepping into 4k 120fps, perhaps. 4k gaming is something that PS4 Pro and Xbox One X already did like 3 years ago.
  5. Uh, PS5 can do 4k easily. The problem is 4k AT 120fps which is not the case. It can do 1080p at 120fps without any issues though. lmfao, sheep trying to school us about 4k gaming.
  6. No it is not arriving before that. That's why I made that prediction. The game got delayed to 2022, and trust me, knowing Polyphony, the game will be delayed again. I can guarantee you they just started actual development after messing around making cars. I bet they are actually working on the gameplay mechanics, and in typical Kaz fashion, a lot of stuff will get changed and more delays will ensue. That's why I said, game will come out in 2023.
  7. Thing is, Gran Turismo is hardly a sim anymore. It was good back then in 2004. There are so many elements missing that makes Gran Turismo a simcade franchise. Polyphony Digital never bothered to innovate the series forward. But yeah, GTS is a much better racing game than Forza 7. Forza 7 was just yuck.
  8. If they sell a dock that can upconvert, then you can be sure as hell the dock will be $200 or $250. $400 for the Switch only. $500 for both (Switch and dock).
  9. With the Super Switch, they will. Nintendo releasing a console that can do 4k gaming means they are telling the competition they want to compete too. And that means pricing their games the same as the competition too. Hell, Switch games sell for $60 and their games run at lower than half of a ps4/xbox one resolution.
  10. Do you even know the concept of how time works? Holy shit you are so fucking wrong. You are thinking more like a guess estimate of the price is right.
  11. Both Sony and MS have. Oh and $70 for game.
  12. I am not wrong, but he is. I guess critical thinking is not your strong suit.
  13. Admin believed in the video captions about the game coming in 2021. It is not anymore. I said "in development, probably coming 2023". Guess who is more wrong?
  14. Due go the noticeable scarcity of chips out there and Nintendo being the typical scummy and greedy company, you can expect this Super Switch to be priced at $500. No less.
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