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  1. Jonzip is talking about third person walking simulators.
  2. I'll play it one day but to say it's a wild ride, is not exactly accurate considering the boring gameplay clips.
  3. cows forcing themselves to enjoy this turd bu bu teh pacing guyz
  4. I've seen Hot Fuzz and loved it but never Shaun of the Dead. Still, I thought The World's End was pretty amazing when it came out and watched it again last night while having a few IPAs and even though the first impression was gone, it still felt like a great movie.
  5. That's what I am saying. Death Stranding is Kojima's vision of what MGSV was supposed to be. Probably game development was half-way there and Konami didn't like what was he doing. Kojima is good for linear games, but openworld...meh
  6. Yeah but we gave so much crap to Konami for MGSV. We thought it was Konami's decision to rush the game with the vast open worlds full of nothing but in the end, it was Kojima's decision to do that.
  7. Kojima is so up his ass that he think he can create a mail delivery simulator with "teh physics" and be an instant masterpiece.
  8. We have the best version of multiplats and several exclusives. Enjoy Witcher 3 at 480p