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  1. I can solo it, then jump to help anyone or jump into a coop mission. My kind of game.
  2. What can I do with my One X? Does it still play games?
  3. It's way less bullet spongy than before. It's a good game.
  4. My Live is running out this month and I am not going to renew a system that is basically throwing all their games away on other platforms. I'll play what I have, but only sp.
  5. You a lil bitch brah I did GD's routine for the first week and one day, then focused on arms. I am already getting toned. I did 5 reps of dumbbell shoulder presses today in the morning.
  6. I got the game a few hours ago, but wasn't aware that Patch 1.03 is 40 gigs.
  7. Please also censor the word Xbox.
  8. Wonder how many cocks did she have to suck to get there. Maybe none because all higher ups at google have huge vaginas.
  9. MalaXmaS

    The Jig Is Up

    Such a shame. The One X is such a beast machine but a wasted potential. MS thinks they can hype not only one but two consoles for next gen. Yeah no
  10. Make me a mod so I can ban Jim and Cocke
  11. I would not pick up girls at a bar. 90% of them just want free drinks and absolutely 0% interest in knowing. Yeah you can leave the place with her and fuck her but how many guys have she done it with? You'd be playing Russian STD roulette. Holy shit, have I changed my attitude towards it.