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  1. More issues come into questioning like how was he able to carry an AR from a mile away without giving suspicion and having a ladder available next to the building, unguarded too. This seems like a comically bad staged event just to make Trump look like the hero.
  2. Yes, I am proudly Peruvian but I have been living here for decades. I can call you nigga because you are a nigga. I can see your brown ass getting mad about it already.
  3. Lmfao at this Dory looking ass nigga. Tries to talk his way in with insults and vague ass comebacks, then forgets all about it a few posts later.
  4. I don't have to act desperate. I am. Just right. You are the one trying desperately to disprove it.
  5. Helldivers 2 is practically dead. 90% of their userbase lost. Sony doesn't give a shit. TCHBFR
  6. Libtards and Republicans love to claim themselves on the right side but they are just as bad as liberals and progressives. To put it simple, anyone not clamoring their political allegiance is OK in my book. Certainly are not those people driving with their confederate flags, or their pro gun stance, or their "Fuck Biden" stickers on the back of their trucks.
  7. That I am right. Everyone else thinks of the US as a running circus.
  8. Look at the comments, especially at the last one. Everyone is laughing at the Americans.
  9. Cute? Lmfao here comes more of your "patronizing" and arrogance when trying to come off as righteous when we all know here you sit at the exact opposite side of that libertarian and extreme right side you hate so much.
  10. Yeah, but who are you to say what is it or not genuine interest on something related to this country. He just told you how this country works, and you just disproved it with very little facts but rather personal opinions and feelings. Buddy, I often see you here projecting your own insecurities under the many insults you throw at people while trying to show yourself as something you clearly aren't.
  11. You just bitched at TLHBO for saying something because he doesn't live here, yet when I tell you people outside the US see this country as a huge circus and they don't care, you say I am wrong and they do. So what is it?
  12. Not really. This is like you bitching about people outside the US talking about American politics with authority then you come in here saying that people do care about American politics. I speak this from my own experience. People see the US as a huge circus mixed with tales of foreign government throwings and terrorism.
  13. I think they fucked up but not logistically. I mean, doing that shit in today's era where everything can be recorded.
  14. I honestly don't know who. But there is way too much proof that the snipers already had his location minutes before he made the shot.
  15. Maybe they see it as a celebrity kind of thing like the royal crown. That's it.
  16. Maybe he was set up but failed to do his task. They were still going to off him. He was like an American jihad.
  17. Let me repeat this again because I've already over empathized this. Nobody else outside the US cares about American politics.
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