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  1. Everytime I go there, it's two McDoubles and a small chocolate shake.
  2. The shooting is very bad though. Doesn't make sense, considering they fixed it in UC3.
  3. I started with a PS4 by mid 2015, and by 2017 the One X showed up and stuck with it till the Series X. The Pro came up before One X but it wasn't showing any significant support by Sony. In fact, many games were still being released with the base model in mind and that made a lot of people question that mid-gen release. Meanwhile, with the One X, MS released several upconverted versions of their game and their games were being released with base and One X model in mind. MS handled the mid-gen release much better.
  4. Nah. I still like my Xbox franchises. While I enjoy GT7, I am waiting patiently for both Forza Motorsport 8 and WRC Generations. Both consoles have show stoppers like Gears 5, Rosscharted 4, among others. The reason why I never got into the Sony games last gen was because PS4 was criminally weak by the time the One X showed up. Now that both are even powered consoles, I can enjoy them.
  5. Those graphics are still impressive for being 2017. Those facial animations. There is nothing like this for Xbox...
  6. Yeah I know bro, but this is the essence of Systemwars.
  7. I like Guerrilla from Killzone I haven't played anything else from them.
  8. Game just went on sale too $40
  9. Got the code along my PS5 but haven't even redeemed it. What else is good for the five?
  10. My Sennheiser Momentum 2 do that and way better than anything from Crapple.
  11. Dude, its the second time they make a Lego add-on. Playground's creative team is done. And I hope the next FH completely changes the formula, because if they put it in another boring place with the same "unlock your festival" gameplay formula, then fuck them.
  12. I am only a few hours in doing license tests, cafe's quests and shit.
  13. Yeah I did. It's nowhere near a sim but it's a fun arcade sim. There are better sims out there but there is some charm about the GT franchise. However, if you want to get your arms shredded, Assetto Corsa Competizione will tear you apart.
  14. I know, lol I was a dumbass, didn't push the wire fully in. That's why it was sitting on 75% for like an hour. Anyways, I left it charging, went out to do some errands and it was fully charged.
  15. Some people might have gotten a PS5 for Demon's Soul, but even though I've always looked at the GT franchise with some suspision, it's always worth it. GT7 is a work of art. Works beautiful with my Fanatec set-up, so much smooth with my steering set up.
  16. Holy shit, GT7 feels like shit with the dualsense. The input is so much smoother with wheel.
  17. The way I have it set up is like really close to both of my consoles, so yeah, it will be wired.
  18. Nearly one hour and a half and 75% charged. Damn, gaming companies need to improve their battery tech. Say all the shit that you want about MS 2AAs ancient battery tech but is reliable, quick and easy to fix. These new controllers should last 5 hour tops and charge in less than an hour. Shit, my 2 year old Pixel charges in 45 minutes from 0%.
  19. If he is not dead, then several organs were crushed and bones broken. Also that shit landed on his head too. Yep he is gone.
  20. I am not a fanboy of any company. I am just telling you what it is. MS stopped caring about GFG because they wanted everyone to push for Gamepass Ultimate. You know it is a good service, because Sony is doing the same thing except they don't have such a strong gaming catalogue. I am getting a PS5 so I don't know where are you getting your argument from.
  21. Ever since Gamepass, MS stopped giving a fuck about Games for Gold.
  22. Play the Xbox backwards compatible version for now.
  23. I got a tweet from this guy I used to follow from last year when I was really looking for a PS5 but was never able to. Anyways, just got another tweet from Sony's direct and got into the queue. It went from an hour to 5 minutes and I was able to get some Horizon bundle.
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