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  1. I don't know, they done goofed.
  2. The ZR24W is a LOT better than the U2410. No reason to get the wide gamut LG IPS Panels when the normal gamut ones are right there and cheaper. Wide gamut is such a pain in the rectum.
  3. http://day9tv.blip.tv/ The guy casts every day...
  4. un: jp_zer0 Just got back to playing since Beta. Games are harder now I think. Used to be 1600+ but now I get ownt all the time. Maybe I'm just outta shape.
  5. jp_zer0

    $700 for a pc

    first of all it's eyefinity and second of all it can be more than 3 First of all you're gay, and second of all...you're still gay. word, sweeper is hella fucking gay.
  6. jp_zer0

    $700 for a pc

    HD5970 figure the rest out.
  7. Anyone hardcore enough to play this game over hamachi?
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