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  1. I was always a cow until early PS3 days then I mostly played on PC, I then went back to PS3 later in its life. I don't even own an up to date PC any more, just a PS4
  2. Good to see the cows are still winning after all these years Loads of familiar names in here straight away, you guys have been here for fucking ages!
  3. Oh man this is a blast from the past, got the email about the birthday the other day which reminded me this place existed! Lol sheep
  4. XeNoN

    Rules are gone

    Goodnight sweet princes
  5. Lmao This is why i will never spend money on any girl untill i've seen her quite a few times and know what im in for
  6. PS4 killed SW by being superior in every way to the competition, all that's left is shitty damage control
  7. http://www.gamereactor.eu/news/102544/Source%3A+Xbox+One+hitting+delayed+regions+Q3+2014/ lmao dem yields This is same site that reported the first delay before it was official btw
  8. This is fucking amazing
  9. He was talking about nudity and incest to the Game of Thrones devs, and he asked something like "does going a uterus open up a gate?" And dead slience for a few seconds. Keighley's face was priceless. Lol he was talking about black smoke coming from a Uterus to open a gate haha lmao this guy
  10. Snowdrop Engine looks fucking good. Annoyed no gameplay was shown of the game though
  11. Haha he's asking Reggie what he thinks about the PS4 and XB1 raping the Wii U within 24 hours
  12. 1. Damn this chick is fine 2. Damn this whole thing is awkward
  13. Good quality stream: http://www.twitch.tv/gametrailers