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  1. Learn to sell when market cycles end.
  2. You can use Coinbase to get everything out whenever you want and institutions have been buying up the bottom to hedge against the shit economy.
  3. We're at $10k now. Hope you retards actually listened.
  4. Wtf is this low IQ garbage? No wonder I left this forum when you got retards posting shit like this.
  5. MS I can't even remember what happened I think they had a bunch of Xboxs in the background they did nothing with and forza 5. DMC5 looks like shit itsuno lul Sony showed some sjw dike shit but RE2make looked godly. Spiderman looked like a batman clone. Nintendo will have no troubles crushing these clowns when they show off Metroid Prime 4 gameplay.
  6. I’ll be sure to use your life story as a lesson to keep my future kids motivated in school.
  7. Cheers. Research these coins well.
  8. It's already pretty low. Best time to get in is to wait for BTC price to plummet (most likely down to $9k-$10k) then enter the market.
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