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  1. finished season 2 of Twlight Zone. it was amusing. Among the Untrodden is the standout episode. excellent stuff! also, i'm glad they shifted away from the heavy-handed social messages from season 1 . the resolutions, unfortunately, don't match the good/great buildups in most of the episodes. still, there's enough to enjoy in this flawed, but improved, second effort.
  2. jesus.....this is like the worst dad joke ever.
  3. apparently, they have both been known to allow the other to fuck for roles. so, i'm not surprised.
  4. you have no idea what you are talking about lol
  5. then you are just clueless af then.
  6. Hdr looks incredible. Shit thread
  7. Young people throwing covid parties smh https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/02/us/alabama-coronavirus-parties-trnd/index.html