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  1. Hmmm I’m not loving season 2 of The Great. I get why they mixed things up, but I feel like season 1 had sharper teeth and rapid-fire raunchiness and wit. The humor is definitely still there…just less frequent.
  2. I’m not a cow, but Deathloop is my GOTY. I’m currently hooked on it. But yeah, Sony dropped the ball this fall. Kena was great, but short.
  3. Let’s stay away from mentioning the right/left in convos.
  4. There are different areas, each with a visionary who grants a unique power. You can do them in whatever order you want. You also get 2 additional lives per run. What’s cool is that those 2 lives are refilled, once you leave an area. While you will be seeing a lot of familiar places, the level design and changes (depending on what time you visit an area) keep things interesting. The bosses get pretty easy, and give upgrades to existing powers, which make you feel like a total badass!
  5. I think Deathloop may be my GOTY. I’m having an absolute blast! It’s the freshest game I’ve played in a while. The loop element truly adds to the tension. Shiiii…I’ve lost a bunch of shit for getting cocky/greedy, but god damn…the high I get from killing Juliana, as well as a visionary, while completing an objective - especially if I’m down to my last life = euphoric!
  6. Wow! The Great’s season 1 finale was excellent! The show excels on both a comedic and dramatical level. Onto season 2.
  7. I haven’t been able to play Deathloop much this week, but I’m getting in some time today. Soon, I’ll be ready to try to kill everyone and break the loop. I’m like a fucking ninja now. I have 2 upgrades for Aether, shift and weapons for both silence and power. Some of these smaller runs have been exhilarating.
  8. I’m not a halo fan, though. However, I like what they are doing with the new characters. It looks dated, graphically, but the gameplay looks solid.
  9. I think it looks fine. I’m guessing an 8 for campaign.
  10. For a cross gen title, it looks good. It’s mostly the artistic design that shines. But yeah, on a technical level, that unreal 5 engine game you posted looks like a true next gen title.
  11. @Cooke send me the collab link
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