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  1. i lost a loved one recently to it. it's awful.
  2. Nah, his hair looks good. The look you posted started out as a rich cali “fuck boy” thing and has gotten popular.
  3. On ep 4 of Peripheral. It’s all very interesting and the production values are surprisingly great. However, there are some pacing issues. It can be slow, at times, but picks up - right when it feels like it’s dragging.
  4. I’m behind on a lot too. I just felt like watching sci-fi.
  5. They can charge $100. They are all on gamepass
  6. I started watching Peripheral on Amazon. This show is pretty cool. Nice visuals too! edit: are you all @Twinblade @Ike and @madmaltese watching (or have watched) this? This is a pretty badass sci-fi thriller.
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