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  1. i agree that 4's change was refreshing for its time. hell, i beat it twice, and was the first one to beat it on this site. but it felt more like a cool shooter, which was fine, since i was mostly playing shooters back then. when i tried re-playing it in 2008, i remember thinking, "wait, this isn't so great now." i think it's because gears took the formula and made it so damn smooth and fluid. re 4 felt clunky, in comparison. i hated 5 (generic af) and i never played 6, but dug the ship parts of revelations (with the 3ds' 3D). man, that gave me old school vibes. yeah, the combat was meh, but it
  2. cooke is joining amway next.
  3. the first few were cool, but then they got annoying. the environment was bland af too. i can see why people liked the game more than i did. i just don't think this franchise does much for me anymore.
  4. Finished it. My final score is a 7. What a dull second half.
  5. I’m at the final battle. I will do it tomorrow. All of the crap leading up felt like a poor man’s doom 3.
  6. But re 4 lacks soul. In retrospect, it killed what made re great.
  7. you still probably played it wrong. i never trust addicts lol.
  8. your drunk and pill popping ass was probably button mashing
  9. damn son, you have strange taste. the game is good, but nothing special. it goes downhill from where you are at.
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