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  1. Ha that was the joke at the office when we got this body cam footage.
  2. I know. It’s bizarre luck, because I used the those consoles a lot. I don’t game nearly as much now, though.
  3. i have gotten lucky with my systems. i had two 360's and no rrods. the only issue i've ever had is with the switch's joycon drifting.
  4. GT7 looks like a hybrid of a ps4/ps3 game. FH5 murders it in every way.
  5. that's more to do with the way he's written. the tone sounds pretty similar, just older (which was fitting). who knows, they may find an even better vo for bayo 3 (or worse lol)
  6. they changed the voice of kratos in gow ps4, yet the VO was just as great. i'm sure they'll find a great replacement.
  7. i'm not really feeling the tim burton vibe.
  8. RIP. i loved his burt reynolds impersonations on snl.
  9. Watched Malignant. It was dumb, yet it was the most fun I’ve had with a horror flick in a while. While James Wan lacks Mike Flannigan’s storytelling and emotional resonance, he knows how to deliver thrills and visual spectacles.
  10. I enjoyed the structure with Hades, because the gameplay was fun and I dug the characters/dialogue. Each run gave a sense of progression too. Returnal, while awesome to play (sick atmosphere), frustrated me because I would spend an hour on a run and acquire nothing lol. This is not a genre for me.
  11. Yeah, I can’t say it looks fun. It looks mind-numbing.
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