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  1. he's definitely in the minority. i tried doing a vegetarian diet years ago (i had an ex who was vegan). i personally felt sickly and my t levels dropped! everything went back to normal once i ditched the "fake meat"
  2. exactly. gear will make your t levels hit 7,000- 10,000 (healthy young male is normally 700-1,000), regardless of diet.
  3. i don't really care for butter. however, eggs have plenty of cholesterol. it's excellent for testosterone production. plus, they taste great!
  4. i had 6 eggs for breakfast. i have 6 eggs EVERY MORNING for breakfast.
  5. i could never be a vegan. your t levels will plummet. plus a great burger >>>>
  6. Nah. Looks kind of cool, though. There are a bunch of games in my back catalog.
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