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  1. yeah, reacher was fun af. it didn't try to go beyond that.
  2. brooooo check out all of baby_simba's stuff. they have the best dark humor face-offs. like, i'll feel guilty for laughing at some of the shit...which says a lot!
  3. some of the camerawork and cinematography are downright intoxicating!
  4. It ended at ep 9 for me. The rest has been El Camino 2 lol. To each is own, though.
  5. Sooooo….the penultimate episode of BCS…… Did the home alone writers work on this? Lol the only 2 scenes I liked were The rest was retarded af.
  6. Agreed! Did you watch season 4? Fantastic stuff! Lenny Bruce is great! His dynamic with Midge is up there with Don/Peggy in Madmen. I love the cast, in general. The dad kills me. Susie is a scene stealer too.
  7. Sad that Better Call Saul is ending? No Problem. The next Breaking Bad spinoff
  8. Anyhow, after years of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel being recommended to me, I finally gave in a few weeks ago. I didn’t have much interest in the premise: a dramedy about a Jewish, female comedian in the 50’s. Though, after a friend of mine played me a funny ass clip from the series, I gave it a shot. It is surprisingly raunchy! The shows goes from just being good to actually being great, maybe even fantastic. All of the characters have dynamic arcs and each season feels distinct, with meaningful evolutions for its main and supporting players. I’m on season 4 (its most recent). 5 will be the fin
  9. Eh people want to get riled up for no reason. But I like the idea of a grittier Jack Ryan. Sounds like a man’s show. No soy boy shit
  10. Alright, let’s relax a bit. We should have at least one thread without bickering lol.
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