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  1. it pulls them off differently. both are excellent in their own way. agree to disagree
  2. damn, this looks incredible! the jump in/out feature is a welcome addition that i hope remains in the series!
  3. the acting was excellent, though. predictable af, though. i'm going to have to disagree about the character development and abrupt ending.
  4. yeah, respect indeed. i can tell there's a great game that just needs more TLC for consoles.
  5. how so? i'm not trolling. you are just taking pictures of characters.
  6. all i know is that it looked like garbo on the series x. god awful hdr. so many goofy bugs.
  7. yeah, i remember you not liking the ending. it seems to be very mixed. it's gorgeous!
  8. nice! i'll play it then. it's on gamepass, right? btw, i'm enjoying 13 sentinels.
  9. ohhhh...is there an easy mode? lol i hate hard games.
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