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  1. hades is amazing!! get it pronto!
  2. edelgard here's some advice, if you want to get the ending you can only get with her play through
  3. bro, at this rate, i'm ready to give it a 10/10. mind you, i liked the first, but never had the desire to finish it. that says a lot!
  4. i can't wait to get home and play more. i finished the area. it was a total blast. i love how it's a metroidvania game, but the level design does an excellent job pointing you in the right direction, without it being overly obvious.
  5. Hulu has a new movie called Run. don't watch the trailer. just see the movie. it has sarah paulson. it's really fucking good!
  6. Yup! HDR and the downsampled 6K. Very pretty! But the level design feels like it’s been greatly improved!
  7. I’m really trying to like gears 5. The dated controls really hurt. I’m definitely enjoying the improved visuals, though. Now Ori and The Will of the Wisps is amazing! It’s better than the first in every way.
  8. I got a series X. It doesn’t make a sound and its form factor is less obnoxious than pS5’s. But like PS5, you really have to make sure the exhaust air isn’t boxed in, since it’s hot! Both systems feel extremely cool, though. The games look great on it. I’ve played ori 2, fh4 and gears 5. But none of them stack up to Mikes Morales or Demon’s Souls, in terms of “next gen” visuals. Also, the dualsense has spoiled me. I’d say Astrobot is the most next gen game I’ve played. Long term, I think the series X will be great and I can’t wait to play a new Forza on it.
  9. And I thought you were leaving “I’m leaving guys”.....(posts several hours later)
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