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  1. i liked korn when they first came out. then it was all downhill.
  2. i would sooooo love a switch 2. i just need a bit more power. some of those games are rough af in handheld mode.
  3. it's still an opinion, hence it's subjective lol.
  4. and you aren't? lol. i'm not saying you are. however, there's no correlation between intelligence and subjective views of a game lol. for me, i don't think i'll ever play another souls-like game. if i did, i would probably start at the beginning with the demon's souls remake.
  5. Actually, I’ve heard quite a few people say the same. Different strokes. Your opinion isn’t absolute.
  6. He used to make sexual comments about user’s kids. He can fuck off.
  7. That’s almost word for word what another friend told me. +1
  8. I hear ds3 is more refined than 1.
  9. I have heard Dark Souls 3 was From’s best game (excluding bloodborne). Do you agree?
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