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  1. i can tell the difference between 4k and 1080p, when i scale down a video to fit in 1080p sequence. it looks extra crisp. on my my 5k monitor, i don't see the same thing with 8k (in a 4k sequence). i'm sure it will be great for movie theaters, though (if they don't die out lol).
  2. i didn't hide the posts, but a banned was issued. 0 tolerance for politics on the main board.
  3. @Hot Sauce I made it to the hydra. While still early, I’m impressed by how deep the game is. The dash perks are godly
  4. Oh yeah! I was a badass...until meg lol. Man, this game is awesome! And I usually don’t like this kind of genre.
  5. Oh shit. I feel like I have the gameplay flow now. Fuck..this game is gorgeous. Love the characters too.
  6. Bro...maybe I suck...but Is it common to die a lot? Holy shit.
  7. I just bought Hades. I’ve heard nothing but great things, so I hope I like it too
  8. If Xbox can count last year’s 7’s as series x launch titles, this is clearly a 2020 AAA banger.
  9. he does. it's says "mon"when flaccid...and monster" when erect
  10. no i'm gearing up for gears 5 for series x...a 2019 game
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