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  1. nice visuals, but it looks pointless and retarded.
  2. i know man. i'll play plague tale first, then rabbids.
  3. totally getting fear effect vibes from this!
  4. that looks really cool! yeah, i'll have to get it for mac (some other adventure games too).
  5. they aren't for everyone. they are all imperfect in their own ways. yet, they still resonated with me a lot. the trilogy is still one of my favorite video game experiences.
  6. they clearly re-watched fast & the furious tokyo drift.
  7. tru dat. i watched some vids of the latest update. it looks night/day better than it did on ps5/series x back in 2020. they really should have delayed the game.
  8. yeah, i may wait for it to hit $10 during black friday. i have plague tale and mario rabbids soon.
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