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  1. A lot of credit goes to Xbox one X. Sony had to offer a comparable level of BC with the ps5.
  2. 1 was great on the 3DS because of the 3D mist. The non-action parts oozed atmosphere.
  3. Nvm. I clicked overview and the forum showed up. So you guys can make new topics great club title
  4. I created a forum. I see it in the desktop version, but not in the mobile. Weird
  5. I loved my vita so much. So many amazing niche Japanese games. The proprietary memory cards killed it. Dumb move.
  6. meanwhile, i continue to love you.
  7. what's up homie? good to see you here!
  8. though, i think most people still gaming on xbox do so for gamepass (which includes live). still, it's a dick move.
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