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  1. Watching M.F.A. @Twinblade I think it will be up your alley
  2. The first one had an amazing first half and intro. The second half was meh. I didn’t care for the sequels.
  3. Awesome game, especially if you like puzzles and adventure titles.
  4. possibly. so far, there has been no direct connection between the vaccine and blood clots.
  5. -GD-X


    yeah, i don't know a single young person who gives a fuck about that pedo-looking prince.
  6. -GD-X


    rap royalty > racist royalty
  7. yup. even we (a local station) are saying it's extremely rare and that people who have gotten the JJ vaccine shouldn't be panicking. we did list some symptoms that should get checked out, if they last over a week, though.
  8. truth. and it's women who are getting them. they are more likely to get blood clots from any kind of hormone treatment (menopause/pregnancy).
  9. if that's true, they done gone goofed (unless they bought them).
  10. Antichrist was a striking and twisted piece of art, but a terrible movie lol. I haven’t seen melancholia.
  11. HA! i know chicks in their late 30's and early 40's who still do that. some aren't even that hot. i just shake my head. she looks like more like 25.
  12. wait, she's 21? shiii i thought she was like 30. her face isn't bad. i bet she looks good done up. still, unless she's looking for a hookup, she's going to have to lower her standards a bit.
  13. no doubt. i've played a bit. it will definitely please most fans of the original games. i have lost interest in the franchise (i liked the game, at first, but got sick of it).
  14. that was hilarious! she does have a nice body, though! the sweatshirt threw me off.
  15. https://www.ign.com/articles/oddworld-soulstorm-review i'm expecting a 6 or 7 from GS.
  16. Yeah...it’s definitely an experience. Btw, rewatching spit on your grave 2. Still ownage. I will rewatch3 too since
  17. @madmaltese did you ever watch Antichrist? That movie had some fucked up scenes. btw, yeah, martyrs was amazing!
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