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  1. I don’t see the problem with it. TV shows have been doing it for decades. Hell, the best season of homeland (season 1) made me sympathetic towards “the enemy”… Also, games have been evolving on a cinematic level, so I have 0 issues with this. It may be that you read/watch too much news and/or discuss politics in various chats. Therefore, I can see you wanting to avoid this stuff, when you actively disconnect from those other outlets.
  2. yeah, he probably went there to try to figure out what to do, got fucked up one day/night, and just killed himself.
  3. hmmm possibly. however, anyone who's familiar with florida's gators and trails will be able to avoid them. like, there are trails where you are safe, and others where you aren't. they are pretty well known.
  4. he probably killed himself and then was eaten away.
  5. he's dead https://www.tmz.com/2021/10/21/gabby-petito-brian-laundrie-found-dead-florida-remains/
  6. Possibly. It’s just not a common thing, especially with someone who has experience with Florida’s trails.
  7. it's rare for a gator to eat a human, though. edit: but it's definitely happened. it would be a sweet twist.
  8. i should have locked the thread earlier, but i was oddly amused by it.
  9. next, they'll start making blood green in video games. oh wait...
  10. i mean...the changes are dumb. i don't see why they were removed. still, they are so minor, i don't know why people are so upset by it. if they don't like the changes, don't support the release.
  11. i think i would destroy my switch my brother-in-law was losing his shit with one of the bosses. no thanks. i suck at hard games now.
  12. Same. It’s like fast and the furious: uncharted edition.
  13. I’ve beaten Witcher 3 like three times. I’m good.
  14. Got my phone @ghostz. I love it!
  15. Seance on Shudder is like Mean Girls with a ghost story. It’s an amusing film.
  16. spot on! the funny part is...we're all friends with HR. we all made fun of her and her hr complaints
  17. yup she looks butchy too i thought she was a dyke
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