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  1. I think it’s such an under appreciated masterpiece. Easily in my top 3 last year.
  2. I’m LOVING this so far! Excellent suspenseful tone, sprinkled with dark humor..
  3. ok, i had 0 interest until i found out walton goggins was in it.
  4. i haven't tried it yet, but i bet it's amazing! it's crack in single-player mode.
  5. he never found the real killer
  6. i'm going to try roguebook. slay, as cool as it is, isn't as instantly gratifying. i need that dopamine lol.
  7. I got a free copy of Gigantic: Rampage Edition. I don’t really like multiplayer games, but fuck it. I watched some vids, and the combat looks fun.
  8. I still have to play the expansions. Getting the plat for the base game took a lot out of me I’ll give it a go when it drops, though. Amazing game!
  9. i still haven't watched it. i need one unwatched season in the bank.
  10. i tried out the Minishoot Adventure demo. the game is dope!
  11. i will get GP for that. it looks purty
  12. I took this photo of my dad’s dog with a $300/$400 kit lens, just to see if it’s worth keeping. Overall, in even lower light (only an f/4 lens), it does a solid job, and has a pretty nice range (18mm - 105mm). I think I’m going to keep this lens. It’ll be great for vacations.
  13. The neutral grip dumbbell press helped me a lot when I had shoulder issues. Another tip is doing floor bench press. You are guaranteed to never go too deep, making things favorable for shoulder health. However, since getting into place can be a bit awkward, this is where I would recommend higher reps and lower weight (8-12 reps).
  14. Try neutral grip dumbbell press. They are easy on the shoulders. as for stiff legged DLs, I definitely feel it more in the hamstrings.
  15. I like stiff legged deadlifts more. You don’t need much weight, and you really feel it in the glutes and hammies. If you are going to make DLs a regular thing, I would do a more minimalist program, mainly doing squat/lunge, bench press, row and deadlift exercises. You can add a set of light shoulder press and pull ups too, as finishers, but the first 4 should be your bread and butter. Stick to slow and controlled reps ( 4-7 per set). High reps are going to drain you, but you can do 8-12 reps if you prefer. As for arms, they will get big if you are doing compound lifts correctly. Once
  16. @Twinblade did the tag work? i'm on a 4 day upper/lower split. a mix of weights and calisthenics
  17. how is this on steam deck? i would give it another shot since i think it would probably make a cool portable title.
  18. I’m on the road a lot now. So, mobile gaming has satiated my gaming fix. It’s kind of cool because I went from being a graphics whore to being more into titles with interesting gameplay loops. Some of these games have ultra retro graphics. However, I do plan on playing the Elden Tree DLC on my PS5. Actually, I can’t imagine playing any big AAA title on the SD or on any of the mobile devices. I’m very realistic with the platform’s limitations. Eventually, I will move my Steam library to PC.
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