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  1. Or we’ve already covered the anti-consumer policies with Sony, hence why I stated I’m discontinuing my service once my current card expires.
  2. It’s definitely an enhanced last gen multiplat.
  3. I don’t care about HP, but this looks fun
  4. Yasss! I would love to see a 15-ish hour campaign by them. They are clearly talented devs.
  5. No way!!! Then again, I hear No Man’s Sky is pretty great now, after all of the updates.
  6. It had a stellar streak, where it was getting a lot of great games pretty quickly. But yeah, it all came to a screeching halt. It’s still a great deal for most gamers, since it has a solid back catalog. However, I’m currently not a subscriber.
  7. God damn that Saul mid-season finale owned. Some outstanding performances
  8. you tap where you want to go. it's pretty great, actually.
  9. yeah, i'm close to the end. i love the snake puzzles a lot! it truly is a nice little surprise! i gotta give apple arcade credit for turning me on to it. the touch controls were actually well executed.
  10. @Cooke the new bob moses album OWNS! it goes dark: even hits hard (dat bass): yet, still has its signature sound
  11. I loved that one so much! The puzzles are a lot of fun, once you get past the easier ones. I like how each area is pretty open.
  12. I feel like this can be adapted into a horror game YouTube channel, catering to obscure games.
  13. I’m playing The Last Campfire on my iPhone. This game is awesome! edit: it’s on switch and ps4 too. @Twinblade this is so up your alley.
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