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  1. @Hot Sauce completed my second full run. Piece of cake. I love how the game entices you to keep playing. Fucking brilliant!
  2. I’m just hooking up with 1 reliable who is safe (the other 2 bar hop too much). I haven’t used tinder or bumble since March. I miss random hookups but I still don’t like wasting my time. I won’t drive to a chick I’ve never seen via FaceTime. Helll no. I’m picky af
  3. For real! Got burnt once. Never again
  4. I will NEVER meet a girl unless we FaceTime
  5. I let one “flake out” go if it seems genuine. I won’t waste my time if it happens again. I say, move on to someone else. Either she’s catfishing you, or is just using you for an ego boost.
  6. God damn, Hades is a GOTY contender. It’s the kind of game, where you want to keep playing after you beat it (the story continues; still so much to discover) @Hot Sauce
  7. Marky Wahlberg as sully = fail Bruce Campbell would have been perfect. He was essentially Sully-esque in Burn Notice.
  8. Yeah, I saw what I did wrong. I’m going to try and beat him now. Oh, I bought the
  9. I respect tb’s opinion. We actually tend to like/dislike a lot of the same games While I absolutely love it, I don’t think he will. It is basically a grindfest (I know how much he hates grinding). Fortunately, I don’t mind it (Here), since there’s enough variety with weapons/upgrades. Also, the game oozes personality. I love all of the characters. I’m also enjoying the RPG elements. However, what’s impressed me the most, is the number of surprises the game throws at you. So many unexpected characters you don’t meet in earlier runs. Lastly, seeing my structural improvements actually help my run
  10. Ya. Hooked on it! I ordered a pro controller, because the joycons are cramping up my hands.
  11. heads up: let's keep borat in the political forum, since it's bound to stir up political convo. thanks.
  12. Oh, and I love how the shadowed weapon is the one to run with, and all of the different power ups. Ha, one god got pissed because I favored another
  13. Beat the hydra in hades. This game if you go into each run with a goal (in this case, I’m after keys), it’s such a blast. I love all of the character interactions. The dialog is so fucking good. It’s like....dying isn’t so bad because you’ll have a bunch of new convos before your next run.
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