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  1. Should this be an official thread, since a handful of us are playing it?
  2. do you have to play the first twewy to appreciate the 2nd?
  3. same bro. i did it for 3 and 4. i bought my og xbone when 2 released. it wasn't as big of a franchise then, so i think there was only the $60 version. i, naturally, got it when it released. this has been my favorite racing franchise since the first one.
  4. yeah, it ran great on the basic xbone. playground games are some of the best devs.
  5. this will be a site to behold on my series x. i bought the $99 ultimate edition, so I can play this 4 days sooner (plus, the dlc will be SICK!) that's how hyped i am.
  6. for real! i was so blown away by the e3 showing.
  7. like...i want to platinum persona 5 royal, so i have that game on my ps5. i also have persona 5s (yes, persona is my favorite franchise lol) i'd like to give ratchet a second playthrough, as well. but i, typically, delete a game once i'm done. back in the day, i'd beat a game like 3 or 4 times in one year (uncharted 2, for example). oh....i still have the mass effect collection on my series x...because i know i'll play it again next year. i just love that franchise.
  8. lol never. once i beat a game, i delete it, unless i know i'll play it a second time.
  9. yasss! you know a franchise is incredible when it even gets ME to play an online game!
  10. man, i can't wait for us to have our forza club again you guys made some tricky challenges! ha, i remember making one that required massive cheating to complete
  11. No doubt. I’ll usually follow friend recommendations or use reviews for genres/franchises I’m not too familiar with.
  12. Reviews are mainly used as SW ammo. I have loved tons of flops, while being unable to get into many AAA games.
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