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  1. Words with friends. It’ll be a horror film, where an obsessed soccer mom stalks the 14 year-old boy who keeps beating her.
  2. i think mario will do well, overall, but i just don't think it will be for me. visuals aside, the trailer was meh. i enjoyed the sonic films because jim carrey killed it as robotnik.
  3. don't worry. jimbo no longer posts here.
  4. i can see that. i went into it with 0 expectations. i think i got it for like $9.99. so, it felt more like an easy action-adventure game with subtle rpg elements.
  5. yup. it was easy af. the game was charming, though. i do remember that. i think i had a family in it. i can't remember. it's been a long time.
  6. yup, though i still enjoyed my 8 hours RPG lol. i couldn't believe how short it was.
  7. hard pass. vr usually makes me sick. though, i would like to try out gt 7. still, at $599, i don't see myself getting much use out of it.
  8. That was impressive! I look forward to seeing more!
  9. -GD-X


    Man, those pricier bikes are awesome. So fucking light
  10. -GD-X


    Not all heroes wear capes
  11. It had a solid enough conclusion. Season 2 starts off solid, then ditches almost everything good about the first.
  12. Yeah, the deals make them enticing, even if they lack interesting new features.
  13. Sexify season 1 had Sex Education vibes, and was fun and likable. Lots of hot naked women too. Season 2 is so awful. Fortunately, the season is short. I’m going to finish it to see just how much worse it can get. This maybe the worst sophomore effort I’ve seen lol.
  14. A great setup episode of The Last Of Us. Pedro and Bella continue to build the Joel/Ellie dynamic, and it feels organic. I also dug the nods to the game. Next week’s episode looks wild.
  15. Ha that’ll be even worse I played some cool portal-like game that was black and white.the puzzles were awesome, but I almost vomited playing it lol.
  16. The Witcher’s first episode edit: you could see that the trees were painted
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