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  1. I Think You Should Leave is so retarded, yet oddly funny. Very hit or miss, but it’s bizarrely funny when it connects.
  2. I get migraines from grapes too, though.
  3. The second half is so gory and crazy, that I’m glad I stuck with it lol.
  4. I get migraines from dark chocolate. So, I’ll grab chocolate from the vending machine, usually peanut M&Ms.
  5. Nah. Regular milk chocolate.
  6. Sugar is fine. I eat chocolate every day. However, the bulk of my foods are salmon, almonds, chicken, eggs (I eat 4 every morning), some fruits and vegetables, a serving or two of oysters weekly (optimal for zinc) and plenty of carbs.
  7. Sleep is ridiculously important. Lack of sleep can cause low T levels.
  8. I just watched the weirdest slasher film called Sissy. Weird af
  9. I think it looks fantastic. The ray traced water, added building detail and faster speeds through the city all come together nicely.
  10. Ya, they’ve been on a roll. I haven’t really purchased many of their newer releases, but Dragon’s Dogma 2 looks wild.
  11. I thought it looked like what I expected (similar to pc version with added effects). Still, I don’t see myself getting this day 1. I’ll wait for it to be on sale.
  12. Ohh I only saw the first season with my ex wife lol. I don’t remember the cast. But yeah, he was great and his “wife” is stunning! I watched some stupid show because she was in it.
  13. Oh I didn’t mind the crazy ending. It was fun seeing them as nut jobs. The mind games early on were great, though.
  14. @Twinblade check out Who Invited Them on Shudder. It’s a fun Funny Games-like movie. edit: and Perry Mattfield is so hot
  15. pancake optics? sounds like a fancy term for FLOP
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