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  1. Just some piece and quiet. I got crazy dating drama going on. I kinda done gone goofed.
  2. Nice! I’ll add it to the list then. I love BioWare stories (loved the ME trilogy - even 3)
  3. The main games I want are re 2, metro, and possibly farcry
  4. Is anthem story-driven or just multiplayer?
  5. Excellent review and spot on!
  6. The finale is like..wow! They always know how to switch shit up.
  7. Same. But damn, that was a great 3 hours. I’m going to replay it.
  8. So I finished the game. I absolutely loved it. I think the blue level is where the game became epic. I loved how the puzzles felt natural too, and progressed accordingly.
  9. Yeah, the intro had these long stretches where you just run. Fortunately, that’s just the first 15-30 min. What color are you up to?