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  1. Schitt’s Creek is pretty funny. I hated the pilot, but the show gets a lot better as it progresses.
  2. There are many brilliant moments in the movie...just a few messy ones too.
  3. Exactly. It runs great on the ps3, so it would look nice on the switch.
  4. golf story was my favorite, followed by celeste.
  5. So I watched Us. It’s not as good as Get Out, in terms of being an entertaining movie, but it’s a better conversation piece. I wound recommend a viewer to go into it expecting a twilight zone-esque movie, with horror and humor sprinkled into it. There are some big twists, but I figured them all out way before the reveals. Still, I enjoyed watching them unfold. I need to watch it a second time, because there are few nagging, potential plot hole, issues. Nothing major at all. It’s just the OCD in me. I give it a 3 out of 4.