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  1. i have a fleshlight somewhere on the floor.
  2. yeah, it was before my time, but my mom got me into it. great finale too.
  3. that's like an 8 or 9 with xbox standards. i expected a 4 tbh.
  4. i died when i saw that earlier
  5. working in a major local news market, i can say i've seen cases where Hydroxychloroquine has been effective, and where it hasn't. however, that is the case with most new drugs. i don't see anything wrong with tb's enthusiasm for Hydroxychloroquine. hell, i hope it can maybe lead to a more effective treatment. bottom line: we won't truly know what works until maybe 6 - 12 months from now. right now, there are so many drugs being tested, too many to list in the mainstream media. on a side note, if i was dying from covid-19, and a doctor has Hydroxychloroquine, i would take it. i mean, what do i have to lose?
  6. @ghostz you can finally post a face pic!
  7. it would be great if it's even less. however, this is fantastic news and i'm glad to see that the social distancing has been effective. i wish it had been done sooner, but at least it's mostly in full effect.