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  1. ya. that's why i need to see the gameplay. like a lot of it. i bet RT will really bring out those puddles and reflections, though.
  2. the exterior does look better, as a still. i will need to see more in motion. also, i hope they finally add new areas. wtf?
  3. eh, racing games are hitting the diminishing returns mark.
  4. as for gt, i didn't really pay attention to it, since i like forza way more.
  5. forza didn't really look amazing, so i can see it matching those visuals. it looks like a slightly improved 7. if anything, the final game will look better.
  6. lol check out his - "Hi SW - I was just arrested 2 days ago by the police for drug possession and have my Court date in a month." - thread . a real winner
  7. rewatching bill & ted 1 and 2 to get pumped for 3. 2 still sucks balls lol.
  8. oooh shit. amazon upped my arrival date to next week now we don't have to lug our other one from place to place.
  9. at least you have fun with your fanboyism
  10. DC is the Karen of video games.