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  1. just watched the vid. it looks awesome!
  2. waItC and X'd-box gamers consoling each other. how cute!
  3. yeah, especially since season 2 has been excellent. they take jabs at woke culture and superhero tropes. fucking genius stuff!
  4. ps4 with a stealth AAA exclusive. meanwhile, xbox.....well......um....
  5. jesus....devs really don't give a fuck about xbox anymore. then again, buyers stopped caring too.
  6. bestbuy still has it. i just got it. i'll flip it when it's out of print.
  7. So, is the type too small for handheld play?
  8. oh damn, and it has 50 hours of gaming too. sooo getting!
  9. persona 5 royal and the last of us 2....the 2 highest scoring games of the year. ps4
  10. nah, it's very good, with some excellent callbacks. however...the cliffhanger at the end felt it was ripped from a soap opera. i didn't care for that. however, i like the stage that was set for season 3.
  11. i literally finished both seasons in one sitting. so much fun, especially since i loved the first movie.
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