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  1. god damn it sony! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8043325/Top-CDC-official-says-parents-need-prepare-tele-schooling-coronavirus-pandemic.html?fbclid=IwAR3pEw4m3ke1atO-R7fXx1O5Zr3orC_503dKQtOkekHhRRGIN5Uocw63sqA
  2. that was awesome! and hamilton is amazing! it's awesome to see daveed diggs in the vid (original performer) btw, he was in my 2018 movie of the year:
  3. lol if they did. that ship sank years ago.
  4. apparently, a nitric oxide treatment is also being tested out.
  5. multiple sources have confirmed it.
  6. i didn't see this post. that's sharp. i hope it's real.
  7. i hope there's an all black version.
  8. south florida has been doing a great job too. miami-dade county mayor carlos gimenez, for example, has been on the ball.
  9. it looks like it will probably have solid gameplay, but the backgrounds look so generic. too much gray and brown. hopefully, we will see some diversified levels today.
  10. -GD-

    Slav Thread

    your new sex slave?
  11. I wonder where the boat is docked
  12. -GD-

    Slav Thread

    They look like products of inbreeding.
  13. For real man! They’ve been my favorite genre this gen.
  14. I never gave the original 7 a chance, so I’m looking forward to it. But yeah man, I’m hooked all over again on p5. There’s lots of new dialogue with the supporting characters, so you feel even more connected to them.
  15. Already 20 hours into persona 5 R. I’m loving every minute of it. I love the new area they added too. There’s so much freedom, in terms of how you can spend your spare time. Also, there are more incentives.
  16. Better Call Saul pumped out one of its best, tense and most unique episodes. It was directed by Vince himself, and it’s magic!