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  1. ya. there's a 20 year-old i've been hanging it out with. my old habits are back.
  2. "i didn't murder anybody. they died from terminal stupidity." punisher season 2
  3. sounds about right. maybe 87 on meta.
  4. Amy from season 2 of the punisher is sexy. Only 21 in rl too
  5. stfu flab abs. go back to your pedo site.
  6. lmfao @ the comments you should be ashamed of yourselves. You have children following your pages online. These sexual acts belong on an adult rated website, not Peta. You are filthy and disgusting. how would you like some stranger acting like a carrot is his penis right in front of your kid? No. There needs to be a line and making sexual innuendos in front of minors crosses it. Wud your opinion change if the veggies were used 2 portray guns/shootings, sexual assaults or other violent acts? Just veggies, man! Relax!
  7. i can't stand peta, but that was actually hilarious!
  8. John Bernthal would be the perfect Joel if they made a Last of Us movie.
  9. Nice! Punisher weekend And yeah, @Twinblade, the German one.
  10. Rewatched Pandorum. I forgot how much of a guilty pleasure this flick is. It’s like event horizon meets the descent, in case you haven’t seen it.
  11. Holy shit. I hate fighting games, but these fatalities are sexy af.
  12. she's gorgeous and has incredible music! blue jeans
  13. victoria justice. i met her last year at work. she's even more stunning in person. cool af too.
  14. this time, john wick dies and the dog gets revenge.
  15. -GD-


    make me a sandwich, sugartits.
  16. yup. the ship tomb had a really cool vibe to it, and it was fun.