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  1. Watched ep 5 of the mandalorian. It was too short and felt like filler. It’s my least favorite one, so far.
  2. Mixed bag. Though, the serial killer part was amazing!
  3. Yeah, it was the perfect blend of camp and horror. As for the season before, it’s like an extension of coven, but episode 5 is an awesome revisit to murder house. As for cult..it just fell apart in many ways.
  4. was lis 2 better than lis 1? i liked lis 1, but a few eps were meh.
  5. ha it's the opposite for me. once the brutal summers come here, that's when i game.
  6. shit, i have yet to play control, astral chain, plague's tale, and star wars. those look great, though.
  7. so true. dumb dumb dumb. all sony has to do next gen is release a powerful console with a variation of the d3 controller. that's it. make the system $399 and release great exclusives...and it will be an easy win.
  8. yeah...at the expense of having a 4 hour battery lol
  9. never watched the original. i was just hoping you were gay so i could fuck your mouth.
  10. i'm surprised scarlett johansson isn't the lead in mulan.
  11. ha true. i think ign sucks, in general (solid movie/tv reviews, though). still, switch had a killer year.
  12. nothing really. i either gave away or sold most of my games. there are titles i want to get around to (mlb the show 2019/star wars/life is strange 2/outer worlds/etc), but i'll get and play them when i have the time.
  13. it ends way too quickly, but it was still a blast!
  14. he's playing multiplats exclusively on scarlett