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  1. i'm out of the loop. so is amd better than intel again? (like in 2004/2005)
  2. it's 2019 all over again!
  3. i remember the iphone version looking better than this vid. did it get a downgrade?
  4. it got better as it went on. it's a solid foundation.
  5. well, considering the ps4 is the most successful system, i'm sure it will be well optimized
  6. cdpr is making it so that it can be played on the lowest common denominator - the xbone. the OG platforms, along with the pc, will net the biggest sales. cdpr doesn't care about fanboy wars lol.
  7. msoft is all about multiplat volume now.
  8. it will be $1 via gamepass. no need for pirating. gamepass is the new app store.
  9. nice. i won't need a new xbox to play it either.