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  1. For some reason, the registration page isn’t working for me
  2. i think that style of hip hop will come back. some modern artists don't even use the trap sound. kendrick barely ever has the rapid fire hi-hats and pitched snare rolls. don't get me wrong, i love a sick trap beat. but i am old school at heart.
  3. just because bobby d is my GOAT. some of his rips are awesome
  4. i'd like to put this to the test, and see how it works with 1ms latency at the station i work at.
  5. WOW...that looks amazing!
  6. that is pretty cool. i wonder if the pc aspect helped with the port. it is pretty impressive they were able to get this on the switch.
  7. while it's definitely a technical accomplishment, there's no way i could play this on the switch. it just looks too compromised. hell, even the ps4/xbo versions were compromised.
  8. yeah, i'd be fine with just one console. i would definitely lean toward the ps4, but switch would be a close second (even with the joycon fiasco). xbox has 0 identity now. in general, video games are fun, but i could live without them if i had to.
  9. that was one of your better posts, so +1
  10. Winters here are awesome. Come down here and I’ll show you some badass places. You’ll love Wynwood.
  11. I took a sick pic of the intracoastal the other night with my phone
  12. I played the console version, so I’m pretty much baiting lol