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  1. OLED means better battery life and a better display all around. This is a mid gen refresh for the Switch, AKA a pro model and not the Super Nintendo Switch. Devs kits are already in the wild.
  2. And you thought I was trolling. I tried to warn you that the PC version has game breaking bugs
  3. Nintendo recently had an event, Sony followed soon after. MS - nah we got no games coming anytime soon
  4. How is him telling you to improve your social skills an "excuse"? 😐
  5. Bowser's Fury is new game that comes with a port of 3D World I will enjoy my 12 months of exclusivity while you continue to wait 🤣 😂
  6. You quoted my conversation with slow Jonny so yes it was a comparison to Xbox dumbo. Bowser's Fury is not a port you dense clown.... 3D world is the port. Enjoy waiting over a year for the vanilla version 😂🤣
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