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  1. Switch version launched in a better state than the Xbox1 version launched that...... and it's in a better state than the Xbox1 version is right now
  2. A launch day crash here and there which will be fixed ....... Meanwhile the Switch version at LAUNCH runs better than the Xbox version which has been out for months XB1 with those sustained drops to the low 50s (52 fps to 53 fps)...... YIIIKKKES
  3. The Switch verision launched months earlier and was optimized AT LAUNCH. They probably spent the time optimizing the PC and PS4 versions and didn't touch the 1X version during the delay
  4. Developers aren't even trying to optimize Xbox games before launch anymore
  5. again there you go fantasizing about a man being a woman.... you love trannies don't you?
  6. Tranny Sex was the first thing that came to your mind... you have been dreaming about this day haven't you?
  7. The motion and pointer controls in Galaxy were actually very well implemented.
  8. but you said Sony couldn't afford to go below 600 because because they're not as rich as Microsoft....
  9. MS is boasting about a 10 second wait time?
  10. Did you just say that if they know why.... that means they automatically know how to fix it (and fix it efficiently?) This is actually worse than what you said before "If you know WHY its happening, then fixing it isn't an issue" .... Bawa haha Yes it's still an issue EVEN WHEN YOU KNOW WHY.... system resources still aren't unlimited you dense fuck.. Not only that... you can fix the issue and make EVERYTHING ELSE WORSE by creating a worse bug.... or you can fix one issue and create 10 more. So yes.. its more about knowing h
  11. Remij doesn't understand the difference between KNOWING WHY something is happening and a) KNOWING HOW TO FIX IT b) Knowing how to fix it efficiently. Those are three different things in software development brah. "bbbut they don't know why"
  12. Yes they know why.... a console is a closed box with system documentation out the wazoo... Error code document out the ass. It's not about knowing why it's happening..... knowing why your code is crashing or knowing why it's taking up too many system resources is not a mystery to any developer. "bbbbut they don't know why" lmfao its about figuring out how to best utilize the system resources available to achieve X in the most efficient manner.....that seperates the men from the boys and this is the phase of development the game is at.
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