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  1. Why didn't you think about that when you claimed that Switch would fall off a cliff after the Holidays? PS4 is about to enter it's 5th year and is the best selling system so far this year.... Xbox1 is about to enter its 5th and had been the worse selling console since Switch launched.
  2. How would you see it? Once something is cleaned up you won't see it anyway. The fact that the board is kept relatively clean and there aren't a ton of spam threads means the mods are doing a good job.
  3. Healthcare is a necessity, how do you think you survived prenatal stage, through birth, through childhood to adult hood.... Did you have a magic protection spell? and how do you think you will survive once you become a senior citizen? Heathcare, Social Security and Retirement. Unemployment is also a necessity, you work for 18 an hr... god forbid you lose your job tomorrow and need to stay above water till you find another one.
  4. More in depth numbers for the last two months. Switch weekly hardware sales avg actually increased in July compared to June. The June total was more than July because NPD tracked 5 weeks for June. Switch on avg has been selling approx 65K a week for the last two moths consistently XB1 weekly avg for the month of July was 38K. Basically Switch approximately outsold Xbox1 by 2:1 for July on a weekly basis Code: Xbox One 152K MOM = -41% YOY = +16% Weekly average Xbox One June: 256K / 5 = 51,200 Xbox One July: 152K / 4 = 38,000 -26% Code: PS4 187K MOM = -50% YOY = -14% Weekly average PS4 June: 377K / 5 = 75,400 PS4 July: 187K / 4 = 46,750 -38% Code: Switch 262K MOM = -19% YOY = +18% Weekly average Switch June: 323K / 5 = 64,600 Switch July: 262K / 4 = 65,500 +1%
  5. https://www.resetera.com/threads/the-witcher-3-xbox-one-x-broken-since-march-still-no-fix-announced.62632/
  6. You hated on this game for years. look at you now Have they fixed all the glitches that were introduced on the X with the match update to Witcher 3?
  7. the intial scenario planning for BOTW was done with an internal 2d Zelda maker that they already have in place. that would be epic if they release a commercial version for consumers.
  8. I heard that's coming too. But a 3d version and a 2d Zelda maker.
  9. the rumor I heard is that its a collection of all the NSMBs
  10. and yet you expected Scorpio to outsell base Xbox1/s and PS4 Pro... we didn't forget all those bold Scorpio sales predictions threads you made
  11. Switch has been outselling Xbox1 since Switch launched and is in pace to surpass Xbox1 by the end of 2019.