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  1. Nah the 80s has the 90s beat Nightmare on elm Street The Terminator Platoon Tron Indiana Jones Escape from NY High Lander The Goonies The breakfast club Young Guns Big Trouble in little China Untouchables Beetle Juice Road House Romancing the Stone The Abyss Scarface Batman Predator Return of the Jedi Bloodsport Mad Max Kick Boxer Karate Kid The running man Rocky Rambo Commando Ghost Busters Jewel of the Nile Cyborg Back to the Future
  2. So after all that BSing you finally admit Ratchet does currently have the best graphics
  3. While true, reviews have also saved from me from purchasing games that previewed well but was a total disaster on release. Its not so much the score per se but the content of the review and how detailed it is about the aspects of the game itself Some reviews are puff pieces filled with fluff and buzzwords, while other's are actually pretty good and give you insight on a title before you purchase.
  4. Sheep have always gotten Ace Attorney games day 1. Its a big deal for those who don't normally get these titles at all or day 1
  5. When Tom Brady had a make American great again hat, I heard none of this from you or the right about now he should keep his politics out of sportsm As soon as he makes one little joke about Trump you snowflakes get your panties in a bunch... Triggered so easily😂🤣
  6. WTF are you talking about? One, Tom Brady didn't kneel. Two he made a joke and look at the reaction by you clowns.... the right are the real snowflakes and this election loss proved that. He cracked a joke on both Trump and Biden.... guess which base is the only one up in arms about it..... The right because they're all pussies. You guys can't accept reality of losing, so they run with the election fraud nonsense and also storm the capitol to try to stop the certification of it. Bunch of snowflake cry babies Pandemic sports nu
  7. Still can't believe this was your first response to this.... disgusting
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