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  1. The 2nd hand cow LemiJ is mad and raging, look at him go Keep waiting on hoping for day and date... "Any day now I swearz it "
  2. Animation looks great... My son will love this
  3. I didn't say its their fault..but Sony is taking full advantage of this new user base available to them. What im saying is Hermits will purchase it again on PC even though they just recently bought the port on PC.
  4. They most likely will continue the traditional series for those people that like the old way of playing it. And keep the legends series that Arceus was apart of for the new gameplay ideas etc. Either way not getting either, not a Pokémon fan.
  5. You mean hermits that own PS5 are the ones who will double dip and pay again full price for the PC version....like they're going to do with Horizon 1. Bought the orginal PC port and now they're going to purchase the PC remaster to get the best "master race version" Sony has literally started doing remasters of remasters and remasters of games that were just ported to PC.
  6. You will wait years and pay full price for old ports and love it... Sony played this masterfully... Hermits are celebrating being 2nd hand cows
  7. Let's wait and see which Big AAA Sony games comes to PC within a year. Sony is conditioning hermits to get excited to double dip at full price Sony got you second hand cows so excited that you're changing the meaning of at least to mean at most
  8. Biden gets things done.. No theatrics.. Or politics, no asking DeSantis to be loyal or you don't get federal aide.. No delaying the aide etc. Now mind you when Densantis was a senator, he voted NO to sending additional aide to NY after hurricane Sandy because it was a blue state.
  9. When you're solely focused on culture wars instead of actually governing.
  10. Here comes Ramza again coming in hot and wrong as always. Did you just say "Almost guaranteed to come WITHIN A YEAR?. "At least a year" doesn't mean within a year genius.. Lol No one is freaking out as this isn't new news. Sony already stated this from the start of this gen....live Services games day 1....other AAA games will not be day 1 on PC. Nothing has changed.
  11. It was said that way to hype up the PC crowd, Sony is conditioning them to be 2nd hand cows and they're chomping at the bit to pay full price the first time on PC or double dip and pay full price again for the PC version. Look how excited you are that nothing has changed... Still no day and date Now you have to WAIT and see if a A PS5 AAA exclusive will be ported to PC in at least a years time from the PS5 release
  12. Only on the minimum side, but it doesn't mean your maximum wait is 1 year. That's why he phrased it "at least" and not "the longest you'll wait is a year" Which comes back to what I said, the games still aren't day and date.
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