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  1. RE5 and RE6 did that, killed all the soul and became a soulless Zombie game. At the time RE4 needed to be different because the series had stagnated. The huge variety of enemy types, different gameplay mechanics and a multitude of innovations was exactly what the series needed at the point. If they had released another slow paced zombie jump scare game RE would have flamed out. The downside was that because RE4 was such a critically acclaimed hit, Capcom went overboard with the sequels (5and 6) and once again the series needed another jump start with RE7.
  2. So that works out to be twice in a twelve year span. Or once every 6 years...so you have two more years to wait.... sorry bro
  3. You've been saying this every year for the last 3 to 4 years and it never happens
  4. I expect a good e3 seeing as we didn't have one last year and tons of projects were delayed due to Covid19.
  5. Bought a new house early last year, savings took a hit because of that.. but it's still decent. Need to start investing more though... sold all my crypto a few years ago when everything crashed.... haven't jumped back in yet.
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