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  1. Xbox1 Exclusives AAe/AAAe games Watch Slow Jonny run away now, those three topics scare him the most...... well four now since he is afraid of talking about XCloud
  2. PC is not getting this... this is a Switch "Exclusive" No plans for other versions.... that's why cows and hermits are sooo mad
  3. You can't respond to the thread title and continue to bend over defending you butt buddy because you can't help yourself Slow Jonny literally wants to talk about anything but Xbox1
  4. I'm sure you saw all the threads I made about AA Exclusives, AAA exclusives, Xcluded, NPD threads etc. OH wait... Xbox has none of those an is currently flopping like a fish out of water and fell of an NPD cliff so you avoid those thread because "Exclusives don't matter" and "Switch will die any day now"
  5. Slow Jonny ran in to defend his butt body all while refusing to talk about XCloud... he's so ashamed about Xbox
  6. I know you're a slow motherfucker, but god damn bro this is a new one for you. I said you have almost the same amount if posts in the waaaay less time for that particular account. As far as time spent we both been here since 2005... I can guarantee you all your accounts in this site has more than 10X my post count..... sad fuck you STILL have yet to post about the actual thread title... you're not concerned about the actual thread topic.. you're only concerned with bending over for your butt buddy.
  7. He has no life and lives on these boards.... its really pathetic I have 19K in 14 years.... this guy already has 17K in less than 2 years. He is on pace to pass my 14 year post count by the end of this year
  8. on top of all the additional stuff they already added..... to add this on top of that? Wow.. The Amount of content added to the Switch version is insane
  9. Another incoming Nintendo Switch Banger.... bang bang Digital Foundry - "Platinum styled combat mixed with a little Deus Ex and a little Zelda" "Astral Chain is one ambitious project with a wider selection of unique ideas and gameplay concepts than any other Platinum title to date" NF : Astral Chain is the uncanny and not subtle combination of Platinum Games’ greatest hits: the fighting mechanics of Wonderful 101, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Bayonetta, with a lot of the tactical and visual elements of Neir: Automatica.
  10. I remember when X was shown and lemmings bought the dream that most games would be native 4K 60 by default because of secret sauce
  11. You have yet to post about the actual thread topic... instead you immediately bend over for your butt buddy DynamiteCop Your post count from your new Oct 2017 account that's only 1 year and 8 months old has almost as many posts as my original account that is 14 yrs old That's fucking pathetic bro... you basically have no life and live on this board
  12. apparently Lynux3 is a sheep now right slow Jonny?