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  1. The usage data most likely showed that less people actually use 8 controllers at once or whatever the max number was. That use case wasn't as common as they thought.
  2. Figure is the wrong word. They prioritized more controller connections over the blue tooth audio.
  3. None of the current consoles have blue tooth headset support. The blue tooth profile only allows a certain number of connections the Switch used the max number of 8 controllers to connect at the same time. They simply lowered the number of controllers allowed to be connect and to used that for blue tooth headphones.
  4. I rated them on overall library, sales and public perception. Didn't factor in my personal bias.
  5. still and increase. Twinblade said people were leaving in droves (record numbers) , you backed him up with preliminary data. California is the most populated state in America and it still saw further increases. With 39,538,223 residents, California remains the state with the most people As usual you are cluesless and do not actually read or source what you post (your chart clearly said estimates), then even after you realize it's prelim data you run with it as final data (you have shown a pattern for doing that) And then you double and tripl
  6. Let's look at RECENT articles based on the FINALIZED data shall we @Cooke You know the same finalized data I posted on page one. "Census 2020: California population grows 6%, becomes more diverse" The Golden State's population has expanded by about 2.3 million people over the past decade, with Los Angeles County holding onto its title as the nation's most populous. With 39,538,223 residents, California remains the state with the most people. And as the state has grown — expanding by 6.1% over the last 10 years
  7. In case you missed the final numbers. "The 2020 estimates will be superseded by the 2020 Census counts, which will be released in the near future." And those numbers actually showed an increase once it was finalized
  8. Just like you those articles are based on the estimates. The actual counts (which came later) superseded those estimates.
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