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  1. So it seems that Trump's guy barr will only release a summary of parts of the investigation that he so chooses and not the full report as well as no underlying documents that came with the report... lmfao. When that happens is the house will Subpoena Mueller to appear before congress to provide the full report to them as well as the underlying documentation. At that point it will be up to Congress to impeach or not impeach.
  2. The lack of self awareness from you is astounding.
  3. As far as consoles... This game is best on Pro confirmed. Not only does pro have an higher avg frame rate...... it also actually hits 60fps as the highest frame rate. Meanwhile the 1X NEVER gets to 60fps not once PS4 pro has been outperforming 1X on a consistent basis so far in 2019
  4. Just as I predicted.... Apple is copying this galaxy S10 feature. Watch Ghostz love this now that it will be on iPhone Oh and now the new airpods can use wireless charging through the case.... just like the Galaxy pods. Apple’s next iPhone might be able to wirelessly charge other devices Being able to wirelessly charge off of an iPhone would be useful, especially after Apple that the second generation of AirPods would come with a wireless charging case (as well as rumors that wireless Beats Powerbeats earbuds are coming) — a feature that would be extremely useful if your headphones or Apple Watch die while you’re out and about and away from a charger.
  5. Actually... you seem to forget how before the investigation Trump and the right was pushing the narrative that nothing happened.... no foreign power interfered in the election. Then as the investigation progressed the Narrative changed to... ok something happened.... but it could have been anyone but did not have to be Russia...... then it changed to... ok it was Russia.... but the Campaign and his cabinet had ZERO contact with Russia during the campaign. Then it changed to... ok... only those campaign officials and those members of Trump's cabinet maybe might have had contact.... but they never said they didn't. Then it changed to... oh wait they lied under oath about their involvement with Russia and they're getting indicted? .... ok... well it's only those senior campaign officials and senior members of his cabinet who knew and Trump knew nothing. Then it changed to....even if Trump did know... Collison is not a crime anyways. With over 34+ people indicted, the exposing of what Russia actually did and the exposure of all the rotten people in Trump's campaign and in his white house Cabinet who had collusionq with Russia and lied about it under oath .... and then we got to the final stretch of the investigation.. where they were looking into if a sitting president can be indicted.....and Trump's legal team were pushing the narrative that a sitting president cannot be indicted...... and now the investigation is complete..... and you guys are celebrating before the full report is made public? this was far from a WMD moment *footnote Let's not also not forget the pornstar shit that they claimed never happened. Then it changed to... ok it happened.. but we never paid her off. Then it changed to... ok... she was paid... but Trump knew nothing about it. Then it changed to.... oh you have a copy of the check that he used to repay Cohen?.... oh... well um...
  6. Asking you to give a concrete answer is a gotcha moment?
  7. you consider being specific about what you're saying on this topic as being baited into a Tangent?
  8. what exactly are you guys celebrating prematurely?
  9. but @Vini said Trump was tough on North Korea