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  1. old one on the left, new one on the right Definitely not the same.
  2. Only game anyone should play on Xbox1 is Forza guiz
  3. This is a GOTY thread.... something MS hasn't created since Halo 1 18 yrs ago
  4. Switch has won GOTY recently. An Xbox exclusive hasn't won GOTY in over a decade
  5. The only racing game anyone should play on Xbox1 is Forza and nothing else Like I said your damage control is hitting all time lows
  6. Yes.... long game MS dives deeper into being a 3rd party publisher/services provider. No need for Xbox hardware
  7. Yup... and one thing to also remember. .... The original rumor about Xbox games on Switch... which so far has been 100% (even the order of games was correct)... did say that Gamepass would come to Switch as well. We will see
  8. Cuphead last delicious course was already announced as Day 1, with Xbox1 and PC. Won't be surprised if ORI 2 launches on Switch soon after the Xbox release.
  9. Do you see anyone arguing that retard? You're literally making up your own points and arguing against it 58 fps Xbox1
  10. His Keyboard is drenched in tears while he types