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  1. Goukosan


    smells like old people in this thread. Wassup fellas?
  2. What do you mean hints at the PS5 design? the PS5 design is not complete as yet and they scrapped it because they didn't know you had to change the shape of the console this gen.... MS caught the sleeping when MS revealed a tower.... it's only logical Lemmings
  3. Hopefully the battery life isn't garbage like the DS4
  4. You're tired of being made a fool of, that's understandable
  5. That's should give us a clue to what the hardware design will look like. But according to lemming wet dreams Sony hasn't started as yet
  6. Yes they did and he said no
  7. "UK rejects Trump's offer to help with Boris Johnson's coronavirus treatment" "We're confident the prime minister is receiving the best possible care from the National Health Service. Any treatment he receives is a matter for his doctors," he said. lol @Twinblade the UK doesn't want Trump's snake oil
  8. flattening the curve has to do with hospital systems being overloaded. If and when the curve flattens it means that the hospital system can handle the capacity again. Right not it's overloaded and can't handle the amount of patients they're all receiving at once.