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  1. Switch sold the most hardware for Calendar Year 2018 in the United States. and continues to fall off a cliff Xbox1 also saw the largest console sales drop for Dec... Dat Growth Hardware Ratio Switch: 1 XBO: 0.52 PS4: 0.45 Other: 0.76 3DS: 0.19 YoY: Switch: +18% XBO: -32% PS4:-24% Other: +52% 3DS: -56% Dec Hardware Numbers. Switch: 1.77M XB1: 920K PS4: 797K NPD 2018 YTD Total NSW: 5640K PS4: 5330K XB1: 4340K
  2. You have the memory of a goat for real. In this same thread you already got raped.... came back for more?
  3. You're running out of Excuses. For 2018... more AAA exclusives on Switch than Xbox1. More AA Exclusives on Switch than Xbox1. Higher percentage of good games on Switch than Xbox1. and finally.... more physical releases on Switch on than Xbox1.
  4. Not only did Switch have a higher number of quality games and a higher percentage of quality games in 2018 compared to Xbox1. (Metacritic) Switch also had more physical releases at retail than Xbox1 in 2018 (NPD) .
  5. It's like you can't read Why do you always run from your own words Its just a friendly bet and you're already back peddling.
  6. Hey Retard... obviously if I im betting against 30fps... I don't think it will be 30fps. Dynamic Res with 60fps is my bet.... are you going to stand with your 30fps claim or nah?
  7. Hey those are your words. You can't stand by your own words?... Shameful?
  8. that deal was less than a month ago you dense clown
  9. The Bet is Sub 720 and 30fps. Seems you keep forgetting the AND 30FPS. Means both... doesn't mean either or
  10. Ok... so again if that's what you implied that's the same as... Sub 720p and 30fps. What's the issue? you said it.. So stand by your words. It's just a friendly wager.
  11. Sub 720p and 30fps. Is that not what you typed? So that's the bet.
  12. Nah don't add extra shit now. 30fps and Sub 720p like you said