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  1. It's amazing how they never post about all the batshit crazy stuff the GOP and QAnon is doing. Those clowns attacked the capitol and are still waiting for JFK to come back to life for Trump to be reinstated. What this Biden win has done has exposed who the real snowflakes, easily trigured retards are. It's a year later and they're still not over the loss... Jeezus.
  2. You read what I wrote. You moved at the speed of light with this one.
  3. You moved pretty quickly with this one... Amazing.
  4. He played you all of you Right-Wingers Turn on Glenn Youngkin Over His LGBTQ Staffer and Vaccine Rules A severe case of buyer’s remorse appears to have set in among some conservatives over electing Glenn Youngkin as the next Republican governor of Virginia. Over the past week, outrage has bubbled over among right-wingers and TrumpWorld allies alike, who are under the impression Youngkin has insufficient MAGA loyalty, citing his hiring of an LGBTQ staffer and his refusal to block COVID-related local mandates.
  5. You were saying? Bill signed into law 10 months into Biden's presidency. Meanwhile Trump couldn't even get the ball rolling on infrusture after 48 months in office
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