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  1. Still knee deep into Zelda. And will be picking up SFVI
  2. Im no where close to being done... At the pace im going ill probably take an additional 2 to 3 weeks.. Lol
  3. These companies aren't in it out of the goodness of their hearts it's a business to make profits.
  4. Yea for gaming, they sell prepacked gaming PCs. How do you think slow Jonny was a dell kid for so long? .... When He didn't even know how to unzip files But luckily for him and many others they sell prepacked gaming PCs as well.
  5. They're working towards that, it's not there yet price wise or ease of use wise. Where a non tech savvy person can pick it up from retail and have everything just work out the box with no Tinkering etc.
  6. Good on you Cooke for defending your feminine male gay friends from Ghostz and his mental issue slander.
  7. Yes PC is a mass market device as you can purchase pre packaged PCs that have fully dedicated user experience out the box where the most not tech person can easily use it. Dells, HPs, Toshibas, Surface Books, Surface book pros, Surface laptops etc. No Tinkering involved, mass market prices and mass mark availability.
  8. So they're not mass market and you believe they don't have to be... Ok So what's the issue with me saying they're not mass market devices?
  9. That wasn't a shot. It's the reality of the situation... None of the handheld PCs are currently ready for mass market consumption. Why are you so triggered by that reality? Are any of these handheld gaming PC as of today ready for mass market consumption? Simple question.
  10. Nah, from jump you wanted me to be shook about a niche device.... That was weird then and still weird to this day that you're still doing that... Why do you want me to be shook by the deck so much? Lol
  11. Nah as you already stated.. It's Cooke's gay peoples who are confused... All his feminine gay male people's have mental issues. Sad.
  12. You already said Cooke's gay peoples have a mental disorder My work is done here
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