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  1. post a link for your data bro. and you do realize gun related homicides and mass shootings are both gun violence deaths right?
  2. How does this happening in Russia change what happens in the US?
  3. it was money to do whatever they wanted to do unchecked.....and they ended up doing what they wanted to do... unchecked.
  4. And yet... The majority of PS4 owners and the Majority of PC users are playing a better version than the Base Xbox1. That's the point. The X is the monitory.
  5. Majority of PC owners will be playing a better version than the majority of the XB1 owners (Base Xbox1)....
  6. Lmfao at those useless percentages that DynamiteCop spewed out. DynamiteCop forgot the most important percentage with with Xbox vs PS4 comparison. 100% of the PlayStation userbase is playing a better version of the game than over 95% of the entire Xbox userbase. The Scorpio is in minority and the base in the majority of the Xbox users....for some reason the lemmings like to pretend that the Base Xbox1 doesn't exist anymore... lol
  7. as if the Kill wasn't planned in advance too
  8. Vini was right... Trump drained the swamp and got rid of pay to play... and replaced it with pay to kill
  9. Affirmative action is about giving people of color an equal opportunity. Its about them not getting discriminated against because they're black, Latino etc. The notion that its about giving jobs to people who are less qualified simply because they're black is a far right fairly tale. Not only that... the assumption that they (the black candidate for the Job) are less qualified simply because they're a minority says alot as to why affirmative action was created in the first place.
  10. Here comes DynamiteKKKop to tell us that there is no racism against blacks, and that blacks aren't discriminated against etc etc.
  11. Goukosan


    where's the link to go along with the screenshots? I want to read the article.
  12. Turns out the Pixel 3XL screen is a samsung screen. No wonder it's the best in screen on the market