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  1. So Apple will be dependent on Sony for these displays and will be paying Sony Millions for yet...... yet Ghostz think Sony is the one being bitched?
  2. Xbox1 January - February - April - May - June - September - October - we're 10 months into 2020, 7 out of the 10 months..... Zero games 🤣
  3. Xbox1 January - February - April - May - June - September - October - 7 out of the 10 months..... Zero games 🤣
  4. They said the samething after Ori 1. and then they released Ori 2 in Switch. Yes we all know MS wants to get their services on Switch.... badly. I won't be surprised if you see Rare replay on Switch at some point.... or some other Rare IPs.
  5. A lemming... talking about hopes and dreams
  6. Yes other lemmings are raging just like yourself.... wipe your tears up kid 🤣
  7. Commented? You were raging for pages. What's your game graphic design resume look like LemiJ? bbbbut he is clueless Lmfao at lemmings lashing out when their precious plastic box gets critiqued
  8. Im still laughing at how triggered you were about his previous Xbox video..... what's even more funny is everything he said turned out to be true. Stay owned Lem kid
  9. LemiJ was raging the last time this guy did an Xbox related video.....Will he blow off his top yet again?
  10. Switch has been the best-selling console in the U.S. since December 2018. That marks 22 consecutive months that this has happened, and a new record has been set. NSW: 670K PS4: 160K XB1: 91K
  11. That was your back track.... stop fronting like that was your intial stance
  12. LemiJ, Slow Jonny and the lemmings have been owned
  13. They could have but they didn't.... raped 🤣
  14. Boy you're extra slow today. The topic is launch titles. Halo didn't release at launch like you had hoped and dreamed... so yes your dreams were crushed. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbuuut if if if
  15. Halo Infinite (Don't underestimate it as a launch title) 🤣
  16. Lmfao at those two clowns 🤡
  17. Those were your Lemming hopes and dreams.....and again they were crushed
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