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  1. Hey guys, please keep all political discussion in this thread. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  2. Where have you been, that happened months ago. The real question is WTF goes through Trump's head? Trump - "MY people came to me … They said they think it's Russia. I have President Putin. He just said it's not Russia." "I will say this," Trump said. "I don't see any reason why it would be." Republican lawmakers condemned Trump's statements, and some former government officials and intelligence veterans suggested his remarks rose to the level of treason.
  3. Its official, you cannot be reasoned with.
  4. I don't benefit directly from phone sales. But I'll benefit greatly by having the best phone on the Market in a month
  5. So the president being directly linked to crimes, lying to congress, collusion etc is boring ass drama. But a CNN article criticizing someone is more important. Vini you are a Dumb Ass of the highest order.
  6. real stuff is going on but you're focused on that shit? lol
  7. Just is just as bad as crying about women in muh vidjagames
  8. Umm... Hillary did win the popular vote.
  9. Goukosan


    another sweetie thread?
  10. The GS9 was superior to the iPhoneX you forgot it completely outclassed the iPhoneX in every category And with the recent update, the year old GS9 is keeping up with the Xr Max. The GS10 will completely demolish the Xs and Xr.
  11. Ghostz doesn't care about which phone is superior anymore because iPhones are 2nd rate to Galaxies
  12. Ghostz having to resort to fantasies. Meanwhile... Qualcomm is refusing to sell Apple any LTE chips... you're stuck with slow ass Intel Chips until 2021. The BEST components in the iPhone now are the Samsung parts and Samsung gives Apple the 2nd best versions.. while saving the best for the Galaxy 10.
  13. not a 9 Billion dollar flop with slow ass Intel wifi and LTE chips that won't get 5G until 2021 while everyone else gets 5G this year
  14. The Xs and Xr were such flops not only did they lose 9 Billion dollars for Apple and cause Apple to release iTunes on Samsung devices..... they flopped so hard Apple has to reduce hiring new staff "Apple reportedly plans to slow down hiring after weak iPhone sales" "the success of the iPhone has begun to visibly falter." https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/16/18185825/apple-earnings-hiring-slow-down-iphone-sales-weak-tim-cook
  15. Ah I see you are pulling out the Giuliani card... After two years of denying the campaign did any wrong doing. They're straight up admitting it now... Giuliani - "I never said there was no collusion between the campaign or between people in the campaign... .
  16. @Vini said that Trump is tough on Russia.. lmfao.
  17. In the UK* The game debuts at No.9. 49 per cent of sales were for the Nintendo Switch version, 43 per cent on PS4 and the rest (8%) coming on Xbox One. 8% on XB1? Yikes
  18. DynamiteCop - "Bbbut I was pretending to contradict myself over and over and over"
  19. the only person you trapped is yourself. Not matter where you run, you still get owned. You ran to Meta... you still got owned. You counted it as two, you still got owned. Now if we go by the board standards of GS. You Still got owned. and If we count it as one game at GS. You still got owned.
  20. No retard. It means you're contradicting yourself with your own circular logic.
  21. "I'll use your own arguments against you so you can argue with your own logic as always. " and the DynamiteCop arguing against his own logic has begun... lol