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  1. Sure sure, the Hunter Biden laptop thing that you been going on about for more than 2 years.... You somehow just innocently posted Musk's thread about the exact same thing that was supposed to expose the scandal...yet your lost about it wasn't about that supposed scandal? Right right.
  2. Such a sore loser 2 years later and he is still crying about his election loss. He is the biggest snowflake out there.. Bar none.
  3. MS starved lemmings for a full year and now that they plan to release a few games in 2023 they raised the price. Brutal
  4. Unfortunately for you, the Biden Administration were not in government in 2020. They were private citizens who requested personal information be removed. The government that requested stuff to be censored.... Drum roll... .... That would be the Trump administration who were in government and yes the Trump administration made requests to censor things on Twitter and Twitter obliged... Im sure you're outraged because of this But back to the Biden campaign who again were private citizens at the time, the posts they asked to remove w
  5. Kanye was saying bigoted things waaaay before this though.... The right only consider him a bigot now because they got offended too
  6. You said performance issues at launch especially the PS5 version..... The keywords were "at launch" The PS5 version didn't have performance issues at lauch, that's the broken PC version and the inferior Xbox version Your thread is an epic backfire... Just take the L and move on.
  7. Sony apparently sent over some engineers to assist with optimization for the PS5 version. If UE5 also has these shader compiler issues then it's going to bw a rough gen for hermits.
  8. Ironic that the PC version ended up being the worst, then followed by the Xbox which also is kinda broken... And PS5 ended up being the best.
  9. They did? That thread sounds like it deserves a bump.
  10. Another win for PS5.... Those Xbox tools still didn't come in huh?
  11. That Swastika post was before this post. He had other antisemitic posts before that too. Coincidently, he wasn't banned but the last post Kanye posted was making fun of Musk... And bam he got banned immediately after..... Must be just thw timing right? It's not like Musk already has a history of banning accounts that make fun of him.... Ohhh wait
  12. Elon unbanned Kanye a few weeks ago, since then he been on a antisemitic posting spree on Twitter no ban. He praised Hitler.. No ban. But the minute Kanye posted this.... Immediate perm ban. Looks like "freedom of speech" ends when you make fun of Musk What a fuckinh snowflake
  13. So why wasn't this posted in the political meme thread on the politics board? @-GD-X
  14. I see your slow ass can't read, my post was about Apple ads.. Which are still severely reduced on twitter....my post wasn't about the app store.
  15. But it's not only the resolution that's worse though. Screen tearing and lower frame rates as well.
  16. So when DF says Xbox losses they got it wrong, but when Xbox wins they got to right?
  17. The right continues to prove that Biden's speech hit the nail on the head.
  18. Musk is currently crying up a storm because Apple reduced Ads on Twitter .... With his snowflake ass
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