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  1. "how long before you guys get a game as good looking as R&C Rift Apart?" The question was how long before. You Answered 2022 and maybe end of 2021.
  2. The one game you named doesn't look better and the two you others you named aren't out yet.... so your answers were 2022 and potentially a few months away Nothing at this moment that currently out.... gotcha.
  3. "how long before you guys get a game as good looking as R&C Rift Apart?" You're answers are a game releasing 2022 and a game that is out yet.....so basically NOTHING out on PC looks better right now
  4. You think FF3 to 6 won't release on Switch when those games were on NES, SNES, GBA, DS and 3DS? lol
  5. mad at ports of FF 3 to 6? Mad at NES and SNES games that have been ported to everything? lmfao
  6. Those games aren't out yet are they? So to answer the thread question is by 2022 or possibly in a few months? got it.
  7. 1) CP doesn't look better. 2) So none right now, but some are coming... got it.
  8. That's not the question, what games out right now on PC look better than Ratchet?
  9. Flight sim is not a new game its a port Fri two years ago. Since you want to bring up Switch launch year.... Switch had BOTW (cross gen like Halo) Arms Splatoon 2 Odyssey Xenoblade 2 Mario Battle Kingdom all within 8 months of launch. That's 3X as much as series X will have had in 12 months 🤣😂
  10. Hey retard, can you read and comprehend? I said Lemmings have been waiting since launch for games.... only Halo and Forza are coming later this year..... which equals to 2021 as being BLEAK. a year has 12 months...two releases in 12 months is BLEAK. As far as development time.... you should explain that to your fellow lemmings who expected a boatload of games this year 😂🤣
  11. 23 studios, constant flow of games, 2021 will be overflowing with games etc lemmings said that all year
  12. Not me clown 🤡.... that's what you lemmings were saying. lol
  13. Just as I expected AAA games takes years upon years to make, dumbass lemmings were expecting those studios to magically pump out games in a few months time after getting acquired by MS
  14. My response had a typo. The new games they showed are for 2022 and 2023. Everything else for 2021 was shown before. Nothing new and lemmings have been waiting since launch for games = BLEAK.
  15. Flight sim is a game from two years ago. Yes they showed new games for 2022 and 2023.
  16. What DC mode? a full year after launch until you get Halo. The first year of series X is bleak.... nothing to play until Halo... for an entire year.
  17. So you basically answered the question about how long it will take PC to get a better looking game with "by the end of year" Was that so hard?
  18. If you noticed, from all the Bethesda games he spoke about only two he said were exclusive. Starfield and that Arcane studious game.
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