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  1. Footage of Quad hiding in his cave for months like a bitch while the Lakers have a historically bad season and fail to even make the 10th or get into the play-in
  2. I never made that other point that you did, that same one you tried to argu against by yourself... You're now again trying to attribute it to me...lmfao. You agreed with my point a long time ago, thanks for playing
  3. You have Remij who agreed Switch achieved this and he explained why and we you who is straight up lying 🤥 or in serious denial bbbbbut If it failed... Bbbbut If
  4. Nothing can change the Lakers historically bad season.... Unless they break their own historically bad record next season
  5. Actually I said LEMMINGS imagine... Thanks for admitting you're a lemming We're witnessing LemiJ in an intense argument with himself... How long can he keep his self ownage going? Have fun spinning around by yourself
  6. It doesn't change you from being wrong about Suns vs Lakers and hiding like a bitch
  7. Now he is making a point I never made an attributing to me and then arguing against a point he made on my behalf.... That's like a solo Remij - go-round Argue with the industry... According to the entire worldwide console video games market... The Switch is dominating said market. Spin all you want
  8. The DHS was already doing the work on working against foreign state sponsored disinformation for over 10 years doofus... What doesn't your child like brain understand? Oh yea.. I forgot.. It was a planed to counter Musk's announcement
  9. Exactly, so argue with yourself about it like I said...
  10. We're living in a reality where Nintendo is dominating, Sony is thriving and was also dominant with PS4 and Xbox is dead last and has ZERO games slated for this year.
  11. No one was making that point doofus, you can argue with yourself about that My point was already proven, thanks for agreeing
  12. Well I mean they still performed leagues better than the Lakers.. Which was what I said proud happen.... Suns losing in round 2 didn't improve the Lakers season
  13. The senate, house etc already knew it was running two months ago. It was announced at the budget meeting. The budget meeting wasn't scheduled around Musk announcement doofus. It's the intial budget meetings for 2023 so it would obviously be announced there since it was up and running genius.
  14. Thanks again for further proving my point that the previous portables were different from the Switch and didn't offer console experiences on the Go or a hybrid experience
  15. Look at all those pretzels you're twisting yourself into to cope with Nintendo's success Switch is competing for the same videogame dollars in the same console market as PlayStation and Xbox. NPD : Switch was #1 units but #2 dollars while PS5 was number 1 in dollars and Number 2 in units. LemiJ : Bbbbbbut that's a different market
  16. The board was approved in 2021 and was implemented two months before Musk announced his bid doofus... Keep wearing that tinfoil though
  17. Lakers last two playoffs - 21 - lost in thw first round 22 - couldn't even make the play in tournament. Next season/playoff your Bitch ass will be hiding again
  18. Only on SW and on gaming message boards etc. Hate to break it to you but that's not the real world. In the real world, the market is Switch,PS5 and Series X/S. Hence why NPD, Famitsu, Chartrack (Europe) etc include the Switch performance vs the other consoles because the Switch is a hybrid console... That's the reality bud.
  19. You explained WHY the Switch was the first portable to achieve this ... Which means the Switch was the first portable to achieve this...So you said all of that only to agree with me....OK
  20. Pretty sure Nintendo is dominating right now and have been for the last 5 years...meanwhile every year all lemmings do is "imagine if, imagine what would happened if we had games"
  21. "announced by the DHS on April 27, 2022, during a 2023 budget hearing before the United States House Appropriations" Yes Ramza, the 2023 Budget hearing in the United Steam house of Appropriations was planned around the announcement of the bid of Musk attempting to purchase a private company..... How stupid are you? The board's function is to protect national security by disseminating guidance to DHS agencies on combating foreign misinformation, malinformation, and disinformation. I.E. Russian-state disinformation and Chinese State disinformation.
  22. Again you dodge the question, which "portable" before the Switch offered the same content as the console? The point is the previous attempts at this weren't even the same content wise... And that's the half ass effort that was made fun of all these years on previous "portables" The deck wouldn't exist if the Switch wasn't a product, don't kid yourself. That doesn't take away anything from the Deck, no need to be insecure. The deck is the Switch of PCs and the Switch is the Switch of consoles. Doesn't matter if you think cyberpunk is the best test out at the momen
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