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  1. I play some telephone games(mostly psp games) like any other drone riding the train to slavery I remember I laughed about that few years back still not playing wii or bwitch Other than that all I can on PS4(gta5, some Vr games) I try to finish most of my games before jumping on ps5 No ps5 for now since there isn't a game I want that badly yet How u remove them spoilers I pressed by mistake
  2. But it would not look that good
  3. get a life nerd, you obsessing over a guy you faggot
  4. but can you run it? and if so, will you buy it?
  5. hey lets change SHEEP name aswell to SHITS cool
  6. renting OLD fucking games, what is SONY thinking LMFAO
  7. 1. Scared alts, lol. 2. Are you ready to be one of the most raped posters ever? Here goes: (from REDDIT) Here are just some of the reasons why the PC is objectively superior to any console: Works with any TV or monitor (even 2, 3, or more monitors - consoles cannot do this) Works with any controller ever, even multiple different controllers at once. Want to use a DS4 and an Xbox One controller at the same time? No problem! Free online services (Steam, Galaxy, Desura, Mumble, etc) Better featured online services Localized multiplayer, up to 16 players Using a modern GPU 120+ fps.
  8. yes, it is boring, if you lack imagination
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