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  1. I believe one of the key consequences of the CMA decision is that it basically forbids MS and Activision from having any kind of deal. I don't know what you mean "through a distributor" unless Activision basically closes shop entirely, and they open up a new subsidiary under a different name. Maybe not even a subsidary, it would have to be a completely new independent company. None of that is happening before the mandatory $3 billion dollar payment becomes due.
  2. There is no way Microsoft is pulling out of the UK. They are EASILY bluffing. You are talking about a company that sells software services for ENTIRE FUCKING NATION GOVERNMENTS. ENTIRE GOVERMENT SYSTEMS What Microsoft is threatening could be, and would be, considered a national security threat to the UK, if they are threatening to pull their services ENTIRELY out of the country. The UK would move to takeover and nationalize all Microsoft owned facilities and assets in the UK. They would basically say that they have no choice but to take over Micr
  3. Yeah that's the part that gets me. Are you telling me that Microsofts show is a big overwhelming success if they show off.....Fable?????? Like that's a game that will be 77 on metacritic. If Fable is missing. I would chuckle at them taking forever, but I wouldn't like "oh man, what a huge letdown!!!!"
  4. is he packing energy drinks across his chest?
  5. No you didn't You just tried to evade by saying you didn't say something So then I followed up TO CLARIFY what you were actually saying ...........and that's when you wanted to bail .............go figure What does it hurt to CLARIFY WHAT YOU ARE SAYING EXACTLY? C'mon dude.........you think you're smart enough to get out of this line of questioning? Want to watch me corner you again a second time?
  6. Its amazing how you suddenly don't want to talk anymore when I am fully engaging and reviewing everything that you said and responding to it. All of a sudden, you go into flame mode. Thanks for easily making it obvious that you are trying to bullshit, and had no real intentions of "CAN WE BE HONEST HERE, GUIZ?" Its so easy for me to cut thru your bullshit, even when you're attempting legalese.
  7. no, you're just trying to do wordplay to insinuate something, and when people catch on to what you are doing, you decide to play innocent, and you think that you are being bulletproof. The only other interpretation is that you are ALREADY ESTABLISHING that Miles Morales November 2000 levels of graphics is ALREADY "GOOD" in terms of next-gen graphics. So therefore, if Spiderman 2 is only "slightly better" than that is already saying that it looks next-gen. Is that what you are saying about Miles Morales and this game?
  8. I've said it once, and I'll say it again The universe actually bends to make Bald Cucky Dick Tucky look as stupid and wrong as cosmically possible.
  9. yikes...$500 for a 2x performance upgrade? 2x increase of what a mid-tier mobile phone chipset was from about 3 years ago? And their next moneyhatted game is Bulletstorm? That's the best they could do? And they forgot to put the enemy NPCs in the game? The whole point of the game was that there was alot of things to shoot at.
  10. that you clearly trying to say that it looks bad do you think you're like a clever lawyer in court, or something? you literally made a thread titled "CAN WE ALL BE HONEST" and you're responding with posts that read: "technically I didn't say...." That's clearly what you're saying.........thats IF you actually want to cut the bullshit and actually be honest.
  11. LOL he recoiled in butthurt, and tried to pass it off to me. I can see him continuing to screech into the weekend.
  12. Says the person who had a three day meltdown over his uncles phone line that he's using. Me laughing at another butthurt = supposedly continuing a meltdown
  13. LOL another one having butthurt PTSD relapses. It's like all of their pent up butthurt is coming out in this thread.
  14. So Phil Spencer straight up fucking lied on camera, to everybody. He literally said that "if the studio WANTS TO TRY SOMETHING NEW, YOU GOTTA SUPPORT THEM!! I WONT APOLOGIZE FOR THAT" The team was literally telling management that they didn't want to do this type of game. Management forced them to. What a piece of lying scum, he sure does set a pattern that I notice all the way down with that company. Just lie and make up narratives and hope you don't get caught later.
  15. Doesn't it seem like new IPs that are coming out have stupider and stupider names that seem like they were cobbled together by an AI generator?
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