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  1. you can ban them the next day. might give me some time to come onto the forum and make fun of them.
  2. Absolutely. @madmaltese@-GD-X We got two marks willing participants who want a month ban bet. I have to show my new PC and running Cyberpunk on launch day, which is December 10th. I guess the best way to show that would be for me to turn on nVidia Gameworks and turn on the record function, show my desktop, possibly show the forum web page that shows my account signed in. And then minimize that window and boot up Cyberpunk, possibly show my GoG.com account name, and then enter into a game. I ordered my PC copy of the game from Amazon, and its a ph
  3. When jonb is saying that lemmings have a whole bunch of AA's to play. Do you think that term is short for "Ancient Already"?
  4. See, at least jonb is honest with how he portrays himself. He's going out kicking and screaming like the incontinent 43 year old that he is, with his diapers full of shit. Who is laughing at me? The same people trying to make fun of the scratches on my living room table? Yeah, I think those people are a little bit on the DESPERATE side. I already explained to you that its Thanksgiving week, and I was going to be spending the majority of this weekend still shopping for christmas gifts. And I told you I was playing PS5 games ri
  5. What is your argument at this point. Explain to me how I'm "intentionally" not building it? If I already told you that I was building this PC for Cyberpunk, then you already know the timetable. Have I lied to you and told you that I was building a PC for SOME OTHER GAME???????? Or some OTHER EVENT???? You know I haven't because even you admitted a while ago remembering "Oh yeah, that's right you did say you were going to build a PC for when Cyberpunk comes out". So, by your logic........if I buy a sports car, do I need to book a track
  6. actually he buys them in the hope that Playstation games get ported to the PC.
  7. Except you already know I'm not lying. I now have 20 days? Is that your estimated completion date from IBUYPOWER.com ? Or Dell.com?
  8. He said it was the BEST tv to play next-gen games on. Even with the known VRR issue. If you only knew what's borked on your IPS monitor that my OLED does infinitely better.
  9. How am I intentionally NOT building it? Like, I'm finding it hard to follow what you are imaginging. You think that, because all of you are saying "BUILD YOUR PC....COME ON, DO IT!!!!" (which is not something that any of you ever did until about an hour ago) and I'm over here with my arms crossed saying "Nuh uh....I'm purposely going to wait until the last minute." Is that what is going on in your head, right now? And you think I sound stupid???????????????????????????? ????????????????????? The game already runs
  10. Except Vincent Teoh, the very person whom you just posted a video, still recommended OLEDs for video games, and even created a video AFTER that VRR issue came up. Yeah............some harsh LIVING I'll be doing. All I have to say is that SSD Speedway level in Astro's Playroom was absolutely amazing to play on the OLED. The way those colors are whizzing by in the level and those animated neon signs.
  11. Except you just contradicted yourself with these two sentences. You just agreed with me in the first sentence. And yeah, I can wait until right before Cyberpunk comes out. I'm playing PS5 games right now. And any other PC game that I would even attempt to start right now.... I still have my current P C did that somehow skip your mind? In fact, the only other game I was considering was trying to finish up Deus Ex Mankind Divided because I feel like Cyberpunk would ruin me if I went back to tha
  12. So you can't backup that other claim, as well. Just like I thought. We let me know when you have proof from the people who would actually encounter that visual issue. Until then, this is just another butthurt thread you created about me, and that's enough satisfaction for me knowing you did that.
  13. I'm pretty sure the ones talking about my living room are butthurt. I think the reasons why you guys get madder and madder is because you notice that I don't get mad, so you just try harder and harder.
  14. Except they already know that I don't need to have my PC built until right before Cyberpunk comes out, because I already told them that. Don't you notice why they suddenly want to start claiming that I don't have any PC parts now? The same reason lemmings tried to talk shit about the PS5 in October. Because its all the time they have left to make themselves feel good before the end inevitably comes. They're trying to get as much of it in before then.
  15. I already posted the specs two pages back. Why are you listening to people who clearly are so desperate that they're inspecting a photo of my living room to try and see what they could find to make fun of me. Think about how little material they must have if they're having to do that.
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