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  1. This is professional whining at its finest. I love how you say "it continues to grow" like as if its happening entirely on its own. It "grows" because there are people that STILL PUSH. The boulder doesn't roll itself uphill, even holding it in place, still requires effort. So, its really ignorant of you to do the whole "why complain and push for stuff............just sit back and it'll get there magically by itself" You whine about others being super-dramatic...............while you the one typing this "destruction of western culture" bullshit. You are typing shit that is going to sound embarrassing 5 years from now. You're going to want to forget it. And you're going to wish I had forgotten that you had typed shit like this.
  2. right-wingers intentionally taking the issue and lying about what people are talking about. ANd it is intentional........because its coming straight from their leader. This is REAL Trump Campaign commercial. Not a superpac, not some other private organization, not some other politician.........DIRECT from the Trump 2020 Campaign. It aired tonight, during Rachel Maddow of all places. I straight up laughed out loud.
  3. or maybe you can man-up and say what you mean. or is that too much for you?
  4. I didn't know this until looking at the local news right now, but Charlie Daniels also passed away. Also deserves recognition. RIP.
  5. really? samsung said that> post where they said that it didn't work, and clearly you can't post your previous article because it got completely dismantled. so show us the proof that samsung said it doesn't work. I'll wait.
  6. You do know that people have said that coronavirus deaths hit minorities harder because they have higher pre-existing conditions like diabetes and asthma, which increases the likelihood of an infection turning a death. You know that, right? Or are you intentionally posting this because you LEGITIMATELY think this is proof that the protests are responsible for the spike? I almost want you to admit that.
  7. I love the people who come together through their shared butthurt that I caused them. Its a beautiful sight to see.
  8. So, now in addition to being irresponsible about the virus..........Trumptards are now adding outright racism to the discussion.
  9. Oh my god..................ghost basically LIVES to get ASSRAPED
  10. It isn't. A Republican governor, from a Republican state of Texas..........has literally SAID that the spike came from bars and restaurants. He's the perfect type of guy to blame the protests...........but he didn't. Looks like you ain't got shit.
  11. Oh, I thought it was a controller that was coin-slot operated.
  12. Am I going to see two people enter into their Day 2 butthurt, at the same time? Don't get mad at me becauswe lxnuy Leeroy Jenkin's both of your dumbasses into throwing away 15 pages of arguing by contradicting yourself. OMG, the other genius has done it again.