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  1. So you decide to pay MORE PER YEAR...............yet you get copies of Madden on EA Play arriving IN MARCH, two months after the Super Bowl, and NHL 21 in April, three months after the NHL season began and SIX MONTHS after the game was released So let me get this straight. You would pay $60 to play the new Madden in August, when they release it. You would pay $60 to play the new NHL 21 game in October 2020, when they release it. OR You pay $180 a year to play Madden SEVEN MONTHS LATER, and play NHL 21 SIX MONTHS LATER.
  2. No, you just ran from the topic by trying to say that its free. And when I got you to admit that it isn't free............you ran from that topic. I love how I'm literally explaining what you are doing......and you won't be able to refute it. So you are literally paying monthly to LEASE multiplat games...........that aren't even the best games that come out that year. And you'll never own them, even though you are paying close to $200 a year for them. No surprise there...............you LEASE phones for the past 10 years
  3. Funny, MS has been making multiplats for years and they've never been in the Top 10 list. And they are top selling games because they sold most on Playstation...........not because they sold on Xbox. (RE8, for example). I love how you completely run away from your topics, because you are losing each one of them so badly AND quickly.
  4. No there isn't. Point me where Naughty Dog's and Insomniacs and Ghost of Tsushima is on GamePass? There only place where I can find those games????????????? Two places: 1.) Playstation platforms 2.) Gaming Website Top 10 Games of the Year lists. That's the only place I see those games end up.
  5. $180 But hey.........you got like 80 games that look like complete 2D indie game that serves as nothing more than padding the list of GamePass games, that will probably end up being in some end-of-the-year Humble Bundle that I can buy on the PC for about $10 if I wanted to (which I don't).
  6. thanks for admitting that you WILL ALWAYS pay. You chose the exact words. A-L-W-A-Y-S. As in.............you must pay every month, forever. or else you have nothing in your possession. Exactly.
  7. Do you know who predicted this very thing? Satoru Iwata At a keynote speech that he gave at GDC before he died. TEN YEARS AGO "Their goal is to just gather as much software as possible, because … that is how they profit" Now, who do you constantly see in the news doing what he is describing? Hmmmmmm.
  8. except...............you DO have to pay. Not only do you have to pay. If you don't pay.............everything you HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR, month after month............gets taken away from you. So, you effectively continue to pay................for something YOU WILL NEVER OWN. Did you honestly think you would convince people that you aren't paying anything?
  9. So...............developers are figuring out that they could make more money selling full-priced games on Playstation than they would on GamePass.
  10. this looks well drawn, and actually has more animation that alot of other japanese adventure games. Sure wish that the studio that made the Hotel Dusk would somehow come back, or Nintendo somehow continue the Hotel Dusk series in some other way.
  11. So, Sony partner's up with the #1 shoe maker in the world. And Xbox partners up with the #4 brand. How appropriate.
  12. The idiot immediately tried to retract what he said. He knows he fucked up by telling the truth and 100% confirming what we've been telling lemmings since the beginning. One of the few times Dynocrap is correct......and its to embarrass the lemmings narrative.
  13. This guy just contradicted 6 months of lemming narrative regarding MLB The Show, and told the truth. Thank you for that.
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