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  1. Dang, cows and lemmings sure do put the REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE in SuperREEEEor Switch version of Alien Isolation.
  2. Are people trying to downplay the Switch by trying to say it "cannibalized" the 3DS? I suppose I could use that reverse logic and say that the PS Vita future sales were 'cannibalized" by the PS4 release just 20 months later. The PSP sold 80 million, you would imagine the same such expecatations for Vita........instead it completely tanked, selling only like 15 million? So I guess the PS4 cannibalized tens of millions would-be Vita purchasers???? And that's the only reason its sold as much as it has?
  3. But that would be a really small screen, so would they put a decent resolution for an area that small, and if so, does that become a concern for battery life? And secondly, will I have trouble reading small-ass text on the screen?
  4. I keep on forgetting that this game had already came out. And I also can't believe that they didn't have things like Pokeys and P-Blocks. These updates definitely are cool because it feels like it gives this game longevity. I'm going to get around to buying it, but am in no rush. This game will definitely have an assload of support and levels for a long time.
  5. I like certain things about that Mulan trailer, but for some reason the movies looks cheap. Its got some cheesy CGI, and the outdoor locations look stale, maybe they're not really outdoor locations but them on a green-screen. The cinematography looks tame, when it should look really fucking epic. Its a war movie that has big battle scenes. Also, the English sounds too corny, too American. But I guess there's no other alternative. Hate to say it, but if they spoke in some sort of British English, it would help. They literally sound too American in the way they talk, and they're supposed to be set in the 1200's. I can't help but to notice it. This movie cost upwards of $300 million fucking dollars???????????????????? How?
  6. Do you see me going around calling Shigeru Miyamoto or Eiji Auonuma masterful storytellers? Sounds like you didn't know how to respond so you tried the "Make fun of Nintendo" move. It wasn't very effective. Wow. So you don't even know what storytelling is in this visual medium...........and you inaccurately classified it as "cinematography". LOL Boss speaking to Snake means that she has successfully sneaked up on Snake, she has the drop on him. That is the visual and audio information that is conveyed to us. This is corroborated again by Snake having a stunned face when the camera angle changes to show his face. That's visual storytelling.......and Kojima proceeds to botch it like an amateur. Snake is in a position of weakness, he should be portrayed as WEAK in that moment. If he turns around and points a gun, its because Boss ALLOWS THAT to happen. (This makes me think that Boss must be some sort of mega-badass, and knows Snake, quite possibly knows Snakes moves to know what he would do next, and she allows it to happen, this tells me quite a bit about Boss). Therefore that moment should be done with Snake turning around and pointing a gun in an un-glamorous fashion. Instead, Kojima does that slow-mo shit to make it look like that Snake is doing some badass move. He completely throws out everything he's built up there. In a live-action movie, that would be absolutely cringe-worthy. You would instinctively know that it feels off. But shit like this is common in anime.
  7. Found one of the very first listings on youtube when I searched for "MGS3 Boss cutscene" This is the first video that was just one cutscene, instead of them combining cutscenes. 15 seconds in................Snake realizes there's a horse 20 feet directly to his right. 35 seconds in............somebody speaks to Snake, which means they ALREADY HAVE THE DROP on Snake......but you're treated to a "Snake is so badass" moment in which he pulls a gun out and turns around. In real life, the other person would've fired 3 shots by then. 60 seconds in............I stopped watching the video, and if you don't know why, then don't ever try to lecture anybody on the topic of good storytelling ever again. Its very simple..............its just fucking anime.
  8. No it isn't. You're probably right, though, that its probably the best thing Kojima has ever written, that doesn't mean anything of value. I know for a fact that you guys do not really consider his stories any good. You would be too embarassed to tell the story to anybody who isn't a video gamer, and even then........that's one thing I've noticed about Kojima fans (I'll explain below). Not even YOU GUYS talk about Metal Gear's story IN THESE FORUMS. 14 years............never once saw a thread or any back and forth discussion on it. That's how I know you guys don't really think about his stories from any actual critical point of view. You'll talk about MOMENTS in a game, maybe a piece of dialogue here and there. But for the better part of the 2000's, it was David Hayter's voice that made you guys think it was "cool." He sold the dialogue. None of you would even dare talk about MGS story with a straight-face. Its anime, and I actually more respect for anime now than 10 years ago, because there's been some really trascendent anime that has broken into the mainstream. And so my opinion has now been adjusted to placing Hideo Kojima's in the lower-tier of 80's/90's era anime.
  9. The youtube comments section is pure gold.
  10. You have no idea how funny and ironic your post is. LOL
  11. Along with a cardboard box of his personal belongings, since he should've been fired already.
  12. So this appears to be the single-most complex piece of fight choreography in one shot in what is supposed to be the single best actual non-CGI'd fight scene in Game of Thrones. So now let's compare it with your average performance at Medieval Times. C'mon, man.
  13. We're less than a year away from Black Friday 2020. And lemmings are trying to tell us that MS still hasn't finalized the hardware on their next-gen console. For fucks sake, I just found out that Disney didn't plan on manufacturing toys for Baby Yoda until recently because they wanted to keep the character a secret in The Mandelorian, and they just now went into manufacturing, and its going to take 6 months from TODAY. But the lemmings are still trying to pretend that a much more complex product such as a new gaming console still hasn't finalized its hardware specs less than a year from manufacturing and launch. LOL