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  1. The article gives no actual examples of the "scientific community" making any specific decisions that "led to deaths." So, if you know them...........point them out. Let's hear it.
  2. Nope. You keep on failing. ..........and projecting. He just admitted he watches his nephew play games.........while he waits for his turn What a loser, a balding loser. LOL
  3. So what claims does this opinion article claim that CAUSED deaths, because of decisions of the "scientific community" What, exactly, did the "scientific community" do that led to deaths? Let's hear them.
  4. LOL I was literally describing the Outskirts level of TLOU remake in a post..........in detail. And he's stupid enough to claim that I'm lying. This balding loser seems like he intentionally chooses arguments to lose.
  5. I have a pretty good memory for "general" things, off the top of my head. Which I why I generally have a rule that, if I play a video game quite thoroughly, there should be no reason for me to even go back and play it again. Even if its a stone cold classic. The only exception to this rule is probably Super Mario World, A Link to the Past. Like they have to be BIGTIME classics. Arcade games like NBA Jam and MKII are obviously meant to be replayed. And I return to play those, as well. But lets say I played Deus Ex Human Revolution, throroughly. Which I did.
  6. LOL he completely abandoned his failed argument Thanks for admitting you made a false claim and it backfired on you
  7. He's now pretending to play stupid in order to keep his argument alive. This is the funny part
  8. He's getting angry now Ghost Meltdown Underway
  9. Nope, you just failed reading, yet again. Because that statement means that I have more phone lines in my name than you do. You have zero. I have one. My phone line. Oh man................you really are so stupid.
  10. Nope, in fact you are running away from that very thing. Like your hairline. Oh............its amazing how everything you claim falls apart. Its even funnier when you pretend that you didn't lose, and keep on posting................while we're all laughing at you still trying
  11. The projection is off the charts, at this point. He is now telling me, what he is telling himself inside his BALDING head
  12. Nope, you wouldn't And thanks for admitting to it, again, in 2023. We now have reconfirmed that this clown doesn't own his own phone line
  13. Nope, I told you yours. I love it when he fails to project as well. I also love when I am practically forcing him to repeat a claim that immediately failed on him. I'm made him do this several times already.
  14. Nope, you're the one who has nothing. Not even a phone line in your name.
  15. to use your uncle's credit to get a phone line yeah, you told us.
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