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  1. No One Lives Forever would make the Switch melt, eh?
  2. Iwata went onstage and gave a keynote at the Gaming Developers Conference like almost exactly 10 years ago. He then goes on to say that if you show and tell customers that video games are NOT WORTH ANYTHING..........customers will begin to view video games as NOT BEING WORTH ANYTHING. And you go on neogaf, and that's exactly the mentality you are starting to see from 15 year-old dipshits that post there. Nobody should want the video game industry to turn into the music industry........and nobody should be cheering on Microsoft to try becoming the equiv
  3. The timing of that Spiderman game in 2018 after he had just appeared in Captain America Civil War in 2016 was absolutely perfect. If anything Marvel regrets it because Sony has received a TON of money from having the Spiderman IP getting absolutely white hot within these past few years. Remember, Disney-Marvel was kinda pissed and didn't want to co-produce any more Spiderman movies with Sony because they didn't like Sony owning the merchandise rights, and making a killing off of that. I think Disney and Sony worked out some sort of deal where maybe Sony gives them a lit
  4. LOL its so sad that you think I'm initiating a jerry-go-round........when I literally end my post with a declarative statement. Oh man..............just look at that, CLEARLY looks like I'm baiting for endless conversation. LOL dipshit tries so hard to portray me doing something, that he calls an apple and orange.
  5. So, on Windows, it comes with the Xbox app. And it starts up whenever I boot up the computer. Naturally its mostly advertising GamePass. So this was the main splash image on the Xbox app when it starts. Sorta like Netflix and other services, they have a sliding wall of things that they want you to check out, on the home page. ........this is 100% real, this is not a mock-up, nor has it been altered in ANY way. I screenshot this This is the FIRST slide. Not the third or the fourth slide on the home page..........this is the FIRST s
  6. Take a look at what happened to Cyberpunk and how that's going to affect CD Projekt Red's potential future sales of games going forward. You think QA testing is not important? They are in position to greatly hurt the launch of a game if the developer doesn't know how bad the condition of the game is in. And as long as they have such leverage............they're important.
  7. yup, we're definitely on schedule with this
  8. you literally trying to find alternate words for "the switch was a huge success, and so important to the video game marketplace, that 3rd parties made ports of their games for it." ..........while attempting to say the Switch didn't "achieve" anything.
  9. LOL he's now trying to run to another topic.
  10. I'm pissing him off so bad, he's now posting like ghost. This is gonna be fun.
  11. LOL i pissed him off so much that he responsded, after he tried to avoid. fell for it, again
  12. Seeing you this desperate.............is OUR entertainment Thanks for setting that one up on a tee for me. LOL
  13. Nintendo is the next oil, confirmed. LOL, they're a publicly traded company in Tokyo and Osaka exchanges, so yes somebody can buy a percentage ownership of the company without Nintendo's permission.
  14. thanks for confirming that you're that desperate, guess i'm not hearing an objection to that claim, either.
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