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  1. lemmings are literally making threads about games from other platforms. LOL
  2. He doesn't know what to type, so the best thing he could come up is to post like jonb. Yikes.
  3. If it does like the other switch games, then it will do fantastic. You have NO metric or credibility for telling how a game SHOULD or SHOULD NOT sell with a userbase of 27 million. There are many people buying the Switch, and they are buying it for Pokemon first, and they won't get around to buy Smash until later. There are many people buying the Switch, and they are buying BOTW and Mario Odyssey or Mario Kart 8 (because the game is like an exclusive to them since they never had a Wii U)...............they haven't bought Smash yet, but they will. They're called "Evergreen Titles" for a reason..............why are you trying to play stupid in the year 2018 and pretend that Nintendo games don't achieve that. By your logic you are PROMISING US.............GUARANTEEING TO US that Smash Bros will never see a return to the NPD Top 10 in the Year 2019? Because its one and done, right?????? Maybe we should hold you to that in the form of a ban.
  4. I like how he thinks he's performing some high-level trolling..........but in reality he wouldn't know how to respond if he wanted to.
  5. I love how he still tries to apply false equivalency. left "obsession with creating new ones"...............he doesn't even know what he's typing in that sentence, he just did it because it sounded like it had alliteration and he can tie it together. Notice how he can NEVER.........EVER explain what these accomplishments are. Unless giving corporations 1.5 trillion dollars in tax cuts...........and somehow managing the stock market to post an overall annual lost is supposed to be something that "no other ordinary politicians can" do..........because he'd be technically right on achieving that. LOL, so some standard "da libs are TOTALLY annoying me, guiz, and that's should our main concern right now" And he thinks that a racist president that has created internment camps, destroyed environmental protections, corporation regulations, destroyed foreign relations with MULTIPLE countries, and is engaging is some obvious pay-to-play corruption. He thinks a president that has caused all of those things (which will take DECADES to repair and reverse)...........is a nice "palette cleanser". Yeah, kind of like T-bone car crash that shatters your pelvis is a nice "palette cleanser" to the day-to-day boring commute to and from work, eh??? Competent politicians who don't fuck everything up are Sooooooooo Boooooring. We needed a palette cleanser. And his pathetic final message. "Oh you'll see............SOMEDAY.........you libs will find out you're in the wrong!!! Just you wait. I may sound like a complete imbecile now, and I may sound like I am supporting a fascist and corrupt government for the stupidest reasons..........but I'll look like a genius in the near-future. YOU'LL ALL SEE!!
  6. Yeah, because if its one thing we know about Nintendo games is that they definitely aren't "evergreen" or something like that. And I love how you are trying to frame Smash Bros as a failure by only comparing it to a Rockstar game. The best thing about Dynocrap is that he makes the ABSOLUTE STATEMENTS............and gouko is definitely going to post them and throw them in his face, and Dynocrap proceeds to try and re-contextualize his previous bullshit. it happens every time. Smash Bros sells more than Zelda............and we CLEARLY didn't see BOTW come back on the sales chart during 2018.
  7. I got no problem with you volunteering to make yourself look stupid again. Make as many of those proclamations as you want. lol
  8. In other words, RDR2 went on sale in the UK last week, and people are picking it up at a christmas present.
  9. Actually watching that clip reminds me of late December 1991. We unboxed a Super Nintendo, played the first couple of levels of SMW for about 30 minutes and then we watched SNL in the living room and saw that sketch and laughed our asses off, and then after midnight, we went back to playing SMW until late. A very happy moment.
  10. GT Sport just straight-up punks Forza.
  11. Isn't Forza 2019 being not-all-that-revamped so that Microsoft can charge money and provide some content for lemmings in 2019 because they are moving Forza development for the next console?
  12. I use sentences, type statements that have beginnings and endings, like properly paced thoughts. Let me know when you can prove otherwise, instead of pathetically finding the laziest path to trying to discredit someone.
  13. Well..........I guess its a matter of perspective in how lemming want to frame this.
  14. Which, one again.........has no bearing on what my statement is implying? Doesn't it? I don't think attempting to reset the argument is going to change the basic facts that we've repeated about 3 times already. and you are assuming that Sam Harris charges people two separate times a month during his website like they would on Patreon? Not necessarily: Which would not apply if all you are selling is a podcast. Profile information can be substantially different than a credit card, or it simply may not have information filled out. You have no data to back up that point. It is only logical that all of his book sales have seen an upswing of sales as he has grown more popular. Which would compel him to marketing himself through publicity rather than simply banking on a podcast format that is based on a subscription format that will not last forever. The podcast doesn't cultivate his fame. He has to do that on his own, and then direct people to his podcast and his website, and maintain that fame so that he can continue to get speaking engagements for big paydays. By that metric, if he needed, IF he needed to........he'd offer his podcast for free, because its more important for him to maintain his relevance. You honestly think this 60 year old person who comes from the (psuedo)-academic world is basing his future revenue on an unproven monetized-podcast format??????? Is your to that YES? Affiliate links makes him money. T-shirts and selling books directly eliminate resellers. It clearly means that he has an incentive to direct people to his website. Or else why not just say that he an Amazon store? Because he is enjoying constant book sales, and he doesn't need to release another book until he sees sales of those existing products stagate. This concept shouldn't be foreign to you if you on a forum where people complain about why Nintendo has period where they pace their products out far out, or even moves them over to another platform in order to sell them again. A telling sign of that is that, for some of his earliest books, he didn't audiobook versions of them until 2014/2015. Clearly implies that there was an opportunity to sell old product to an incoming audience. Y'know, the Vini's and Cooke's that were coming youtube videos of him around 2015. https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2007/06/07/how-well-are-the-atheist-books-selling/ The link in that Friendly Atheist website is to the Telegraph newspaper, and its (unsurprisingly) dead because its a link from 2007. So you saying that, as far as you know, no book of his has not more than 250K........that estimate has to be grossly out of date. He has actual "concerts" on Live Natio He's going to the Fillmore in Detroit. So let's do some math. Seats 2,900, Tickets range anywhere from $35 to $260, so let's make the average about $70. (Live Nation will get their money with $10-$15 surcharges on TOP of that). He's sharing the stage with another person, Eric Weinstein. But he has developed this "tour" and is clearly the lead here, so he will probably get the bulk of the revenue. So we're talking about $200,000, the venue probably takes about 10-15% (probably less since they get concession fees), and its nothing more than a speaking engagement, so the cost for the "production" is laughably small. Whatever a table and two chairs and some pitchers of water costs. Sam Harris walk away with $100,000 for one night's work (his partner probably walks away with $50-$60K). He has about two shows a month. And that's not even SPEAKING engagements at colleges and universities, which he will get year round. And those estimate to be about $50,000 each. I think I have sufficiently proven that podcast revenue is not his main source of revenue. I have no doubt that he must be PLEASANTLY surprised that he has generated as much revenue as he has..........but he is not changing his business strategy. The podcast serves to keep him relevant, for books and speaking engagements. If he needed to maintain his relevance as a main priority........he would make his podcast free because accessibility to his audience is more important to maintain his other business ventures. Notice how this all fits quite logically?