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  1. I saw The Dead Don't Die, a Jim Jarmusch "film" and.......um.......its a movie. It probably should have been a 30 minute short film. There were some pleasant scenes, and I'm kind of surprised that Bill Murray acted slightly more livelier than he has in the past decade. Whatever point that movie is trying to make, its simply not satisfying enough when they make it.
  2. lemmings upon finding out that they got something that's exclusive:
  3. Iran shutting down the Straight of Hormuz also cuts off Saudi Arabia, einstein. LOL fucking morons like you think that oil prices won't be affected.
  4. ..........and NOT have journalists play it first? You're thinking about B-C-D-E-F-G..........without realizing that there's no "A" to start your chain of logic. You need to stop doubling down on your stupidity..........its clearly not going to work out for you in the end.
  5. I think Dynocrap GENUINELY has a simple reading comprehension problem. Like he's oblivious to contextual information to infer logical things. For example.........a person of intelligence would ask themselves "have game journalists even TOUCHED the game yet and played it themselves? If the answer is no, then it doesn't seem logical that CDPR would be allowing regular people to be playing the game just 6 weeks after they didn't allow journalists at E3." That's what a regular person would think..............but Dynocrap really seems to have a problem having his brain figure things out on its own.
  6. Whoa..........that means the Switch 36 million + Wii U's 14 million means: Nintendo has officially surpassed Microsoft Xbox One is now in 3rd Place (about a few months ago)
  7. I love it when Dynocrap invents new terms to defend Xbox. "We got da best........uh................SERVICES!!" Great room service at a shitty rundown hotel.
  8. LOL. The Dutch investigation video from the Dutch government has evidence OUT DA ASS. They were even able to match the DESIGN of the shrapnel within the airplane with the EXACT MISSILE used. Its Russian. They verified the trajectory, everything. The video is actually funny to watch because of how much evidence they present.
  9. LOL, now we're seeing their other butthurt seep in. I love how they think that demonstrating how butthurt they are is a good comeback for them.
  10. Holy shit. a discounted major Xbox game is barely outselling a higher-priced edition of a PS4 game? And we know that Death Stranding listing is going to overtake it.
  11. Looks like he's going through his old archives of responses........alot like the past two years he spent playing up-res'd X360 games. LOL
  12. Sorry, it still sucks. Hell I don't think they even have the complexity to kick rocks in Sea of Thieves, do they? Yeah. Maybe soon, they will upgrade the game to the level of mediocre.
  13. Whats hilarious about this is that on neogaf, Dynocrap actually repeated left-wing talking points defending Microsoft. That's how much of a fanboy he is. LOL
  14. It isn't. Sorry, but its not like you have any credibility on the subject. LOL
  15. LOL..........game studios that created games like State of Decay and Sea of Thieves? Shitty C-grade studios, and they're forseeable gaming projects are MULTIPLATS?????????I love making you double down on your own stupidity. @Quad Damage I'm going to use the keyword: rubberdub. Just add that word in a thread where Dynocrap makes a PREDICTION, and you want to go back and search for it whenever we see the outcome (i.e. him being completely wrong).