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  1. if the rumor is true that the Switch Pro in docked mode would do 1440p and then use DLSS to create a 4K image, that's using DLSS to scale the image by 2.25x If you take a 720p render and scale it by 2.25x, that's the same amount of pixels for a 1080p image. I imagine if nVidia already has the tensor cores on the Ampere GPU inside the handheld, why not use them? Use DLSS to make a 1080p image and then downscale to 720p to help with image quality when viewing the game on the screen. This is, assuming, that it doesn't come with any additional penalty in power consumption.
  2. I wish it could be a 1080p screen, but they probably want to intentionally keep it at 720p to keep its GPU downclocked to save battery when its being used as a handheld. Who knows, maybe it uses DLSS in that mode to create a higher-than-720p resoution and then downsample from there to help improve image quality. Also, if the GPU is clocked to 720p in handheld mode, when it gets docked, they'd probably double the clock and make it run at 1440p, which the rumor was that it would run at 1440p and then use DLSS to scale it to 4K when docked. Why wouldn't they use D
  3. Beartown on HBO. Is going to go down as the best "sleeper" show that nobody watched, this year. It could probably be perfectly translated into an American show and instead of hockey, it could be Texas High School Football. Apparently based on a book, and people are saying that the book is significantly better. It has a shocking amount of realism in showing how youth hockey is like. I mean I'm not an expert by any means, but they really seem to treat that aspect of the show almost biographical-like. So, I didn't know this, but there's
  4. As we all know, we were all born into corporate-owned slavery, and no president that was ever inaugurated on January 20th is the actual president, but rather the president of the corporate-owned American shadow government. Nevermind the fact that Trump was also inaugurated on January 20th back in 2017 and completely contradicts the premise of this theory, but Donald Trump will actually come and take back the country tomorrow on March 4th. National security intelligence reports that there is chatter of right-wing white terrorist groups talking about making one last despe
  5. I wonder how many buttons are on there. the back trigger, and then another trigger down lower. There appears to be an analog stick, similar to what you'd see on the PS Vita. It'd be nice if that were a clickable thumbstick. Number 231 appears to be pointing to something that seems like a button that can be pushed.
  6. nah, even if i wanted to hack it to play other games on it, it still wouldn't be that good of an investment since you can only really play NES and Gameboy games on it. I ended up paying an extra $30 to get a Retroid Pocket 2, and it looks fantastic. I need to take some time to figure out how to navigate through the Android OS menu and put roms of other systems in there, but its going to be the perfect device to pretty much put all pre-2000 gaming consoles and their games into a handheld with a lovely 4:3 screen.
  7. So, we will have enough vaccines for all American adults manufactured by the end of May. Logistics to getting the vaccine to the people will lag behind that, but that should clearly mean that the vaccine will be available at any local pharmacy by the end of summer. What was the original LAME-ASS estimate by that Fat Orange Dipshit's White House Administration? 100 million by the END OF THE YEAR? They even tried to promote a goal of 20 million vaccine doses within the first month of December 2020, and they only got 4 million. Biden's Admini
  8. I wish you were a limited run, jesus these threads are the worst.
  9. Merck didn't succeed at making their own vaccine. But they have the capacity, they are the biggest vaccine maker in the world. Johnson & Johnson's vaccine is significant because its a one-shot vaccine that can be stored in a regular cooler compared to Moderna's and Pfizer's which needs to be stored at -94 degrees F. That means we can get J&J's vaccine to remote areas and have them easily available. Not only that but J&J's vaccine is going to be important to poorer countries all over the world. And we'll need to be ready when they've tested it en
  10. everybody knows about that old profession that has existed for as long as humanity has existed: dating experts!
  11. They're 4K screenshots, but there's some noticeable aliasing going on there.
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