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  1. No. The camera specifically goes by the seats and shows the name card of who is sitting there. Its Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas............both Russian-born. There is nobody else associated with the Ukraine, the rest of the people are just other guests that are related to Trump through Republican-networking, Donors, Business associates, suck-ups, etc. Trump brings up the subject of Ukraine to the TWO PEOPLE that work with Rudy Guliani on that issue. And Rudy Guliani ISN'T EVEN THERE............yet Trump still knew to ask Parnas about what is going on in the Ukraine. C'mon, sweetie..........keep trying to argue that Trump doesn't know these people.
  2. Sorry.......that simply isn't a good enough reason. Come up with a better one. You've run out of excuses, apparently. How did he know Parnas worked in the Ukraine? You didn't answer that one either. Parnas and Igor Fruman aren't even Ukrainian.......their Russian-born. How did he know that they were working in the Ukraine?????????? Explain.
  3. No they weren't. They were talking about Germany and Russia and energy costs and gas lines. And Parnas says a remark about how there is a gas like involving the Ukraine. And then Trump immediately says "so hows it going in the Ukraine" Why would he direct that question if Parnas did not specify that he was working FROM Ukraine at no point in that conversation? Its because he already knows that Parnas is working in the Ukraine beforehand. .........because he knows Parnas is Guliani's guy. And also............if he doesn't know him........... why would he make a decision of firing his own Ukrainian ambassador based on hearsay from a complete stranger???? Did you forget that little tidbit?
  4. Yes I did. Go read the post for multiple examples of two different times. And then I even gave a third example.......you and your "Red Pill" guy masquerading as a liberal.
  5. ...........yet when he spoke to Parnas...........Trump asked him about what is going on in Ukraine. How did Trump know that Parnas is. 1.) His man representing him in the Ukraine 2.) Is tasked with keeping tabs about what is going on in the Ukraine ?????????? If he supposedly doesn't know him Care to answer that one? We can keep on going........you already know I'm going to paint you in a corner that you can't get out of.
  6. And I gave such a comprehensive answer that any doubt you may have been attempting to make was utterly crushed. ...in case you missed that.
  7. When you meet with them several times, and have directly spoken with them several times, and are working with the same personal lawyer Not an adminsitration or organization lawyer Not from a team of lawyers but your actual SINGLE lawyer that personally represents you that you've tasked with a specific job ................then yes you do know them.
  8. youtube version. Same video, but timestamped for the story that has broken out this past couple of days.
  9. Sweetie...........you stretching your logic to stupid levels simply isn't working. DO you think Its convincing anybody? Donald Trump is asking Lev Parnas about what is going on in Ukraine at the 41 minute mark. Parnas is literally the one who says that Yovanuvich is the one saying that Trump will be impeached soon. And Parnas recommends to get rid of her. And Trump immediately repeats what Parnas says "Get her out" "Get rid of her", and he's saying that directly to Parnas. Tell me..........would you have such a conversation like that with some "you don't know" ???????????? Who are you fooling, dude? Do you know how desperate you genuinely sound right now?
  10. No it is sweetheart. THis is what happens when your DELUSION is hitting a brick wall of reality. You can block the audio and video out of your head. But you can't block out of everybody elses. There are witnesses.............there's nothing you can say that will dismiss these witnesses. If you logic is based "EIGHT PEOPLE ARE LYING............AND THIS ONE GUY'S VERSION OF THE STORY IS THE TRUTH" If that's what you're clinging on.................you've lost, son.
  11. Oh by the way, Lev Parnas and his Lawyer just uploaded a 1 Hour, 20 minute video of him having dinner with Trump within the White House in 2018 Where the "take her out" story regarding Ukrainian Ambassador Maria Yovanuvich occurred in this very meeting. Remember..........Trump says he doesn't know Lev Parnas. That's his official story. Here's a video of him eating dinner for over an hour. The part were he says to get rid of Yovanuvich occured at around 41m 09s mark. He is having that back and forth discussion DIRECTLY with Lev Parnas..........the man that Trump claims "he doesn't really know." Dropbox download: https://t.co/8GcE1MBBIQ?amp=1
  12. Yes it is proven. Multiple witnesses in the phone call. Multiple diplomats in the Ukraine being told by Trump. Multiple diplomats in the Ukraine being told by Trump's lawyer, Rudy Guliani. Rudy Guliani's associate, Lev Parnas, specifically saying that it was all about the Bidens. And Parnas saying that Trump was well aware the entire time. Sweetie...............you can TRY REPEATING that there's no evidence all you want. You're not going to change the fact that there is.
  13. This may have been possible a couple of years ago when Kojima had just left, and Konami looked like they had nothing going on in the gaming space. But, it seems like they're starting up and churning out video games with some regularity. The price for those IPs would've been at their lowest two years ago.
  14. Yes it is proven. Trump has even said it on the front lawn of the White House. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2020-election/trump-publicly-urges-china-ukraine-investigate-bidens-amid-impeachment-inquiry-n1061956 On Video........in his own words. Confirming that he wanted that from Ukraine, and he wants other couintries to investigate Biden as well. Now who am I going to believe........................YOU????? ...........or my lying ears and eyes?
  15. Yup. Years ago. Many times. In fact, a couple of years ago, I've even traced back a claim Saucer made to a youtuber, and then traced where that youtube was getting the claim from and demonstrated to him that it was a right-winger. Haven't I caught you before following fake astro-turfers alt-right'ers pretending to form left-wing groups pretending that they are leaving the Democratic party? Do you not realize that me investigating the source of your claim is usually one of the FIRST things I do? Saucer just attempted to make a claim regarding Barack Obama withholding money for Ukraine in a mis-leading fashion. I traced it back to a talking point that was created by Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaettz and Trump's Lawyer during the Senate Trial, Jay Sekulow. Did you really think that question was going to work on me? lol