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  1. What's the matter? Knocking down lego pieces with 7 other people online in an multiplayer mode that has no apparent objective or goals.....is going to score low on gaming review websites?
  2. don't worry, at least i don't hate black people. i want Colin Kaepernick taxes 70% if he earned more than $10 million dollars, same as the rest. you know there's a pattern with you............with you continually bashing me, it seems like you bash nothing but minorities. hmmmmmmmmm, how telling.
  3. Man, these alt-right'ers really seem to hate black people. And they especially hate it if black people have money. They seem to be racist, and enjoy acting racist together.
  4. notice how he has no real ideology. the only thing he has are GIMMICKS to try and defeat libs. he really just an anti-democrat. nothing really complex about him. i also love how he is trying to frame Amazon leaving as white liberals hurting minorities. That Amazon HQ facility was for STEM employees. And they are not hurting for jobs in NYC. Saucer just (misleadingly) tried to insinuate that white liberals just took good paying BLUE-COLLAR jobs away from blacks and latinos. They didn't, Amazon was never offering blue-collar jobs in NYC to begin with. debunked.
  5. Roger Stone's entire story is that he has not actually communicated nor coordinated anything with Wikileaks. If the Mueller has his communications, and those communications contradict his story..........Roger Stone is Stone Cold Dead in the Water. He's done.
  6. Exactly.........his settlement almost appears as if the NFL is paying him for the years he missed. Which seems to be quite a telling sign that he might be coming back to finish his contract.
  7. Looks like the PC version is the only one that is solidly AA, with an 84 metacritic score. The XBO version is barely hanging at 81, and could dip below 80 before the end of the weekend.
  8. Ghost is going to be super-owned if Kaepernick gets a settlement for missed time AND he immediately starts getting contact from teams to tryout, and he ends up getting ANY QB spot. It would be a sign that the NFL has fully caved on Black lives Matter, and Kaepernick has won. We already have such signs..........the NFL gave up on anthem protests. Oh man......imagine if the NFL will even do an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN talking about this as a social issue just like they did after the issues regarding domestic violence.
  9. I love how you're calling for backup. I'm not going to ask you what its like to be a football player.......you wouldn't have any credibility on the subject. If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaepernick's settlement came with the promise that he would be allowed to tryout for teams this upcoming year. Or else, he would've continued his lawsuit against them. Man..........you really don't like that black guy who was talking about black rights. Wonder why.
  10. Kaepernick just gave everybody else the legal strategy. Go after the owner's communications. They're colluding with one another. Makes me think that the people who sued them for the CTE issue is going to want to look into this to see if the owners and the league were colluding to hide information against them. I forsee the NFL and its owners getting several lawsuits coming their way.
  11. Is he still playing football? Seems like he still sacrificed something. Getting money acts as a form of compensation for punitive damages done to his career. He just DEFEATED the NFL, and he's opened pandora's box for the owners getting sued by more people in the future. You could even say that Kaepernick just exposed a chink in the armor that many thought was impenetrable. Way to go Colin.
  12. Even he says so himself, the game enters some form of pre-production, and the head designers at Platinum get together to create a design document about what type of game they want. All of this work is necessary, which means that development of the game technically began before March 2017. He left, and the game was changed some more during production (which is common for new IPs being created). They haven't specified anything, but the game almost appears to have some open hub areas, and some bike riding. Who knows how big the game's design is.
  13. The DOJ has already informed Trump that his emergency declaration is "like to get blocked" in the courts. And if that wasn't obvious.........Trump just made it MORE OBVIOUS within the past hour. He came out and gave a rambling press conference (he only does this about once every 4-6 months), and he completely botched questions. This is where he fucked up. He was asked about why he declared a national emergency over the wall, and he said: Wouldn't surprise me if it were blocked by this time next Monday. He just said that the "Emergency" is not really an emergency.
  14. Did you hear Ike, we JUST became open borders. In fact, I found some video footage from the border, just a few minutes ago. Myyy god.