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  1. [Being served an award-winning indie brewery craft beer] "Eh, I should've gotten a Budweiser" -Twinblade
  2. holy shit, even Xbox employees have given up on xbox.
  3. and all of those requirements are with all RTX features turned off. hell the computer that I'm fixing to stop using and probably give to another member of my family this November basically meets the recommended requirements.
  4. what you talking about, on the PS5 that thing would probably load in 2-3 seconds.
  5. they recommended a SSD, even for the minimum requirements. So if anybody is going to be attempting to play this game on PS4 and Xbox One with their HDD read speeds, get ready for pop-in city, bigtime.
  6. Well, thank fucking god I was able to get in a couple of orders at Adorama.com Try checking there right now, search for RTX 3080 and you should see their listings, which were originally just 4 yesterday, expand to include like 5 different EVGA models. The problem is, its really to tell which model is which and you have to guess by the price. Two of them are FTW3 models, and the rest appear to be XC3 models at different prices. You would be placing a backorder with them, but they are at least accepting the orders.
  7. You mean...........one poster from resetera in which you decided to show two of his posts. At least we know they put in as much effort as the Xbox versions
  8. Don't worry, especially after seeing the pre-orders, they already know that the PS5 version is the lead version, and they'll put every effort to make sure its running optimized.
  9. Except mine was, and you responded to it. Thanks for admitting that you are saying that my original post was 100% right. And you are also admitting that you only responded out of butthurt and wanted to try and find something to make fun of sheep. And boy you sure did. You reminded sheep that they have a direct sequel to a 97 Metacritic scoring Top of the Gen game, a sequel to quite possibly the best hardcore action gaming franchise, a sequel to the biggest JRPG franchise, and a sequel to one of the highest scoring Metacritic games of all time............com
  10. Holy shit Remij is getting absolutely buttfucked on this subject. And he keeps on responding, because he IS A LEMMING and he is quite angry that Microsoft is porting their own funded games to Nintendo platforms faster than he's hoping for console ports to come to his PC.
  11. LOL he's now talking about Gouko. We're talking about YOU WAITING on Ori 2 since it was announced. But, if you want to compare yourself with Gouko, Ori 1 came out on Switch on September 29, 2019. So lets assume from that day, Gouko was expecting Ori 2 on the Switch. He waited LESS THAN A YEAR. Still got you beat, sucka. Holy shit, you brought up something that ended up backfiring on you.
  12. Damn, the Islanders were one goal away from forcing a Game 7. I would've loved to have both teams play the full 7 games and be exhausted. But I guess this'll have to do. Let's hope the Lightning are exhausted in Game 1.
  13. Yeah it did. Its an Xbox funded game..........and you waited 3 years for it from the time it was announced. Sheep waited about 15 minutes from the time it was announced. LOL, he doesn't know what to do at this point.
  14. LOL no.............I'm not forgetting that you are trying to run away and hide behind your PC. In fact I'm specifically pointing it out because its hilarious and practically an admission that you lost this argument. And YOU STILL WAITED 3 years for Ori 2, which still flopped. Its hilarious how I have you running to a different excuse with every single post you make.
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