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  1. Its amazing. Let's assume that I WOULD AGREE with your claim that Kim Jung Un did "nothing wrong" and this guy just died ON HIS OWN......as profoundly stupid and pathetic as that sounds..........let go ahead and ASSUME I agree with you. ..............what does that change about Trump being a massive, complete and total cuck for being told "here's a bill, pay it"........and then he does agree to pay it? You didn't think THAT far through? You were grasping to find something that you forgot the actual point of this thread? LOL
  2. "We believe" So they don't actually have any evidence on the condition of his body. There is no autopsy...........and you're trying to assess the condition of somebody who went bedridden a YEAR AGO on what condition his body may have been? You got nothing............I also love the fact that you thought you changed the subject, and tried to gloss over the fact that Trump was charged with a $2 million dollar bill, and authorized the US government to pay it. Did you think I was going to forget that part?
  3. You said that his body was in 'great shape" Please highlight where this is confirmed. He could have been suffocated. He's bedridden for an entire year? That's how they confirmed his body was in great shape?
  4. Which one of us said that his body was "in great shape"???????? Was it me??????????? Or was it you????????? So this would be confirmed in his autopsy.............because where else would you be able to confirm that his body "was in great shape"????? I don't need to ask anybody besides YOU............because YOU made the claim, rubberdub. Where's your proof? Where's the autopsy?
  5. So you don't have any autopsy information, got it. Instead of you information passed along from North Korea. I love how you're trying to portray other people melting down when you can't even back up your own claims and are getting madder and madder because I'm pointing at the obvious holes in your claims. lol Where's the autopsy report that his body was in "great shape"?
  6. How do you know any of this? Do you have info on his autopsy? "His body was in great shape"??? "People just enter cardiac arrest. It just happens" Especially people who are in great shape? Oh my goodness, this is so pathetic.
  7. No..........you are the one doing the deflecting. You already know what I was talking about prior to your question. Either respond to it, or say that you can't. If you are asking a question rhetorically in order to make a point, then you might as well just explain it directly, but I doubt that's the case. Cooke, you already know that everybody else that tries changing the subject on me doesn't......ever, in the entire history of these forums. What makes you think its going to work for you?
  8. Now that's Maximum Cuckoldry. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-northkorea-warmbier/trump-approved-payment-of-2-million-bill-for-north-korea-care-of-warmbier-report-idUSKCN1S124E?utm_source=reddit.com So Donald Trump can't get Mexico to pay for a wall. But Kim Jung Un killed an American, and successfully got Donald Trump to pay for the hospital bill.
  9. Attempting it a second time still doesn't work. You can either respond to what I said about your previous comments........or you can't. And it looks like you can't.
  10. Valve did this to themselves, they have no one to blame but themselves. In baseball, they have a statistic called "Left on Base" (LOB) and sometimes you'll see it on the boxscore. It means that they got men on base, but they couldn't do enough to bring them home and convert them to runs. So a team could get alot of hits in a game but score very little, because they left too many men on base. And that's what Valve has done. They NEVER FINISH THEIR SHIT. Abandoned making the games that people expect from them They abandoned trying to upgrade the Source engine Big Picture mode was some half-assed attempt at having a OS and getting people to use their computer on their TVs. They had brokered deals for Steam Boxes from PC manufacturers, those went nowhere. Steam controller was a piece of shit Steamlink went nowhere Brokered a deal with HTC Vive for VR games to combat Oculus VR, Valve kinds meandered away and left HTC on their own. They never fucking finish anything. They never see it through and make an improved second wave of product improvements and do marketing and push to get people to adopt this stuff. They just do enough to "get on base" and but they never get around to scoring. Had they accomplished even HALF on what's on that list, they'd be so far away that Epic wouldn't be able to compete with them. And the reason why is because they're satisfied with just getting a cut from credit card transactions.
  11. No it isn't, you've shifted gears and are trying to argue something different. What I am specifically arguing and HAVE BEEN arguing is your completely lackluster claim that we don't have to push to protect anybody's rights or fight for anybody's rights because "it happens eventually." I am pointing out that your attitude and reasoning is ridiculous. Now you are trying to move onto another claim and simply imply that other minority groups have no struggles..............sorry son, that's not what we were talking about. And you know it, or else you wouldn't have tried it.
  12. I think the Switch will surpass Xbox at the beginning of Fall, which is a shame because I had predicted Summer 2019. Actually I think I had predicted August 2019, which was summer. But yeah, Xbox is going into last place, where it belongs. And remember this about Switch sales.......all of these sales are BEFORE Nintendo hits the NOS button and releases a mainline Pokemon game. Its outselling PS4, and they still haven't hit the NOS.