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  1. I think we are going to need raw death information from all hospitals to get a real idea. I think they're undercounting deaths, because a coronavirus deaths has to be a person that is verified as being infected. So even if they arrive at the hospital, and die quickly, or DOA, a test would still have to be made on their dead body to verify that its a coronavirus-related death. There are some testimonies from nurses who are coming off their shifts that they have dead corpses and they clearly died from respiratory failure, but they are not tested for the virus, and are not being counted. The lack of tests means that hospitals will not want to use tests on people who have already passes, when they could use the test for people that are still alive.
  2. This really is great, hard not watch this without getting a smile on your face. I never understood the hype behind Hamilton, but now I really want to go see that.
  3. Dude's getting high off of NOS? nice
  4. I just described everything jonb has ever said this past decade
  5. Greg Abbott fucking MUMBLED HIS way. I swear, he literally said something along the lines of "We are taking this seriously, we don't want to tell people what to do, but we do recommend limiting activities, but we're not saying that we are not not saying that we are saying. But we're just saying." And then Dallas County Judge (which is like the County Commission) basically said "Greg Abbott is basically confiming what we have been pushing, a full state Stay at Home order" And I think it pissed off the states office, because they got into a tiff this Monday, in which the Governor tried to make Clay Jenkins look bad and/or inept. Clay jenkins basically forces all of the surrounding counties in North Texas to follow his lead, so he's been the one leading. Both him and whomever is his equivalent in the Houston area.
  6. Oh yeah, so he's now running to his other failed shtick.........in which I made so much fun of him for not direct-quoting me........basically calling him a coward. So now, in his infinite cleverness......he attempts to just GASLIGHT and he claims that we aren't direct-quoting him. Observe:
  7. Very interesting research Look at the major cities in Texas, Dallas area, Houston, Austin and the very south. The leaders in those areas are absolutely doing a great job while the rest of the state is not doing anything to help curb the spread. The Northeastern US is doing a great job, as well.
  8. I don't get it. What "light bar"? There's only light around the touchpad, that can't possibly be enough for PSVR to pick that up? So is the light purely for aesthetics?
  9. Well, the blue color is achieved by having translucent plastic around that area. But there's no light at the top of the controller, that would've been necessary for the old style of PSVR. It looks solid, I like that the handles look fatter.
  10. He's the only one who can't help but talk about him, now. LOL
  11. Have you guys seen the ideas that Major eague baseball is kicking around to try and start up the baseball season? They're crazy. All teams play in Arizone Players stay in hotels, in isolation, and only go between the hotel and the games The players don't sit in the dugout, they have to sit apart in the stands (so, basically, there's no crowd at these games) There's no umpire, its a robot/computer strikezone calling balls and strikes The pitcher is mic'd up with the catcher and with the dugout. There's no mound visits Double-headers would be played to catch up in order to fit a full 162 game schedule for all teams, and double-headers would only be 7 innings The way they see it, ESPN and other networks are absolutely starving for television content, and MLB baseball could deliver like 9-10 hours of live content a day, nationwide. So they see this as a huge money-making opportunity. This thirsty bitch is now trying to hope and dream about something half a year away from now. Its the second thing in which he's WISHING for months ahead of time (the other being the next Xbox). Thanks for admitting that you have NOTHING today, and are mad about getting bitchslapped.
  12. LOL I love how this guy just admitted the only thing he cares about. (again)
  13. ........and he ended up having to go to the ICU. Thanks for walking into that one.