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  1. Nice attempt by these incels to try and distract attention from Trump's presidency beginning to implode today Good to see Dynocrap attempt to mimick Fox News' coverage from today. LOL Doubt its even the most high profile murder story of this summer.
  2. "alright they fixed Hal-.................er, uh, I mean, they are re-launching Halo, because it definitely already worked. I just didn't want to play it these past 2 years, that's all" LOL, did Dynocrap just make another one of his patented predictions and say that Halo MCC isn't coming to the PC? That will be awesome.
  3. I love how he thinks he can use Sean Hannity's talking points from tonight. The "pornstar payoffs" are campaign laws that are broken..............so, it ALREADY relates to the 2016 Election. I guess you forget that Michael Cohen has said that Donald Trump was aware of the Trump Tower Meeting before it happened, y'know the one with the Russian lawyer who was working for the kremlin. And his legal team is saying that they WANT to seek Robert Mueller to speak with them. He wants to spill more beans to help him reduce his jail time. And he has already hinted that he knows that Trump authorized the Russian meeting, and he would know more about Trump's relationship with Russia, because it sure didn't start in June 2016. The last person who Trump did not want to "flip" is basically pleading with Mueller to let him flip. Why are you pretending to play stupid and think this is just some separate "financial issue"? Not even you buy that. lol
  4. You know Congressmen Chris Collins, the House Congressmen from New York's 27th district. He was indicted a couple of weeks ago for committing insider trading and dumping stocks while he was on the White House lawn trying to contact his son? He was the FIRST sitting congressman to endorse Donald Trump for president. Do you know who was the SECOND sitting congressmen to endorse Donald Trump for president? The guy who just indicted today. Rep. Duncan Hunter.
  5. Valve is doing ANOTHER MAJOR PROJECT...................and will be in beta??????????????? Add it to the existing pile.
  6. Xbox can't even market games properly. I mean............I bet people are expecting it on Game Pass for $10, and if they're not getting it for $10, then its a NO-BUY.
  7. Trump was already agitated walking out of Air Force One. He has a campaign rally in about an hour.
  8. One of them is going to come in here and post: "Here's a story out of Podunksville, North Carolina about a community college professor giving a white guy a B on a history exam but this black lesbian girl scored an A!!!!" "oh what's all these other posts on here???? Huh????? Michael who???? I had no idea you guys were talking about that, I just strolled in here because of this counter-racist story that's 3 months old that I suddenly wanted to talk about."
  9. Remember, Michael Cohen IS the finance chair for the Republican National Committee. And he just plead guilty to campaign finance violations. I hope to god that Robert Mueller is investigating the money, and at least ONE DOLLAR passes through a bank account that is for the Republican National Party, and the investigation spreads into that.
  10. At this point, the FBI would clearly be implying that Donald Trump is the subject of an investigation. Why offer a plea deal to Michael Cohen unless the FBI is targeting somebody else? And who else is left?
  11. The news from the Manafort trial was that the jury had not received a unanimous decision on one count. He has 18 counts that they are deliberating, I don't know if the wording made it seem like they have settled on the other 17 and are just still debating over the 18th count, or if there are potentially more counts in which they are not currently unanimous on. If its the former, then things are looking good for the prosecution. Typically these deliberations can go up to 10-12 days.
  12. The thing I am most hopeful is the simple fact that Robert Mueller's team has NOT sat down and interviewed Mike Pence this entire time. Which means that the Special Counsel has not had interviews with the Trump family, Jared Kushner, and Mike Pence. For these type of investigations, the people who are left last on the list for interviewing them are usually the subjects and/or targets of the investigation.
  13. Wished that Xenoblade went with this artstyle for a huge open world. And their character models for the people are much better than Xenoblades.
  14. I figured it was going to take a hit. That's why I primarily concern myself with running a steady 60fps with all graphics effects turned out. And these "new" graphics effects I don't consider them to be standardized yet, especially if they are introduced by nVidia. So I don't really count those, because whenever nVidia introduces a new graphical feature, you are almost guaranteed to take a performance hit that drops it below 60fps.