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  1. like, that's a big reason why I try to do everything in a game as long as it isn't some ultra-ridiculous objective that only exists to get all Gamerscore/Trophies in a game. i tend to have a pretty decent memory of a game, so once I'm done, I'm done with it. the only games I might ever play over again is RE4 and maybe LttP. But I last played LttP back in 2004, and I feel quite satisfied and don't really have to play it again.
  2. LOL, it did, actually. this game doesn't come with ray-tracing.
  3. ghost advocates for xbox and has been promoting xbox lately. so.........looks like your a lemming who can't seem to get shit straight. Why am i not surprised.
  4. Its people who immediately entered the thread when they saw sheep celebrating another good Ace Attorney game. DP loves PW games, but hates seeing sheep celebrate. And then came the usual round of butthurters Observe: Looks like I win the case, yet again.
  5. how many times have xbox owners actually.............y'know............gotten the opportunity to DOWNLOAD a new game?
  6. The first part of your sentence is you intentionally pretending to play stupid and misunderstand what I typed. The second part of your sentence is the ONLY thing I typed. Don't get mad because I filtered out your bullshit, and just left you with what you were really doing.
  7. damn, the first game designed for the Steam Deck! they should be proud.
  8. My conversations are entirely based on describing what you are doing and what you are saying. So, if you want to call them stupid and boring. I'm not stopping you. Listen.......we all know what you were doing, you just don't admit it. So you made up all of this ridiculous bullshit.............and all I'm doing is treating you like a fucking dog and RUBBING YOUR NOSE in your own bullshit. You wanted to talk shit because you saw cows and sheep celebrating and being excited over this Ace Attorney game coming out. Next time, just be honest. LOL
  9. But you are plainly aware that reviews contain BOTH their words and their numerical score. So..................they're "hacks" because YOU DIDN'T SEE any of the writing from reviews? Even though you know damn well these reviews have written analysis. Who exactly do you think is WASTING PEOPLE'S TIME, here? Because you're excuses here are getting stupider by the minute. I suppose if a doctor told you that you have a disease............but he failed to have the lab report in his hands when he was TELLING you..........he'd be a hack who doesn't know
  10. because the franchise is based on the quality of the stories and writing................and believe it or not, stories and writing CAN be analyzed and reviewed. In fact, I think there's an entirely other review industry based on that. I just like exposing how silly your bullshit sounds. It sounds really stupid when you explain what it is that you are doing. You're hating on reviews for accurately reviewing a good game to be good.............because they're "hacks" for doing so? Based on that logic, what stops you from being a hack?
  11. if a game as prestigious as Zelda were given out to a second party developer................you absolutely have our permission to bring that up as a negative. Sorta like how Gears of War has been farmed out to a shitty one-note studio. And how the Halo franchise is now being handled by piddling leftovers of Bungie, and has completely lost its magic.
  12. you're hating on good reviews..........but not the game? i knew you were going to have to do some mental gymnastics to make your bullshit fit, I didn't know it would look this bad.
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