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  1. The HD Project should be just about nearing completion. What they need to do is have another mod team make a VR project.
  2. https://gfycat.com/giddyflusteredindianjackal This is clearly not running on the Quest 2, this has got to be a PC-accelerated version. Looks much better, and the depth-of-field blur and motion blur really help. It also helps that this is also one of the most busiest scenes in the whole game, they should absolutely throw you more enemies.
  3. they should've added Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories I think I only got like halfway through Vice City Stories, right up until Phil Collins made his cameo. But the production quality was so bad, it didn't do it justice. They actually ported that game to the PS2, and it looked better.
  4. that "before" footage is absolute bullshit. It never looked that washed out. does anybody want to return to the car physics of those games? And the lack of physics in tons of other things, like how your character moves, and gunplay that has no recoil. They should've added some online modes.
  5. So this appears to be very similar to the Brandon Lee incident. A blank does have gun powder, but it doesn't discharge any projectile. Unless there is something already in the barrel, and you fire a blank while there's something in the barrel, they that item is propelled by the blank firing. Somebody would have had to check that prop gun as they loaded the blank.
  6. Because he was using a prop gun, and the gun discharged, and it hit both the director of photography and, I believe, the director as well. Dir. of Photography has died., the director is injured. On the movie set of "Rust" Similar thing happened to Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow about 30 years ago.
  7. Yeah, I know, people are really divided over this.
  8. Those guys have been counting and re-counting those games for the past 6 months.
  9. yeah, but if i haven't played the expansions yet, why wouldn't I just wait a little more for the visual upgrade? Which should also be free, if I am remembering correctly. I have no reason to go back to the main game, the game clock is probably not accurate, but I'm willing to say that I've probably out somewhere between 200-300 hours in the main game, I've combed that map up and down. I've gone to every single question mark location with the exception of a handful of them left in the waters of Skellige. The only reason why I would play the main game again would be if I
  10. Yeah, its almost as if people are acting like the 2005 game was REMOVED from the shelves. This is a 2021 product. It was made for this time. The 2005 product, made for its time, is still in existence. So what were you deprived of, exactly?
  11. "why are you are your people...." [few minutes later] "I can't believe you have just generalised us as a group of people..."
  12. Actually most of the trailer looks better and more grounded than the final part with the airplane. That just looks like a bad and silly action sequence that shouldn't be in the movie. And I have no idea why they put that Led Zeppelin song in the trailer, its not even one of their catchy tunes.
  13. 10 years ago.........this sentence would be coming from some super-left leaning person. Now look at who are the ones who do this type of whining the most. Now look who is running and crying to the mods for help.
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