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  1. Once again, Elon Musk is just trying to say things to try and buy time, and Twitter's lawyers and the Judge is not having any of it. He was basically trying to say that he will agree to buy Twitter, in order to tell the court to just delay the case for an indefinite period of time. Saying that he needs to work out certain terms. He was doing it to just delay the trial. He was going to drag his feet on actually buying Twitter. He was also, ultimately hoping to dupe Twitter into dropping the case if they believe that he's going to move forward on buying the company.
  2. This is too perfect I even read it in that cartoon french voice
  3. they got that annoying guido, Sebastian Manisculo in there? I don't know if I should hate that with every fiber of my being, or consider it absolute genius. his voice is so stupid I'm actually fascinated to see an animated character talk like him.
  4. i actually saw some deals in which a preorder of this game actually falls before $50. Makes me think that demand for this isn't going to be all that hot.
  5. He's already admitted to playing God of War 2018...........and then paid full price again on PC. And Spider man 2018, and then paid full price (which was HIGHER) on PC. And that's not even including the fact that he's fakeboying right now.
  6. did you notice Lemij immediately try to backtrack and deny this. But they are absolutely talking about the Sony games MORE THAN ANYTHING. He knows these poor port-beggars are starving for anything of high production quality. God of War 2018, Horizon ZD 2017, and Spider-man 2018, and Uncharted are literally the highest quality production games these PC owners have seen, in terms of graphics/animation/face-capture/motion-capture/textures/audio/voiceover/cinematic-quality in a video game. They've never had the OPPORTUNITY to buy a game on their PC
  7. Yes I did, you absolutely got caught lying about GeForce Now, as a service, and made up a complete lie. And I absolutely busted you on that lie. That lie, you made it, after I pointed out NUMEROUS inconsistencies with the original GeForce Now leak Like for example, the leak never leaked TLOU1 Remake, even though that project is coming to PC BEFORE all the other rumored games. And why are there games on the GeForce Now leak................that NEVER LAUNCHED on GeForce Now streaming????????? Meaning that the database is not an authentic Ge
  8. now that's a blowjob. Things must be going swimmingly for Aza.
  9. No, i've already disproved you on the nvidia leak. remember when I caught you lying about the nVidia geforce now developer program that wasn't even active for developers when you were claiming that the program was in effect? Yup, busted you straight-up lying.
  10. oh, by the way. Elon Musk intentionally made his offer at $54.20 a share, and purposely bumped it up 20 cents, so that he could make a "420" reference, Get it? Its got FOUR-TWENTY in it? Hyuck hyuck hyuck hyuck, cool joke bro! That additional 20 cents that he threw into his offer, when applied to the over 131 million existing shares of Twitter..................means that his lame joke cost him an additional $26 million dollars. for a joke that I am certain nobody was aware about, until I just explained it three sentences ago. Musk is
  11. No, you have no confirmation on ratchet. I love how you tried to sneak that one in there. And thanks for confirming that I was correct.
  12. No, you didn't end up being right about anything. Did you honestly think that would work? LOL
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