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  1. Notice how there's alot of people crying about the Switch, and making a whole bunch of Switch threads? And about 90% of them are coming from lemmings, who apparently don't have much going on, because they're not even making threads about the Xbox.
  2. I don't think nVidia needs to release a new series of video cards every calendar year. I mean, the consoles are just not going to catch up with this. AMD GPUs are not going to catch up with this, and there isn't a single mass-consumer electronic device on earth that needs this type of GPU power. Like, either in 2019 or 2020, I will be able to find these cards at attainable prices, or nVidia will probably move down to a die shrink by then and be able to refresh the product line to newer versions that squeeze out more power. 2070 ti and 2060 ti versions. Either way, its looking like late 2019 or 2020 when I get another nVidia card.
  3. There's alot to consider here. They can't just say its 14TFLOPS and naturally assume that all games will run at 4K at minimum 60fps with everything turned on. How much of a toll is raytracing (assume the game is designed for that feature) taking in its processing power? Secondly, these are Founders Edition cards. The other manufacturers card will probably be $100 less.
  4. So, what 2080 Ti is $1200 And their Titan version is $1500? Are these processed on 7nm? If so, they could still be having low yields and that is why the price is so high right now.
  5. Don McGahn was never a lawyer for Trump. He is the White House lawyer, and legally represents the White House as an entity. Thats the same mistake Trump make, Trump thought that Don McGahn would also represent Trump's interests. Trump is now trying to say that he was being transparent this entire time by allowing McGahn to speak with the Special Counsel, but in reality he didn't know that McGahn would openly cooperate to ensure that his ass was covered. Remember, when Sally Yates notified the White House about Michael Flynn being compromised and hiding the fact that he was a paid foreign agent for Ukraine and never reported it and he lied to the FBI about that specific thing, Sally Yates reported to McGahn, and McGahn would have reported it to Trump and Pence. Next thing you know, Trump is asking Comey to "let this Flynn thing go." And Trump then proceeds to fire Comey.
  6. This is getting annoying to the point where, if Sony does not announce a PS5 releasing in 2019 by E3 2019, Aza automatically gets banned ALL THE WAY until the PS5 actually releases, whenever that date may be. I'm not talking about a bet, either. I'm saying that the forum should just straight do that as fair punishment for Aza annoying us about this shit for over a year.
  7. Still haven't played New Super Luigi on the Wii U. I had gotten the disc version for super cheap. And I hear that its really hard platforming. So I still want to play that. If they combine all of those games, or combine NSMBU and NSLU and throw in a Mario Maker function, that would be a solid package. Once again, if people here say that they didn't own a Wii U, then they didn't play this. And if you already played this, then there's nothing to complain about either.
  8. You have to make it carry risk. If the mod does become an abusive little shit, then not only does he lose his mod abilities, but it also comes with a heavy ban. That'll weed out those who will genuinely try to be fair, and those who just want to get their hands on being a mod for petty reasons.
  9. Nintendo should have tried to get the two Pokemon Let's Go games out the door during September, and Smash Bros completed by mid-November. That would've helped kicked their end of year Switch sales into higher gear.
  10. using your phone as a hotspot require its to have additional hardware to communicate with 3G/4G/LTE cell towers. That is why iPads cost more when you add the Cell Data option to it. It would also run your battery out faster than using your wifi. And you also pay a monthly service just for accessing data from a cell tower. All of that would have to happen, and there's no gaurantee that wireless online gaming would play well for it to be tolerable. I keep on hearing that AT&T is planning to upgrade all of their cell towers to the point where they just want to sell you broadband internet service wirelessly. Completely bypass installing anything at an address. I'd imagine they'd still need to provide you with a modem to convert that cell signal into a wifi access point.
  11. Was that part of it, too? I'm very sorry for your struggle.
  12. he's trying to avoid talking about the subject of this thread. and is trying to take it on a tangent. watch how it doesn't remotely work at all.
  13. I love that they made a change to this forum recently in which we can see who is viewing this thread. Because now we can SEE Dynocrap viewing this thread, but his bitch-ass is too scared to post in it. Good change, and I'm almost certain that the change was made because of last month's June NPD sales thread.
  14. not hard enough to attempt mimicking myself, apparently. Let's hope that gets better, as well.