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  1. LOL poor hermits are having to champion a business executive, who has never developed a game, and came from the Xbox console division. now that's rock bottom.
  2. Wells, that's one way of saying there's job cuts. The Call of Duty developers were already on a 2-3 year development cycle, that's why they had three of them so that they could have a game release every year. So, they're basically saying that they are taking a developer off of that. Weakest developer is probably Treyarch, but they do Black Ops. Sledgehammer is the newest developer, but they actually seems like the most graphically talented.
  3. He's declaring me the winner, by running off and trying to find something else to try and own me with.
  4. He's already given up this fight, so he ran away
  5. its so laughably bad, he must have attempted it on an Apple device LOL
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