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  1. Here's a brief recap of jonb failing to make a decent comeback for the past couple of pages:
  2. Good thing I stole his joke format before he ruined it himself. He somehow managed to create something new, but still end up looking like an idiot at the end.
  3. StayMadJonButthurt LOL thanks for the inspiration
  4. LOL he's now back to "dumbo" That's officially bottom of the barrel. That's like jonb's TV Test Pattern, his brain shuts off and that's all he repeats until morning.
  5. That explains a neogaf thread where those guys tried to boast that Xbox One sales went up 500% during these past few days. LOL That's no problem, Halo Infinite will probably look the same on those consoles.
  6. And back again. Like its hilarious that he doesn't know that I leave the bait sitting there in that last sentence. he really that stupid and predictable. LOL
  7. Looks like those kids were getting flustered there for a bit during the 4th. But they regained their composure when it mattered most, and that was the most subtle 3 point lead grows to 11 point lead sequence I've ever seen. The Lakers gassed themselves out trying to close the gap during the middle of the 4th. Those Nuggs kids are starting to believe. The most effective player is Rajon Rondo being an irritant, but even that doesn't last forever. Lets hope fatigue isn't becoming a factor at this point, because that doesn't benefit the Lakers.
  8. LOL I also got him to go back to not being man enough to respond-directly. Manipulated him back and forth one more time before he cries himself to sleep. Its just all so predictable with him.
  9. LOL bitch-boy got so mad he manned up to direct-quote. Got him one more time before he runs away.
  10. its obvious that you know you already lost this, and your regular shtick isn't working. got any more projection in you, boy?
  11. Like I said.........making it obvious like that. The funny part is you already you've tried to childish flame your way out before with me, and its never worked before. Not even once. But you don't know howto do anything else. lol
  12. Lets hope that the Nuggs can close this out methodically so that there's no runs from the Lakers. Just play some good fundamental offense and not make stupid flippant 3's like we just saw.
  13. Did you get comeback from the Dax Shepherd character in Idiocracy or something? "oh yeah..........well, your face is a pathetic!" Pretty sure you just saw multiple people call you pathetic in this thread. No need to project that onto me.
  14. You see..........when you make it that obvious, you can't help but look pathetic.
  15. gamestop employee said that their store only had two Series S, and their Series X "was not even in the double-digits" So, between both models, they probably had about 10 consoles, or slightly less than 10 at each store.
  16. we know how it works. we know its pretty pathetic to still see people obviously cling onto it. and it becomes obvious when someone clings to it when they leave because they know their console is a failure, and then they comes back because they think their console looks good again.
  17. Best Buy changed its release date for the Founder's Edition RTX 3090 to October 28th.
  18. what you're seeing lemmings do in this thread. That's the real Xbox exclusive. And there's plenty of that to go around.
  19. You literally couldn't scroll up to the top of this thread to make sure that your joke was going to work. Maybe you don't have a scroll wheel on the mouse to your Packard Bell computer.
  20. LOL he's doesn't know what to do. So its gotten to the point where he now considers prepositions as successful insults. LOL
  21. were you finally able to pre-order an Xbox 360 in your country today?
  22. I call jonb's coming and going the Fresh Prince's Dad Episode Disease. Except there's not huge bald deep-voiced black man to hug him at the end of his emotional breakdown.
  23. They're gonna break out the YoY percentages against Xbox's 2019. Oh man, those might be triple digit percentages.
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