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  1. Yeah, I got a feeling I am going to be going through my PS4 backlog on my PS5 soon as I A.) go back into Cyberpunk and just knock out a total comprehensive playthrough, or B.) decide to wait for significant patches for Cyberpunk to greatly improve the experience. I've just platinum'd Spider-man Remastered, and am going to knock out Miles Morales quickly.
  2. It does. it benefits people who want to play a game and traditional sit-down console just isn't for them. One of my best friends, now lives in a different states, I used to buy him games for his birthday and christmas, and he'd play them on his PS3, and he ended up getting a PS4. But, for the Witcher 3, he ended up playing it on switch, and he was absolutely enamored with the game. And this might be even more true with older people who are used to low-framerate PS1 and N64 games and they just didn't care. One of the most impressive ports I've eve
  3. i'd like it if someone just makes a nice plastic mask that shows your mouth. So if the edges are soft and grab onto your face, the middle part can be a harder material that doesn't bend inwards whenever you inhale. That would be my only complaint about wearing a basic mask, is the inhaling part sucking in the mask. and having a cool modern on top of that is a plus. I take it you could remove the electrical parts and then just stick the mask in a dishwasher to clean it, or you can simply spray and wipe it down.
  4. they announced that the star wars license no longer exclusively resides with EA. So I hope that still means that Respawn can make more Jedi Fallen Order.
  5. yikes, that's the best he can do. is say that other people are as pathetic as him.
  6. the proudest thing that ghost has going in his life............is him pretending that eminem's success rubs off on him. that's where he's at, right nowtalking about eminem in 2021. LOL
  7. Death metal in a Mario game? With a double bass pedal, no less?
  8. He's trying so hard to make anything stick. LOL And its not remotely working.
  9. i don't think you understand. can you point out where I am making fun of Eminem? I'm making fun of you. Why do you think I'm making fun of you and Eminem like as if you're together?
  10. LOL, considering I haven't spoken about him since my first post, I'm actually quite amused that you're still a pathetic eminem hype man in 2021, and the other guy was so butthurt about me that he actually thought that backing up a loser who makes eminem threads was a good idea. Even more amazing is how eminem is a top seller, considering you probably have to put his stuff on layaway.
  11. i love it when jonb is the only one left here still trying to keep the butthurt alive.
  12. It benefits Konami that the IP stay relevant. But how could it possibly top Twin Snakes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  13. no, you're pretending that its very wrong, now, because you're desperately trying to find something to bash me with. you're trying to push the "OMG, I just had an epiphany that you are very racist, Jerry!" shtick. Its obvious what you're trying to do. It failed almost immediately. And I took it as a sign of desperation from you. Which would be the correct way of taking it. Go back to playing-but-not-actually-playing Cyberpunk 2077. LOL
  14. so you're saying that you're breaking the mold and AREN'T playing dumb? even though I specifically caught you playing dumb when you intentionally tried to change the story. common tactic of this forum is to get caught in an obvious contradiction. Congrats on being common.
  15. are you accusing me of being a jonb alt account? this is getting confusing.
  16. damn, you know its bad when you're relying on jonb to save you
  17. of course. i'm currently not bitter on the internet right now. there you go. we just proved that I have hair, and you have to "comb forward" LOL
  18. I know you're racist. And I'm not your uncle. I don't wear hats, I actually have hair.
  19. In other words.............you tried to bring up that story as a desperate attempt to embarrass me. And your plan didn't work..........so you just lost your willpower and are giving up. So........in other words, what I thought you were attempting to do, is now confirmed. Because I doubt you live in a house.
  20. yeah you. you intentionally pretended that you didn't know something. and you changed your interpretation to you saying "and he was being serious when he said it". You got caught whitewashing YOURSELF. Wouldn't be the first time, amirite?
  21. Sorry, you're not changing the subject. You so mad at me, that you tried to bring up the "Jerry calling jonb a House N" event to try and make yourself feel better. And you even got caught changing your story in the process. Why? Because I laughed a couple of times when liquid was making fun of you? I don't think you understand.........seeing how long you keep this up is going to be interesting. I'm not asking you to stop. LOL LOL, the double-posting. Does he have a split personality or something?
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