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  1. LOL so you just literally said "let me say racist things and see if people complain" I love the attempt at equivalency here. Apparently, according to you, pointing out you whining about Brie Larson and Gilette is EQUIVALENT to making racist statements. The victim-complex.
  2. crying on the level that you guys are? Hey, let's have a contest. Let's count the number of threads created year about racism............and then let's count the number of GIllette/Brie Larson/Gender threads created this year. See who's melting down more.
  3. LOL poor guy was too embarassed to note that he's posting an article from the dailycaller So...................the Fbi, the Dept. of Justice...........William Barr.............Trump............Warren Buffet. Any of them confirmed any of this????????????
  4. That's an interesting way of admitting that you have no reason to think of your Xbox One. He can see the bottom soles of his shoes, with all of these foot-in-mouth remarks.
  5. Yeah.........the Xbox One has fewer exclusives than the fucking Vita You got that one right.
  6. They just trotted out Ewan McGregor for a Obi Wan Kenobi series on the Disney streaming service. The guy has always had that big payday just waiting for him. A huge role that requires him to actually get older. How many actors can achieve that?
  7. If I remember correctly, there was also a problem in which the Democrats couldn't break a Senate filibuster without resorting to asking Joe Lieberman for help. And that's because Ted Kennedy was basically unable to do his duties as Senator from March 2009 until his death in August 2009. And Al Franken could not be sworn in as Senator for Minnesota until July 2009. And that's because Franken barely won his election by 225 votes, and the other guy filed an "election contest" in January (cocksucker purposely waited right before he would be sworn in) and that led to a court review, and once they ruled on absentee ballots, Franken was still the winner, but then the cocksucker appealed to Minnesota's Supreme Court in order to waste more time, and by the time they ruled, it was June 2009, and only then did Franken get sworn in. By not having Kennedy and Franken there, at the same time, they didn't have enough Democrat senators to break the filibuster, and they had no choice but to deal with Joe Lieberman's sorry ass. Hence the public option went away. It was literally that close. Elections fucking matter.
  8. No.....you have liberal derangement syndrome. Sorry, you've already established this. This is especially true since you run away from arguments repeatedly after you get your ass handed to you.
  9. Warner Herzog in the Star Wars universe. The mere thought is just insane.
  10. sorry, its not rated higher. top 10 switch games beat top 10 xbox one games, even if they mostly consist of multiplat. SMO and BoTW have more reviews, and are therefore more critically acclaimed..........that's simply not up for discussion, that a numerical fact.
  11. LOL............so by your logic, if you post memes, then you have liberal derangement syndrome. Right?
  12. actually i said that you play those multiplats on PC, while trying to advocate for xbox against the switch. really undermines your credibility there.
  13. well, for starters, rdr2 isn't rated higher and, like i said before, rdr2 failed to win many gotys, where SMO and BoTW won many. So we already have two switch games that , at minimum, meet the very best game on XBO. and probably exceed it. so from there on out, top 10 xbox one games, any combination of microsoft-developed or multiplat........simply aren't as good as top 10 switch games. this is based on your original conditions: judging each platform in vacuum as the only platform you would own. Switch beats XBO.
  14. nope they aren't. visit the actual website, like i did. BOTW and SMO are more critically acclaimed, and thus logically better than RDR2. Deal with it.
  15. you're literally in a thread in which the Trump white house knows that there's a recession coming. And you're trying to play stupid and pretend we haven't stated what the problem is with Trump?
  16. Nope, metacritic has no rankings when the metacritic score is exactly the same. and, by common sense.......a game that has more reviews while having the same metacritic score is logically the more criticially acclaimed game. that's not really up for debate. thanks for playing.
  17. Instead of viewing it on your phone, you should visit the real, full website, as it was meant to be displayed. No ranking numbers, whatsoever. Thanks for playing.
  18. This poor guy is literally telling us HIS story in the form of a projection. Oh, more economics news, Trump just out ANOTHER tweetstorm saying that he is going to raise the tariffs on $250 billion dollars of Chinese products from 25% to 30%, beginning Sept. 1 And for another $300 billion dollars worth of chinese goods, he will raise the tariff from 10% to 15%. So the escalation is now happening at a faster rate. Market trading had already closed when he tweeted this, so futures trading is happening right now, its obviously negative. And when Monday comes around, the stock market is going to open by dropping down quickly. Oh, and by the way, Japan is reporting that North korea has just launched another missile. Yeah, we're just going out of way to bash Trump for no apparent reason.
  19. How did we discredit metacritic? If you notice on their "All Time" best games list......it doesn't have numerical rankings on the left side. They're not ranking the games. Therefore, its only common sense that a game that has maintained a 97 metacritic score across 113 reviews is more impressive than a game that has a 97 metacritic score that only had 33 reviews. Don't get mad because we're using COMMON SENSE that you can't argue against.
  20. No it doesn't have a higher score. its got a 97 metacritic score. Just like BoTW and SMO, except those two games have more reviews while still maintaining such a high score. So it should go: SMO - 97 BoTW - 97 RDR4 (PS4) - 97 RDR2 (XBO) - 97 Hot dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. It has the same metacritic score..........sorry, but semantics of just sticking to the phrase "ranked higher" doesn't mean anything. Metacritic provides SCORES.......they have the same score. Its not higher. Actually, the 97 metacritic score is from just 33 review scores for the XBO version, and 98 reviews for the PS4 version. Whereas BoTW has a 97 metacritic score from 109 reviews, and SMO has a 97 metacritic score from 113 reviews. Hold yer horses...........that means that BoTW and SMO should actually be ranked HIGHER than RDR2
  22. Not seeing it from the multiplats. RDR2 was an underwhelming bust, that is well-known, since it did not really win many GoTY awards. So Switch already has two superior games in SMO and BoTW. And so filling out the rest of the top 10 matches up fairly well, even when comparing them to multiplats. Also, you got busted lying.....RDR2 doesn't have a higher metacritic score, it has the same score.
  23. This is why I am absolutely disgusted by hearing sports talk when the NFL season is beginning here in Dallas. Tons of idiotic cowboys fans who keep on buying shit, and going to games, and giving them ratings that makes jerry jones money, while the team is nothing more than mediocre. I think two years ago, there was a stat that the Cowboys regular seasons wins and losses for the past 16 years was exactly at .500 There are Cowboys fans who get excited about the Dallas Cowboys because they are proud of being successful at things OTHER THAN their fucking win-loss record on the field. Its mind-boggingly stupid.