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  1. Finished up Reacher. Just good ol' fashioned good tv. Its not trying to be high-art, just satisfying. Which it is.
  2. Here's the most basic explanation of what is known, because at this time the FBI nor the DoJ have given any official statement. The FBI search actually began since 10:00 am, Florida time, but the first anybody publicly knew about it was when Trump made a social media post about it sometime around 6pm. So this FBI raid was so 100% by the book, nobody leaked it out. Nobody in the media knew about it starting, nobody was even told after it had been underway for hours. Additional information coming hours later is that it is related to documents he had
  3. There was a story about how an Xbox insider is saying that GamePass will not have any more day-one releases from third-party games for the rest of 2022.
  4. Continuing my nostalgia trip, I watched the new season of Kids in the Hall. Just so damn refreshing to see them continue to show that nobody does what they do. They are still magnificent performers, and they make sketches that have vision. I would be concerned if it felt like 59 year-olds attempting to satirize things happening today that 20 year old are doing. But, they don't really do that. Some of them still play teenagers in some sketches, and the teenage is the same exact mid-90's kid look, and that's what I prefer that they stick to. Also I have seen h
  5. Prey is like the first draft of what should have been a pretty great movie. They failed in provide the right production quality for this movie. The premise is really solid, better than solid. This should've looked and moved as hardcore and gritty as The Revenant. Instead it looked like it was filmed in a national park, with not much artistic vision. This is what Arnold looked like after he barely survived the Predator: The main character of Prey comes back with some shit on her face, but otherwise looks way too clean
  6. The Terminal List is based on the cottage industry of people who claim to be Navy Seals writing their own books that are supposedly based on the types of missions they would do. They're actually really shitty, hokey books. Tom Clancy books are their own cottage industry at this point, but initially they were of higher quality. Somebody actually read one of these books, large portions of it, for a youtube video. She's making fun of it, obviously, but all she's doing is LITERALLY reading what's in the book for you to see just how bad it is, and jus
  7. I'm not even posting on the forum, because I just finished up watching the Kids in the Hall new episodes, and getting ready to watch the Jack Reacher show. And this guy is fighting a two-day old post of mines. Poor bastard.
  8. I think I pre purchased an entire year, and thats expiring sometime around September. Maybe I might buy one more year of HBOmax, because my AMEX card has a deal when I spend $99 on HBOmax, they credit me back $25. And that merger is supposed to happen sometime around summer 2023. Yeah it sounds bad. I'm a huge Conan O'Brien fan, and I think there's alot of rumors that his deal with HBOmax is not going to happen, that it got cut. So that already sucks.
  9. there's something that feels disconnected in Uncharted 4. Its almost as if the Naughty Dog development team, broke up into smaller teams, and they each designed a location, and its almost as if they didn't know what sequence the locations would be in, so they designed the final area of each location like as if its the very last boss fight area in which they could end the game on. And then near the end of development, they stitched together the locations, with literally a scene in which somebody from the crew says "Looks like this artifact says that we should go to [anot
  10. No. I literally was typing this during the Trump Presidency And you know I was.
  11. it was never me saying it. I already posted those indicators back in 2019 and 2020 This one indicator, has has a 100% successful prediction rate for the past 70 years.
  12. by the way, I came up with a Predator sequel story like over 10 years ago. I even had the perfect setting, and the perfect name. Very similar. All spanish cast, speaking nothing but spanish. In the 60's with guerilla fighters in South America, and a double-crossing CIA who was feeding them guns. Its based on Ana's story about how they found men in the jungle skinned. Call the movie "Trophies of Men", because that's the translation of her saying "Los trofeos de los hombres." And, once again, hide the fact that its a Predator movie until people fig
  13. Yesterday, they determined the financial judgement for the slander at $4 million. Today, they asses the punitive damages associated with that. And that amount? $45 million. And that's just ONE FAMILY, from one of his lawsuits. One of the other lawsuits has 8 families attached to it.
  14. yup, they repeated his Sandy Hook claims about the families. They would say "well..........why was that father of the , supposedly, dead child laughing when meeting with Obama? Seems kinda odd, doesn't it?" Knowing damn well they were insinuating the "crisis actors" rhetoric that Alex Jones and other extreme right-wing hate groups were doing at the time.
  15. The trip ended up being a perfect move. Nancy Pelosi called their bluff...........and it was a bluff. They literally fired bullets into the ocean, as a response. And nobody flinched. And they resort to pathetic hacking. So they slowed down a couple of subway trains. LOL China's threats came off as hollow. And the only thing more pathetic were right-wingers who, this entire past week, who we're basically admitting that China tells them what to do.
  16. people who have already seen the Prey movie this morning are saying that its really good. That its really close to capturing the essence of the first film. Which, to me, is the only Predator film that matters.
  17. Beavis & Butthead new season, they've posted the first episode for free That Cole Dodds music video is fucking classic.
  18. Whoa, this clip showed up in my youtube feed, and I had never seen this movie. But this is the most stunning de-aging CGI I have ever seen. And the best re-creation of absolute peak Arnold, and getting some other kid to recreate Edward Furlong. Also, I had no idea that this movie retcons the story to this extent. And it was james Cameron's idea.
  19. the bait shouldn't exist. and, as of yesterday, the mods says that his bait will be removed. so he already knows he's not supposed to be doing it.
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