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  1. you haven't played any Playstation game since 2014. So, there's lots of games that you have mentioned ONE TIME for several years now.
  2. LOL the guy who makes the same trolling arguments bash Sony and nintendo since 2007..........says that he's bored of all of us.
  3. EA would know the pre-order and how that's tracking compared to previous Battlefields. We're talking about 5 weeks from release. They're not working on content, and I hardly doubt they have an issue with glitches or their engine. They don't want CoD to release at the same time and crush them. It could actually do hard for the franchise in the future.
  4. Republicans and right-wing dipshits in California utterly, utterly failed. bigtime. For starters, the only reason this vote even exists is because the people who wanted to do a recall (aka Republicans) usually have 160 days in a calendar year to gather enough signatures to initiate a recall vote. But this time around, because of COVID, the state of California was generous enough to grant an extension to that 160 day period for signature-gathering, and they were given an additional 120 days on top of that. And right-wingers were hoping to try and
  5. Sweetie, read your own article: Everybody on that campus did not have a vaccine mandate. Only the students. That's the schools fault for not mandating the staff at the same time as the students. So you have thousands of students that almost all are vaccinated. But HUNDREDS of teachers, administrators, maintenance whom we don't know their vaccination status because there's no mandate for them, they didn't even have to notify the school if whether or not they were vaccinated. Gee, I wonder if an outbreak can occur w
  6. do you remember the kids in high school who would attempt to make fun of people who were displaying any sense of intelligence and responsibility with their classwork in class. And they would be like "herr heh-heh luk at him doing stuf!" And you'd look at them like they were a dumbass, because more than likely they were a dumbass? Well jonb is that high school kid, at age 42.
  7. I'd be famous on this forum, too, if I struggled to open a RAR file and everybody found out.
  8. LOL, he just admitted that he dropped $600 on a PS3 is to play Uncharted games to just bash Sony on this forum. he was doing that 10 years ago. he absolutely did it with DS and 3DS, as well.
  9. remember FILTHY FRANK? would you actually say something like that out on the street? to other people?
  10. Psychonauts literally got advertised as this summer's biggest game for the entire Xbox brand. Alot of games simply do not get that much advertising and push from the platform-holder. What you should be concerned is that Phil Spencer's "narrative" is the same one he's telling Microsoft's top execs and therefore, Microsoft shareholders. They expect results in the form of INCREASED revenue. And if that isn't happening, they will change direction. So Phil Spencer's promises, as bad and as poor faith as they clearly appear to be when we hear him, can
  11. No, that's the phrase you ended the majority of your posts from the past 3 years
  12. Does Sony make and/or publish Destroy All Humans by any chance? Nope. So what does the confirmation of a game from an entirely different publisher (THQ nordic) verify anything by another publisher? And also..............THQ nordic already teased Destroy All Humans 2 coming, months ago. So once again........he tried to find any scrap of evidence to try and prove something else entirely. And it didn't work.
  13. Maybe they can make a tutorial to teach you to not lose your shit over a person. ............and teach you to play games on the PS4, since you seem to have been confused since 2014.
  14. yup, it looks like he's done. anyways back to what this NPD report is telling us: What da fuck? Psychonauts and the Xbox fan base seems like a miscalculation. They're not playing it?
  15. sorry, go cry about me in another thread. stay on topic here. like I said, if you want to talk about NPD sales in which you have some knowledge, we can try to find one from Spring 2014.
  16. he's now talking about my brother. the meltdown is in effect. he is losing his shit, hard. according to the xbox top 10 chart................there is no crowd providing funds.
  17. i'm alter you into losing your shit, seems like a game with a much lower difficulty. maybe we can find an NPD thread from May 2014 somewhere around here, and you might finally have some authority to talk about those games.....and it would be a good place for you to see where you need to start catching up.
  18. almost perfect darn, too bad i couldn't alter "just now" to June 1, 2014.
  19. poor guy doesn't even know how to respond anymore. especially considering NPD charts from the previous 7 years don't even apply to him.i just realized that.
  20. yeah, like you and me. except i game on more platforms than you, obviously.
  21. no one is doing that. this NPD list shows what GAMERS ARE WANTING. this list is a reflection of the MARKET..........which is full of gamers like you and me. What we are amazed is that the gamers are clearly showing what business model is suiting them. They have a choice between a cheap rental service that doesn't really have any noteworthy games..........or major exclusives, and even though they have to plunk down $60 or $70 for the exclusives, they're still doing it. And its not even close, the vast majority are doing it. That's real
  22. But apparently enough for you to cry about them. And me, for that matter. Anyways, I was just looking at the neogaf thread where they posted the NPD info, and they are clearly reaching the same conclusions alot of us here are doing. My takeaway too.... 1st party is more important than ever, exclusives are the most popular and highest quality. Its really becoming obvious at this point that genuine exclusives are what is leading this entire thing.
  23. Sorry............this thread isn't about you crying. I believe losing-your-shit-over-me is the third door on the left. We're talking about gamers clearly being excited enough by the products that Sony and Nintendo are putting out, that they are dominating the market. And how there doesn't seem to be any market indicators that show that to be happening with anybody else in gaming.
  24. No, I play games, and I am talking about flailing services like GamePass. You are free to cry somewhere else instead of trying to derail another thread.
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