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  1. It means that he doesn't believe in Barr's opinion of the first part of the investigation, whether or not there was any collusion with Russia. Mind you, that Comey doesn't believe in removing Trump through impeachment, he believes the only proper way to "fix the mistake" is for Americans to fix it in the presidential election. So, its not like he's rooting for impeachment. Yet he doesn't appear satisfied with the findings, or at least Barr's interpretation of the findings.
  2. Except that is being determined by an Attorney General who has gone on record during his Senate Confirmation hearing just a couple of months ago that his legal opinion is that a sitting President cannot commit Obstruction of Justice under almost any circumstance. And clearly his opinion would override Rod Rosenstein's. So he's basically defaulting to his long held opinion, which would effectively become current DoJ policy (he controls the DoJ, after all). The fact that he says that it "does not exonerate him" considering his fairly strong position on the matter is pretty telling. Barr is leaving the door open for Congress when he didn't have to.
  3. I had bought Civ4 a long time ago, and decided to try that out like a year ago. I can play it, but it feels like I'm not playing it correctly. Like I'm not getting alot out of it. So my inclination is to go straight to Civ5.
  4. LOL WIlliam Barr's letter specifically left it open for Obstruction of Justice for Congress to investigate him on. ................and, in case you still tried to block it out of your head, there are three other units of the DoJ with multiple cases open on Trump. Mueller handed out those cases as he discovered them. And, you don't have a problem with the FULL Mueller report being released now, right? If William Barr is saying that there's nothing, then there should be no problem with Congress getting the full report.
  5. the guy melting down is claiming that everybody else is melting down. he literally had to run to somewhere else because he wasn't getting his desired reaction here. lol
  6. Considering how badly they lost the 2018 mid-terms, I like the chances in 2020. The great thing is..............if you guys are going around declaring that there's no crimes, then the full report should no be released now, right?
  7. you know its fucking bad when somebody living under the Putin regime is looking at white guys in America and saying "jesus christ, guys, stop whining so much about minorities being included."
  8. poor little guy doesn't know how to handle his chub.
  9. LOL, you're trying so hard. pace yourself before you blow your load too soon, speedy. William Barr's assessment on Obstruction of Justice is actually quite generous........because Barr was asked about whether he believes a sitting president can obstruct justice, and he said no. And his opinion is not a majority opinion from legal experts. So the fact that he's left the door open on Obstruction of Justice is giving the democrats a path. The fact that the man literally said that he didn't believe in a president can commit obstruction just two months ago, and now he's sorta on the fence means that something moved his long-held opinion.
  10. Yet the same report says that they cannot make a determine on Obstruction of Justice, because of the difficulty of assessing the crime, they "do not exonerate him". Remmeber, Mueller's investigation was for two things: Trump-Russia collusion, and whether Trump committed Obstruction of Justice with Comey's firing. They're basically saying that Obstruction of Justice may have happened. And this was WIlliam Barr's summary on a three page letter. So the Democrats are going to try and get the full report.
  11. We spend time debunking your shit, and you're less credible than him. Nice excuse.
  12. Really, you know its fake? Funny, didn't see you shoot it down when I posted it. In fact, I don't ever see you debunk anything for quite some time now.
  13. NYT has been posting some small news tidbits on one webpage as "live updates" They also confirm that the Barr is sending Congress a letter with a summary of the findings "within 45 minutes" Here's another news tidbit they posted:
  14. LOL its actually quite lovable when you pretend to have confidence and act like as if you're a real adult.
  15. There's a couple of things that I consider pretty good news. William Barr did not review the report by himself. Apparently, he reviewed it with Rod Rosenstein, so I think that's a good thing. There's a second person in the room to confirm the minute details. So Congress can subpoena either Rod Rosenstein or Mueller Barr is supposed to give "findings" from the report to Congress within...............15 minutes. Literally that's a news story that popped up within the hour. What the Democrats are doing right now is making threats to ensure that they get a full copy of the report and let the DoJ know that they will sue to get the report, the full report, so don't try any funny stuff. I think there's a good chance they get the full report within a reasonable amount of time.
  16. LOL I love how you really don't have a response, and think you know exactly what is going to happen. The Dunning-Kruger is literally pouring out of you from all sides right now.
  17. LOL. Did you actually type that and expect that to work? I love how this guy just pretended he DIDN'T SEE that I just said that the Mueller Investigation has spread to three investigative teams at three different units of the DoJ with multiple cases per each team that are now going. Its amazing how certain key pieces of information just so happen to pass by him. No, Michael Cohen was charged with EIGHT CRIMES from the Southern District of NY (SDNY) FIVE OF THEM were for tax fraud. THREE OF THEM were related to campaign finance violations for paying a porn star. Here they are: LOL did you just post something from the obvious right-wing HERITAGE FOUNDATION? Yeah, you're obviously trolling, because no serious person would use that as the basis of their evidence. LOL GO back underwater again for another 3 months. LOL
  18. So...........you just avoided the question I asked about Trump. Answer the question
  19. Wanted to watch something light. So I had seen a scene from this Netflix documentary about flat-earthers. Its called Behind the Curve. Its pretty goddamn entertaining, and genuinely interesting. You could enjoy it as a way to make fun of the people, but the movie starts focusing in on something very touching regarding people, in general. You start seeing how some of them sound like opportunists, some of them are people who have a chip on their shoulder and they believe things out of defiance. There are stronger believers to control weaker believers. And you should watch it with other people, because you or they may end yelling at the tv screen. They also talk with normal scientists, NASA scientists, Caltech Professors, and astronaut Mark Kelly. Oddly enough, the scientists don't go into spouting numbers and data. The scientists genuinely talk about feelings and motivations that drive these flat-earthers. They come to the conclusion that they have no choice but to have to feel sympathetic to those people, and reach out to them with an olive branch. Because its not about them being stupid, or lacking intelligence or education. Its that there are people who get mis-education, and they fall into misguided beliefs. And when society pushes them to the fringes, they find comfort from other people that are at the fringe (other flat-earthers). It ends up becoming an identity that they cling onto. The scientist people are no longer talking about flat-earthers, but the concept they are talking about is much more universal. It explains cultism. So you spend the first half of the movie utterly laughing at them, and then you spend the latter half starting to feel sorry for them. You see that these people are happy, but you're sad at what they had to do and believe in to find this camaraderie. These poor bastard just want to belong to something. I think its an interesting documentary that captures everything you need to know about that phenomenon, and then it goes a step further to explain something universal. Still, you're gonna make fun of flat-earthers after watching this. They're ridiculous.
  20. That post was made after 10pm? Still living in the basement, because you don't like connecting your consoles through wifi?
  21. Last time I checked, we actually found people in Trump's campaign that were clearly working with Russia. Which is more than what you can say about WMDs, and specifically since Colin Powell and his group of people specifically TOLD Bush's cabinet, and especially Cheney's people, that they had no proof to even make the claim in the first place. Nice try sweetie. Let me ask you a very, very, veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery simple question. If Trump knows that he's innocent and Mueller wasn't going to find anything..........why did he spend over a year personally trashing Mueller? I'm not talking about complaining, he personally was saying that Mueller was not credible. Why would he do all of that out of pure malevolence or idiocy? Can you explain that one?
  22. Just to give people some context. The longest Donald Trump has ever gone without tweeting was almost 2 full days. 47.9 hours to be exact. His last tweet came at 4:15pm Eastern Time, Friday afternoon. It is currently 11:45pm Eastern Time. Saturday night. Congress was informed that the Mueller Report was completed around 4:00pm Friday. Which is right around the time Trump stopped tweeting. And Trump may have known that the Mueller Report was coming since last weekend, look at his tweets from last weekend to get an idea of his state of mind.
  23. Nah........I don't need it, I can easily handle all of you like a pack of 4th graders. Its good to see the rogue gallery of incels continue their self-help group of talking about me while I went out for drinks on this beautiful Saturday evening. That's about right.