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  1. Ok then.....................have the US spend less money on THEIR OWN military resources. I don't think you're going to find a single Democrat who wouldn't mind cutting military spending. You Are Backtracking. You clearly tried to insinuate the same thing Trump does. That the United States is "paying Europe's share." That's a flat out lie. The US is paying for their own. You intentionally seek to mislead by even mentioning European countries to begin with.
  2. He really can't. And the only attacks he seems to know are just personal attacks. Nothing else.
  3. You know for a fake newspaper front page, it feels pretty well made, with clever headlines. But the one flaw is that if something that big and that serious ever happened, the Washington Post and NYT wouldn't go with a clever word pun for a historic front page headline. The headline would almost always be straightforward with provided the most basic description of what happened.
  4. I love it when he gets mad and doesn't know what to do, because he does the same thing. Exactly Its funny how he can't seem to make fun of me with the topic at hand.........so he has to go to the well almost every time. lol
  5. lol data caps are based on location and the ISP. You really can't help yourself, and even then you can't even do a solid comeback. lol
  6. That's not really that big of a deal. The lemmings haven't used up their ISP's monthly data cap. Not even close.
  7. Wait a minute didn't you specifically make a CONTRADICTORY statement fearing that the EU would make their own army just a couple of weeks ago. Some bullshit about France and Germany building an army and marching it into the smaller countries. LOL And also................we are finally going to correct you on your stupidity on this subject. The United States do not pay for other countries in their NATO budget. NATO is a promise for countries to have THEIR OWN MILITARY in shape by devoting x percent of their GDP for THEIR OWN DEFENSE> United States' money is going to United States military..........its not going to anybody else. It would be like if all of us agreed to devote 4% of our income to guns and security in our own homes. And you spend that much for your own home, but I only spent 2% for my own home. Explain to me how exactly I am taking money from you?
  8. I think the fact that the meat and potatoes gameplay is really simplistic, and it probably has significantly less cutscenes and cohesive story is what would hurt this game the most. The story itself means that it has absolutely nothing to do with the story of NMH1 and NMH2. I'd buy this game if it were on sale. But the scores are about what I would expect for a quick side game. Hope this gets him back into making NMH3.
  9. And we're only going to pay $60 once for it, instead of it being sold in re-packaged cumulative updates every 24 months for $60 each version. The best part is how Microsoft is now dropping the pretense and admitting that the next release is a paid update to a 2017 game.
  10. They're still giving away stunning, top if its class DLC vehicles over 16 months after its launch. For free. That takes alot of class
  11. I love how he is still fuming. 12 years ago, 6 years, and today. You know what they all have in common? You failing to do anything against me.
  12. Which means that Apple's newer phones aren't as attractive as their older phones. Thanks for admitting
  13. You apparently condoned it 12 years ago.
  14. I love how you are admitting that you can't do anything to me. I love how you didn't do what you said you would (multiple times in this thread, actually)
  15. Apple expected only 1 to 2 million people to send in their iPhones for the $29 battery replacement. They didn't expect it to be TEN TIMES more than what they had originally calculated. 11 million people sent their older iPhone for a battery replacement. Those are MILLIONS of people who avoided buying a new iPhone this past year. And that explains the numbers not meeting targets. @Goukosan nailed it over a year ago. Apple purposely gimping the firmware was intentional, and a big factor in Apple maintaining their sales. The moment they had to admit that they gimped the firmware, and their excuse was because of power usage on the battery, they started a chain of events that cost them alot of iPhone sales.
  16. LOL, i got no problem with you abandoning ghostz. you just helped me embarrass him more than at any other point, right now thanks for the assist.
  17. hey @McWicked these guys definitely didn't lose their shit.........at all. Just made them take a hard turn and derail the thread to talking about racism, and pulling up posts that I typed 12 years ago. That's all.
  18. you sure don't. Thanks for admitting.
  19. I said you should forward your posts to him. Guess you didn't. Hey, whether or not you wanted to pull the trigger is your deal. You said you were gonna do something............you didn't do it. Too bad.
  20. Yup, you didn't get me banned because of a 12 year old post.
  21. and he doesn't want to answer it. That's what I thought
  22. Maybe the person who brought up black people first...........should explain themselves. I really wonder if @Cookester15 wants to see ghost answer that question.
  23. he's actually getting madder and madder, and I'm not doing anything.. Except posting in 2012. LOL I wonder if @Cookester15 wants to see where ghosts ends up with the current slope that he's on. Did ghostz just compare me to black people???