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  1. holy shit, he couldn't even finish his sentence, and then posted a smiley of him shitting his pants.
  2. So it just dawned on me that.... Halo is nothing more than Samus Aran in her suit talking to a miniature holographic Zero Suit Samus. Literally the two main characters of the entire franchise are ripoffs off one character.
  3. I like how his butthurt is also console-centric Dayum, another PS5 exclusive.
  4. No, its means that Ratchet is currently the best looking game there is, with no other game currently in sight. They would know, and they are obviously a far more credible source than anything you'll be referring to today.
  5. Yup pretty much. This thread only had one question, and they couldn't answer it. In fact, the response they gave was:
  6. They are all becoming Port-Beggars. Damn, pretty soon they'll all be shopping for GTX 1070's soon.
  7. Man, stop it. This is getting downright mean. LOL
  8. I wonder if Axiom Verge 2 will launch as a Limited Release game. Cuz that would be nice.
  9. Mos'definitely, mos'definitely. But at least we get to look forward to the two conferences tomorrow, which includes this one. And then Nintendo.
  10. This thread is to talk about what limited run of games they are going to release to people who love such games. Let's keep it organized and have all the discussion about it in here. Lots to talk about. @Team 2019
  11. Yes, like I said, more authoritative sources has declared as much. I mean, we don't to repeat the obvious. I provide something, you provide nothing. The person who provides nothing ends up losing, lopsidedly. Maybe you can come up with a different routine.......than "nothing".
  12. No it isn't. Far more credible authorities than you have already said as much during this week with Ratchet & Clank. But keep the hope alive..........that's NEVER a bad thing!
  13. They skipped Forza, because apparently that's not even close to being done. And went with FH5 Mexico. They didn't even show Halo single player gameplay, they just showed a cutscene of Master Chief talking to a Cortana-like computer in a lone dark room. And Stalker 2 had a nice trailer, but rather limited gameplay. Just a handful of one-on-one confrontations. And the rest?
  14. Too bad it isn't, because the one you gave out isn't better looking. Digital Foundry has already said as much. So..............your answer to how long is potentially over a year. Keep singing it:
  15. No hard feelings, its not your fault that Cyberpunk on the PC is a multiplatform port. You know what they say, Caveat emptor, right?
  16. Maybe you might get around to actually providing evidence for your claims next time. But baby steps, I suppose. And who knows, by this time 3 years from now, you'll be losing arguments to me CLOSELY rather than lopsidedly.
  17. Yup, he's done. But I do want to give you credit for at least saying that you concede.
  18. Semantics = You thinking that if you attempt to change the terminology, you get out of losing this argument. Thank you, again, for conceding this entire argument.
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