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  1. The fact that they are having a gameplay demonstration of a Gears game is a big sign that they may not have many new game announcements. Didn't they do the same exact thing with Gears 4?
  2. Remember that there were rumors months ago that this year's Forza was simply going to be an "upgraded" Forza 7
  3. Chernobyl is currently the highest rated show on IMDB. https://www.imdb.com/chart/toptv/?ref_=nv_tvv_250
  4. Tillerson's visit was unannounced, and he entered through a back entrance at the Congressional building. He wasn't subpoena'd either, so that means that Tillerson voluntarily accepted a request to visit Congress Tillerson must have received a letter from the House Committee, and he must have not notified anybody at the White House, because they would've told him that he must not testify before Congress. Tillerson is easily the highest ranked member of Trump's white house to testify, and one of the most credible. This might be a bigger event than it originally appears.
  5. And they had to restrain themselves from showing everything. His wife did, in fact, see him in the hospital and was touching him. And her account of his last hours are just unbelievable. His internal organs were breaking apart like a tissue in water, and they were coming OUT through his mouth.
  6. Episode 3 of Chernobyl had more variety than Ep 2. Episode 2 was a continual growing tension and fear. Just simply unbelievable. Episode 3 was some relief, some investigation, some new problems that indicated that this problem was growing bigger, some new bad asses entering, some spy intrigue................and horror. And the horror is unlike any other type of horror. They're going to win awards for Best Makeup and Special Effects. They show you about 70% of every horrible thing that could happen from fatal doses of radiation. They had to stop there.
  7. Donald Trump is now starting to lose his shit, hard. Pelosi and Schumer met with him in the White House to discuss coming to an agreement with a large Infrastructure Bill. The meeting lasted only 3 minutes. Trump was mad that Pelosi had said that he was "engaging in a cover up" and Trump said that he will not work on policy unless Democrats stop all investigations. To Repeat: He demanded that unless the Democrats stop all oversight (which is their constitutionally-mandated power)..........he will not do his job as President. He stormed out and gave an impromptu press conference. And during that press conference, he inadvertently admitted that Donald Jr. had indeed called him after that 2016 Trump Tower meeting (which they had denied before). Oh and by the way, Deustche Bank has said that they will turn over Trump's financial records and be in accordance to the House subpoena. Its very obvious that Trump is more scared about people looking at his financial information than anything else.
  8. Indeed Yup, I hit a nerve there for him to respond back that meekly. LOL
  9. And, as I have noted multiple times during April, the Switch of MK11 probably sold more than the XBO version of MK11. Amazon always had the Switch version higher on their list of best sellers in video games. Now the XBO probably had more preorders, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Switch version just sells more. And the PS4 version, naturally, would sell as much as both the Switch and XBO versions combined, if not more than.
  10. Oh man........I don't know what is worse. That Dynocrap is just so amazingly stupid... or Dynocrap is so amazingly bitter that he is forcing himself to peddle amazingly stupid claims to make himself feel better. Either way, we're laughing at both of then, and we're ALSO LAUGHING at how he THINK, he truly BELIEVES, that if he keeps on acting defiant and keep his stupid argument going, that he's succeeding on some level. Like we NOTICE that he doing that, and its freaking hilarious.
  11. So, we now have proof that you and vini started talking about politics regarding GoT before I did. Little too late for you to start accusing others at this point. LOL
  12. I recorded Episode 3 of Chernobyl last night, but forgot to watch it. I'm going home now to see it, because apparently it was every bit as gob-stopping as Episode 2. And then I'll listen to the Chernobyl podcast for this episode afterwards. That'll get the bland taste of the GoT finale out.
  13. You're dumbass got raped last week for trying to tell us that its nothing but Sony TVs Even though Sony has about 2.5 times the size of MAU than Microsoft, Sony is still growing at a faster rate. LOL
  14. Movie looks fun, I may not particularly see a clear plotline, besides the fact that the Manson family will clearly go after Sharon Tate. I'm sure it will all come together.
  15. About six months ago. http://fortune.com/2018/10/09/ford-stock-today-layoffs-trump-trade-tariffs/ The tax cuts, at the time when they occurred, would have spurred very little growth in spending and investment on Ford's end, they would have done stock buybacks or doled out one-time bonuses for employees. GM already had one round of layoffs earlier this year, and they hinted of a second round coming later on in the year. To be fair, there's more factors that are contributing to auto makers being squeezed right now, but almost all of them have said that the Steel Tariffs are costing them more money during this time.
  16. I had never seen this video before. When Anthony Kennedy was announcing his resignation from the Supreme Court, he has announced it with Trump. And this was the video of them going back to his quarters, and they were both talking. Trump says something that stops Anthony Kennedy in his tracks and he's like "wait, WTF?" And then Anthony Kennedy raises his finger and points at him in a defensive manner, as if he's saying "be careful" and Trump can't muster up the courage to make eye contact with him and starts walking away from him.
  17. People are sleeping on the "Clear Conditions" feature, that is going to open things up significantly. And, I think that Nintendo is going to support this game for quite a while, so that may mean eventual download packs that they will sell for adding a SMB2 mode and more characters and themes, and more updates to features like Clear Conditions. They're probably not going to make another 2D Mario Platformer for quite a while because of this game.
  18. LOL, you know they're running out of ways to defend the show when they start relying on their alt-right talking points.
  19. Yeah, he's got a menial job. Kinda of reminds me of that forgotten Michael Bay movie, The Island with Ewan McGregor and Scarlet Johanssen.
  20. LOL, I still don't see anybody actually talking about what they liked about the finale. They just say that "its wrapped up" as if that's the best compliment that they can give it. Spending more time trying to talk about people who are "triggered" than they actually do about the episode that they supposedly enjoyed. Pretty much ended like this:
  21. Another piece of news hitting today at 5pm. Now this doesn't seem like new news, but it seems like its reconfirming previously existing news that hinted at this already. Michael Cohen spoke to Congress earlier this year about Donald Trump. He gave one public testimony, and then the next day he visited with them privately behind closed doors to get extended testimony. During that closed door hearing, he said that he had been instructed by Trump's lawyer, Jay Sekulow, to falsely claim that negotiations to build the Trump Tower in Moscow stopped in January 2016. He was telling that lie before Congress during a hearing in 2017. So Congress is now starting to look into Jay Sekulow.
  22. This is fitting, for when Trump's legal team tries to appeal to a higher district court: Here's the main part of the judge's ruling from today. Just to highlight how absurd Trump is to try and fight this, and how obvious it is that he's trying to stall for time. Desperately: The judge literally goes out of their way to say there's "powerful, emphatic precedent" that Congress has this power to check the president.
  23. So The House Democrats in Congress has subpeona'd Trumps tax nd financial records from his own personal accounting firm. Trump's legal team had sued in order to stop Congress from doing that, arguing that they "had no legislative purpose" to do so and were over-reaching their bounds. Everybody knew that argument was never going to work, it was obvious that Trump was trying to stall for time and slow them down in the courts. A week and a half ago, the judge overhearing that case said that they will process this case quickly, so last week they went through the entire case, with both sides giving their argument. Judge already came back with a verdict today. Naturally Trump lost. Congress is within its powers to get this information. This was expected, because the next step would be that Trump's legal team would appeal to the next higher court, and then appeal again. To buy as much time as possible. But the problem is, Trump's legal team would have to request an immediate stay pending an appeal. They did, and the Judge DENIED it. So Congress can immediately enforce the subpoena on the accounting firm to get the financial documents. The Judicial system know what Trump and his legal team are TRYING to do, and they are not having it.
  24. The more I think about the meeting in that gazebo, the sillier it becomes. So, Greyworm was slashing soldiers throats in the streets because it was a direct order from the queen that he serves to kill the enemies. Jon stab the very queen that gave him that order, the ultimate betrayal. So Greyworm is like "I'm gonna jail you for MONTHS while the head of the families come over here and figure this out!!!!" (Mind you, at that meeting, Greyworm said that Jon Snow is his prisoner implying nobody could object to what he decided, so why imprison him for a long time to begin with?). Greyworm tells Tyrion to shut up, but a couple of minutes later Tyrion is giving a TED talk. That gazebo scene literally felt like the writers realized there was 20 minutes left, they needed to wrap shit up now. "Yeah, alright let's make Bran the king, huh what's that she wants to stay independent, uh ok."
  25. I think major retailers are warning that the tariffs are finally going to hit consumers on regular day to day products. Walmart has already warned. Just really fantastic timing on Trump's part to do something that is going to cause the masses to pay more for their groceries right before the election.