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  1. fixed some of the crap in your post TLHBR 360 saved hardcore gaming this gen. Accept it my friend more like downgraded gaming, this gen went to shit because of it TLHBR
  2. Isn't that the point of that faction, to overate old games? No, it's to play CoD over, and over. TLHBR TLHBR
  3. You're not missing out on much Kind of disappointed that they didnt fix the treasure drops, i want my Donut Drake.
  4. Fuck Skyrim with its shitty menus/inventory, character development is subpar, and lmao no hotkeys "lemme add this skill to my favorites". ROFL. Reinstalled Morrowind again after halfway through Skyrim. No lie. Xbox finds ways to ruin gaming again, TLHBR.
  5. Shadowcuz

    Chaos Rising

    cant wait to whoop on some chaos players when this shit drops:smug:
  6. any tips on how to level alts quickly without grinding quests? btw, pvp is a mess right now lmao the gear is all fucked up
  7. It'll grow on you. We should get a 2v2 or 3v3 game going tomorrow, perhaps the 1v1 games are the problem. I can understand why you hate the game, I keep raping you constantly in 1vs1. but yeah, we'll set up a 3vs3. We can get Kitad, Fatty, Retri, you, and me. We need to find another person who got the beta. can i playz too:3:
  8. havent tried the beta yet, but from what ive seen. this is what Warhammer should be.
  9. "two modes of play are one on one and three on three" you gotta be kidding me