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  1. actually i think it has negative connotations because whenever we see one there is usually a charred black guy underneath it and one hanging in each tree behind the old white judges house thats the thing though you dont see them not since i left middle/high school missura missura, NY thought you were in st louis not even been there dont know why but i confused you for raptor jesus he used to go to school at syracuse too before he dropped out i transferred to a better college. I did not drop out fwiw.
  2. seriously though, you dont need to text someone that you're not friends with them. Use actions/real words.
  3. its like the 3rd best wes anderson movie
  4. i dont really get why people like chael, i guess he's kinda funny but his style isn't enjoyable to watch at all.
  5. this thread is p. dope, where are the football players and cheerleaders @? bring em over.
  6. yeah, but then the questions of how many people have at tv, how many people have cable, and how many people watch 24 hour news networks are raised and she's much closer to being correct.
  7. That doesn't even make sense But then again...born in Manchester it just means that they're frontrunners who only like successful teams, which is infuriating. It's like being from England and being a Yankees fan.