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  1. They're more significant the more crowded the field is. In Iowa dozens of votes can make a significant difference.
  2. What's hilarious about winning new voters
  3. These polls that poll registered democrats only don't mean shit Prime example
  4. Nah this map stayed the same the other 2 got updated
  5. Haven't played in a while. Messing around with the bike and came in second. Best bike/vehicle physics and controls north of GTA. The new Winchester is awesome too.
  6. If you think Trump won't poll higher once the impeachment fails to pass the senate you're crazy. He's gonna claim exoneration for like 6 months.
  7. Biden has a larger lead. And these don't mean shit right now anyway Trump is mid impeachment. Also I'd like to see some Trump vs Yang data let's see what that will look like.
  8. Bernie's gonna lose to Trump bro you do realize that right
  9. Those are national polls on dems with landlines. Useless The first real measures of this race are the Iowa caucus and then NH shortly after
  10. Edit: Why do I bother, you're just scared he's gonna wipe the floor with Trump lmao The only candidate Trump hasn't touched. He's coming
  11. Nobody's gonna stop working over $1k a month. And M4A is not like Bernie's. He's not looking to get rid of private.
  12. Video is unlisted until it airs Jerry calm down
  13. That's the Yang Claw
  14. Goes out tomorrow in Iowa I believe.