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  1. Been telling you cows without any competition Sony is gonna turn into greedy fatcats and looks like they're starting: Sony to Invest More in Live Service Games Than Traditional Games Starting This Fiscal Year They want 60% of their PS5 games to be Live Service titles by FY25 They wanna focus more on "Live Service games" - the worst fucking trend in gaming - instead of the only thing that makes them relevant - single player exclusives. NFTs didn't work out so now they gotta try this bullshit.
  2. Picked the game up a few days ago but looking at some of these emulation 4k/60fps videos kinda makes me wanna play it on PC. There's gonna be some crazy mods upcoming.
  3. What's up you bastards. I'm glad this place is alive. I watched that horrendous Phil Spencer interview where he came off like a defeated little cuck and I'm now selling my Xbox Series X. I can't support that dude any more or this brand. Xbox is trash. They're not even trying to make games. Fuck Phil Spencer and Bill Gates. Are there even lemmings left here?
  4. How do you nerds manage to argue in every thread
  5. It's Pocahontas type nature worship mythology that people love. Sequels are all gonna make bajillions of dollars.
  6. Every multiplat will be better on xbox if you don't think so you're retarded. There's 2 extra tflops, freesync, better VRR and dolby vision support.
  7. https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/warner-bros-discovery-game-studios-xbox-playstation-batman-harry-potter/ Guess who has deeper pockets
  8. This means none of the PS4 games will benefit, none of the lower frame rate fidelity modes will benefit, and most games that dip lower than 48fps will run will still run better on Xbox which has a 30hz-120hz VRR range, including Elden Ring. https://www.entechtainment.today/p/27-04-2022?s=r No freesync and a half assed VRR to sell Sony TVs nobody wants lap it up cows
  9. https://www.ign.com/videos/breath-of-the-wild-2-might-be-too-powerful-for-the-switch-ign-daily-fix What a POS tablet They should just release it on PS4 every sheep owns one.
  10. What's even a bigger coincidence is that BOTW stole every part of the combat system from Souls Taking credit for open world is hilarious
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