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  1. I don't know what your criteria for copy paste is but the crater has a few sizes. You can make it bigger the bigger the explosion like with volatile dynamite.
  2. Not anywhere near this level, this game has by far the best interactive environment I've ever seen in a game At 1:35 you can see the crater form slowly with the explosion and the shockwave. The way water reacts to explosions and impacts is also amazing. You can create small avalanches by exploding dynamite at the mountain tops and you can also see a bunch of rocks roll down the mountain This is some truly next level shit
  3. Where's the challenge and fun in auto aim? Worst invention in console history I'd rather suck at aiming and slowly get better.
  4. Show me another game that creates a crater in the mud and snow after an explosion.
  5. Here's me raising some proper mayhem in in St. Denis at night but look at the fuckin mud effects in the beginning and how dynamite effects it, how it creates a sort of a crater and clears out the mud. Look at the after-effect of dynamite in the air. God fuckin damn
  6. WTF.. If Jon Hamm doesn't get the role there is no god
  7. I'm not clicking that but I can only assume it's an angry gay porn website
  8. You know exactly who's going after him. Antifa types mobbing up on twitter. Same people who lost Kevin Hart the oscars gig They're the extreme fringe low in numbers but the media is complicit in spreading the drama and the companies are complicit for folding so fast. But it does happen. Liam Neeson is probably unemployable for the foreseeable future.