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  1. Vini

    IGN lmao

    No it's not I got a HDR display it's nowhere near that
  2. You think the one after that will be Ghosts of Hiroshima?
  3. Vini

    IGN lmao

    Did you guys know HDR adds color to your otherwise black and white games?
  4. If you haven't played this game yet now's the time this is so far the best next gen update I've played 4A setting the bar for these upgrades way to go
  5. By the way a lab leak if proven true would reduce the hate crimes. Because the people implicated are the US government, China's government and every other country and/or scientific body involved in virus gain of function research. What creates hate crimes is people believing the fake narrative that asians eat disgusting things in wet markets and that's what started the pandemic.
  6. Not sure how it's a byproduct of human biology. It very likely came from a bat either in a lab or in the wild. If it came from a lab the group of people implicated are scientists who funded the research and the governments of the countries who funded the research.
  7. No he wants to argue about the culture war endlessly like you and the variant name is the latest battle ground.
  8. Doesn't matter dude it's about to cause more lockdowns who cares what the name is. They're prolly saving 10 Indians from getting punched in NY
  9. Nah I hate it too this is probably my second post about it.
  10. I'm not one for covid fear mongering, but this is pretty bad A third of all hospitalized are vaccinated 7% of them are double vaccinated Almost half the deaths are vaccinated It went from 6% to 10% in of all cases the US in the last week and experts are saying the wave is coming in the US as well. And it's almost twice as transmissible. Take care of yourselves this shit isn't over
  11. I don't think you understand how texture streaming works the limitation is not the hard drive speed
  12. lmao The possibilities are not endless, what insomniac did with R&C was load new worlds faster. That's about where the possibilities end. The SSD can't produce more polygons on the screen or increase crowd density or any of that shit. That's CPU and GPU. It can preload new environments faster. These dudes talking about SSDs like the lemmings with the power of the cloud
  13. Pretty soon you're gonna stop pretending you're not a cow
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