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  1. BTW another great thing about this browser
  2. Looks like it just darkens it a shade more.
  3. And as soon as you get close to buildings and cities this game starts looking like shit. Could've prolly used another year of development but still pretty fun
  4. Vini

    Witcher 3 Ditch

    Tablet gaming This is the only way to experience this game on consoles. In HDR:
  5. Vini

    Who saw Joker?

    Nah Thomas was a rich prick Bruce was handled perfectly. Stoic, fearless and emotionless
  6. It's a troll song Eminem introd his greatest hits album with.
  7. That doesn't do shit there's like 10 websites that have dark mode toggles.
  8. This Samsung Internet Browser for Android is able to turn any webpage into dark mode effortlessly. Crome can't do this and neither can Safari. Only in menus and not in actual websites. More browsers need a feature like this. I'm tired of being blinded at night looking at my screen
  9. Vini

    Who saw Joker?

    Damn just noticed this movie is already #10 on IMDB top 250 https://m.imdb.com/chart/top
  10. Lmao and this isn't even an opinion piece Don't criticize female candidates that fake their own ethnicity as inauthentic otherwise you're a sexist New York Times ladies and gentlemen
  11. Yeah I'm not digging up 800 articles just to prove a point I proved 5 posts ago just to hear another bad faith argument from you I did wake up to this golden nugget this morning tho Questioning authenticity of a female candidate automatically makes you sexist.
  12. lmao if the NYT is not promoting social justice you think they're disparaging it?
  13. Vini

    Who saw Joker?

    Its a dumb criticism regardless of the source, I'm just pointing out that wokes use the same criticism with regard to the movies social stance. To the extend that the movie didn't know what it wanted to be it's because Joker doesn't know what he wants to be either. He has juvenile undeveloped ideas about society clearly none of it echoes the filmmakers' own beliefs To the extent that people who made this movie had any agenda it's clearly meant for it to work as a cautionary tale of mental illness and not much beyond that.