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  1. By this standard Nintendo is only great company, which is laughable. Their exclusivity stems from greed. And a way to keep the games full priced for years and years. It's payback for Heroshima for you weirdo Japanophiles
  2. Woah looks like they pulled it off!
  3. Hermshits lmao Celebrating getting one extra feature and paying thousands more than a console
  4. Also this happened I was laughing my ass off
  5. Finally got around to playing MM. The fact that this game has very subtle RT and still manages to run at 60fps is very impressive. This is the type of RT implementation that makes sense if it doesn't hog up the GPU. Here's me fucking some shit up and getting used to the game. I also like how encounters are way more challenging now on the hardest setting.
  6. Yeah look at that game imagine a modern version of that in 4k/HDR. Why would you waste the calculations on Ray Tracing
  7. Instead of obsessing about light particles wouldn't it make more sense to invest the better hardware into higher quality textures? Red Dead 2 is the perfect example of this. Still the best looking game ever made and not because of it's reflections, because every little thing you look at in that world has detail and texture to it. Ray Tracing seems like a lazy dev's way of polishing a turd. Cyberpunk trees and bushes still look like shit no matter how much light is bouncing off them
  8. Pure hardware differential here. Xbox outshines by far TCHBO
  9. I don't care about video game camera angles but this statement right here seems disingenuous af 'Woke shit' is all about forcing your modern ethics on other people. Those terms are not mutually exclusive
  10. Yea I've had the pro for a bit. The battery life is amazing unlike anything else on the market. Only falters when you try to run intel based software in my experience but could also be optimized for that in the future.
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