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  1. The cow butthurt is reaching pandemic levels
  2. Cows are about to realize Microsoft is Netflix to their Blockbuster.
  3. Oh you mean laughable shit like the next Elder Scrolls game
  4. MS has no reason to charge anything for their games they're included in their subscription.
  5. Who would've predicted lack of competition would turn Sony greedy? Raised first party game prices to $70 Forcing people to double dip on cross gen (Spider-Man) Claimed PS5 titles are next gen only and then flip flopped last minute Far cry from the consumer friendly no DRM lord and saviors of gaming last gen huh
  6. This is not a real next gen game, still designed with current gen assets to run on current gen.
  7. Nah it's still something to clown someone over
  8. Everyone and their mother expected 499 disc 399 digital
  9. They actually did what everyone predicted what they would do
  10. Cows They better at least show a black PS5 or this is a disaster
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