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  1. No trolling your posts are hilarious.
  2. Lmao this guy calling others freaks and then posting resetera level idiocy
  3. What's going through my head is there's an out of control and reality star president that half the country thinks is Hitler and the other half Reagan. It might be the funniest chapter in America's history and the culmination of all of right wing hipocricy about values and left wing obsession with creating new ones From where I see it Trump can get certain shit done that no other ordinary politicians can. If only Democrats could tell the "woke" millenials to fuck off and stop whining and actually focus on using this guy to their benefit. On top of that I think he's the perfect pallet cleanser of nauseating politicians like the Bushes and Clintons and hopefully paves the way for something better. That's the shit I think about. Or is it excuses to justify my alt right beliefs?@jehurey @Goukosan @McWickedSmawt85? Stay tuned
  4. I will always distribute Sam's work he's one of the most principled people I know.
  5. Superior input method my ass, it's a faster more precise method using a system designed to click little buttons on an operating system.
  6. This God damn soundtrack too I can't get it out of my head
  7. Yeah it was great. Any MP game without auto aim is automatically on my play list.
  8. @McWickedSmawt85 @Goukosan I'm still waiting for where I defended Jacob Wohl or claimed that the Russian collusion is not a crime. Find anything yet? @jehurey Don't flatter yourself by mistaking my lack of interest in continuing to argue with a SJW as conceding any argument.
  9. Call of Duty blackout was a bunch of watered down basic crap. Guns don't feel anywhere near as good, map too small, zombies out of place. Nothing like PUBG's structure and randomness. . Idiots sliding around while I'm trying to snipe them what happened to realism that shit feels like Fortnite more than PUBG. Looking at killcams nothing but twitchy auto aim kills. Not to mention useless floaty indestructible vehicles with terrible physics. Using thumbtacks to accelerate? What the fuck Treyarch There is no better tactical MP shooter on consoles today.
  10. Damn I can't believe I missed this in theater those flight and space scenes were mind blowing hopefully it gets a re release in IMAX. I didn't know the whole story surrounding A rmstrong and how tragic the events leading up to the mission were. Gosling did a great job playing this introverted guy who just wants to isolate himself. I would check this one out 10/10 for me. This director keeps the bangers coming