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  1. Vini

    Got a ps5..

    Yeah I played a little with it. Best dual sense feature so far I tried is in Fifa 21 the triggers for sprinting become more resistant as time progresses because players get tired. Makes you not even wanna press it to preserve stamina and also helps find the right players to substitute on the fly.
  2. Vini

    Got a ps5..

    I got it horizontal and I got used to the look, I got white walls so it blends. I can see how the digital version would look awkward though laying flat
  3. Vini

    Got a ps5..

    Ew lol nah I bought series X before this
  4. Vini

    Got a ps5..

    Well I'm about to spray paint this bitch glossy black I'll post pics later.
  5. Vini

    Got a ps5..

    I gotta say the size claims were greatly exxagerated it's barely bigger than the OG xbox one. Sure it's a big console but nothing too crazy Gonna play some demon's souls later
  6. Ehh I expected weak sales it's about how game pass does over time. Check back in 2 yrs
  7. We didn't even think that shit was real till like 2 weeks before release it was all rumors.
  8. No because they were transparent on what they're doing. XSX is the most powerful console on the market. XSS is a lite version that's gonna be $199 next year to cater to Switch buying casuals Why would I have a problem with that?
  9. Please show me a quote of any lemming claiming Series S is next gen
  10. Are cows really gonna claim ownage over series S? It's got lower teraflops than the Xbox One X nobody ever claimed it was a next gen system. It's a secondary or casual system
  11. Was getting dicked around about replacing my MacBook because of backorder stock so I sent an email to Tim Cook about it. 2 days later some lady calls me with the "whatever you want" attitude. Not bad apple @ghostz life matters your boss came through
  12. BTW BC on Series X is amazing so far and warzone at 120fps is awesome.
  13. I preordered my series X and figured I would pick up the PS5 eventually for Demons Souls but just for shits I tried it on Walmart today and the site crashed during the release time. I'm guessing this thing will be a pariah before December?
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