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  1. Lol that video being spread as some great scandal for Yang's campaign Good luck with that
  2. https://projects.economist.com/democratic-primaries-2020/ Look at all these cracka ass cr... wait who's that?
  3. I'm blacker than Wesley Snipes
  4. Wait are you making fun of my grammar because I'm black? #triggered
  5. Ain't gonna be no white nominee. Guess who the only minority is gonna be at the next debate.
  6. https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/community-groups-write-an-open-letter-to-msnbc-president-about-unfair-coverage-of-andrew-yang-2020-presidential-candidate-2019-11-27 23 community groups just blasted MSNBC over Yang's coverage
  7. I would bet on a $400 price tag all day. Sony is stuck with it
  8. Sony trynna jump through hoops to keep that $400 price tag
  9. Hey @jehurey watch MSNBC crack in the coming days