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  1. Part of the reason for this is 120 on LG OLEDs has a much lower input lag and going back sucks
  2. How dare you Hideo Kojimason in his infinite wisdom has designed a game that rewards hard work and frustration instead of fun and cheap thrills. A man must earn his pleasure. A man must suffer. Long live Hideo
  3. Man they casualized the fuck out of this game. I had to spend days trudging hazardous deserted landscapes delivering piss and shit grenades to save humanity and these kids are just gonna use jetpacks now? What has our world come to
  4. Don't sleep on this one. Just beat it. It's a solid 9/10 for me. Most innovative FPS since Half Life 2. Pros: Guns, gunplay and powers are all great Runs smooth on PS5 The whole game is an intricate puzzle and it's actually fun to learn how to crack it Voice acting is legendary, NPC enemy interactions are hilarious Art style is great The Julianna invasion mechanic is really cool when it works Cons: Stupid enemy AI Graphics are a little outdated Visionary (boss) battles are too easy Ending is a little disappointing
  5. I'm starting to think you secretly have a tranny fetish the amount of you think about them Being a sheep stuck inside of a lemming's body must've fucked your head up poor guy
  6. Every time games media overrates games these online warriors go and review bomb it. Truth is it's a solid 8 maybe 9 because it gets better the more you play it. So far there's nothing "woke" about this game unless I'm missing something it's pretty apolitical. Unless having a non white protagonist automatically makes you woke.
  7. I played a few hours more and I gotta say this game is starting to earn it's praise. It gets better and better And yea the voice acting is god tier. I lol'd at that
  8. I'm about 4 hours in and the game is just now starting to get good it's a unique concept for sure and intricately designed but I'm not sure it's a 10. I'll have to finish it first.
  9. 10s are unexpected but not that surprising from Arkane. Can't wait to check this out.
  10. Gotta say looks great visually Taken from the previews of the trailer full trailer on Thursday.
  11. Word on the street is the trailer is spectacular let's see how it turns out
  12. Matrix 4 trailer drops on Thursday Playstation showcase is also on Thursday 👀👀👀
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