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  1. Vini

    RDR2 launch trailer

    Rockstar is gonna make hermshits buy it on their dusty consoles after the game turns out to be a masterpiece and then make them buy it again when they release it on PC in 2 years. They know what they're doing
  2. Now vini is laughing at Trump's jokes to make him seem funny, I knew he was alt right all along. He can't hide from me.
  3. https://www.newsweek.com/nikki-haley-al-smith-dinner-donald-trump-jim-gaffigan-1177328
  4. Jesus you two are ridiculous. How's Trump supposed to react you want him to invade Saudi Arabia? The Turks don't even wanna leak the audio yet. These things take time
  5. Trump has been pretty ambiguous about this seeing as Saudis are our allies the president shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. He said either possibility is on the table. The right thing to do here in response is to impose sanctions and to push for one of the other hundred princes to take MBS's sot. This guy is reckless.
  6. I need this game shot into my veins as soon as possible John Marston speaks!
  7. One of the suspects in Khashoggi's murder mysteriously dies in a "car accident" http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/saudi-suspect-in-khashoggi-case-dies-in-car-accident-report-138007 This is like the dumbest spy novel ever. Shit is blatant
  8. Yea they're miserable. And they love it
  9. PS4 buried Xbox One at the E3 announcement. It's been digging to the surface since.
  10. Well they either gonna correct course or completely abandon the brand. My point is it'll be a terrible thing for gaming for Microsoft to bow out of Xbox.
  11. It's not just Phil Microsoft doesn't invest enough in first party devs. Sony had no choice but to invest into games every other division was a giant failure, their phones suck ass, their TVs were terrible (got better now), nobody gives a shit about their laptops and tablets. Microsoft has a whole operating system and a tablet/PC ecosystem to keep up with. They made a few mistakes at the announcement, Sony seized on it and basically won the gen in one day during E3.
  12. It's something like - smiling would mean you're happy and real men don't get happy faggots and women get happy - Russian logic.
  13. I think they're trynna get through the gen at this point and try and make a comeback next gen.
  14. No I didn't. The point I was disputing was the ridiculous conspiracy theorizing by Jerry on power hierarchies of white people. I understand that Slavery was a BIG reason why confederates fought.