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  1. Less than a filthy flop. TCHBR
  2. Yeah cause RDR2 got panned as well because of a white protagonist right? You're a fuckin idiot
  3. 5 from GS? This is more than a flop it's unplayable. TCHBFR
  4. If they wanted chaos they would prop up a third party candidate I can't see how Yangs rise in polls would cause chaos
  5. If my grandmother had a dick she would be my grandfather.
  6. Season 8, Episode 1 (airing on April 14) will be 54 minutes. Season 8, Episode 2 (airing on April 21) will be 58 minutes. Season 8, Episode 3 (airing on April 28) is one hour and 22 minutes. Season 8, Episode 4 (airing on May 5) is one hour and 18 minutes. Season 8, Episode 5 (airing on May 12) is one hour and 20 minutes. Season 8, Episode 6, the finale (airing on May 19), is also one hour and 20 minutes.
  7. Oh I think he's gonna do that before the debates
  8. Yes. It was write in and non anonymous. Jerry you're not gonna like the next few national polls that come out.
  9. Sure Jerry that's what happened. I guess Buttigiegs forum must've missed it.
  10. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/04/21/yang-williamson-sanders-2020-candidates-standing-out/3506638002/ Guess who
  11. I said flipping tables numbnuts And yes Trump is the perfect bull in a china shop full of wokescold progs like you
  12. Vini

    Andrew Shulz

    Watch till the end for improv it's really good
  13. Vini

    Andrew Shulz

    This guy is fuckin hilarious