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  1. https://www.inquisitr.com/5494831/andrew-yang-trump-biden-presidency-betting-market/ Wait till the debates
  2. That's how Russia still works unfortunately. The ranking officials are never at fault of anything. And if they are faulted it will be done privately.
  3. You mean kinda like the mental gymnastics required to classify Yang's UBI as a rich to poor transfer of money?
  4. Got me to admit? Lmao I've been saying the same shit for 3 years. I support Trump. And just like I said 3 years ago, any outrage from people like you two is automatically irrelevant until you admit to and start reversing the horrible ultra progressive envirinment you created that made him electable in the first place. @ ing every time Trump stays something ridiculous lmao the petty I told you so high horse act is hilarious. Unfortunately for you simple minded SJWs I'm not part of Trump's stupid ass cult of personanality base. AKA your counterparts on the opposite side of the isle. If you think those are gonna be his only supporters in 2020 especially with a shitty Dem candidate you're even deeper in the bubble than the last election cycle. As for your latest cause of outrage Trump's totalitarian inclinations have been nerfed to the point of harmlessness even before he took office. And I'll say this again for the thousandth time since you don't seem to get it I. Don't. Care. What. He. says. I've haven't listened to Trump talk for more than 5 minutes since he got elected. His thoughtful coherency and moral guidence are not why I support him. By the way just so you two know I don't look at my notifications on this site. Don't mistake my indifference for consession. Go play out your La Résistance fantasy elsewhere.
  5. We'll see who the nominee is There's a good chance Trump will get my vote unless its Yang, Warren, Sanders or Buttigieg
  6. Typical Jerry here's a straw man now argue it There's nothing wrong with rich to poor transfer when its also a punishment to deter bad anti consumer behavior like speculation I'm against systemic rich to poor transfer which is what socialism is. Also not all speculators are in the same class Jerry . There's plenty of broke ass shitty ones who will still get punished for this behavior.
  7. Are you trying to say all speculators are rich therefore a tax on speculators equals socialism? I'm just trying to figure out these acrobatics lmao
  8. Did you just say a tax on wall street speculation is equivalent to a rich to poor transfer? I'm not reading past that
  9. You haven't even attempted to tear it apart you have no clue what you're talking about. Financial transaction tax in his plan is strictly on wall street market speculation. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/financial-transaction-tax/ Jesus Christ you could've at least skimmed that. Yang doesn't have class based taxes. He wants to tax Wall Street and Silicon Valley exclusively. And the economic growth is how much money goes straight back into spending based on data gathered from UBI in Alaska and some quasi UBI European experiments. It's not magical growth it's just if you give people $1000 a month about $300 of that will go towards new TVs and sneakers.
  10. Yea but she's goofy as hell. If you wanna have a nominee that will lose by the virtue of Trump's nickname for her alone then she's perfect