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  1. Took his hat off that's barely touching him This dude really knows how to piss people off though lmao.
  2. If he wasn't before presidency he most likely is now. I can only imagine the amounts of foreign bank accounts for distant friends and relatives
  3. I want it. BF has always been clunky and weighed down movement, I want the snappy movement of COD with BF's everything else.
  4. COD like gameplay in a Battlefield game? It's game over
  5. I've been in the same boat without the vaccine lol. I'm just careful not to give it to anyone elderly or obese, family members etc My point was this pandemic hasn't really effected the younger generation, that might all change with one shitty variant that the vaccines can't stop and all of a sudden this thing is hunting our generation
  6. https://www.resetera.com/threads/which-boobie-is-your-favorite.415005/post-63543864 This must be what a humorless dystopia looks like
  7. Oh really you twitch your arm around a mouse pad and click on targets? Or do you pull the trigger in real life like a controller trigger?
  8. With the news of this new Texas strain that's supposedly antibody resistant and the propensity of the new strains to cause more severe illness in younger people I feel like we're celebrating a little too early with this thing I'm hoping that won't be the case but with the previous pandemics lasting 4 or so years I feel like we're in for a longer ride with this virus What's your thoughts? Am I being too gloomy?
  9. Add this to the list of reasons why XseX shits on PS4.8
  10. Lmao show me any new hip hop song that sound better than that especially live. This whole rap is for the young BS was never true it's like infantilization of the genre.
  11. Just uploaded in better quality: This shit is fire
  12. God damn this was an amazing performance too but that new Big Subwoofer track is the shit
  13. The cows gotta admit that MS and Gamepass are fundamentally more pro consumer than charging full price for each game. That's a far cry from the anti DRM pro used games pro bro gamer Sony of the start of last gen
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