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  1. I can confirm with the only source I trust - myself.
  2. This is actually a good idea the HDR implementations is too inconsistent to the point that I have to adjust my display settings every game I play. This is true for movies too.
  3. Don't talk about games lemming the only game you have to play for the past 2 years is a janky port of a steam game
  4. I'm clear as day on what I have against Russia. It's a useless backwards thinking pseudo dictatorship that wants to set the world back a few centuries only to forward their own "standing" in the world which they only obtained momentarily through bastardizing communism into tyranny. There's no nobility in your history, no track record of helping the world in any way. The only wonderful thing out of Russia is your literature which you repeatedly squash due to political propaganda and censorship. Just pure selfish nationalism fueled by a victimhood complex after losing the soviet empire. It's an all around shit show and always has been. Putin is exactly the type of leader you guys deserve. Someone that feeds you shit and keeps you in the dark like mushrooms.
  5. You mean by making them all bow to him. He didn't end the oligarchy he redistributed wealth towards the oligarchs who support him and won't go against him.
  6. I strongly dislike both of them. I wouldn't pick either one
  7. Obviously the nukes were horrific, but Japan was warned 3 days advance of the attack, and the leaders were told to evacuate the cities. The leaders escaped and didn't warn the citizens. Their government was as complicit as ours. And don't forget this was after Pearl Harbor. I'm not justifying all the innocent deaths but you gotta look at the thing in context and what it achieved afterwards as well.
  8. Every system in human history has had corruption in it. "Syria is corrupt and so is the US". This isn't saying anything it's a moot point. Where would you rather live?
  9. Aza don't tell me the minute you flip the script about Putin even on this forum you're not gonna wind up on some shit list. You can't even have an honest opinion outside of dear leader bullshit. Give me a break
  10. Children burn during any type of war bro this is weak as fuck. Killing your own citizens for exercising their freedom of speech is a a low only the shittiest dictatorships stoop to. You guys are two steps removed from North Korea don't talk to me about evil
  11. I'm not talking about Bill Gates, I'm talking about wealth creation that trickles down from developed countries to developing countries through globalist capitalism.
  12. Oh right let's use singular examples of past atrocities to condemn the whole western culture straight out of Putin's playbook
  13. No, my point is corruption is inevitable and to use that as an excuse to draw false equivalencies to terrible totalitarian states is dishonest.