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  1. This is certainly a bad look for Biden but the truth is the virus mutated and we should've never let our guards down if the focus was to save lives, but somewhere around early this summer the focus became the economy.
  2. Competition is always good. And gamepass will force Sony to bring their A game.
  3. Is it just me or are the graphics totally unimpressive? Looks last gen. Especially compared to other upcoming RPG like Black Myth:
  4. This game was released unfinished, so it deserves to be panned. 6 months from now it'll be a great game. Portal has unlimited potential.
  5. LMAO cows are stuck playing Ratshit and Crack with nothing to look forward to but Horizon: Zero Men a year from now so all they do is shit on Halo
  6. Since the other thread is nothing but cow butthurt I made a separate one. Game is awesome so far the only complaint is progression is too slow. Gameplay is on point.
  7. Yea I'm gonna wait for DF, doesn't seem likely that Series X runs anything worse than PS5. It's at least 20% more powerful. If it does it's gonna be patched
  8. Infinite is awesome and is getting praised online. WTF you on about
  9. I'm playing BF2042 and having fun but I've never seen this amount of glitches in a game that's asking for full price. I mean this game will take many months to iron out. Don't even get me started on GTA Trilogy I got a refund for it after 2 hours of playing. Absolute garbage. What's going on with these AAA studios lately? Are they sticking to release schedules despite the pandemic? God damn this is a mess
  10. Who said anything about getting gamepass on PS5? You think we're letting you play our Bethesda games on that router? Fuck outta here lmao
  11. https://gamerant.com/xbox-game-pass-november-2021-skyrim-gta-trilogy/ Best deal in gaming. not even close
  12. No it reads like a business strategy. Microsoft has decided to build something from ground up this gen and it's gonna take some time but if you don't think content is coming you're not paying attention.
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