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  1. Depends on what you believe in your core. If you let me into a computer simulation where the subjects are conscious and can feel pain and suffering I would feel the same amount of sympathy and moral responsibiloty for them as I do for people in the real world. You can either believe that morality is created by the need to make sure concious beings don't suffer or it comes from a higher being. I don't think the realization of not having free will is what makes us animals. We are animals, we're evolved apes. If you're a determinist you believe that human beings are conscious creatures witness to the unfolding of a story we have no real control over. With an illusion of control. But the illusion is good enough to form laws and the justice system around it. A criminal who commits a crime should still be locked up whether he has free will or not, not for retribution but because of practical reasons. In a world without free will violent criminals will still be treated as predators in nature, you don't blame a bear that cuts down your friend personally but you're still going to lock it up or put it down.
  2. I left the will part out. I meant I don't see free will being a possibility unless conciousness has some magical qualities. What simulated worlds are you talking about? I don't mean worlds that can become your reality I mean worlds with as much detail and scope as ours.
  3. Hopefully this isn't another park and a full blown Cyberpunk future this looks too good
  4. It's pretty obvious when these people are complaining about writing what they are really upset about Apparently woke ideology hasn't effected GoT and it's upsetting to these people. It's not that Danys turn was building for years it's that men wrote it and made her too emotional. Art is dead apparently all these people look for is representation
  5. Do you think this is a Cyberpunk theme park? lol
  6. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/game_of_thrones/s08/e06 Why are these people so triggered holy shit. All the shit they complain about is straight from the books. Dany turning evil and Bran becoming king is all obviously GRRM.
  7. Basically the electoral college of elite lords choosing who the king is after the current one dies or gets voted out I guess. I like how Samwell brought up the idea of true representative democracy and everyone laughed him off lmao
  8. You should watch this video then
  9. Also I'm pretty sure they "rushed" the show because the only story left was White Walkers get defeated, Dany burns King's Landing, Jon kills Dany, Bran becomes King. GRRM will now play that out with many books full of noble house feuding and descriptions of food and clothing
  10. Imagine if these clowns did the same nitpick BS with Breaking Bad last season. What's the likelyhood Walt saw his past business partners on TV the exact moment he was giving himself in? Why wouldn't the gang he shot up at the end check the trunk of his car to make sure he wasn't armed? Anyway I'm done arguing about this show it's over. We're not gonna agree. I enjoyed the shit out of this season. You can keep looking for flaws.
  11. Fired it up with the new HDR God damn St Denis at night is unreal
  12. Look at these idiots uploading pussified versions of the last episode where Dany "accidentally" kills civilians. Fuck that shit she snapped and saw red. Burned the whole city and made Cercei watch.
  13. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/john_wick_chapter_3_parabellum
  14. Vini

    John Wick 3 98% RT

    Saw it last night. Fuckin awesome. This franchise doesn't skip a beat
  15. We will never know. First we have to prove that we're capable of simulating worlds indistinguishable from out reality. And then chances of us being in base reality decrease significantly. But even then how would we ever know for sure. Maybe AI will tell us The free will "outside" of the simulation could also be part of a larger simulation . In order for us to be truly non deterministic on some level I think you have to invoke something divine and transcendent that exists outside of the simulation itself. And it has to be conscious. Otherwise I don't see free being real whether we're in a simulation or not.
  16. I just read a theory that would effectively undo all the criticism about the writing this season. I'm not even gonna post it here because it seems too real I'll save you guys from being spoiled. Fucking amazing if it's real