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  1. If you're playing this game quick tip change the control setting to linear and it's way more responsive.
  2. What a fun game, Deacan is great the way he murmurs shit all the time. Great fighting mechanics feels like cut scenes in real time, great bike physics with driving, shooting, zombies feels like COD zombies. They killed it with this game BTW I'm enjoying it way more than TLOU2 even the characters are better (other than Joel and Ellie)
  3. Every other dev isn't really making a game Deux Ex pretends to be. It's a super ambitious game, and should've been delayed like 6 months. Whatever mistakes were made
  4. Even with PC I think AI needs to be overhauled the way NPCs behave makes no sense.
  5. https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2021/1/13/22229626/cd-projekt-apology-cyberpunk-2077-post-launch-roadmap-patch-107 Respect. Let's see what they can do this year. The game as it stands is a strong 7. Its very original and engaging. It can easily become a 9 with glitches and AI issues reworked.
  6. I have the M1 MacBook Pro and a CX OLED but I don't wanna risk any burn in with using as monitor.
  7. I would prefer next gen before the DLC but I guess I'll wait
  8. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/01/bethesda_teases_indiana_jones_game_but_will_it_come_to_ps5 You can feel the anxiety in that article
  9. https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/jedi-fallen-order/news/next-gen-optimization-update XseX gets 2 modes, PS5 only performance. Similar to Cyberpunk.
  10. lmao fuck outta here fgt I've posted many goals I had including that same YouTube channel. You're prolly one of these quit after conceding 2 goals in 30 seconds people. Here's 9 goals for you in one game Pick your console, give me your username and I will destroy you in FIFA guaranteed.
  11. Every time I score 2 goals these faggits quit on me has this been a normal thing?
  12. I didn't argue that, the PC version of RDR2 looks better. But the X1X version looks better than any other game you can name on your PC.
  13. Google it bro X1X runs in 4k native it's gonna rape any game you have on PC (other than RDR2)
  14. It's the truth Hermshits are the most redundant faction.
  15. I was convinced TLOU2 was the flop of the gen until Cyberpunk came around. Now I'm not sure
  16. It's just a slow burn Western but structure wise it's just like any other open world R* game.
  17. RDR2 on consoles looks better than all your PC games
  18. The point I'm making is even the worst version of this game looks better than whatever you're playing today. It's embarrassing for everyone else
  19. Hermshit pretending PC graphics are superior at the end of the day you got nothing but point and clicking and alt-tabbing over to the anime porn to look forward to How many times have you upgraded your hardware in the last 8 years. Yea RDR2 looks better than all your games on 8 year old hardware
  20. Dude are you blind or what look at the still images Sign inSign up
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