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  1. Nothing compared to what Trump did to you lmao
  2. Where's the console? Why are they hiding this thing? You made a white horseshoe with stripes on it didn't you Sony
  3. The cows are desperate to manufacture hype around an inferior console
  4. Finally the baby grew into a full grown Microsoft controller.
  5. https://www.history.com/news/spanish-flu-second-wave-resurgence The facts about the Spanish flu will scare the shit out of you The first wave came in March, wasn't that deadly The second wave came after a summer lull in a mutated form in the fall, and devastated humanity
  6. A PS4 port will not amount to the biggest launch in playstation history. Most people will buy it on the PS4.
  7. Yet it will still look better on both X1X and XseX than the Playstation
  8. Lmao if you doubted cows are in a weird fuckin cult I got a thread for you
  9. It's almost the same exact shape and design
  10. So now that the PlayStation controller has finally morphed into a 360 controller design they should've just moved the left analogue stick as well. At this point it's blatant anyway
  11. The only good thing I see is it's bulkier and hopefully heavier Still has a touchpad nobody ever cared about. The triggers are still terrible and looks like your movies are still gonna rewind or fast forward every time you put the damn controller down.
  12. As impressive as the machine is, One X was an afterthought, MS has been balls deep in Surface lineup promotion the past 5 years. Now we will see the full potential of the Xbox brand when it's not just an afterthought any more. Game pass has the potential to bring in a ridiculous amount of revenue for Microsoft. They're about to Netflix this gen
  13. Please.. cows lost the second half of this gen when RDR2 was revealed at native 4k on X1X. Spider-man and Death Stranding is all you have to show for the past 2 years. Yea I'll take every multiplat looking and running better thanks.
  14. Best console of the last 3 years. And it was $299 during the holidays, cheaper than this supposed clearance price.
  15. "Right foot up left foot slide" "I can dance like Michael Jackson"
  16. Got it at $35 on Xbox digital. So far I'm liking this game a fun single player campaign. The graphics are akin to Uncharted 4 very vast detailed distances and the sense of scale is great. Definitely worth checking out so far. I heard it's short which is fine
  17. Yea I can see that happening
  18. 25% less power without all the smoke and mirrors Same shitty small awkward controller 1 movie game a year release schedule VR A few seconds quicker load times vs Much better multiplat graphics/performance Most powerful console ever Game pass A lesson-learned renewed focus on exclusives Best controller ever (Elite 2) Sexier looking Let's be honest all your straight friends play xbox
  19. So basically the cows only argument is hoping that the PS4 glory days run gets duplicated and that Microsoft hasn't learned a single lesson last gen. Good luck lmao
  20. Yea they released PS3 which was a huge overpriced flop and managed to get outsold and spanked by 360 all gen until last minute.
  21. Still waiting for an argument feel free to reopen the case