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  1. Got deleted or what? What a fuckin idiot
  2. Well at lest now you know who the secret Hitler loves are on this forum @dakur care to make a thread about the validity of some of Stalin's ideas?
  3. Like I said in the deleted thread. You're either trolling or the dumbest motherfucker on this forum.
  4. I wonder how quickly you guys will turn on Mueller if his final report doesn't exaggerate for political reasons
  5. You don't see the difference between a non political good guy father ad and the anti "toxic masculinity" #metoo men need to stop being rapists ad?
  6. You're busy excusing the behavior of a sadistic mob. I'm not the nihilist here
  7. The mob in your camp just targeted and plotted to destroy some kid's lives over literally nothing This is further proof that you're more dangerous than the people you purport to be against
  8. You're not fuckin helping. I already explained to you why the thread was deleted. It wasn't the "forbidden truth"
  9. Leftists can't wait to punch and destroy a kid's life for doing nothing but showing restaint in front of a person drumming in your face. Fuckin morons
  10. Yeah you're a regular free speech hero. When you start a thread with agreeing with some of Hitler's ideas you don't get to play vicim of censorship afterwards. Just take the L and move on. His ideas are dangerous yes, they were perfectly calibrated to inflate tribalism to the point of genocide. I'm not personally afraid of debating his ideas, I can disprove that egomaniacal flamboyant little faggot's ideas easily using what we have learned about biology, consciousness, tribalism and human nature in the past half a century. That's not the issue. The issue is your intent, which seems suspect as fuck. When it comes to some of the worst people in history like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc you're required to take a moral stand in your intent of discussing their ideas. Otherwise we're in sociopath territory and nobody's interested in debating sociopaths about anything.
  11. We can do that without a problem. Not when the thread starts with agreeing with Hitler's points.
  12. Vini


    Favorite game of the gen
  13. Ok this is genuinely hilarious someone's troll level is 100
  14. Do you really believe the president of the US just hinted to the Russian president during a public speech that he trusts him over the CIA? WTF goes through your heads? Do you just automatically default to the worst possible interpretation of anything this guy says or does?
  15. Every country is artificially sawed together. Ukraine is a country.
  16. I'm talking about Georgia the former Soviet republic