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  1. This games pretty fuckin good all around. The AI encounters are repetitive but the dark zones are the shit
  2. Looks fun as shit And did they resurrect Bruce Lee for this shit
  3. No Tarantino film is ever irrelevant even if it's about 5 people in one room like his last one.
  4. Vini

    Sekiro 9@GS, 9.5@IGN

    Man it has been a good fucking year so far
  5. Thank you google for bringing the lulz back to SW
  6. fuck you google I thought this was gonna be a real console
  7. Google assistant button lmao Hard pass. Fuck this streaming BS
  8. Damn I'm surprised some people didn't like BR2049 this much I thought was up there with the original.
  9. Alt right fuck boys already going after Yang
  10. Not every critic of Islam is now guilty by association just because some psycho uses them as fuel This notion is fuckin stupid
  11. I don't get into political arguments in light of tragedies like these. RIP all the innocent worshippers I hope the shooter rots in hell
  12. BR2049 was a masterpiece The upcoming Terminator shows promise based on the people involved.
  13. Faking an online harassment is obviously not the same as paying 2 people to beat you up in public I was making a joke
  14. Vini

    The Jig Is Up

    Cows are so easy to troll
  15. Vini

    The Jig Is Up

    Jonbone either trolling or another weak ass lemming Xbox will rise again next gen.
  16. Yang asked about Identity Politics: