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  1. Dirty hermshits always normalizing their behavior
  2. Overtime_ Andrew Yang, Rep. Katie Porter, Charles Blow, Clint Watts, Bret Easton Ellis_1.mp4
  3. Nobody gives a shit about PC gaming or streaming There's a reason Sony is profiting their tits off right now and it isn't their headphones
  4. Being less attractive makes you less attractive
  5. Notes are the best phones on the market bar none. It sucks that the headphone jack is going away but at this point there's no other choice
  6. lol he killed it Best closing statement of the night too
  7. With YouTube compression 4k videos look substantially better on phones than 1080p
  8. These should be HDR videos watch them in 4k/HDR if you have a TV or phone that supports it. Otherwise they look oversaturated. The lighting is so well done Also: The drunk guy to the left of the band was cracking me up trying not to throw up and shit
  9. Why are you even trying what are you trying to prove lol
  10. That's catchy and all but I can't get into those modern techno beats Cmon son
  11. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/16/us/how-the-soviets-won-the-space-race-for-equality.html
  12. I'm just baffled about how the NYT praises the Soviet Union. A state responsible for the largest genocide of the 20th century.
  13. Step 1: Call "The Squad" unpatriotic Step 2: Wait till they call you racist Step 3: Wait till Dems defend them Step 4: Paint Dems as unpatriotic Trump successfully elevated these four idiots into being percieved leaders of the Democratic party.
  14. Yea this guy's funny as shit
  15. Let's see how they respond. You know it's true.
  16. Vini

    Trolling R/freefolk

    It's a Game if Thrones subreddit
  17. I think he's the best up and coming comic currently
  18. Unbelievable choreography here. That disarm at the 1 minute mark holy shit
  19. These dirty bitches here. Deciding between killing that evil tree thing and letting these cunts keep tormenting children or saving him to torment these cunts was hard as hell. I had to decide between the lesser of two evils and both options involved dead children. This game is crazy Also when they start flirting with Geralt it's the most disturbing shit ever On a side note playing this on Xbox One X with HDR is a whole new experience from the PS4. Especially with the newer alternative movement response they added
  20. It's all there all they gotta do is not fuck it up. Looks great so far